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Oshkosh chassis manual gerald portell 8-12-02  
Looking for oshkosh x-line diesel chassis manual or any information on noisy hyd. pumps hyd max brake systems.thanks jerry
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Toiny 2-27-04  
Having braking prob on 92 oshkosh chasis with hydro assist braks after a leak they won't pump up after we filled it back up I have never seen a system with trans fluid instead of brake fluyid helppppppppppppppp
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Tony gillespie 2-27-04  
I have a92 foretravel mtr home with oshkosh chasis and 460 engine the brakes are hydroboost of some kind I develo0ped a leak and now even full of fluid I have no brakes any info on the system would help thanks
Re: oshkosh chassis manual P. Masters 4-6-09  
How may I get a copy of Chassis 1993 w/
Cummins 250 hp turbocharged engine specifications.?
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Mark Langren 9-14-09  
I have a National RV Dolphin 1994, that I am looking for information on how to replace the brake pads.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Earl Webster 12-6-10  
I bought 1993 Georgy Boy with an Oshkosh chassis
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Heath Pinkerton 2-20-04  
I need a service manual for a 1991 oshkosh chassis or champion bus
Re: oshkosh chassis manual melvin shaffer 5-3-09  
Loooking for engine details on 1992 chassis, 36'motor home
Re: oshkosh chassis manual James LaMantia 7-7-03  
Bought a 1992 Motor home, diesel pusher (Cummings, 190) on a Oshkosh chassis. The crusie control does not work, was told an in-line fuse is located somewhere in the rear and I cna't locate it. Thought maybe you could help?


Re: oshkosh chassis manual Roger 9-22-02  
Call FAXON in Riverside, California.
I send everyone to them for what you are looking for.

Good luck
Re: oshkosh chassis manual DENNIS GREENFIELD 6-25-18  
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Lee Gribnau 1-28-03  
How do you bleed the fuel filter when the tank is low?
Re: oshkosh chassis manual F. DeWayne Beggs 3-22-03  
My Wife and I bought an Elite Rv 1992
33' Disel pusher. We are looking for the manual concerning the chasis. Since the company has shut down I don't know where to look for one.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Joseph W. Fisher 6-3-03  
Where can I purchase a manual for a
1993 Holiday Rambler - Imperial?
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Dennis 1-10-11  
Rob, with the Apollo Sceptre, I am trying to contact Rob and the Sceptre that he took to Austalla. I am an Apollo Sceptre owner and am always trying to track down the other 44 Sceptre that were made between 1983-1985. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Semper FI, Dennis
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Frank 12-30-10  
ich habe einen 1990 Discovery Overland auf Oshkosh Gas Chassis Fin 17N 4301211 LW 025216 mit einem 460 Ford Motor und benötige alle infos darüber, habe keinerlei unterlagen.

Vielen Dank
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Nicolas Herbert 2-1-16  
I own a 1993 Southwind M-line M-L, built on the Oshkosh Chassis system. The VIN number is 4CDJ5BM27M2104166. Purchased used I'm Aug 2015. Looking for any and all manuals you may have for maintance and repairs to body and engine (diesel 5.9L 230hp).

Please advise where manuals can be located?

Sincerely Nicolas Herbert
Phone: (228)365-0694
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Why Bother 9-28-15  
Always questions, never any answers so why bother? I just don't get it, click anything you want and nothing useful.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual CHARLES POWELL 3-31-16  
Re: oshkosh x-line chassis manual Warren Kitchel 7-23-16  
I have a 1993 Allegro Bay 36 foot diesel pusher with an Oshkosh X-Line chassis that I need a manual for. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thx
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Dan 4-30-18  
I have a 95' Luxor with Oshkosh chassis, the front sway bar bushings are all gone! What size bushinngs and how many do I need? Thanks; Dan
Re: oshkosh bus 79 diesel electrical daniel hirtz 12-14-17  
Turn signals don't work and can't trace wiring. need wiring diagram for 79 diesel bus on freightliner chasis
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Solveig Peters 8-11-14  
We have bought a Osk Kosh Bus 1995 Elbordo National and we need the owners manual Model MBFD-4
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Solveig Peters 8-11-14  
We have bought a Osk Kosh Bus 1995 Elbordo National and we need the owners manual Model MBFD-4
Re: oshkosh chassis manual John W 3-4-11  
I have a t-line coach rear diesel,32 feet 6.5l gm diesel and I need an a.c. compressor wiring scheme.This is a fleetwood flair.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual jared strickling 2-8-11  
Im looking for the fuel pump safty switch on a itasca sunflyer with a oshkosh chassie i looked up and down and no luck please help has a ford injected big block i beleave 400
Wiring diagram for 1995 Safari John Reimer 7-1-13  
I need a wiring diagram for 1995 Sparton 36 MH with 5.9 cummins 4 spd AT.
I have to rewire the passenger side due to an accident that tore away some wires relating to step wiring and cabin batteries and I don't what else.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Cobra 8-3-11  
I need a service manual for a 1994 troy ambassador with the oskosh chassis. It has a cummins 5.9 230 hp with allisson 6 auto. Trying to re-wire and new plumb vacuum and floor heat. Any help will be Greatlllllllly appreciated. Thanks, Cobra
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Diana Borah 7-30-13  
I had a blown power sterring pump on 1992 Sunvoyger diesel motor home.
Tried to fill power steering,but fluid leaked on sidee of dipstick.
When I started motor can not turn steerng wheel,will not go in anny geer,says brake light on on dash panel.
Do you have any suggestions? Please HELP!!!
Re: oshkosh chassis manual carmen 8-7-14  
I got 1992 bounder diesel pusher I am trying to find a oshkosh chassis manual. no one seems to have one
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Ann Wilson 12-7-02  
Need a oshkosh chassis manual for a 1993 Holiday Rambler. Is there any way I can download one. Need help right away. Can't find the fuse link for the electric vacumn pump. Any ideas. Is there one? Need to leave shortly for Florida. Have major problem, replaced the pump. Help!!!
Re: oshkosh chassis manual BOB GOSS 8-13-03  
Re: oshkosh chassis manual rob compy 1-21-10  
I have purchased a apollo sceptre and have been told it was built on a oshkosh has the detroit desiel 8.2 engine with the 4 speed is on its way to australia and i want too know will that engine handle the hot climate we have down here?also were these ever produced right hand drive?and would a 6-71,6v-71,6v-92 fit into the rear engine bay and bolt up to the auto or would that need to be upgraded?can any body help
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Jeff Barnhart 6-29-03  
Freightliner bought them. They will help you.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Alex Boros 8-30-14  
Hello. I would like to find a manual for my 1995 Allegrobay 34 dp.cummins 5.9 bt on an Oshkosh x chassis. Can I have some help with this? thanks A Boros.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Emsley 10-5-11  
I need to know the fill marks for the hydraulic reservoir on a 1993 Safari Continental? There are no minimum or maximum markings on the reservoir that are observable - but, I believe it should be filled up to the neck. Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks.
Re: oshkosh Freightliner Frank Kee 7-21-03  
I taked to Friehtliner this summer 03 and they said Oshkosh no longer part of Frieghtliner. Anyone else heard this?
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Gene Rockwell 7-17-03  
I had the same trouble, found a broken vacum line that caused the provlem
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Frank Kee 7-21-03  
I probably have a similar Ford Cruise Control on my Aerbus Oshkosh 190 chassis same engine, 93. My cruise never worked for long and I would love to get a maintenance manual for them. Anyhow I have my cruise componets mounted on rear of chassis just forward right of engine near the air dehydrator. There is an electronic control box and a vacumn operated throttle control. You'll find a fuse mounted inline in that area. Let me know what you find.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual michael sandling 10-26-11  
Need information about a switch between the output ports on the master-cylinder...It has a number 935 on it??? 1992 chassis...Allegro Bay...
Re:need a 91 oshkosh sunbus service manual naomi 9-23-15  
Help!!!!!!!! been putting a 460 efi and transmission etc.. in my 91 sunbus motorhome from a 1990 350 ford econoline catalina need help cause not sure the brackets etc.. anyways it had no motor or tranny so im working by guessing need MANUEL Im a 44 year old female who use to work on my own stuff but I have a heart problem. and don't have the resources I used to have. will buy manuel ASAP Naomi
Re: oshkosh Freightliner Dennis 6-20-07  
I have a "OSHKOSH" Bounder RV, 36' on a freightliner chassis and need to repair the Hyd jacks. But cannot locate the mfg so don't know where to find the parts? Canu help?
Re: oshkosh Freightliner Greg Malisos 6-18-07  
I have a 1990 Overland Motorhome, 1990, with a Detroit diesel and a 5 speed allison transmission.
I am looking for a chassis service manual and a manual for the diesel engine.
The chassis is a Oshkosh.

Any help would be greatly appresiated.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Vic DeHaven 10-4-03  
Bob we might be in the same boat.
Pat and I bought a 1990 Champion Ultrastar, 33', that was probably built on the same chassis.
It too has a 5.9 liter Cummins, 190 horse diesel up front with a 4 speed Allison.
Perhaps when one of us hits 'paydirt' on this chassis, engine, transmission manual question we could exchange info.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Dean Davis 4-22-04  
I have a 1991 33' Oshkosh chassis front end cummins Europremier and have been looking for manual for last 2 years. Hydro brake system has one of both rear brakes dragging. Had local freightliner shop look into it and after turning disks and new pads and $850 they said they were still dragging and couldn't say why. I really need that manual. If you lock onto one please let me know. I'd be glad to pay copy and shipping costs.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual richie leonard 7-17-15  
Hi, I've just bought my first RV. It's a 1991 Newmar Kountry Star. All the research I've done before buying it says that it's a pusher- rear mounted engine however the one I have is a Cummins 160 front mounted engine. I've been in touch with Newmar who have no information on it and Oshkosh have even less. Can anyone help me find out any information whatsoever on my RV(called Disneyland)...

thanx Richie....

Re: oshkosh chassis manual 91 front engine ford 460efi mark gibson 12-27-11  
I require a shop manual for the oshkosh mc front engine chassis? i am in uk.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual 95 dimitris 6-30-11  
I am looking for a 95 oshkosh chassis service manual service manual. winnebago vectra diesl oshkosh chassis.thanks
Re: oshkosh chassis manual george fortin 3-28-13  
Little or no brake lots of fluid, this unit has been stored in calif. desert during summer.. apears to have small amount of fluid lleak at master cylender
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Bill hawryluk 12-10-07  
I would like a owner manual and a shop manual for my 1991 pacearrow fleetwood with a oshkosh chassis.I had big problems today because I had no brakes today on the highway because I don't know about how the air works for the brakes. Thank-you Bill
Re:information on a chassis dave schmit 11-8-07  
I'm trying to find ignition switch information on a 1995vehicle with the vin number of 4CDK59M20S2107839. Any information you could give me as to the manufacture of the ignition switch would be very helpful. Would also like to know the manufacture of the drive train including the engine would be very helpful. Thank you for your response.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Mark Deeter 4-1-04  
Anyone needing information on Osh Kosh chassis on motorhomes or shuttle buses should be aware that the portion of osh kosh that deals with this was sold to freightliner. They may be reached at 800-385-4357. This information came directly from Osh Kosh Truck division.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Russell Thomas 11-6-09  
I have a 1994 Holiday Rambler
Endeavor. 230 HP Cummings Dsl.
oshkosh VIN # 4CDR69R24P2303455
Allison 6 SPD transmission
Onan DKD 8.0 CE generator.

Looking for a maintainance manual
on the coach.

Thanks for your help

Re: oshkosh chassis manual John Barrett 11-19-09  



Re: oshkosh chassis manual David Rawllings 2-1-10  
I have a 1990 Suncrest Sun Bus with a Oshkosh chassis and a Ford 460 7.5L Engine, the problem I'm having is with the oil pressure gauge it stays on zero. I have check the oil pressure at the engine block and it is find, I have also replace the T gage and the sending unit, the wire going to the gage is find, could this be gounding problem, there are so many wires, does anybody have a wiring diagram and a vaccum diagram for the AC/Heater, the red and white tubes have dry rotted under the front of the motorhome. Please Help
                          Reply to MessageNew handbags and purses 2008 21201 ceric8585 2-6-11  
Re: oshkosh chassis manual klaus ebeling 8-16-07  
Hello dean!
i have a newmar kountry aire with the same problem some month's ago.
the problem was the hydro-booster,it stucks oftens and wont relaese the brake pads. look at bosch hydro-max manual on google.
greetings from germany
Re: oshkosh Freightliner michael 3-19-15  
I have a 94 36ft bounder with the diesel engine 190 hp I think anyway I need to know which chassis I have and where to get a manual thank for your help
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Jack L. Bryan 12-31-08  
I traded for a Gas 7.5 Ford on a Osh Kosh Chassis 1989. It runs and drives great. It was an X-Ray Mobil unit for a while and sat up longer with only 40K on the Speedo. Is it worth putting a living quarters in the Rear. It is with couches and Generator but no plumbing or cabinets. I do not want to put money in if I cant find parts when I need them. Jack
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Peter Becker 4-3-12  
I am looking for a oshkosh chassis manual 1994
5.9 cummins 6 speed allison transmission
Having brake problems
Can anybody help please
Thank you Peter Becker
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Mike Moreno 12-14-09  
Looking for wiring diagram for side panel of a 1995 El Dorado mini bus. Model # mbfd-4. The interior lights went out and we dont have a diagram to show which fuse runs the lights.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Mike Moreno 12-14-09  
Interior light dont work and I am looking for diagram for the box located outside the bus on the driver side. the bus is a 1995 El Dorado, Model MBFD-4
Re: oshkosh chassis manual john sunset 2-17-16  
Looking for complete engine wiring for a 1996 safrai continentel 40ft deisel pusher with cummings motor and and alison automatic trans, please.
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Lyle Hudson 11-10-14  
I need a chassis manual for my 1993 8.3 Oshkosh safari motorhome
Re: oshkosh chassis manual 91 front engine ford 460efi Chad 10-17-17  
Bought a 1991 Oshkosh Safari Serengeti motorhome with a ford 460. Seems like hydraulic brake system runs off the pulleys trying to dial everything in to make driveable. Need manuals, is this something that you could possibly email me??

sacramento ca
Re: oshkosh chassis manual Howard Tanksley 8-26-14  
Bought 92 Bounded Diesel Pusher where can I find Oshkosh chassis Manual
Re: oshkosh chassis manual George Krueck 5-30-15  
I just purchased a 1989 Oshkosh Overland 37 foot Detroit diesel pusher. I need a manual. did you find one ?
Re: oshkosh Freightliner Roland Lytle 8-8-15  
Need wiring help.
Re: oshkosh Freightliner David Broxson 8-24-15  
Need a chassis manual for a 1994 holiday rambler with oshkosk chassis
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