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My refrigerator works when plugged in, but not off the propane, Why?

The cooling unit is most likely not in need of replacement if the unit works on one heat source but not the other. The cooling unit however might be showing the first signs of trouble.

Is the refrigerator level? Yes - continue

Is anything blocking the refrigerators vents? If no continue

Are the gasket rubbers around the door's damaged or misaligned? If yes realign or repair - if no continue

Is the gas flame on and is it as large as normal? The burner or gas jet might need to be cleaned or the gas regulator might be out of adjustment. If so the unit will need repairs - if no continue

Is there an ammonia smell coming from inside the refrigerator? If yes and cleaners or disinfectants haven't been used recently (they can smell like ammonia) then chances are that the cooling unit is leaking and will need replacing - if no continue

Is there is a yellowish powder or stain on or near the refrigerator cooling unit? If yes then refrigerant is leaking from the cooling unit and chances are will need replacing.

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