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Check engine light Earl Reinhart 8-5-02  
I have a 2001 Ford Taurus. The check engine light came on and it said it was the EGR valve sensor. Replaced both of the sensors. Now the light comes on and it keeps giving me the codes P0171 and P0174 which telss me it is running too lean in Banks 1 and 2. I replaced all 4 Oxygen sensors and the light still keeps coming on.

I have checked for vacuum leaks and have not found any. I am at my wits end. Have no idea what would cause this. Would appreciate any help I can get.

Thank You
Re: Check engine light Joe 8-5-02  
Sometimes the knock sensor will give you the same problem.
Re: Check engine light Vern 8-6-02  
I have a '98 Olds Regency. The two times that the "Check Engine" light came on the jerks at the "service" station overfilled the crankcase. They put in 5 qt. when it only takes 4 1/2.
The extra oil gets whipped up by the crankshaft which causes the O2 sensor to sense the oil vapors coming through the system.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Re: Check engine light Sam Watson 8-5-02  
Joe, since the third digit--"1", indicates it's an air/fuel code, would a faulty KS or it's circuit cause a "1" code? I'd think the computer would react to both banks of cylinders always being lean by correcting the fuel trim towards the richer side. Is it possible that a MAP or BARO sensor could be sending a false signal without setting a code, and trimming the fuel to lean condition?
Re: Check engine light Joe 8-5-02  
That's very possible, but I'm just going on having so many knock sensors go bad and give the same symptoms. It was just a suggestion and I would be testing components before replacing them.
Re: Check engine light Sam Watson 8-6-02  
AMEN to that, pin-point testing is the ONLY professional way to go!
Re: Check engine light Russel 8-6-02  
This car doesn't use a knock sensor. It doesn't use a map sensor. Fords that have fuel trim codes get a fuel filter, a fuel pressure check and the MAF sensor gets cleaned. Takes care of the lean codes about 98% of the time
Re: Check engine light Joe 8-6-02  
The knock sensor on a 2001 Ford Taurus is on the left side of the engine. Part number is YF1Z12A699AA. But don't go out and buy one until you have it tested first.
Re: Check engine light Sam Watson 8-6-02  
Thanks Russel, with fewer sensors, it would make sense that the Mass Airflow Sensor would have greater input to the engine management system.
Re: Check engine light Sam Watson 8-6-02  
Joe, is that the OHC or OHV engine, or both?
Re: Check engine light Joe 8-7-02  
That number is for the 24 valve OHC. I didn't research the other.
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