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1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock?

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1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? Andy 6-24-07  
I have a 1987 shasta motorhome Ford E350,with the stock Motorcraft(Holly) double pump 4bbl carb.I am considering replacing the carb with an Edelbrock performer 750cfm unit.I have heard through some sources that I should gain a few miles per gallon and some performance.Im not expecting any miriacles,but 9 or 10 MPG would be nice.Has anyone out there made this upgrade and what were your results. Any information is appreciated
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? rick allison 9-24-08  
Just an FYI. I have a 1990 26' Jayco F350 460 cid, with FI, and the AOD tranny. @ 55 MPH with cruise on I get anywhere from 9mpg to almost 11mpg. All tuned up with new tires. Currently I am getting a front end aligned, new shocks. Hoping it will squeeze out a little more, maybe 11mpg. I once took my fathers class A 31' (454 cid) out west and got almost 13 MPG on one tank full. A well tuned machine and 55mph is the best answer. Oh, and have lots of fun! I plan on it. Oh, and one more thing, I only drive my RV several weeks a year, good thing I don't have to drive it for a living or I would go broke. -Rick-
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? Rosalie Bullington 11-22-08  
Do you have a picture of a holley carb? We have a Mallard, 1988 ford RV 460 engine and don't know if it has a holley carb or not.
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? tarscampbell 10-24-07  
Ford 460 Holly 4 barrel to eldebrock 4 barrel 750 cfm carb.. It will not get any better mileage on a heavy motor home.

Our 24,ooo lb. 36' Grand Villa pusher with a Ford 460 and Allison 4 sp transmission gets from 4.5 mpg to 5.5 mpg. Averages just barely 5 mpg. Sometimes a mite worse and somtimes a mite better. Does not matter if its the Holly or Eldebrock. It is on its third ring and pinion gear set. It is now at 5.25 to 1 from 5.375 to 1, with 9R x 22.5 tires. Only thing that changed was less poop on the hills and lower RPM at speed. The only reason we went to the lower ratio was because we would have had to waite 2 weeks to get the right gear set while broke down on the road. It did not change the miles per gallon one whit.

I prefer the Edlebrock for performance. However it is just the seat of my pants opinion. No test were conducted. The Holly needed rebuilt, we opted for the Eldebrock. Fuel milage still just as bad.
1979 ford f150 460 arnold 8-22-07  
Anyone know where i can get replacement
carb. 1979 f150 460 a/t 2wd. Had
holley 4 barrel. would like exact
type if possible.
thanks am
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? richard 6-25-07  
Hello Andy
replacing a carb---$450-$500
No matter what gasoline motorhome you have, you will not improve 2-3 mpg---they weigh to much,geared low so you have power,and we all add even more to them.Im on my 4th one---
and spending tons of money just wont repay in mpg's I have never gotten better than 8mpg.stay at 55-60 mph---and you will get the best mileage---
rich in Va.
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? steve 9-30-14  
Ive got an 87 ford chassis mo ho with 460 and motorcraft/holly carb.when i shut it off,the gas drains from carb. i have to prime it to get it started after a few hours.any ideas. rebuild or replace?
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? Matt 1-13-09  
I have a Ford F800 with a Big block 370 and a 4 barrel carb. I have allison 5 speed with a 2 peed axel. Weighs about 12,000 lbs empty gets 4mpg. I need this to improve.

What would happen to MPG if I cnverted to a one barrel? I know I would loose lots of power, but what mpg would I expect? Would a big block work with a one barrel? would I still get up to speed?
Carburetor choke part don 7-19-12  
Motorcraft carb choke adjustment part small red part. is broken cnat identify carburetor choke part is
6R9656B can u help me with this
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? vince lang 2-3-13  
E350 motorhome cruise control surges about 3/4 of the time.any suggestions what to look at? any Ideas on improving mpg?have stock carb.
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? robert 4-23-09  
Have f350 coachman class c with ford 460. sat for 3yrs in storage. always had hard starting. while is storage used sea foam gas conditioner in 1/4 tank. just recently (april 09) replaced fuel pump in gas tank. was bad. checked lines to carb and replaced in line filter. still would not start. used auto zone carb kit on holly carb. carb is getting gas fm fuel line but not in the throat. float adjusted correctly when re assembling from kit. any help or suggestions out there?????? this is a coachman 27 footer leprachaun model. regards, robert
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? steve 11-10-11  
I have a 87 ford 3/4 ton with a 460 4 barrel it runs ok but i have problems with i think it get to much gas smokes a little and smells like gas. Ive cleaned with choke cleaner i think it could be the eletronic choke does that sound right?
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? Brad Sanders 4-18-11  
Tom P
I have a 86 24' Ford C Class with a 460 and i go through the same problem when i come to a stop i hear the engine dying and chugging at the light. I took a can of carb cleaner and sprayed the air bleeds in the carb and it did help.Holley carbs are known for running terrible if dirt gets into the bleeds.There is 4 bleeds in the front and 4 in the rear of the carb air horn.They're very small and they're for calibrating the amount of air needed for idle & high speed. Hope this helps.

Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? ray day 5-22-09  
I want to rebuild or buy carburetor for motorhome with 460 HD ford engine. the tag on carburetor is motorcraft E6JLAB A18A8. can anyone tell me who made this carb.?
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? tom 5-3-09  
1987 ford f350 460 went with 750 edelbrock.
truck would not pass smog test.
change to holly truck adv 660
past smog with flyin colors
lots more power i'm so happy i change
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? Dan B 5-14-10  
I have the same question for my 1987 Ford 460 in a motorhome. Should I rebuild or buy a new carburetor?
Re: 1987 Ford 460 carburetor question Holly or Edelbrock? Tom P 9-29-10  

I have a 1987 Skyline Austen Motorhome on a Ford Econoline Van chassis. It has a 460 Ford with a "Ford Holly" carburetor. I am having fits with the engine not holding an idle, kills at stop lights. This only happens now and then, but driving me crazy. I have had it in to a carburetor specialist and he has done a minor rebuild with no help. Do you know anything about carburetor jets? He finally suggested I take it to a Dyno Tune place to test the jetting.

Going crazy,

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