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Holley Carb Problem Duane 9-29-02  
I just installed a new fuel pump on a 440 Dodge engine that has a 4 barrel Holley Carb with two fuel bowls (front and rear). The problem I'm running into is that the fuel bowls are filling up, but there still seems to be now fuel flow into the carb. The other problem I have is when fuel does flow..into the rear intake, it overflows via the overflow tube, and then spills fuel everywhere. fuel is flowing through the 4 jets...fuel is overflowing out of rear overflow tube....and consequently the engine won't start.

Sorry so long. What should I do next?

Re: Holley Carb Problem hefin 5-2-10  
Im runing a rover v8 3.5, its on a holley 390 it semes as it is strugling at 3000 rpm
Re: Holley Carb Problem Walt Novitsky 10-15-02  
If the fuel overflowing [through the rear bowl vent tube] just occurred after the fuel pump change, the first thing I'd look for was the rear bowl fuel inlet needle seat being "held" open by a particle of dirt or crud released by the action of handling the old fuel line. This sometimes happens as such dirt particles, i.e., rust, rubber tubing, gaskets, etc., can keep the carb bowl needle from shutting off the constant fuel flow from the pump whenever the engine is running. Then, all of the excess fuel has no where else to go except to "escape" through the bowl vent tube & into your engine, which then usually stalls from the excessively rich mixture.
Holley carbs can be easily fixed - since they are of modular design. Just remove the rear fuel bowl needle & seat assembly, and inspect for debris. You or your mechanic can easily perform this operation with basic hand tools...good luck!
Re: Holley Carb Problem RV Wizard 9-30-02  
Have a good mechanic rebuild the carb. Get one that has experience with the "Thermoquad" carb. They can be a real pain but they can be rebuilt. Good luck and enjoy!
Re: Holley Carb Problem Jeff 12-10-08  
I have recently removed and rebuilt my holley 4 barrel. Since the rebuild ( it was rebuilt because it was bypassing fuel internally. It was running too rich even with fuel mixture screw turned all the way off!)The front bowl is filling up and pooring fuel out of the bowl vent. I removed the needle and seat and cleaned them out thoroughly. Re installed and the problem still occurs. Since i didn't have this problem with the old needle and seat i installed the origianl needle and seat, set my float level etc. Same problem. What did i screw up during the rebuild to cause this. I have also flushed all fuel lines, changed fuel filter. I pulled bowl and found no debris in it.
Re: Holley Carb Problem terry boyce 3-5-06  
My car at once had no power it would not spin the tires over a half of car length in the rain. i switched carbs wih a frind and felt a GREAT difference. but with the set up i have i should be able 2 boil the tires and i cannot i have a 650 double pumper.low end response is 2 me awful!!!
Re: Holley Carb Problem Sam Watson 9-30-02  
I think he is talking about a Holley, not a Carter four barrel, as indicated by the referrence to the front and rear fuel bowls. Based on his description of flooding after replacing the fuel pump makes me think of two things. 1. The pump isn't going into "float" and is therefor making too much pressure. 2 An awful lot of "junk" was introduced/kicked loose in the fuel line when the pump was replaced. Suggest removing the fuel inlet at the carb, and then removing the large fitting it was screwed into, then check the filter that is behind it for clogging.
Marine holley 600 keith 8-7-03  
I have a holley four barrel and when the engine is cold it runs fine but after 30 min when engine is nice and warm it doesnt idle engine stalls, and or has poor acceleration?
im thinking the automatic choke is bad..
any advise
Re: Holley Carb Problem bill h 10-2-02  
Keep a fire extinguisher handy. All that fuel is scary.
Re: marine holley 600 Brendon 12-13-07  
My second stage acceleration does not work. Is it problem with diaphragm?
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