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How do I remove the flooring when the bay doors are attached (GMC)?
NOTE: This is information is provided as a reference and implies no professional knowledge. Use at your own risk!
  1. Tie door fully open with a rope through door stiffener panel and two open side windows. (This is very important! My son almost got crushed under the bay door as the hardware tension was released and the door was no longer supported).
  2. Brace torsion control bars up with a 2"x4" and hold steady while removing cotter pin from lock link eye (This is the 'elbow' that is nearest the safety catch on the left side). When pin is removed, allow arm and 2"x4" to raise until arm movement is stopped by upper edge of door opening. Remove tool from arm and perform the same operation on the other torsion bar (basically, you just have to move to the other side of the bay and repeat).
    IMPORTANT: All the tension is not relieved from the torsion bars, so BE CAREFUL!
  3. Now, use another 2"x4" to wedge between the floor of the bay and the torsion bar, and loosen, BUT DO NOT REMOVE, all the nuts which fasten torsion bar to coach. Remove the nuts from studs at the control arm end of the torsion bar and slowly slide the 2"x4" down the bar, releasing tension. Do the same thing for the other torsion bar, opposite side. Removing the bars is easier when they are loose.
  4. Remove all the hardware from the flooring and make sure the bay door moves freely. You can place a 2"x4" under the bay door to support it, which may require retying the rope, allowing for more slack.
That's it! Make sure you remove all the hardware from the flooring. One thing you might want to do is measure off the locations of the different pieces so that you know where they go again, once the new flooring is in.

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