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Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! Nancy 3-28-05  
When I shut down my 86 MH, 454 gas engine, it does't die right then, it continues to sputter and run, known as diesiling I think. What do you do for that? I leave the A/C on and the motor in gear and it will die when I turn the key off....Thanks, again!
Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! Brent 3-28-05  
From what I have read, dieseling is usually a fuel mixture problem. Aparently running too lean will cause the engine to heat up enough that it can keep firing without spark (like a diesel engine). Setting the idle too high and incorrect timing are other causes.

I'd start by adjusting the mixture and idle on the carb (assuming it's not fuel injected).

Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! wrench 4-7-05  
The carburator on the 454CID got a lever with a hook where the return spring is hook to, the hook has to go back in his notch in orther to drop the idle otherwise the secondary stay open a bit & the engine after run. Either some one race the engine by pulling the lever on the carburator & the hook got loose & off or the trottle plate stuck or something made some interferance with the linkage. Best take the air cleaner out, look on the driver side of the carburator at the trottle plate linkage if you're mechanic incline you will see the hook out of his notch.
good luck wrench
Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! wrench 4-7-05  
FORGET THE INFOS previously posted about the 454, they apply to the 427 CID.
For the 454CID it goes like this:
There is a selenoid on the side of the carburator,(driver side forward of the trottle shaft) when you disconnect that wire, the engine RPM is suppose to drop till the engine barely run or die. If not, then the selenoid is adjusted to long, seized, or the fast idle for the choke is too high, or the cam for the fast idle is not coming back to rest.
Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! ken 5-23-05  
Hey guys forgot the most simple solution to a dieseling gas engine. The fuel octane is to low for the combustion temp. use a higher octane fuel and 99.9% of the time it is cured with no unnecesary adjustments.
Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! Allyn Jehnzen 5-3-05  
As we speak, I am correcting the diesling problem on a 454 gas engine in a 1984 Pace Arrow motorhome. This carburator does not have an electronic shutoff, so there is no wire to disconnect. My engine you could not shut off - it would continue to run, backfire, etc., and finally shut down. I found my problem was totally timing. My engine has to be set with the vacuum hose disconnected from the carburator, up to temp, proper rpm setting and exactly 4 degrees before top dead center. Sequence: up to temp engine, correct rpms at idle, disconnect vacuum hose, set timing. Will be posting my question if anyone can help. Thanks
Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! Ari Cabanillas 10-21-06  
A Mercedes Benz 300sd diesel has problem shut down the engime for 1 or 2 minutes. What can cause that?
How to adjust the linkage? Please advice. Thanks
Re: Diesiling issue, doesn' want to die! Paul Heydenreich 7-23-06  
College student needs to do an assignment by drawing a carburator and explain what diesling means. Is it possible to help with any information?


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