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Magnetek 6300A Model 6345

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Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Napoleon 6-11-04  
I am having some problems with my Magnetek power converter. It does not seem to be powering the radio in the camper. Also, my AC works for only 30 minutes before the breaker jumps. Presently there is a 20 amp breaker in the space for the AC. Can that be upgraded to a 30 amp without causing any damages. I think that maybe the breaker is not big enough. What does everyone else think.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Russ McClain 4-7-08  
I need wireing diagram for magnetek 6300A,model6345 please.Iam doing a bus conversion and I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance. Russ
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Gary L. Stephenson 4-13-08  
I need a wireing diagram of series 6300A Model 6325. Opt cn1 Class ctlPanel Board Type-1 need a new buss bar and fuses. also how to check the charging circuit for Bat.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 K Armstrong 4-4-08  
Anybody know where I can obtain the Automatic Transfer Switch mounted on back of the 6345? Put in a Parallax 9100 series converter, nothing out of Xfer Sw to breakers--ATS the problem???
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 john 9-4-06  
Like a lot of users of the Magnetet 6300A, mine will not charge the batteries, what is the problem and how do I fix it.
Thank you
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 JC 7-30-06  
MagneTek bought out by Parallax power

data and schematics at this url
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 MICHAEL 5-12-08  
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Wayne Northcutt 9-28-06  
Have a 6300A model 6332Q that has a bad relay in it. Where can I purchase the relay only and not have to purchase the whole board? Any suggestions or referrals to the relay supplier would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Mac 8-12-08  
I have a bad fuse panel and broken board wher the ground wire connects.Can the fuse panel be replaced and where can i get one. Thanks Mac.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Gary 10-5-08  
Am being told my power converter is bad. I cannot run my refer for more than 8 hrs, sometimes only a few minutes, off 12v or in gas mode only. Even traveling the low battery alarm goes off in 30 minutes. The battery is good. The converter hums and gets warm.Has anyone else had these problems and if so, how did you fix them? In the 5 yrs I have had the camper, I have not been able to "dry"camp without running the generator or truck alot to charge the unit back up.Thanks ahead
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 dale evanson 10-22-08  
Want to here answers
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Gary 10-5-08  
I am being told that my power converter is not working correctly. When using 12v only, the battery lasts about 8 hrs with only the refer on (3way in gas mode). Also using 12v on the truck traveling w/ refer on, about an hour and the refer is shutting down.I do hear the unit humming and it is warm. Anyone else had these types of troubles and if so, how did you fix them? Thanks ahead.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Jorge 8-26-08  
I need a wiring diagram for a magnetek 45 amp model 6345 power converter


Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 George Hageman 7-25-06  
I have the same problem... any schematics of this beast (Magnetek 6345 out there? I'd just love a copy.

Thanks in advance, and hopeing for an answer,

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Mike 8-14-08  
As far as your radio not working, it is powered on what is sometimes referred to as the charge side (right side) of the fuse panel. check those fuses, (3 on right side). If fuses are good, follow positive connections from battery & look for fuse in that line, and check it too. You usually need a battery connected for that circuit to work. Do you have a battery connected?
As far as your AC tripping the breaker, first thing I always recommend is that you test 120VAC voltage at the actual connection at your AC unit. Record what it is when AC unit is off, then on fan only, and then on cool & high fan.Let it run for a few minutes on high cool & record any difference in voltage. Does it seem to kick out when compressor starts back up, or is compressor still working when it happens? One of the most common things I've come across, is that the owner says, well I have 30 or 50 amps. Doesn't matter, if voltage is low to start with. For example: Say your AC draws 16-18 amps momentarily when it starts up with compressor & high fan,and 120VAC to start with. If you only have 100-110VAC to start with, then that same amp draw could become 20-24 amps on start up. As voltage goes down, your amperage draw goes up. As far as changing it to a 30 amp breaker, NO ! unless the wire going to it is rated at 30 amps. Most of your RV's receptacles etc. is 14/2 -15 amp wire. AC is usually 12/2 - 20 amp wire, and maybe microwave in some trailers has 12/2-20 amp wire. Putting a breaker rated higher than wire is a sure way to start a fire.****. Pay attention also, to what else you may have on at the time. You have parks that need updated wiring or where 2 or 3 guys beside you are feeding off same main source, and your on the end. When they power all their stuff up, your incoming voltage is reduced. That breaker might be getting weak too, if it's been tripping all the time, so trying that after you've checked incoming voltage is good, is wise, but nothing more than 20 amps.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 mark goodfellow 5-31-08  
Ihave a 6345 in a 1997 coachmen 338 royal.being a newbe,i accidentally hooked up the converter to the battery wrong!(only for an instant,but thats all it takes i guess!) Anyway,all external fuses show 12+v except now i have no voltage to charge the battery.what did I fry, and what is the easiest way to trouleshoot?thanks in advance.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Forrest Barka 4-24-06  
I have a 6345 model magnetek its dc output is to high iam reading about 16.5 at light source. how would you or do you decrease it. let me know
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Dan 7-2-04  
Is the Magnetek 6345 supposed to charge the battery while operating? Mine does not and I suspect either the controller board or the contactor. Everything else seems to work fine, but it doesn't charge the battery when connected to shore power. Any T/S I can do to isolate the problem?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Harry Bonner 8-5-04  
Does anyone know the part number for the fan assembly of a Magneteck Converter Model # 6345. In addition is this a 12 volt or a 110 volt fan?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 doug spring 6-18-04  
Where do i find a fan for my magnetek 6300a
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Sam Watson 6-11-04  
Your converter also serves as a junction point for the 115 Volt AC and 12 Volt DC systems, plus being an inverter for 115 volt to 12 volt. Since the 12 volt current produced is only 1/2 wave rectified 12 volt AC to produce 12 Volt DC, it is called "dirty" current, and should not be used for sensitive electrical devices, (radios, TV's, PC's, etc).For this reason, the 12 volt accessory sockets and hardwired 12 volt units, such as installed stereos, TVs, refrigerator logic boards/controls etc, are powered directly off of the battery(s). Look on the right-hand side of the 12 volt fuse board of your converter. There will be three fuses there that are for the 12 volt circuits that are powered by the battery only. I agree, 20 amps is plenty to run your AC. You might look your shore power connection cable over carefully, including the connections to the breaker panel of the converter, for any obvious faults. If that checks out OK, then have the AC checked out.
Re: Magnetek 6600 Model 6620 R.V. DOCTOR 10-15-12  
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Gary CC NV 6-11-04  
Mine only has a 20 amp for the AC. Works Fine. Possibly should have a Professional check into the AC a little closer. Could be that its low on refrigerant.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 alanc 6-25-05  
Who knows where to get the electrical prints for the 6300a power converter?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Donald Wieber 7-16-05  
Where can I find the Westinghouse 3015, Type BRD Rak Type SWD, 2 pole unit j19 Circuit Breaker/
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Jim 1-4-06  
I need to find a new fan for my Magnetek, any information would of great help
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Tim Nesbit 2-8-06  
I have the Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 with Options C/B Date Code 1233 (45 amp). It is not charging my battery. Is there a fuse? What do you suspect is the problem? Any T/S suggestions?


Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Paul 9-6-05  
I am also looking for a schematic for the 6345 converter. Mine hums when turned on with AC available and the DC lights go out.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 dave 8-6-05  
Does anyone know if the 6300A Model 6345 is able to be repaired? Mine is not charging the battery on shore power, and the RV folks want 450.00 for a replacement.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 bob holder 7-26-05  
I need a wiring diagram for a magnetek 45 amp model 6345 power converter
this is a 1998 model.It came in my four winds 30 foot travel trailor. Recently it has started over charging my battery.

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 bob holder 7-26-05  
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Karl Holt 11-19-08  
I have a 6345 converter in a 1998 Jayco. The converter does not switch to battery power automatically like it should. I have 12v power inside the coach when connected to 115 v AC or when the generator is running, or when the vehicle is running. I checked all of the breaker and fuses in the 6345 panel and the fuses leading to the converter. I replaced the 30A relay as well. Any Ideas?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 frank m. 4-17-09  
Does the unit automatically switch power over to the starter when the emergency start switch (on dashboard) is used, or is there a separate selenoid somewhere? (1996 coachhouse class b, gmc 7.4).
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Scott 7-14-10  
Go to this place and buy a new one for 60 bucks!

Dont fix it, its not worth it!

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 oscar garcia 8-3-10  
I have a 2003 toy Hauler, and ever since I bought it, the power converter
has not worked is there a recall on this model (6300 A Model 6345) it seems that a lot people are having the same problem I'm having. Please does someone have some input?
Maybe the solution is Solar Panels
insead of replacing the power converter with the same unit and having to deal with the same problem again.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Bill Schwartz 7-9-10  
I guess Magnetek is just one of those companies to not offer any support. I have been working for days for parts and luck. I know I will never purchase rv's or whatever with out specific guarantees. Are they Bankrupt?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Jim Johnson 7-6-10  
I have model 6300A 6332 charging circuit seems to be out maybe bad voltage reg ?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6325 Robert Stockwell 5-31-10  
I have a Series 6300A Model 6325 is there any way I could Upgrade it to handle more power or a lot more item hook up to the camper or get a new model to install
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Ken Kemp 6-1-10  
Refrigerator shows HI (high voltage) when we try to run it on AC. Could the problem be at the converter?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 TJ Conner 9-18-10  
Where can I get a cooling fan
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 cliff gervais 9-28-10  
Please send me the wiring diagram of the6345
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Jacob 2-4-12  
I have a magnetek power converter series 6300 A model # 6345. My fridge will only run off of gas and can't get it to run off of electric I went to the converter and it was pretty warm like the fan was not kicking on how the hell do you get it to run off of electric
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Danny Simpher 9-20-12  
I have a 1990 Roanoke Coleman camper and the 15 amp fuse is missing and i need another and can not find one.Converter is a 6400A MODEL 6406.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 f hull 1-24-12  
Converter is humming lights are flickering and sounds like converter is trying to kick on something inside do not hear the fan. should conveter hum or run continuosly?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Vince 10-31-11  
Magnetek 6300A Model 6345
I have a 1990 Coachmen classic. Itís in excellent shape for its age. Many things have been replaced as needed.
I have been having a lot of the same problems as everyone else with my power converter/charger (Model 6345). I think that possibly my at least 2 year old batteries are worn out. My refrigerator has been replaced with a new one, the kind that came in the RV and runs off of propane or AC as well. An indication that something is wrong other than the lights get dim is a message on the refrigerator when it gets real low DCV and this message toggles lo then dc back and forth until the DCV increase. The batteries (2 deep cycle) are now up enough that no message is displayed most of the time, and just a very small light on the refrigerator indicating it is on is lit.
The batteries were dead so I started the charger 3 days ago. They were down so much that the gas detector has been going nuts. They are going up slowly but surely.
But with the converter off the lights dim and I get a slow drop in voltage and the lo dc message on the frig. Then when you turn it back the lo dc message goes away the gas detector sounds off (with the gas off) and when the charger cycles on the voltage goes up to 12.55 and when the charger cycles off the voltage goes down to 11.96
Some heat comes out of the vent of the unit into the motor home leading me to think the fan is running and I can hear it a so I guess its ok. In the summer here in Florida you do not want that extra heat coming from anywhere, maybe it needs to be cleaned or possibly replaced. Then the charger kicks on and off about every 10-12 seconds on then off. The voltage is up to is like 11.9 when it cycles off then when itís on it runs about 12.5 this is without most things off in the RV.
Weird, as I was typing this message to post I hear the charger kicking on and off, so I look at my volt/ohm meter and I notice that the voltage is now running:
11.99-12.01 charger cycled off
12.52-12.59 charger cycled on
So does this mean its still charging? And needs more time or like I think itís just worn out batteries?

Another possible related or unrelated problem is the meter on the for the battery on the range hood it always reads L never changes. I suppose this could simply be a loose wire.
Any ideal advice or simply your thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Thanks for your help in advance.
Does anybody know where I can find a good as400 web site with technical info? BarbaraXO 12-1-10  
Sorry if this isn't related.

Does anyone know a good [url=][color=black]iseries news[/color][/url] site?.

Should be a filled with technical specs since I'm doing research for work.

Thans alot

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Lee Amon 10-9-11  
I have a magnetek model 80 The problem that I am having is on the 12 volt side I think The lights are only running at half and the ac wont come on it tries but its like its not getting the power to start up. We were having alot of power surges and then everything went to hell quick. Also the refridge is not wanting to work properly all the 110volt side works like it needs to but everything else is messed up do you have a clue how to fix this or where I can get another power supply
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 James Cantrell 5-13-10  
Is it better to keep the power connected at home or disconnected?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Paul Cheramie 5-3-10  
The breaker that powers my outside outlet and just inside the coach on my 1993 winnebago brave will not hold. Is the breaker available for replacement and where can I get one??

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Don 7-9-09  
Call Master Tech in Marshall, Michigan @1-800-848-0558. Their website is: They will fix you up with everything you need to get back going again.
The Parallax 7300 Series will replace the Magnetek 6300A Series. Ask for Wes Miller. You can get a simple relay #101245 for $38.00 or a complete kit for $200.00. You can re-wire it or you can send it to them for repair. Good Luck and happy RVing!!!
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 frank shofler 7-18-09  
Trouble shooting on the fan motor on my power convector series 6300 model 6345. It works for an hour to hour and 1/2 before it shuts down. I need to replace the fan motor. Its frozen up. I can take the cover off put a fan on it and it works just fine. is the motor 12 or 120, I thank its 120
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 fco javier 7-4-09  
Nesecito comprar un aparato como este 6300a para una casa rodante de 24 pies lo nesecito lo mas rapido posible guadalajara mexico trailer pac san jose del taja
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 jon 6-2-09  
I need a dc distribution panel for the 6300a 6345 options code 0136 does anyone know where to find one
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 jim Coayes 5-11-09  
I have a magnetc 6300a in my motor home. Problem...get NO 12vdc when shore or generator is not providing the electrical power. Any ideas to correct problem?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6325 Frank Eggers 6-1-09  
Does anyone have a schematic for the 6324? I am not sure that mine is wired into the camper correctly.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Chuck Cowman 8-10-09  
Is there a source for parts for the 6300A? I need to replace the switch on the solenoid at the bottom of the unit. This is the solenoid/switch combo that restores 12v when the 120v AC is removed. Apparently the switch contacts are burned as the switch does not reset itself. Needs to be bumped manually for 12v power to come back on. The solenoid works and tries to activately the switch. The switch just isn't doing its part reliably.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345E Dave Johnston 9-5-09  
Hi i have an American RV which has the magnetek 6300 model6345E for european 240v supply my problem is it is delivering 19v DC when hooked up OK on on board generator(16vdc) how do i adjust the output DC voltage or where can i purchase a european 7300replacement unit. Thanks
Re: Magnetek 6612 MODEL HEATHER B. 2-22-10  
I have a pop up camper that has a magnetek 6612 converter box that needs to be replaced. Can a magnetek 6620 converter box be used to replace the magnetek 6612?

Thanks, Heather
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 joel 5-2-10  
Please send me a wiring diagram of a magnetek 6300a model 6345
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Dwight and Denise 1-24-10  
We are having trouble with our converter in our 1996 Southwinds Storm RV.

During the night, we heard a terrible buzzing noise several times, and the lights dimmed for just a minute.
This morning, it started buzzing again, and now we have found if we turned the one breaker off, we could run the rest of the MH, without being able to use certain plugs etc.

We dont know if the whole converter is bad, or a relay? or the fan?
we checked all the fuses and they are ok.

Any ideas?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Jay Olson 10-29-09  
I am having issues with my above mentioned converter. It goes for a few minutes then starts grinding like an old truck turning over. Like a loose belt or something. Can anyone give me any input to what the problem may be? It is charging the battery and everything hooked up to my house outlet, but just today started this. Need advice please. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me. Getting ready to pull into an RV lot with 30 amp server, but need to know what to do. Are you suppose to lubricate it any where or, i have no clue. Sincerely,
Jay Olson.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Darwon Stansfield 9-13-09  
I need a wiring print for power converter it doe not charge my battery if you could please help me out thanks
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Al Paquin 9-30-09  
My converter model 6345 series 6300aa
trips the main ac power supply breaker
I have removed the converter from the
RV and applied l20volts to the ac line
and it causes a dead short. I do not
have wiring diagram but suspect the
tranformer to be faulty. Could you
please reply.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Dan Roth 4-6-09  
Wow, a lot of problems with the cooling fan. We are having the same problem and it was not charging battery. I opened the unit and discovered that the cooling fan wire that was plugged into the board was not soldered and fell out when I pulled on it. When the fan failed it overheated and fried other components. Sounds like MagnaTek needs to provide us with some help!
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 kevin 7-3-09  
I also just discoveres a fan problem. Did you fix yours

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 john 9-4-06  
Same problem, how do i get it fixed...
thanks John
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Tucker Motorsports 8-3-04  
Disconnect the wires to and from the contactor coil and read across it to check continuity. If it reads ok, check to see if there is power to the contactor coil when it's supposed to be closed.
Magnetek 6620 power rv convertor bruce tennant 8-16-08  
My converter is not charging my battery in my camper using my alternator in my truck when running or when i hook up to house current, when i am plugged into house current i can hear the usual humming and if i plug any 110 radio etc. into the outlets in the camper they work. battry power inside the camper works but will drain the battery (INSIDE THE CAMPER) even when running. i have checked the fuses on the converter and the wires from under the hood and from the plug in connectors all have continuity.please help. thanks bruce
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Guy Poirier 4-2-09  
I need a wiring diagram for a magnetek 45 amp model 6345 power converter


Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6325 Randy Barton 10-22-07  
Looking for wiring schematics
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 j.c.jeanneau 5-4-08  
I am looking for a drawing to find a trouble on fan motor on power converter serie6300 model6345im looking for the no wer is possible to find that?
thank you.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 j.c.jeanneau 5-4-08  
Excuse me, iam not so good with mi english

it is possible to you ship me by email the drawing for trouble shooting on the fan motor on mi power convector series 6300 model 6345.he dont woork and i wont no wy?

tank you.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Waldo Love 10-8-06  
I have the schematic if you still need it. Send your email
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Rick 7-17-06  
Hi all,
hoping to find some answers regarding my rv and the magnetek power center,
series no. 6300 model no. 6345 option
code cn1ba. two questions i have is first the unit seems to be overcharging
the battery and cooking it up. yes i did replace the old battery with a new one, same problem. i too would like a full wiring diagram of the unit. is it common to have the engine battery in line with the rv battery..? last may i was in las vegas for the weekend with full hookup. so hot there we needed to have the air conditioning all the time. aout 2.5 days into the trip i smelled electricle burning. turned out to be the wiring connections inside the power panel itself. we re did all the connections behind the panel and problem solved... as for my continuous charging problem it may be i need to re do the heavy cable connections and
all the grounds. if anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it..

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 richard 3-6-06  

I have a similar need and am wondering if you were able to locate a source for the magnetek wiring diagram (schematic).

I have resolved my concerns for how it is to be connected into the coach but I need to trouble shoot and would like to have a schematic before I start that effort.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Chris Lobdell 9-11-07  
I too have developed the overcharging condition. A copy of the wiring schematic would be greatly appreciated to rectify my problems.
Chris Lobdell
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 BERNIE E GLIDEWELL 6-5-10  
I have lost the 12 vdc
power to the lights over the table in my trailer. I need an electrical wiring diagram of a series 6300A model 6345 MAGNATEK POWER CENTER. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 scott 6-27-08  
Does the magnteck 6345 need to be grounded to the vehicle on a bus convertion
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Ron Wood 4-25-08  
My 6345 will not charge my cabin battery, can they repaired and does anyone have a wiring diagram theycan email me?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Chad Irlbeck 6-19-07  
I am currently having the same trouble it hums and the lights go out. What did you do to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Allan 6-26-09  
To check voltage from the power converter do you check it at the battery? does it constanently charge,and what should the voltage be? Any step by Step procedure to see if the charger is working would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 David 8-14-09  
Need Wiring schematic for Magnetec 6345 converter,also what temp does the cooling fan come on.Are new fan control switches available
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Murray Johnson 10-14-13  
I need to know the model number for the fan motor for a Magnetek 6300A Model 6345
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Leroy Madidon 3-19-10  
The converter will not charge the battery. I do not have the instruction, and I don't know where the fuses are located. It is in a montana fifth wheel camper.
I would like a wiring diagram.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 john 9-4-06  
Did you get any help, I have the same problem............
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Waldo Love 10-8-06  
I have the schematic. If you need it, send me an email.

We replaced C1 and the battery noiw charges. It was blown and could be detyected visually.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 c b shaw 9-6-06  
My 6300is not chargeing the bat any help
would be nice.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Christopher Lade 9-10-06  
I recently purchased a 1995 RV with the above unit. I would like to obtain a pdf copy for this unit that shows the wiring schematic
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 alan phillips 10-2-06  
Try this teck. bulletin at url.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Greg Fogelman 9-13-09  
I also have 6300A and it wont charge the battery. Any one know why? Thankyou. Greg.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 alan phillips 10-2-06  
Try this teck. bulletin at url.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 jeff 8-18-08  
My Magnetek 6345 will not charge my batteries dor=es anyone know what to do?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Paul Cain 11-2-10  
I need to replace the Automatic Transfer Relay switch. Does any one know how to get one?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Norm Canuel 11-24-06  
I also have a bad relay on my Power center that needs to be replaced. Were you able to find a replacement relay. I would apprechiate any leads.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 buddaman 10-11-06  
Hi everybody i am having problems with this model 6345 also,it is overchargeing my battaries on my 95 four winds class c with ford chassis and 460 motor.also the fan that keeps the unit cool just stopped working.iam useing a regular floor fan pointed at it to keep it cool.i would like to replace the whole unit! but for know can one of you guys send me a copy of the schematic to my email i really thank you...
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Wayne Dusier 8-26-07  
I would really like a schematic also. My unit won't shut off and cooks the batteries.
Thanks for your help.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Steve Schuette 11-8-06  
I need wiring schematics for magnetek 6300A model 6345 inverter
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Roger Clark 9-30-07  

If you still have the schematic for the Magnatek model 6345, I would really appreciate a copy of it. I need a new distribution panel and hate to replace the entire unit when there is only a small problem that is so easy to repair.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Mel Boor 6-7-10  
I would like a copy of of the schematic for the 6300A Model 6345 if you can shoot me one, as for those inquiring about a cooling fan, I went to Fry's electronics and picked up a computer fan, you can get them in different sizes and adapt it, they are 12 volt dc, there is 3 wires on the fans black, red and yellow. Just clip the yellow wire and use the black and red changing polarity to change the rotation, all the fan does is keep the transformer and boards cool. the yellow wire is just for speed sensing.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Robert 5-28-08  
Could I get a copy also, My charger section tanked.

Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Jim L 3-17-08  
I would love a schematic of the Magnetek 6300A if you don't mind.

Thanks and Cheers!!
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 carlos 7-30-07  
I need schematics for the 6300a
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 carlos 7-30-07  
Can you please answer this for me, can or does this 6300a power the tv and micro wave with out using the generator just on batterys?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Bill 7-16-08  
It definitely will not power the microwave on just the battery.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 jim 8-10-08  
Can someone tell where I can get a cooling fan for the magnetec 6300A, model 6345?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Dennis Dietz 9-18-07  
I also had problems with this unit in my '94 Dutchmen travel trailer. I was able to download the schematic at this URL: It wasn't an exact copy of what I have but it was close enough for me to repair the one I have. My problem was that the battery kept boiling dry over a period of a few months. The schematic says to adjust to 13.8 Volts for a fully charged battery. I found that reducing that to 13.6 Volts still kept the battery up without boiling it dry. I keep my trailer plugged into shore power even when in storage for the winter and have had no problems since. Good luck.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6332 John 1-6-08  
Does anybody know the part # for the transformer in the Magnetek 6300A Model 6332. or where i can get one?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 lisa 9-1-13  
Poer converter color code diagram
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Ed Bush 4-30-08  
All the schematics can be found on the manufacturers website at.

From there you need to go to the product page for the 6300 and the tech documents and troubleshooting process is listed to identify the problems.

Hope this helps.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Doug Kerr 7-27-08  
Hi, I have the 6345 and am about to do an upgrade with a WFCO power converter section. Question: Do I HAVE to replace the Fuse Panel? I see the Parallax 7300RU upgrade comes with a new fuse panel! Thanks for the help, Doug
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 need wiring diagram Mel 11-12-12  
Need wiring diagram for sandpiper travel trailer 6345 Magnetek converter
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 james windham 9-29-09  
Wont switch from ac to dc
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Bruce Pritchett 6-28-10  
I have a Magnetek 6300a in my rv. Problem: I get no 12vdc when generator is not providing power. Can you help?
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6325 Steven Vlahovich 6-11-09  
RE: MAGNETEK 6345.............

This is probably the best way to go...
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 john flynn 2-16-12  
Model 6345 I hav e to have one
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 john flynn 2-16-12  
Model 6345 I hav e to have one
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 KEN 5-18-10  
Changing the bottom half of the magnatec 6300 WILL that fix the 12 volt charging system,it will not run the lights on 12 volt.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Eduardo 5-19-10  
En la salida de mi convertidor solo funciona una. la segnda(cable rojo) del cargador de baterias no da voltaje, por dentro esta desconectado ese cable del circuito se que falta una resistencia pero no se de cuanto es y exactamente donde va
¬ŅMe podrian mandar un diagrama con esos datos? para conectar y probar-- gracias
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 jerry 1-9-11  
I would like to no if they sell a 3 or 4 stage battery charger that would hook up in the magnetek model 6345 were the battery charger is.are how do you unhook the battery charger that is in there.The schematic would be a big help.My e-mail is thank you
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 HENRY Jaynes 9-25-09  
My converter is not cutting off why?
I turn off the bracker then it cut off.
I put a new deep c battery in. and it still not cutting off.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 joel 10-12-10  
My 6300a s#6345magnetek clicks on and off whats the problem lights dim
Re: Magnetek 6612 MODEL Andy 6-6-13  
The 4 amp fuse in my converter keep blowing. What could be the problem? Have power coming out of breaker, then fuse blows.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 George 6-8-10  
You can find the diagragms, etc., at this website. I am having trouble with my unit not charging the battery, and it seems I am not alone with this problem.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 keith armstrong 7-5-10  
I'm having the same problem. the 12 volt lights work but the batteries won't charge
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Joel 9-29-10  
I haven't seen a solution to this problem yet on this forum. If you get one would you PLEASE pass it on to me? Email
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 Craig 12-6-12  
Scott your link is to $207 replacement. Not $60. I think all I need is the Circuit board that controls the charger. The board is discolored under two of the resistors. Any possible source for this circuit board.
Re: Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 William 9-29-13  
Someone stole my power converter and battery charge I need the wiring diagram for the new one I have so I can install it in to a 1995 four winns 31' travel trailor
Re: Magnetek 6600 Model 6620 DAVE 10-21-13  
The charging circuit only puts out 9voltdc
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