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Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb Candace 8-3-06  
I have an 87 S-10 blazer with a small block 350. I installed a rebuilt Holley 600 the other day and it ran great for a day, but now it dies everytime I go above idle. It starts fine, and idles fine in park, but once I put a load on it it stalls out. Runs good at high rpm if I can keep it from stalling at the lower end. If anyone has some tips I would appreciate it.
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb adam 11-14-07  
I have a 600 holley carb on my 1967 chevrolet, when i first put it on there i had all kinds of problems with flooding so i put a rebuild kit in it an smaller jets and it runs great. i also have one on a 350 that is boared out 40 over and it runs awesome. so try smaller jets if you have troubles with flooding.!!
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb brian jackson 8-9-07  
I have bad luck from holley's myself! I often wonder why i continue to use them. Sounds to me like its possibly an assembly problem when it was rebuilt.The base gaskets in paticular, have to be aligned carfully as to not cover any vaccum ports in the bottom of the body itself. All of the signal ports are sensitive to debris obstructing the vaccum ports. Not to say this is the problem exactly but, it seems like your carb. is having trouble making the transition from the idle circuit. Also double check your accelerator pump and power valve.
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb Mike Rome 8-3-06  
I think you have placed a carb way too big for yours engine (especially if you say that runs good at high RPM)... 600CMF is a lot for a stock 350S/B try to put the old one back and see if the problem stop.. if it does you probably have to meke some other modification to your engine to make that carb work "right" in it...
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb Peter Mcdonald 11-2-10  
Recently installed an old 600 holley that had previously been on this motor. Now it is running really rich, with black smoke out the tail pipe, at idle.. I have checked the idle screw, by winding it all the way in and then two turns out on both side, but still no luck.. Also checked both primary and secondary float bowl to make sure they werent over filling.. But it still appears to be running very rich.. Can you help me?
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 4150 carb burt mccarthy 12-18-08  
I have 2 trucks-(49&57 chevs) with holley 4150's on them and have the same problem with both--after sitting for 3-5 days the carbs are empty when I go to start them and have to crank until they punp up. I have taken both apart -cleaned them and installed renew kits. I am not seeing any leaks at the base or throttle shafts. Any ideas?
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb kendell 9-20-10  
I have a Holley 600 and it was bought brand new i have a edelbrok intake. It ran good for the first week but now it shoots gas out the barrels out of the gaskets but it doesn't do it when i start it up, of coarse i have to unflood it when i start it but it only floods out when i drive it not sitting still. please any help. by the way i dont really have much experience in carbs so could u please explain in my sense of matter
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb RON LUZICH 9-2-09  
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb Greg 6-21-10  
86 chevy pickup 350 edelbrock intake on the back barrel fuel just pours out with the engine shut off until the bowls are empty any ideas.
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb john 9-21-09  
I just installed a 600cfm vac secondary to my 302 windsor with an auto trans.The engine has a mild cam in it and 9:1 comp.The carby is fully overhauld.The engine idles very nice but as soon as its in gear it wants to stall and has a rough idle.The car takes off and drives normal once you get out of the idle circuit.Anyone have any ideas??????
Re: Troubleshooting my Holley 600 carb john 9-21-09  
Hi Ron,i have had the same problem in the past.Install a 1" bakerlite spacer under the carby to stop the fuel from vapourising due to the heat transfer through to the carby.
Cheers john
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