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Ford 460 Knock Mark 8-31-02  
After starting the motor and giving gas to go the engine backfired.
Now there is a knocking noise coming from behind the waterpump.
Engine runs fine but knocks.
Any Ideas?
Re: Ford 460 Knock Joe 8-31-02  
Is the knock at idle or all the time? What year is it? How many miles are on the engine? As far as backfiring, I can't think of anything other than a piece of carbon being jarred loose and you have a carbon knock. But that would be in the piston area, not behind the water pump. Without hearing the knock, it is hard to tell. Maybe a little more info would help narrow it down.
Re: Ford 460 Knock Sam Watson 9-2-02  
I'm going to make an "educated guess" here because I've seen this happen. The camshaft timing gear has a nylon overlay on the teeth for quiteness.Over time this overlay becomes somewhat brittle, and a sudden jar, such as "kickback", ( a cylinder firing on the compression stroke, "kicking" the engine in the reverse direction of rotation), this is sometimes mistaken as "starter balk", where the engine doesn't crank smoothly, will strip off all or part of the overlay, leaving the chain very loose and producing a noise. To check just how loose your chain is, turn the crankshaft belt pulley forward and back through the "free play" you feel in it,the free play equals the amount of slack in the chain. one way to do this is to use a pipe wrench with the jaws clamped onto a portion of the pulley, this gives you the wrench at a right-angle to the pulley. Of course, the best way is to use a socket and breaker bar on the pulley retaining bolt, but the pipe wrench will do the job. Depending on the age/mileage of your engine, you may have all ready "jumped timing", that is, the chain may have skipped over a tooth or two. That can be checked with a timing light, each camshaft tooth equals 7 1/2 degrees of timing, so the ignition timing will be off by that, or multiples of 7 1/2 degrees, depending on the amount of "skip"
Ford timimng chain bill 3-31-03  
Will setting my timing at strait up at the timing chain realy make much of a diferans?? ive bin told that i would not and ive bin told about 20 horse increas and a 60 horse increase if some on ecould please tell me i would aprecheat it you ca e_mail me at
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