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454 cooling fan is so loud! help rob 8-11-02  
I have an 89 Pace Arrow 32 ft w/ just 11,000 miles. At speeds up to 55 or 60 mph, the fan makes a lot of noise. When I go about 63 the clutch fan seems to disengage and it sure gets quieter. It almost sounds like the rpm's are coming down as I go faster I was wondering if there is another fan or clutch fan that I could use that would be quieter at these average speeds. I really don't like to go much over 60mph. But, I get so tired of the noise, I found myself going up to 65 just to make the fan get quieter. Would adding aux. cooling fans help? I can't hardly hear my wife when she is trying to talk to me. Well, then again, that may not be all that bad!
Great board and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Joe 8-12-02  
What is the water temperature when the fan is so loud. If very hot air is coming through the A/C condensor, radiator, an oil cooler, and maybe even an AUX trans cooler, it might just be doing it's job. Are you towing a vehicle behind your motorhome? First thing to do is start your engine cold and after a minute or two while it is still cool, but running long enough to get oil to all the moving parts, rev the engine slowly to about 2000 RPM. The fan should rev with the engine at first and then slowly slow down so you can't hardly hear it over the engine noise. If the fan is giong bad it may stay the same speed as the engine. Electric fans are a great idea, but first solve the noise problem.
Re: 454 cooling fan PROBLEM SOLVED!! rob 8-26-02  
I installed a new clutch fan and couldn't believe the difference. My fan clutch was keeping the fan engaged almost all the time and it made a lot of excess fan noise. The new one engages and disengages normally and it is much quieter. I am going to enjoy the drive now! Thanks again
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Ralph 8-12-02  
If the fan is driven by a belt, a loose slipping belt will make a lot of noise.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Robert 8-13-02  
I'm also experiencing a very "loud" fan. Following Joe's suggestion earlier, I'd checked the fan clutch, and it seemed OK. A mechanic friend of mine suggested that I might have a bend fan blade. I'm thinking of replacing the fan with one of those HP flexible fans? I've tried these on Hi-Po small block Chevys and Fords ('69 Camero, and '66 Mustang) and they worked fine with reduced noise and weight. Would these work for my '85 Winne 32' Class A with a 454 and a P-30 chasis? Is this wise in terms of cooling ability? Also, would I need to keep the fan clutch, or can I just replace this with a spacer? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks to all.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Todd 8-14-02  
Hi Rob

I have just purchased a Winnebago with a 454 engine. I Im having the same issue and I am interested in any further information available. I have noticed that in the doghouse of my vehicle there is no insulation and I plan to put some in, hoping to reduce the noise. I am also going to put in an electric fan, I figure it couldn't hurt.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Rob 8-12-02  
Thanks for your replies. Had all belts replaced. No difference. Tried what Joe suggested. Couldn't notice any difference(clutch fan seemed to stay engaged) It is more of a whirring noise as opposed to a squeel. If the clutch fan was not working properly, my guess is that it would not disengage so consistantly at 63mph. Maybe a different fan would help?
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Sam Watson 8-12-02  
Feel at the front center of the fan. If there is a flat, coiled spring there, then you have a thermo fan clutch. A thermo fan clutch is designed to engage/disengage the fan according to the amount of heat that the coiled spring is exposed to. Joe's test is correct, on a cold start the fan will be driven by the viscous fluid inside the housing, after several minutes this fluid will have moved inside the housing, causing the fan to disengage. The whirring noise is the sound of the air being moved by the fan. If you place your hand in the discharge path of the air during a cold start, you will definitely feel a drop in the air volume when the fan disengages, accompanied with a reduction in noise. If there is no coiled spring at the front of the fan clutch, then you have a centrifugal type which is purely driven speed sensative. Let us know what you find.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Joe 8-13-02  
I would stick with the original fan. I have never heard of anybody putting a flex fan on a motorhome and having satisfactory results. If your fan doesn't slow down when it is cold and the engine is reved, it probably is bad. If it is noisy while driving, maybe you are running a high water temperature. Fans don't get bent on their own, they have to be bent for a reason....loose or misaligned shroud...broken motor mount...loss of the belts...or many other reasons.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Robert 8-13-02  
Thanks Joe. The engine runs constantly on the cool side of the temp gauge - about 1/4 off the cold mark (unless my temp gauge or sensor aren't functioning properly). From a cold start, the fan continues to run as I rev the engine to a very high rpm, and it is very loud. I guess it's time to do some wrenching (probably this weekend) and replace the fan clutch. Will let everyone know if this reduces the noise. Thanks again.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Robert 8-14-02  
Our's is an '85 Winne Elandan, and it too did not have any insulation on the dog-house cover. We applied some Evercoat Q-Pads (noise and vibration deadening panels) and it did quiet down some of the noise coming from the dog house, but at speeds of 60 to 65 my wife and I still have to yell at each other to speak over the engine noise just as Rob has mentioned earlier. Looking underneath the truck, I've noticed that the floor and the firewall are sans sound insulation as well and the house/cab carpeting is not padded. But as I've been reading on this forum some of the noise might be attributed to a bad fan clutch, which I am planning to change as soon as I find the time. Hopefully, this will resolve most of the noise issue. If not, time to add some sound insultation to the floorpan and firewall (if it can be done and on a reasonable budget). Will let everyone know how it turns out. Also, am interested in hearing from others who have had this problem and how they might have resolved it.
All the best.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Joe 8-14-02  
Be sure to test your fan before you replace it. Do the cold test first.
Re: 454 cooling fan is so loud! help Robert 8-14-02  
Thanks Joe...that's a 10/4. Now all I have to do is find the time to start wrenching. We're having a bit of a heatwave in the Pacific NW, so we're itching to go out in the RV, regardless of noise level. It will probably be 2 or 3 weeks, after the kids are back in school, before I can devote some serious attention and time to working and prepping for the Fall/weekend travel season. Happy motoring to all.
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