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Kariba Washer/Dryer Janet Moreton 8-4-02  
We've purchased a used Fleetwood Dream and some of the manuals are missing. Does anyone know how we turn on this appliance? There was a packing list for the motorhome when it was new and it listed a wrench for the Kariba, does anyone know anything about this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Yolanda 12-26-02  
WE have a Kariba washer dryer on our boat and need service. There is no wrench with the machine.Ours had an on off button on the left side of the panel that we just had to push. The latch on the door has to work properly before it will allow you to turn the machine on. We had to have our latch fixed when we first received the boat.

We are looking for the address or telephone number for service information on this machine.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Mark Sherman 4-13-09  
How do we aquire a tech manuel for RV Washer/dryer model number WD 802. The serial number is PFES93350236. It is a 12.5 amp and 120 volt. It has a number I do not know what it is but it is LR56503 and is followed by SA inside a C.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Frank McGinnis 7-5-03  
Hi Janet,
The wrench you speak of is a small wrench, real cheap pressed metal, that you use to remove the four metal bolted shipping brackets on the back of the round tub. You have to remove the back pannel and they are connected at the 1,5,8, and 11 o'clock positions. The are generally sort of a gold plated strap maybe 6 or 7 inches. Since your washer was installed when you got the trailer the manufacturer probably removed them and threw away the wrench with the brackets, a long way to say you don't need it. I've had my washer for 11 years and replaced one discharge pump. They are a great machine.
Hope this helps.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Charlie 8-12-03  
Did yoy ever find a manual? I too purchased a Jayco travel trailer with a Kariba, washer/dryer. However there was no manual with it. Let me know if you ever found out how to get a manual.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Al Avery 1-13-09  
I have an older Fleetwood RV with a Kariba washer\dryer combo unit. The plastic door handle has broken off. I am looking for replacement parts. Any idea where I can find them?
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Ingrid 6-16-08  
I was googleing for a manual for
our motorhome Kariba Washer/Dryer.
I found your message as the latest.
Do you have a manual you could
copy and send me? We have a 31' Fleetwood Jamboree Rallye.
I'll reimburse for expenses, of course.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Jim Scala 12-31-02  
Kariba Machines made for Philco in Italy by Splendide. Distributed by Westland Sales,
took a lot of detective work but was fun looking, hope this helps
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer ORVIN PERKINS/ PERKINS RV CO. 2-23-03  
5105 2.657
115 V 60H 800G

Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Lynda 5-2-03  
I am in need of a pressure switch for my Kariba Washer/dryer combo. I have the part number and other genral info. Any help would be greatly appricated. Thanks
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer dahlton Grosbrink 8-16-05  
I have a kariba washer dryer that doesn't seem to work correctly. Where can I get a manual for this unit??
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer cheryl Ambury 5-25-04  
We've just recently purchased a r/v with a kariba washer and dryer in it but I have no instructions how much detergent or where to put it. Could you please e-mail me with some kind of information on the operation of the unit. Thank you
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Vonnie Morton 7-11-05  
The door latch/handle on the washer/dryer combo in our 1991 Southwind RV broke off. I need to replace it and I have tried to locate one locally without success. I don't know where to find the model/serial number in it. Currently I have to open the door with a screwdriver and I'm leary of doing that because I am afraid I'll break it even more! Can you help me out?!?

Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Yvonne Morton 7-25-05  
Help! Is there a kariba washer/dryer parts dealer anywhere on this planet? My poor little washer/dryer thinks thatv she is being abused when I have to coax the door open!
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Rou 4-28-05  

I found parts for the Kariba at this site for mine. It lists all the internal parts for the washer and dryer
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer JoAnn 5-17-03  
Hi Linda,
I hope you have found a lead on the part that you need. I need a set of operating instructions for a Kariba washer/dryer. Do you know where I might get that information? We bought a used motor home and the folks we got it from never used the washer/dryer and I have never used one before either, so I'm really lost. Any help would be appreicated.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Cheryl Wilson 10-10-03  
Does anyone know anything about the Kariba washer/dryer combination model number WDC1024? How old it is, and if they are still being manufactured and sold?
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Loyd Stephenson 10-1-03  
I just need someone to tell me where to put the detergent? What is slot A for, and so on. Our is not labeled except for A, B, and so on in the pull out little drawer?? Help?
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Mal 5-7-04  
Hi Frank,
We bought a used coach with the Kariba washer and dryer. The previous owners did not use the machine. My questions: (1) How much water does the machine use for one load of laundry? (2) Are there special considerations for using this washer in the home versus in the RV? The manual that I have gives instructions for home use of this machine. Thanks for your time.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer marie andrews 1-29-08  
Have you ever found out what goes in the A. B. C. trays on the washer? I need to know too. thank you for any help you can give me.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Holly Priestley 4-16-06  
How can I get a manul on a Kariba Washer/Dryer all in one machine we have bought a second hand trailer 5th wheel and it came with the machine and I need instructions. Please email me information I live in Lutz florida if there is a dealer here that would help.
Thank-You in advance
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Van Villanti 4-7-06  
Just bought a used 1995 5th wheeler with a Kariba washer dryer, and no operators manual. Can't figure out how to turn the wash cycle on. HELP?!?! Thanks
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Carey Burst 9-27-07  
I need a operation and repair manual for a Kariba # WCP1085. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Jason Gotz 1-27-08  
I have bought a 5th wheel with a washer/dryer unit in it and I don't know how to turn it on. It seems to spin and dry, but I can't figure out how to get the water to start and also where does detergent/bleach, etc go in

Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Steve travis 8-14-16  
I have a Latina washer/dryer on my boat, and it has stopped washing. It will not pump water into the machine for the wash cycle. The dryer still functions well, but any help, advice, parts recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer marie andrews 1-29-08  
Once you have set the dial to point directly at the red marker at the beginning of a complete cycle and have your temp's picked, etc. if you just press the start button 'in' the washer will start in that cycle. I'm trying to find out what goes in the A. B.C. trays too so if you find out please let me know.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer marie andrews 1-29-08  
Have you found out where the detergent, etc. goes - into which tray? to start the machine on a normal cycle you must place the dial with the red marker directly pointing at the start of the cycle - i.e. Prewash. I have no manual but have been experimenting.. I think the detergent goes in A and the bleach or borax goes in B and the softener goes inC but I'd like to know if I'm correct.
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer marie andrews 1-29-08  
Does anyone know what goes in the A. and B. and C. trays in the Kariba w/d unit?
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Ron 8-5-09  
A - Prewash detergent
B - wash detergent
C - bleach
D - softener
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Ingrid 6-16-08  
I reread your other messages and know
you don't have a manual.

I just used the washer/dryer this
past weekend. A is for liquid fabric
softner; B (the larger cavity is for
detergent) and C (smallest) is for
bleach. I had a manual and read it
in April..... It got thrown away in the
newspapers somehow. ugh!
Re: Kariba Washer/Dryer Ron 8-5-09  
That from the manual, by the way. The previous reply from Ingrid is wrong, according to my manual.
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