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Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Janell DeMello 6-8-06  
My elderly parents purchased a 78 Winnebago that is having overheating problems. I bought them a thermostat and my husband and I installed it yesterday, but it is still overheating. But, the thermostat was 160 degrees not 180-185. Could using a lower temp thermostat possibly cause the temp gauge to read higher than it is, in other words, the gauge is peaking out at the first line of the "HOT" zone, but maybe not really overheating? We took it up a not all that steep hill and the temp gauge went all the way up to the first mark at the HOT range, but the bottom of the radiator still felt cool. It is definitely clear though that the previous thermostat was not working as viewing into the radiator you could tell the thermostat was not opening up, no cycling of the coolant, and that was happening after the new install. Maybe a faulty fan clutch?

My dad wants to take all the AC stuff off as the AC is not working anyway. Any thoughts on that? Other comments? Does anybody know somebody who works on this dinosaurs in/near Santa Rosa, CA?

Email me at

Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Gary 8-15-07  
Looking for a good mechanic to replace my power steering core.
In the Santa Rosa area,
thanks, I appreciate the referal.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Michael Bates 3-25-07  
I need to replace my radiator for my 77 winnebago brave. Any ideas where I could find one?
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago r nelson 1-27-08  
I have an older 1977 Apollo motor home with a 440 dodge. I installed a radiator misting divice We were able to tie in to the large 45 gallon fresh water supply. Installed a gate valve by the drivers seat. I would open it up on long grades in the hot summer heat. This really hepled We actually saw lower temps on the guage as we were climbing the grades. At the top I would let the sprayer run for a few min or so. Going down hill the temp guage would read almost cold when it was well over 100 degrees. The whole system cost about $15.00 We can now climb any grade at any elevation at any temp and not even come close to overheating. Email me if you want info on how to install this system....
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Matt 12-5-12  
I was woundering how to wire a chrysler 440 to run with just the pick up, ignition coil and a switch in what order do they have to be in to make it run
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago art aslesen 4-15-08  
This may not apply to my recently aquired 78 440 also with temp gauge showing high, but when I got my 71 318 new, the temp read very high and the rad very cool.. final fix was resistor in series with gauge. who would have thunk..took several dealers before the mevchanic in flordia that actually read the tech change orders and had a good memory put in the resistor. happy happy
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago shorty thompson 9-17-06  
Does anyone know where I can find and decipher the 440 engine block casting numbers to find what kind of horsepower and torque values my 1978 440 has. It too has come from a motor home, but I can find any info.

Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 76 Winnebago Roy 2-28-08  
Can anyone give me a layout plan for the emission controls piping on the 1976 winnie 440/3 auto?
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Steve 8-16-06  
You need to check and see which variation of 440 you have. If you have a 440-3 which is commonly used in MHs they take a different stat than reg 440s. Stay with the stock temp of 190-195. If its still getting hot then you need to replace or have the rad cleaned. The first thing I would do though would be to check and see what 440 you have and make sure you get the correct stat for it. I have a 440-2 HP motor in our 77 MH and it takes a standard 440 stat. I just got back from the black hills with mine with temps in the 98-100 mark with no overheating issues and pulling a 16 ft trailer.
Re: 1978Dodge 440 Engine -DELTA JOHN 6-11-06  
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Jesse 6-9-06  
Hi Janelle, thanks for the email, would be delighted to share some of my insight. I was able to fix the heating problems of my Dodge Diplomat 440, 1977 Motor home.
Here are a few starting tips and pointers. Simple diagnostics test that will Help eliminate the Heating problem, Proper steps and sequence.
• Have you checked for leaking head gasket or a blown head gasket? Do this test before anything else. ( if you don’t know how Please ask me for details)
• Make sure radiator does not have cold or hot spots
• Make sure the water pump is working
• Does It heat at idle
• Do you have your transmission oil lines going through the radiator?
• Have you checked your Engine Timing and is it set at 8 degrees TDC
• Make sure the Fuel mixture is not set too lean

Once you have performed these simple steps. Please get back to me and I will make suggestions.
I would do my best to try to offer you the most cost effective way to fix the heating problem, Cost me thousands of dollars to fix mine and you should not have to go through that. Hope this is a starting point.
Have a great day.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Randall 6-29-06  
I'm having problems with my transmission. It is overheating, even after a short drive. The motor is not overheating, just the transmission. The neddle on the gage goes to the hot mark after a few miles. The transmission was just flushed and tuned up. It has a external trans cooler and a fan, but it doesn't seem to help. It has a Dodge 440 with about 47,000 miles on it.

Please Help
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Earle Hasney 7-12-06  
I would start with the guage. No using a lower degree thermostat would not effect. The engine has to get hot before you will see cycling of coolant. It would seem that after running it up a steep grade that were you having over heating problems you would have lost, or boiled over, your coolant. Check that guage. If he is not going to use the Air Conditioner, why not.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Ed 7-21-06  
Hot on the top and cold on the bottom ? Might be a plugged radiator, in that case flush it or replace it if flushing doesn't help. I have a 1976 Winnabago Brave with the 440 and I drag Bronco II behind it all over the Black Hills and the gauge stays right in the middle.....Good Luck
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago frank 6-13-08  
My 440 over heats has cold and hot spot on radiator 160 temp with electric fan
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago jerymobley 3-13-08  
I need to know the wiring diagram on ignition modgula
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Haydee 6-22-08  
I just recently bought a 78 Winnebago from a private party. Unfortunately, the owner didn't have the original book. I don't know much about maintenence, so if anyone has a PDF version of the book that they could email me, I would sure appreciate it.

Owning an RV has been my dream. I sure would like to learn how to keep it running for me.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Rob 7-24-10  
Looking for tips on easiest way to change the waterpump on a 1978 titan champion motor home with a 440 chrysler engine
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago dan 10-18-10  
I Have a 78 440 diplomatII Winebago. Looking for wiring schematic for charging system. Wiring melt down from fuse box on firewall (alt./bat.position).Keeps blowing fuse. All wires fried!!! If anyone has any info. Please respond ASAP. thx Dan.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Apollo Dee Wolfe 1-6-11  
Hi. I have a 78 Apollo MH - 33'. A former associate totally screwed up the wiring system for the batteries. Now, we cannot figure out how to put new wires in and hook up properly all of the batteries so that it all works and charges properly without a wire melt down. If anyone could help, that would be great. Thanks.
1977 dodge 440 motorhome steve 2-28-12  
No power,doesn't go much over 5mph.Just did a full tune up,plugs,cap,rotor,wires. Replaced electric fuel pump and ignation coil. Engines coughes and starts to move again when you give it some gas. The motorhome did run for a short time,but i couldn't get it smogged. They said it was running to lean. I also had the carb. rebuilt and checked twice,to make sure it wasn't the problem.Appreciate any help you can give me.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago joseph newell 10-12-11  
I am trying to sell my 440. It has about 80000 miles on it.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago bob mickle 7-12-10  
I have 79 winnabago 440 runs hot new motor radiator water pump carb headers transmission thermostat. what is a 440-3 motor
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago billy bonging 8-19-10  
Is there anyone out there that can tell me if a 440-3 can be replaced with a 440 super commando? will my brake master cil still function will everything still hook up ?? it is going in a dodge fmh the 440 super commando is in a Winnebago both rv's are the same length thank you for your time !!
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago donny 12-6-08  
I have a friend who purchased a 77 mhand battery cables and acc wires are everywhere...looking for a basic schematic for the dual batteries along with emergency start solenoid.. i suspect a misplaced crank, but starter solenoid clicks like low battery, i havent got down to check for voltage drop at starter yet
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago sean defeudis 4-29-10  
There is a Coachman red and yellow striped RV that I was wondering how much work it would take to put in a completely different engine. Big time and money, I'm sure.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Roger 2-10-09  
Looking for info on a diesal conversion for my 78 winabago cheifton
maybe a diesal from a 98 doge truck or somthing
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago kyle 6-10-09  
I am looking at a 78 winnie with the 440.. needs a shifter cable replaced.. how easy is this gonna be?
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Ryan 11-1-09  
Can you replace a 440-3 engine with a 440. mine is a dodge and heads are miserable to find for this specific model.
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago john 9-9-09  
I have a motorhome that gives me alot of difficulty starting. It actually seems that if the vehicle sits for any long period of time (over 12 hours) all of the fuel drains out of the fuel system and I run the battery dead repriming the fuel lines. Any info on this?
Thank you
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 74 Winnebago Ron Davis 8-17-08  
I have a 74 Winnebago that I use on weekends for football game will not start. It started the other day for a bit, I went a few hundred feet and then it stopped. I had no power to the ignition. We found some loose wires, got the electric back on but now it won't crank.

Any ideas?
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Dan 6-28-06  
I have a 26' with a 440-3 and when I stop, the rad is hot to touch only at the top third or so. The bottom is cold. This is after a twenty min. ride. Once and a while it will have a bit of steam and drip after it is shut off. Temp guage reads fine inside. Any comments?
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Ron Hubbard 8-7-10  
I have a Dodge 440 in a 20' Winnebago that loves to overheat. I would like to learn more about this misting system.Thanks Ron
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago gary 6-22-09  
Would love the info on the mist system sent to me. thx!
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago Scott Digruttolo 9-3-15  
Need help
Re: Dodge 440 Engine - 78 Winnebago R Nelson 6-28-09  
Our motorhome is a 1977 Apollo. This unit had a pre-hot water heater installed in the hot water heater at the back of the unit. The heater hose going to the heater core inside the unit had a y in it. One line went all the way back to the hotwater heater. I put in a new hot water heater a few years ago. The heater did not come with that feature. I hooked up a Tee from the pressurized line when I turned on the fresh water pump. I used the same line as the old existing one but you can also run another one using a garden hose since you will not need one to withstand the heat. I drilled a one inch hole next to the driver seat and placed a 3/4 inch hose bib thru the plywood. I also hooked up a Tee for the two hoses that were needed. one is from the cold water supply going thru the hose bib and the other one was going to the radiator. I am to work the system I turn on the water pump to build pressure and then slightly open the hose bib to begin the water flowing. The hose comming out of the hose bib was routed to the top area of the radiator. I connected it to a one inch pvc pipe. I used one inch as my last 1/2 inch pipe started to bend under the heat. I drilled about fifteen small 1/16 or so holes about one every 1.5 inches in the pvc pipe. The pipe was then secured to the top of the radiator with the holes pointing down at a slight angle. We live out West and have lots of long hot grades. You do not want to turn on the water to high as it will start to hit your distributor. A good way to test it is to start the engine turn on your water pump and then slightly open the hose bib, go out and check it. it should just start to trickle down the radiator. At this point to mark it so you wont behaving to look down while driving which would be impossible and dangerous at night. I wrapped a small piece of wire at the 6 o clock position. That way I could open it to the proper area without looking down. You can also use a piece of pipe instead of the pvc The holes on the pvc tend to change size a little due to the heat. I think this will be one of my next winter projects. let me know if you need a diagram
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