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Fridge running too cold on electricity

Q: I have the temperature set on my fridge so that it is the right temperature when it's running on gas. When I come home and run it on electricity it gets too cold - food freezes, soda cans explode. Any ideas on how to fix? This is something that just started to happen - it was working fine a few months ago.

A: The fact that you have used the gas side to set your refrigerator settings may be the clue to the problem. Always test the refrigerator on electricity to eliminate the cooling unit and venting as possible problems. In other words, if the refrigerator works good on electricity, the cooling unit is good and you can concentrate on the gas problem.

This may show that you have an inefficient cooling problem having to do with gas, not an over-cooling problem having to do with electricity. You may find that the flame from the gas side is not sufficient to allow the system to work as it should. Either the burner is not putting out enough BTUs or is putting out too many BTUs for the situation. Just think of BTUs as "the heat output".

Assuming the cooling unit is good and its requirements are met, the baffle is in place, and the chimney is unobstructed, poor cooling on the gas side is an incorrect flame.

Get your system to the proper temperature on the electricity side first, and then check for improper cooling on gas. Then, we can start to troubleshoot properly.

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