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Chevy 454 oil change Chuck 12-17-06  
I am new to owning a big block Chevy and just bought a 86 bounder with 65,000 miles on it and want to change from petro based oil to synyhetic. 1st question is what is best synthetic to use and what grade. 2nd question is the oil filter appears to be the canister type that is vertical to the back of the engine on the drivers side. does anyone know what make of filter is best and the part # for the filter? Thanks Chuck
Re: chevy 454 oil change Chuck 12-23-06  
Bob, Thanks for your input. The 454 I have runs well and want to get as many miles as possible before the dreaded rebuild. Slick 50 sounds like the best option so far. Thanks again.
Re: chevy 454 oil change MICHAEL DIPIERRO 6-19-07  
I just switched over from 5 w 30 castrol oil to AMS synthetic motor oil 5 W 30 i put this in my 1999 yukon. 55,000 miles.
Re: chevy 454 oil change Rolland Fritz 10-17-07  
How much oil does a 1992 454 take?

Re: chevy 454 oil change Bob 12-23-06  
I have used synthetic oil in 454 and had best results with lower mileage engines. On the higher mileage engines, I had better results with Slick 50. I am in the process of getting another motorhome with 454 and 23000 miles and I am going to change it to Royal Purple 10w30. I found that after using 15w40 in one that it was a mistake. The cam wears out tooo fast with heavier oils. Seems that 454 uses splash lube system for cam. Hence thinner oils keep it better lubricated.
Re: chevy 454 oil change Chuck 12-19-06  
I have searched & searched and cant find much discusion on the matter. Can anybody else respond? I would like as many pro's & con's as possible. Thanks
Re: chevy 454 oil change mike e 12-17-06  
If it was my rig I would just stick with the petro oil,use a good name brand and change it often.You can get a larger filter from NAPA its about a quart larger.I tried synthetic oils a few times with engines that had a few miles on them.I got oil leaks and after fixing leaks went back to petro oil.Maybe ok on a new engine from the start.Maybe someone else here may have had good luck with but not me.I wave a mechanic friend that for years mixes in one quart of syn. with the petro every oil change works for him. I like NAPA gold filters a buck or so more but worked well for me on a 95 ford van with 287 k miles a few years ago,now over 300k i am sure. Good Luck Mike
Re: chevy 454 oil change Chuck 12-18-06  
Thanks Mike I might try the 1 quart of syn and see how it does. The only reason I was going to change is I was told synthetic would give me more power and my engine would run a little cooler.
Re: chevy 454 Rolland Fritz 10-17-07  
How many miles will a 454 last in a 1992 moterhome, very well cared for?
Re: chevy 454 oil change Gale Hawkins 10-25-07  
Over on I read synthetic oil was OK but I have 92k miles and some concern on my 1992. I have not changed it yet by did get the WIX top of the line engine oil filter and the Pioneer (I think) transmission filter and gasket set. It takes 7 quarts with filter in my 1992. I have the GM shop manual that I picked up off of E-Bay.
Re: chevy 454 oil change donna 4-6-16  
What weight of oil for 1992 flair should i use? 5/30 or 10/30?
Re: chevy 454 oil change Lance 8-12-16  
I use full synthetic just for the temperature range protection. Have an old 1982 454 and just in case I blow a hose or belt the synthetic would give an additional 20 degrees of protection compared to petrol based. Autozone is generally the cheapest unless Mobil 1 is on sale. Also use a synthetic based oil filter and never exceed 5000miles between changes
Re: chevy 454 oil change Jim 1-19-18  
I have a 1999 allegro motor home with a ticking valve. The motor has 23000 on it. Two questions
I am using 5w30 oil as it calls for. What oil should I replace it with to quite the ticking without causing issues.

What do you recommend to free up the valve
Re: chevy 454 oil change Mark 11-24-15  
I have been using full synthetic oil in everything I own for over 25 years and 500K miles!
Cold winter starts are easier, engine leaks do not happen, oil consumption with synthetic is almost nil, I often go 25K miles between changes and on many SUVs and cars there has been Zero oil loss between changes! This assumes you have a decent engine with good gaskets and seals to start with.
I used full synthetic in both gasoline and diesel engines with excellent results in the Midwest, east coast and north east climates in cars, trucks, SUVs, my RV and now in my Trojan 44 boat.
In my RV (1995 Winnebago 32 RQ with 454) I use 10w 30 full Synthetic from any major supplier (Mobil One, Castrol, etc), also I use High grade oil filters made for synthetic oil. I also use Full synthetic in the Onan Generator.
My two cents worth...
Re: chevy 454 oil change Brian 6-26-15  
Daman, the filter should be in the stock location just in front of the trans on the driver side. It will use 7 quarts or so depending on the filter. I have a 1991 and mine uses 10W30 and I will switch to synthetic on the next one to see how it does. I also use WaterWetter by Redline in the coolant and it runs nice and cool on the hills.
Re: chevy 454 oil change kyle 4-17-08  
When running a new engine one needs to first use a non synthetic oil untill the engine is broke in, then use the synthetic oil, you will create leaks in your engine. any filter can be found at napa just tell them what kind of truck you have.
Re: chevy 454 oil filter location Francis Partridge 6-20-15  
Where is the oil filter located on my motorhome ? The motorhome is a 1994 Friuntierflyer made by Daman
Re: chevy 454 oil change Drew 3-18-18  
I just bought a Chevy 454 motorhome RV I want to switch over to synthetic how should I handle that transition right now what uses a detergent oil I want this motor to have some longevity thank you
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