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RV sitting around. What's best preventative maintenance? Deegen 9-15-17  
I knew when I bought by RV that it would not be driven every week of the year, and have found that life gets in the way and it sits a lot without moving. This concerns me, since it seems engine parts like gaskets wouldn't be lubricated as they should.

So, what's the best way to prevent a RV from losing more life by sitting around? I don't want to sell, but I can't not work. I see many others selling with low miles tat indicates the same. So, how do we prevent problems with the most important parts?

Looking forward to your reply...

Re: RV sitting around. What's best preventative maintenance? jordan 9-26-17  
Hey Deegen, Most RV's sit for long periods. Keeping it inside ( yeah right) is the best thing and in a climate controlled (yeah right) space would be best. Ive found out (the hard way) that water and moisture management is key and also here in Ct keeping mice and most recently huge black ants out of the thing. Driving the coach for an hour so it gets to operating temperature will usually handle the dried out seals /gaskets etc. Ill make a quick list which will certainly help but there are always other things that can/should be done

1(use lapping sealant on the roof anywhere you think water may get in. Resealing windows (taking them out is 100% correct ) but caulking is the norm for most. Clean and reseal entire roof and cover at least the top from UV rays. A tarp pulled down on 4 corners is what I do. I buy a camp tarp on line and pull it 2ft over the sides because I want to get in and out of it often.

2) I put bounce dryer sheets in most tight spots /closets/cabinets etc. 0000 steel wool stops mice from going through small openings. I don't use those glue traps. Mice will die a slow death stuck to one of those. They're just doing what mice do so it doesn't make sense to me to torture them. use mouse traps,they won't know what hit them.Poison them and they will die in your walls and stink to high heaven.

3)fridge door open, plumbing drained and blown out while it sits,

4) have it plugged in so the convertor keeps the battery up but with electricity connected I check mine real often. Mice eat wires too.....

5) I dont do this but Ive heard those moisture absorbing bags help keep mildew down and smell. I go into mine all the time. I open all the windows when its not rainy and close them when it does. I think having a small fan running constantly helps with moisture a lot and Ive heard mice don't like moving air?.

6)Cover the tires so the UV rays don't dry them out prematurely. Many a camper has replaced seemingly perfect tires because they were dried out.I spray all hinges and anything tha opens or closes just because I don't like rattles. You'll get flat spots in the tires from sitting so I move it a little. Driving it every week or two helps this as well. I also get under the thing pretty often just to look around. When we are coming back from a long trip I will make a list (thats usually long) of the things I need to fix or want to upgrade or just stuff I know I will forget (nice roads with good scenery,good campgrounds, points of interest roads to avoid etc etc etc )

You may know a lot of this stuff but thought some of it might help
Re: RV sitting around. What's best preventative maintenance? Fantasy RV Tours 9-28-17  
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