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1978 Dodge Sportsman Larry 8-8-06  
I recently purchased a 1978 dodge sportsman, 360 motor, that had been just sitting for 4 years. I have replaced many new engine part just to get it running. The problem I am having now is, when I go to put it into gear, it dies. After warming up, it will continue to run after putting it into gear. But when you give it gas, it acts like it is not getting any vacum. Does anyone know what else I can look for to solve this problem. I have replaced the distributor, carb, fixed the timing, new coils, plug wires, and many other parts. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks
Re: 1973 Dodge togia steve 10-5-09  
I'm having the same problem. Did you get any good advice??? help
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Freddie Marks 4-2-10  
I have copies of 1978 Dodge motorhome wiring diagram, and shop manual.

after running my 1978 sportman for awhile with the light on, I find it hard to restart the engine and the battery die, I have all new ignition parts, except ignition switch, I also a new light switch,battery, and starter. But when I run the engine without the light on, I have no problem. Help
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Buddy 8-7-09  
I had a simular problem and it turned out that the intake manifold gaskets sent in a kit was wrong causing a hugh vacuum leak. Even tho they looked right when I installed them, they were for a smaller engine. Something to think about.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Barry 7-15-09  
I have a 1978 Dodge Sportsman Maxivan 360ci B300 with automatic transmission. Does anyone know what the towing capacity is? thanks
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Gene 7-10-09  
When i try to start my 1978 Dodge Sportsman i get no spark from the coil when cranking it over until i release the key in the ignition then i get one spark. Any help would be great. Thank You
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Aaron 11-14-10  
I got my rotors from O'Reilly Auto Parts on-line. I too have a 78 ddge Sportsman MT that I am rebuilding.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman trent 1-20-11  
I have a 78 sportsman Brougham 440 with 70,000 and I am also having tail light/brake light/running light issues. Has anyone solved this problem or know Where i can get the wire diagram ??

Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman luisa 5-16-11  
My friend bought a 1978 Dodge Sportsman. And it's decor is still in the 70's. From the window curtains to the green or is it orange shag carpet. UGH!!! Anyway, I want to help her change it all but because of it being made in the 70's I fear asbestos, Especially when we take up the old flooring. Is that a possibility?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Amy Parsons 6-18-11  
Ok I have manual for just about everything you guys are talking about if you need any e-mail and i will send copies also Our 78 dodge shasta started and now It has no power any suggestions?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Metal Magic Mike 5-3-11  
I just bought a 1978 Dodge Sportscoach with a small rod knock, can I get the oil pan off withut taking the tranny out?

Please advise,
Metal Magic Mike
520 370 8967
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Mark Harrison 5-1-11  
In reply to your text about turn signals, good luck finding them, I couldn't. So when all else fails, good old ingenuity. At Auto-Zone they have two wire 3/4" dia 1157 replacemnt sockets. What I had to do is, un-crimp the old socket, pry it out, sandblast the old shell, then solder the new socket into the hole. I bent the little prongs over to hold it in (careful, they break off easy) then soldered it together. I then soldered the ground wire (white) to the outside of the socket. It takes a small straight srew driver to release the plastic clip in the factory plug to the wire. Tape off the inside of the socket, paint silver on the inside and I painted it flat black on the outside. After the paint dries, I inserted the new wires and socket internal base and figured out what wires went where, and soldered and applied heat shrink tubing, and what do ya know! everthing works great, and looks good. I even took the time to make some new gaskets for under the lenses.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Craig 4-3-09  
Iam in the process of buying a 78 sportsman 24ft midas motor home. It has 30k miles and even the original owners manual! Everything works too. Iam having a hard time trying to find out what was in the back end of the MH, its an open area and looks like something was there, any ideas? Thank you.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Rick 12-8-10  
Trying to find out if the front brake rotors are the ones attached to the hub or are they seperate? It is an MB400 with the 440 engine. Checker seems to have several different rotors listed for the same vehicle.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Tom Feller 11-13-08  
I have a 1978 Dodge Sportsman MH and I am having a problem with the Brake Lights "they don't work" Turn signals work. New bulbs. I did notice that one one of the bulbs wires lights up. I would think when the brake pedel is pushed on the sencod filament would come on. So the bulb knows??? More power turns on second filament????
Thanks for your time in this matter,

Tom F
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Charley B. 10-27-07  
Hey Guys,
I got my 78 Dodge Sportsman 19 ft RV up an runnin But, just went threw the evac over the fires here in Southern Cali,. Had a couple-a issues with this 'trial run', had to shift into nuetral when ever breaking or it would die. Also the tranny shifted threw a couple-a gears but seemed to be racing when doing 45 er better, is that normal?
It has the 360, rebuilt carb, all new egnition parts from key switch to coil. New fuel filter, pump, trans filter and fluids. The thing is gonna get a tune-up as I aint got er 'just right', she dies when the modulater gets warm. Have to pull off and let er cool an hour er so, then she fires right up. But will the tune-up help the problem of it dieing when I stop in drive? And some in-put on the tranny would be cool!
Thanks all!
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Liz 2-9-08  
I want to buy this 1976 Dodge Sportsman Class B. The guy says it just wont start, turnover or even show any signs of life. He put a new battery in and still nothing.He had the tranny replaced and was driving it until he let it sit for awhile and then it wont start... Any ideas?? QUIK So he doesnt sell to another...Thank-you
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Alan Roberts 1-13-07  
1. Make sure that you have good gas, bad gas smells rotten.
2. make sure that the fuel filter is new and will let the gas to the engine.
3. Check the fuel pump to be sure it is working.

All three of these is from personal experance. I let my MH set for 5 years and then tried to run it. Nope dont think so. My mechanic had a good time witk me about thos.
Re: 1978 Amerigo Sportsman Stephan Wilson 8-9-06  
I just bought this RV and I am not sure what kind and what type of tire would be best for this 22 ft RV. I know it has 16.5 tires on there, but I need to know what is the proper size to ensure that I have met all the saftey factors and comfort and best economy.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman mike e 8-8-06  
Sounds like its running to lean not enough fuel.Maybe a vacuum leak.Easy to check for leak by spraying around base of carb,and any vacuum hoses or hose connections.Also pinch off or temporary plug up vacuum hose to the brake booster,sometimes it leaks causing a lean condition.When spraying wd40 or carb. cleaner around base of carb.if engine speeds up you have found a leak.Looked for cracked hoses also.
United security services Tatiana 11-28-17  
My Dodge 1978 sportsman RV isn't charging my battery we put in a new alternator but it's still not charging it seems to be draining the battery so it won't stay on long, please someone help me....please thanks
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman chris 2-26-08  
Hey larry i happen to havea dogde sportsman mida motor hoome i am currently working on but i have run into the same problem you may want to check the fuel line for leaks i dont have nearly as much trouble since i did that try checking right up near the fuel pump itslef
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman steve 11-9-08  
Put carb kit it in it accelerator pump is bad.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Mary Peterson 7-13-11  
Looking for a 78 Dodge Sportsman manual and wiring diagram, we are more than happy to pay for it!
Gas gauge on ours isn't working either, removed the whole dash assembley with gas gauge, speedometer etc...many connections burned out on the back.
Please contact us re: manual

Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman ivan 7-24-08  
Hey i me looking auto parts for 1978 Dodge Sportsman need as soon se postiblie
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman rene'e 4-18-08  
HELP I have been trying to find A new or used frond door handel for my 1978 dodge sportsman (THE ESTABLISHMENT) for 2 1/2 years and no luck can anybody tell me where to find one PLEASE!!!!
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Oregonian 4-5-08  
I scored this 78 Sportsman 19 ft classic with 58,000 original miles and went through everything. Installed an instant heat water heater, replaced all the interior over head,but the gas gauge isn't working because the original metal tank is now plastic.
I will probably sell this RV as I am too disabled to do much more work on her.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman bruce 1-22-09  
Just bought a 22 ft. 78 dodge sportsman(4 star) motorhome but no manuals for either the dodge part of it or the '4 Star' part.

Suggestions/manuals would be appreciated.
Re: 1973 Dodge Sportsman liz k 2-13-08  
I purchased a 1973 dodge sportsman camper. The camper is a shasta. I wonder if anyone knows were to get wiring diagrams or water line drawing. I don't know anything about the water tanks sewer tank etc. I need to learn as I will be traveling around new englands music festivals this summer.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman 440 Vern 11-15-14  
Have 78 MH with 440 changed trimming gear now only runs in one setting then retards when moved either direction. Also starts cold and will not turn over when warmed up. The trimming adjusted fine at first now it doesn't. Any ideas? Thanks
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Willis lovely 6-27-15  
Have a 1978 dodge establishment RV would love a manual. Thx u much.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman thomas 9-26-17  
Hi all I have 1978 dodge sportsmen motorhome can someone please help out about back lights brake & turn signals thanks
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Todd Lilleness 7-26-14  
I have a 1978 minnie winnie. I set the timing with the distributor vacuum line plugged. Then I connect it to Manifold Vacuum source. Runs better than she ever has.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman rich 6-18-14  
Sat for 5 years starts up put in drive brake lights on motor home wont move how to fix pleace help
I need to know what a 1978 dodge sportsman mini cabover may weight Dan 9-9-15  
Please help i need to get a 1978 dodge motorhome towed and they need to know the weight,help,
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman deann 4-6-16  
How do i find the number 1 on the the cap please i need help
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Glen Cousert 9-13-17  
Re: 1973 Dodge Sportsman Kev 8-21-11  
Interior electronics do not work, replaced he shore battery with a deep cycle, no dice. the fuses are good, but no dice, I am at a loss. I tested the leads in the battery compartment outside what are they grounded to? I am thinking a short, as in the power is shorted to ground somehow, but I do not know the diagrams, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kev, USMC, Active Duty
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Stark 6-16-17  
Have 78 Dodge sportsman with 360 wants to die when putting in gear but idles and runs fine otherwise. Changed plugs, brake booster and master cylinder, fuel filter. Can someone please help me with this issue!!!! Has anyone ran into this problem before and how did you fix it.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Janelle 8-22-16  
I have 77 sportsman that im not very familiar with yet and i noticed a fuel cap on the back of the rv and then another on the driverside towards the rear, which one is for the stove etc and which for the engine
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman deann 4-6-16  
How do i find the number 1 on the the cap please i need help i have a 1976 dodge sportsman 360 and it a b300
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman tina 5-7-14  
Need help I have a 77 dodge sportsman RV I just put in a new starter but now have no power to ignition and lights won't even come on!!!!
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Wesley Todd 11-14-14  
Also have a 1978 Dodge Sportsman. I am looking for a manual and will pay for it. Also looking for brake parts. The RV is sitting in California at Murietta Valley RV repair and the mechanics are scared to tear into the brakes because they don't know if they will be able to find parts. Help! Does anybody know where to get brake parts for these? I am going to vacation in it Dec 2 so I really have to get this fixed fast!
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman brandon 3-29-12  
1978 dodge sportsman chinook 19 ft.--
after cruising through the mtns. of CO i pulled into the parking lot of powderhorn ski area and while i was idling looking for a good spot to stay for the night the engine cut off. tried restarting, but it just clicked as if the new battery was dead. got a jump and made it to auto zone the following day. put new battery post clamps on. the guy testing the battery and altenator said that the tester was telling him the voltage regulator was 'bad'. new regulator--same thing. she starts fine now, but don't want to get stalled out in a desolate place. any info?? alternator seems to b charging fine.
also, sometimes i turn the switch forward and nothing happens. i bump the steering column w/ my palm and it turns over fine. are these problems connected? the starter is new... thanx for replying.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman krys weaver 5-31-12  
Wiring diagram ect

Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman tina 5-7-14  
Need help I have a 77 dodge sportsman RV I just put in a new starter but now have no power to ignition and lights won't even come on!!!!
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman randy 12-29-11  
I am liking for the answer to a question posted Where are they posted
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Todd Lilleness 11-21-11  
1978 Dodge Sportsman, 24' Minnie Winnie. Replaced Voltage Regulator on the Dashboard Printed Circuit to fix guages. Major plugged fuel filters. New cylinder heads on the 400C.I.D. engine. Timing is advanced to get it to idle. New Carb., Fuel Pump, Electric Fuel pump as a booster. Multiple fuel filters. Shopping from for parts.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman paula 9-17-12  
I bought this 1978 dodgesportsman rv 2 yrs ago it has always started for me so easyley. i had a friend do some work on it and now it won't start he say it has no spark what can be the problem?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman AO 3-14-12  
If anyone has an owner's manual for the 1978 Dodge Sportsman Mobile Traveler 18.6
could you find a way to scan it into the computer and those of us without one would be in your debt and we would be very happy. I just purchased one and I love it but I don't know how to work everything. Or make copies - I will pay for one. Or send it to me and I'll make copies, send you back the original and scan it into the computer at work and find a way to get it to this site.
Thank you. I have a the Chrysler 318 - excellent engine. If blowing black our exhaust - change your oil to Quaker state or Pennzoil. difference in chemicals in the oils.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Jon Kocsis 11-2-13  
Hi, We would like to get our hands on a service manual for our 1978 Dodoge Sportsman Champion Motorhome. Any help would be appreciated.

Jon & Colleen
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman mike 6-18-13  
Need a owners manual for a 1978 dodge mobile traveler
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman mark 4-21-14  
What size brake line would the Jamboree Motorhome have? it has the hydro boost brake system
Re: 1978 Dodge FOUR Star ron 10-21-13  
Anybody know anything? MPG? about the 440 engine..Is it worth a poop etc? low miles but Tons I do not know about the performance or what to expect..supposedly "everything" works..Would like to find more Or Any 411..
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman lucky sharma 8-20-13  
User manual
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman mike 6-18-13  
Need a owners manual for 1978 mobile traveler
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Teresa 12-4-06  
I need sooo much info on a 24 ft, Sportsman, I acquired this RV that had sat for a bit and then to boot was "worked" on by idiots evidently. I can't get fuel to the carb, several lines had been cut. I need the fuel line diagram just to start with, also the wiring for all of the accessories, i.e. interior lights, generator, acc. battery etc. etc.
Re: 1978 Amerigo Sportsman Paul Duclos 1-16-08  
What tires did you buy?
I got a 78 Sportsman and need new tires.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Charley B. 10-28-07  
Teresa, I have a 19 ft Dodge sportsman RV, I looked around for a manual for the camper area and no luck. They built em 'generaly' the same as all off the line, but at times fit a different frig or stove or whichever they had handy, hence there isn't many manuals out there on the home part of your ride. The drive train and all else about the Dodge aspect is not a proublem in finding a manual for, but you'll need a good 'Wrench' to figure out whats what with your wiring etc.
Good luck!
Re: 1977/78 Dodge Rexhall 24ft motor home John Fletcher 9-17-14  
Just getting ready to buy a 77 Dodge Rexhall 24ft Motor Home. 57,000 original miles, new tires, new AC, New Generator, New sewage tanks, Everything works.
The price is 2750.00. Am I getting a good deal?...John
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Paul Duclos 1-16-08  
I replaced the carb float in mine and the gas works fine, now. the float was soaked with gas and did not float.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman steve 11-9-08  
Check your neutral safety switch. to try it without it unplug it.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Nick 2-8-12  
Hi charley! I know its been a while since you posted you're add, but i have the same dodge MH and it also seems like it races at 45 or 50. Did you ever figure out what the deal was? please respond. thank you. Nick
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman steve 11-9-08  
Theres a fuseable link connected to the positive terminal to the battery check it out
Re: 1973 Dodge Sportsman frank squires 1-13-09  
1 have a 1973 dodge motorhome. it was running and it stopped. ifound that there was no spark to the plugs. lots of spark to the coil. i replaced distributer cap, rotor button, p/u coil,ballast resister,and checked wires. still no spark to plugs. where do i go from here?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman maz 4-8-13  
My gas gauge doesnt work any ideas
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman vic 10-1-12  
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman larry sierra 3-30-11  
Can you please send me a wiring diagram for 1978 dodge generator?? any type of wiring diagram certainly would be greatly appreciated thanks again! Pose send via text!
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Steve 4-29-09  
Turn signals work but brake lights don't? Try adding a ground wire from the turn signal body to the coach body. Worked on mine.
Re: 1973 Dodge Sportsman Al 3-9-09  
Sounds like a control module you could have it tested a most big part stores also look at the back of it and see if the filler is melting out a good sign that their is a problem
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman SL 1-26-10  
I have the exact 1978 Dodge Sportsman MH you asked about. The back area contains a small wall to wall foam mattress bed.

Does that help or do you mean something else?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman under load engine backfires and dies but starts back up and idles fine Earl 7-15-10  
Engine idles fine and revs up good but underload going up hill it dies but will start back up changed fuel pump brain box distibutor and coil plus took carb off and it checked out ok but have a slow timing light pulse on all wires its going to drive me nuts
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Carmen 7-6-10  
We are in dire straits looking for rotors for our 1978 Dodge "Mobile Traveler" MB300. Can anyone help us? Everytime we order rotors for it they are the wrong ones.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Earl 7-15-10  
I forgot to add that it backfires and loses power before it dies
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman kenny 9-17-14  
Vic how does 25.00 sound
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Mike davis 5-12-15  
I need a manual 1978 dodge sportsman traveler
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Ted Miller 12-9-10  
I have a mini winne sportsman dual wheel 440 base motor home it has 16.5 wheels I tries to buy some 16 wheels off a Chev based winne and the lug holes are too small. What 16 inch wheels will fit this rig? Can I bore the wheel holes out to make them fit and not have major problems?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Earl 7-17-10  
To all you new rv owners who are haveing troubles with your engine dieing under load but idle just fine hard to trouble shoot but take it from me I been through hell with mine it took two of us going up a hill it died all the time but would idle perfect and rev perfect but under load it would die we drove up the hill we watch the fuel spray into the carb as we went as we got half way up fuel petered right out so we checked pump presure very poor but it was a new fuel pump so we new it had to be in the tank fuel pick up line was plugged solid with black crap from years of sitting I put a pile of new parts but nothing was making any sense timing was good coil was new good spark etc RUNS GREAT NOW I spent a month in my spare time trouble shooting it because when dissconnected fuel line it sprayed pretty good so I didn,t think it was fuel but when we checked it today it was piss poor so thats when I new it had to be fuel pick in the gas tank it was the only thing left and sure enough it was plugged so bad you couldn,t even blow through it I hope this saves a lot of people a lot of run a wire in, some brake clean. then blew out with a compresser, and put a new screen or filter on threw other one uot don,t just clean the sreen take it right off and check the steel line the sreen goes on to or I would never have found it ripp the sreen off and check the line mine was plugged with hard black crap from years of sitting.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman greg anderson 8-19-12  
Just picked up an old motor home (tioga) need to ajust brakes (bleed wheel cilinders) would like to know the process.

thanks greg anderson
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman mike jones 5-30-11  
My gas Gage doesn't work any help
Re: 1973 Dodge Sportsman balboa mh john mcintyre 9-15-13  
I have a 360 in it. when it gets hot it dies and wont start unless i spray eather in the carb or it cools down. what to do?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman john 12-14-13  
Ineed a elec. dia. or help finding out why I have running lights but no head lights
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman TRAVELCRAFT motorhome: Need complete manual. <> nAlso having stalling problems Rich Blackmore 6-29-14  
Hi -- I would really like to find the complete owner's manual for my 1978 Dodge Sportman Travelcraft MH. Also, I have replaced fuel pump, filter is fine, also replaced some bad fuel line - It's still stalling and driving me nuts. Fuel pick-up in gas tank bad?

ALSO -- should i be running non etyh gas? Fuel tank is metal/original.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman stacy 1-17-15  
I have spark but doesnt want to tun over it flickers where driving and blue grey smoke appears also its shifting hard and overheating flus how can I check the fueel liines
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Donna 11-13-16  
Have 1978 sportsman. Need repair manual with electric schematics

Please help. Can call or text me. 859-519-8562
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Donna 11-13-16  
Have 1978 sportsman. Need repair manual with electric schematics

Please help. Can call or text me. 859-519-8562
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman amber 8-9-10  
Freddie - I need the Dodge Sportsman wiring diagram and shop manual - any way I can get ahold of that from you?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Trond 1-9-11  
Hi Bruce!

I just bought a 77 Dodge Sportsman Motorhome and I'm looking for a owners manual, shop manual and a electric wiring diagram for this car.

I saw you had copies of shop manual and wiring diagram.

Can you please contact me?

Regard Trond
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman chris darsow 1-9-12  
Hi freddie any way to get wiring diagram and manual for 78 dodge mh?

chris darsow
685 ne 61st st
miami fl. 33137


p.s. I dont mind kicking you a few bucks for the trouble.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Kim 9-6-10  
Hi, I just purchased a 78 sportsman motor home. The wiring looks bad. I sure could use a copy of your wiring for this. How much do you charge? Can you accept paypal? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Tony Hassert 1-31-11  
I have a new to me Dodge Sportsman and I am trying to find a left turn signal, amber lens, SAE-IP70T part number. Can anyone help?
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Phil 5-4-11  
I have a Dodge motor home also The problem I am having is 2 and 4 cylinders are getting spark but no combustion. And one thing that I discovered for you guys who are having light problems, when I turned on my right blinker it worked find until I turned on the head lights then it would not blink. What happens is the front parking lights gets water in there some how and the bulb socket rust and shorts out. What I did is got some new sockets at Autozone used a hole saw and drilled out the old socket out of the metal housing then took a dremel and cut the locking grooves into the metal and they now just twist in like the newer models just besure to get the 3 wire type
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman doc 3-23-15  
I got 1978 sportsman...please email me and literature you have...wiring owners manual. Anything would be a blessing. Thnx much.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman shirlann 10-11-11  
Would love to have a copy of owners manual......learning from scratch is very hard.....thank you
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman kenny 9-17-14  
I need owners manual for 1978 dodge Shasta rv.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman ted wisse 5-20-13  
Need the wiring diagram.
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman VIC 3-2-14  
I have a manual that is in good shape..
what is your top price?
p.s. your price would also cover shipping to you in the u.s.a.

Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Brian Korpi 7-7-14  
I have a 1978 dodge sportsman corsair need manual
Re: 1978 Dodge Sportsman Daulton Oliver 10-26-17  
I have a 1978 Robinhood motorhome on dodge sportsman chasis and would appreciate any copies of manuals etc., happy to pay if you give me price for them. Thanks Daulton
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