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Avco Lisa 8-16-03  
I have a 1973 Avco sunshine. We are interested in finding repair parts for it and the history of this model. I have found some history about a similar line at There seems to be history on the original maker" Frank Motor Homes" but this site doesn't mention the Avco models it just mentions about the Travco models. I think both models originated with Frank Motor Homes. They sold to Travco who sold to Foretravel who has a 2004 MH on the market. My spouse and I can't find specific model info about the avco at this time. If anyone can direct us to info on our search, let us know.

Thanks Lisa and Tim Willett
Bremerton, WA
Re: Avco dale 9-24-07  
Ijust bought a 79 avco32ft the only thing it needs is a left parklight can anybody tell me how to get parts like that
Re: Avco Lynn 9-17-07  
Carlton, let me know if the Avco with International chassis is still available
Thanks, Lynn
Re: Avco Dale DeBoer 7-12-07  
I have a avco chassis book and a parts manual covering M300-M600 from 1975 thru 1979. I own a 1979 AVCO S57 32' class A. I need a Coleman Mach III ER roof air parts manual around the year of 1979. I have done extensive restoration to this unit as we are contemplating going full time. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Dr.Dale D.D.
Re: Avco Johnny 10-5-07  
I have a 1979 avco and i'm needing to replace the left blinker can anyone tell me where to find one?
Re: travco david Holloway 2-19-08  
I have a 1967 Dodge Travco 27" motor coach & I am seeking the manual for the "COACH" not the frame or engine, anyone out there have one please contact me. I am trying to restore it.
Re: Avco nola nicholas 9-14-08  
My father built the very first Avco motorhome in Tulsa OK. Later he was the Field Rep and wernt all over the U.S. working on them and helping teach the dealer how to fix them.

There is no place to buy repair parts anymore, unless Fortavel has any. For those that need the floor plans it would depend on if it has a rear or side bath. If you have any questions email me at and I will try and answer what I can.

My Father passed away so I can't ask him sorry.

Re: Avco April 7-8-08  
My husband and I just bought a 1970 Dodge Avco Grand Lodge Motor Home. We love it but it had a lot of leaks before we bought it and the previous owners had torn out a lot of the interior. If anyone has interior pictures we would love to see them so we can restore it properly.
Re: Avco Matt Graettinger 4-13-07  
Just bought a '77 30 ft Avco, 66,000mi. Could sure use a coach wiring diagram, as the seller disconnected virtually all of the wiring and worked backwards from the ignition to get it started. Wish he would have let me know - or drawn a picture first.
With a little searching I have found Dodge Motorhome Chassis Manuals for the years mentioned in this thread, but they will only cover the Dodge components (driveline, engine, brakes, steering ect.) I would definatly be interestd in Service/Shop or Owners Manuals specific to the Avco coach.
Everything seems to be there and it looks like most of it will function once I sort out the power distribution. However, I will need a source for some parts - passenger window, holding tank, water heater - before I am done with this project.
Re: Avco charlotte agostinho 5-11-06  
We just bought a 1971 32 ft Avco- previous owner did not know what class it is- how can I find out more information on this, how can I obtain an owner's manual...?
Re: Avco Jerry 2-5-04  
I have a 1977 AVCO Motor Home type A with 65,000 mi on it dodge v-8 engine and automatic transmission. The insides are needing to be rebuilt and is a rear bedroom model also desire pics or other input on the avco models and history
Re: Avco Kathryn Wiseman 7-24-12  
Need manual for 1974 pop-up trailer. Anybody? Kathryn
Re: Avco Roger 8-24-03  
Dear Lisa and Tim,
I worked for AVCO Space and Missiles Divisions in the Northeast. AVCO was a conglomerate at that time and got into all kinds of businesses. They were up most kown by AVCO Finance.....sorta like Household Finance.
Anyway, AVCO had deep pockets and started up a motorhome division. The roots of AVCO is engineering and they were light years ahead on quality. I own a 1980 AVCO because of my knowledge of the company and it's ways. Production was stopped in '81, when the division was sold to Foretravel and Foretravel also bought Travco, which was originally started as a partnership with the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corp. Both coaches have big company engineering and quality......also owned a '75 Travco, but none of this makes me an Neither were associated, other than quality.
There is a web site for the AVCO folks other than that of Foretravel, and also a historical museum in the midwest that has many brochures and such. I'll see what I can find and send them along to you. Hope this helps. Roger
Re: Avco ted 3-3-04  
A friend just gave me a 1971 avco class A motor home it runs but needs work. the only thing i can tell is it has an international engine cant tell the size any idea on how to find info on it.
Re: Avco Robin 10-18-04  
I have a 1973 24" Avco. I would also like some history on the home and if anyone knows the blue book value please let me know.
Re: Avco April 10-26-08  
I am trying to set up an Avco website for us...I'm afraid I'm not very good at it but it is set up and any of you who want to chat on it or add to it can. You can find it at

I think together we can make this happen.
Re: Avco rod 1-13-05  
I have a 1972 AVCO manual & a 72/73 Dodge Chassis Manual.
I own a 1972 AVCO 28' w/ 94000 miles.
Re: Avco Carlton Haggard 4-11-07  
I have just purchased a 1969 Travco 210 and am looking for an earlier model Travco 210. I also know where there is an Avco MH - Original Owner with an International Drive train. Hope I can get some info on the small TRAVCOs and hope i can help someone out with an AVCO!!
Re: Avco Roger 9-16-03  
Write to:

RV/MH Heritage Foundation
801 Benham Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516

They sent me about 20 pages (copies) of original sales brochures and it told the whole story. Have fun!
Photocopy machine fotokopi 12-12-11  
Do you know the history of the copy machines?
If you want to knosw more please read our article. You will get what you are looking for!
Check out:
Re: Avco Joan Socolof 1-24-11  
This is probably an inappropriate intrusion on all of you AVCO owners, but I am an 85-year old grandmother who is trying to write a memoir for my family. We drove a borrowed Avco on several cross-country jaunts with glorious memories....everything except the exact layout of the interior which I would like to be able to describe. It was a 24-26 ft. vehicle with a side bathroom. The rear area contained two facing banquettes that converted to bunks when the table was removed. Can someone describe the front area where there was a sleeping banquette and table just behind the two driver seats.
Re: Avco Mikesta 9-17-10  
Hey all, I have scoured the internet for information, and its hard to find for these rare Gems. Because of this, I'm looking for scans of any and all AVCO RV information. I own a 1972 AVCO Grand Lodge that I'm trying to get running (almost there) Then I will modernize it for my family bouts.

If you can please send me an email regarding your AVCO... manuals anything to put up on the site and help everyone out in the future! Thanks

Website is
Re: 1979 vintage Avco RV Joe Quealy 4-3-12  
I have a 32 foot 1979 AVCO Motorhome and MUST get rid of it. It is the model with two rear axles (air ride on the tag axle).
It has a Dodge 440 engine. It runs fine.
The interior is marginal. Windshields are cracked. It is generally in rough shape. Has 97,000 miles on the engine and the coach.

It is a classic. Ideal project for someone wanting to restore it to original condition, or use it for a parts wagon to restore another AVCO.

Detailed photos upon request. Make me an offer, and don't be bashful, I WILL NOT be offended.

Please call or Email me if you are interested.

Joe Quealy
Santa Maria, CA 93455
(805) 937-5895
Re: Avco Evelyn 4-11-12  
Hello again to all you Avco owners! it's been a while since I've visited this site but wanted to share that I have an 1970 Avco Grande Lodge and have had so much fun tinkering with it! and for those who may be in need of floor plans, wiring diagrams,plumbing diagrams and lp line diagrams I have all original owners manual for this model and am more than happy to share!! Evelyn Gomez 719 330-8525. Our Avco was owned by one family prior to us and the previous ownerkept everything pertaining to this Rv even his service/maintanince records dating back to 1970!and was nice enough to provide his phone number so when we come across items we are'nt sure about we give him a ring!and he has shared photo's so that we may restore her exterior!
Re: Avco Kathryn Wiseman 7-24-12  
Live in a 1974 pop-up. Need a manual to get the frig and heater working. Anyone that can help? Kathryn
Re: Avco April 11-2-08  

I just set up this site to help us out but there is not much there yet I need all of you to join and pitch in so we can accumulate information together. This is a place just for us that we can get back to and talk to each other on.
Re: Avco Kathryn Wiseman 7-24-12  
For the past two years I have been living in my 1974 pop-up trailer. Never figured out how to get the the frig or heater working. Anybody got a manual or a similar rig? Kathryn
Re: Avco Mike 9-7-10  
Hi, does anyone have a website for Avcos? I'm creating a page at as I can't find one. If someone has one GREAT! I have a ton of research to do on mine :) Please share... otherwise will be where I build a forum soon for everyone to share on. I hope this is ok.
Re: Avco Sharon 7-26-11  
We have a 79 32' Avco motorhome with all the manuals for sale. My husband & son bought it for $2,500 to restore together but son has a girlfriend and lost interest. My husbands workload has increased and he has no time. They tore the carpet out and the plumbing & heating needs to be replaced. We have the parts and would take any resonable offer. Call Sharon at 757 619-1749
Re: Avco !970 26ft Grand Lodge Gary 6-10-09  
Hellow, This is the first time on this site. I just purchased a 1970 AVCO last week. It needs a total renovation on the interior. The body is in great shape. The chassis, engine and running gear are in good shape but need updating. I have wiring diagrams for the engine, dash and running lights. I located this AVCO last Dec and have done a grea deal of research on it. Looking forward to exchanging infor mation and suppliers. Please e-mail any time. Thank you Gary
Re: Avco chet parsons 6-2-09  
Working on a 1978 Avco with dodge
440 engine what does the -3 or -4 mean.
also did the gas engine have a fuel return line. where can I down load manuals. thak you in advance chet.
Re: Avco Mike 9-7-10  
Hi All, I have a 1972 Avco Home thats in decent shape. Has there ever been a forum for these? I'm going to set up If there is one, please share, otherwise the forum will be set up Tomorrow night.
Re: Avco jim 10-21-09  
I have just aquired a Avco 24' Travel Trailor. It has been sitting for 30 years. It is in mint condition. It is somewhere between 1968 and 1975?
Does any one have any idea what it is worth?
Re: Avco Ed Vuolo 3-2-10  
I own a 1974 28' AVCO Motorhome, Dodge chassis with the 440 dodge engine. It has 30,000 orginal miles on it and runs like a top. I also have all the orginal manuals on the dodge chassis, wiring, and the AVCO owners manual. If I could help any AVCO owners with manuals I will be glad to do so.
Re: Avco Forrest 7-15-10  
1972 Avco Grand Lodge on a 1510 International 178 inch chassis powered by an International V-392 engine. Purchased in 1977 because it was a fiberglass body and the International chassis. It has been used yearly and currently has 80,000 plus miles on it. Just installed new brake cylinders all the way around, brake hoses, master cyl and two brake boosters. Changed the rims from 17.5 tube type to 19.5 tubeless. Unit was built in 1971 but titled a 1972 and for the year the old girl still looks good. Original engine and transmission, oil and filters changed when needed. I do have all the manuals and wiring diagrams and could share if needed. Located in S.W. Missouri and it makes the trip to Tablerock lake pulling my 19ft fish and ski with no problems.
Re: Avco ben 4-17-09  
I have a 79 33 ft avco and have enjoyed it very much.would like to know more on the wireing,haveent found a book yet but still to one man and he said it is ine of the last ones made
Re: Avco ben 5-5-09  
Johnny try that place in lakeland fl i gave the phone number also if anyone has the manuals,get intouch with me at ben
Re: Avco Judy and Bernie 2-8-04  
Judy and I have just purchased a 1975 Avco Motorhome. The engine has 37000 miles and the generator has 132 hours. What a find. We intend to redo the interior to our specs and enjoy. We would like to correspond with other avco owners to share experiences.
We have owned the payment on newer motorhomes and love the idea that this vintage motorhome is ours.
Please E-mail to
Re: Avco matthew barth 3-15-07  
I've been looking for a value on my dodge avco its 1973 and runs good been looking for a way to change the tires to radial. Every thing works except for the water heater and cruise control.If you know anything please write back we want to fix the interior of ours as well.
Re: Avco Michelle Bump 2-16-07  
We are in Seattle and have been trying to reach you concerning your 73 Avco. Please call us at 352-455-1140 asap!!!!! It's 2-16-07 at 7 pm.
Re: Avco Yonna Duncan 5-8-06  
We just bought a 1972 27 or 29 foot Avco and we need a manual. It has a dodge 413 big block. do you want to sell your manual?
Re: Avco tom 3-21-08  
Need owners manuels for 1973 dodge avco
has 440 motor i think and any pics of in side would be great as the one i got has been gutted need to know where everthing goes [ HELP ]
Re: Avco tom 4-28-08  
I got an avco 73 class a and need the manuel can you help 503-824-2645 tom a
Re: Avco ignition switch wiring diagram for a 77 winnabego dodge chassis clifford 12-9-11  
Replaced ignition switch with after market three wire and the stock one has 6 wires
Re: Avco Robin 7-3-08  
Dear Dale,
I see you are fortunate to have the parts manual. I also have a 1979 30' AVCO and I need a Trans. Mount. Can you please look up the part number. Do you know anyplace that carries AVCO Parts?
Thank You
Re: Avco ben 5-1-09  
Dr dale,if you could contact me at my e mail i would reallly like to talk to you about the manuals.i contacted just about every body i can think of.i did found a place in fla thats still has some parts from then when they sold,i guess these pl buy the parts.its called bonconibear in lakeland fl.the phone number is 813 858 4455
Re: Avco ben 4-30-09  
I have a 1979 avco same as yours and i have been looking for the manuals on runs but i stilll need to do a lot of the work myself,as compared to the prices they charge.
Re: Avco Johnny 10-5-07  
I have a 79 as well and I need the left blinker set if you found any place to get these would you please let me know
Re: Avco ben 5-1-09  
Sir,i have a 1979 same as yours,i would like to find the manuals on it.anything you could let me know would be great.thank you ben
Re: Avco Todd 10-16-11  
I bought a 1972 Avco Grand Lodge and I am looking for the front lounge seating that turns around and converts into a bed,and also the davo type bunk bed option.If you have one or know where on is,please email or call me @ 651-785-4741 thanks Todd.
Re: Avco Jerry H 6-23-11  
Just bought a 1977 Avco Grand Lodge 32 ft. It is in excellent condition. Is there an Avco club anywhere to find out info and meets about. All info greatly appreciated. Jerry Hammond
Re: Avco wayne Godfrey 7-21-12  
Just found a 1971 Avco 31' motorhome with a 440 big block... the motor hasn't been run for 4 or 5 years. It was winterized and bateries removed and has a little over 45,000 miles on it! I can have it for practically noting. Just need to get it out of her yard!

Tires are all dry rotted and it needs some interior work. Tried to get into it, but got bit a half dozen times by yellow-jackets!

Anyway, hope to get it started with a fresh battery and fresh gas into the carb.
Re: Avco sammie 8-7-12  
i was just given a 1976 Avco Lodge 1, and lucky enough it has 3 manuals with it that cover a number of different years and styles. They have all kinds of diagrams and plans for wiring and plumbing and even the different floor plans...the guy gutted the kitchen and living room areas and the passenger side captain chair....sooo..yea needs some work was free
Re: Avco Mike 9-18-14  
I recently purchased a 1973 Avco 30ft tag axel with a diesel 8.1 engine and transmission from an estate.The owner owned a truck dealership and it was his personal baby.His elderly widow does not really know much about it.It appears to be a true garaged find with only 33k miles.I can not find any info on this diesel and allison transmission.I am interested in the electrical manly the batteries and so forth as I want to be as safe as possible with this unique vehicle.Any info please email me at The body is by Esprit Thank you
Re: Avco jeffrey deatherage 11-28-12  
I just purchased a 78 account motor home and am restoring interior. I am selling the engine, transmission,front axle,water tank,inverter, generator, and some other parts if anyone is interested e mail me at
Re: Avco Allyn Bryant 7-4-16  
I I have a 1978 avco motorhome 34 foot dual air that I would like to sell it has a new compressor type refrigerator other than that it is pretty much all original can be driven it has the 440 engine motor and transmission in good condition both airs work perfect has been upgraded to a 50 amp service so you can run both at one time generator works good but needs electric fuel pump I have the complete set all owner and instruction manuals if not perfect but it's in pretty good condition health caused financial problems can't restore it like I wanted asking $4500.00 thanks for reading this.
Really interesting JeremyPi 9-18-15  
I enjoy the details on your websites. Thanks a lot.
Re: Avco Anthony 10-11-16  
Need manuals to 1978 avcoj
Re: Avco Richette Elmhorst 8-7-17  
Does anyone know if the 75 440 has a reluctor or points ? Trying to fix... also anyone know of websites where people might be interested in buying Avco we love ours and have remodeled but it's in decent condition 60,000 original miles. Wantikng to sell and get something newer...
Feel free to call and inquire....
Re: Avco Jerrold 9-26-17  
Just bought a 78 29ft Avco mostly original in Michigan. Runs well but brakes seem to be questionable. Have any of you taken one of these to a shop for repairs?
Re: Avco Kathy. Dunlay 11-24-17  
My first job after college was at the Avco plant in Tulsa OK. They went broke & we were laid off!
Re: Avco Gary 6-13-09  
Ben, If you have a dodge chassis and engine the wiring for them is the same as the dodge trucks of the same years.1965 to 1972. D300 truck model but that is only one of many that are basicly the same. The engine diagrams are all the same for 383, 413, 426, 440cuin engines.
I would be glad to e-mail an engine and chassis wiring diagram to you.
Gary Send me an e-mail
Re: Avco Eric Uhl 7-11-11  
Having roof airconditioner issues,does anyone have a manual on the airconditioner schematic. I have a 1979 Avco motor coach I guess they would call it that. Trying to get some info, sure would appriciate some help.
Re: Avco Gary 6-13-09  
Chet, the 3 or 3 go with letters in your vin number. They are a model code. For a 1978 AVCO it could be.
M3 = M300, M4 = M400. The first Letter
and number of your vin should match these. If they dont match the letter the number is just a model code. I have a dodge vin# explanation sheet.
e-mail me and i will send you one.
My e-mail is
Re: Avco Chet Parsons 3-1-10  
After last message we installed a holly carb and the engine purrrrrs. installed a new 3 way fridge and had to cut vents,also a new propane tank.
found mew monarch tail light parts when these are in we are going for a shake down cruz. parts are scarce but they are still out there.
Re: Avco Gary 6-24-10  
Chet are you still working on your Avco. I havent been on this site for a while. I have been working on my 26ft Grand Lodge. Give me a holler let me know how the work is going.
Re: Avco Crystal 10-22-10  
I have a 77 Avco 29' and could use any manuals anyone may have. It is a beautiful coach and I want to get it in tip top condition. It is mint inside and out but it sat for awhile and the fuel lines are cracking and I need to replace all of them completely. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Avco Tommy Carpenter 9-17-12  
I need to know where to get the brake parts for my 1976 AVCO with International chassis. The body on mine is excellent. Inside very restorable. Would consider selling for $2500. You can email me at
Re: Avco Evelyn 9-19-11  
Hey All!first off I would like to say thanks for all the postings on this site.... My Husband and I purchased a 1970 Avco Grand Lodge two months ago! it is in remarkable good shape! i am currently updating the interior with modern yet retro color pallet and was wondering if anyone out there has this model and possibly interior and exterior photos that i may compare my work to! this RV slept 6 but upper bunks were removed by the previous owner and I would like to have new ones made to fit the design!and am also looking to have exterior painted so looking for original paint schemes!
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