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What should I first remove from the bus?

Probably the first thing you will want to remove is the seats. There are a lot of them, so pace yourself. The biggest discouragement in converting a bus is looking at the whole project instead of just the task at hand.

The seats are bolted to the floor using (in most cases) (4) 9/16-inch hex head nuts and bolts. Two of these are found in the tracking near the aisle, and two are found near the wall.

The difference you'll notice between the older and new coaches is how the seats are attached. In older coaches, the seats are bolted directly through the 3/4-inch ply floor (usually has a laminate on top). Newer coaches (1978 and up) have one leg in the center of the seat, which is attached to the floor. Look at it and you'll notice the seat removal for these is pretty much the same as aisle-attached seats.

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