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1977 Dodge 440 engine in 25' Motorhome Barry 9-22-12  
Can anyone help? Our Journey motorhome was working wonderfully until 2 nights ago when it failed to start when the ignition key was turned. There was a click but no start. Battery power is all good and battery connections are solid. After several attempts it mysteriously turned over but after parking her the same thing is happening and we need to move her.
Seems like the turn of the ignition key is getting power to the relays but not to the actual starter? Pretty certain the starter is not the problem either just not sure where to look to see if it is a loose or broken connection somewhere.
Re: 1977 Dodge 440 engine in 25' Motorhome BUBBA THE BUS TECH 9-24-12  
Start at the starter solinoid, folow the main cable back from the starter, it will lead you to the starter solinoid. These are realitively bulit proof but do fail and because they are often out of sight get all sorts of corosion on the conections.

On of the things I run into on old units a lot is the neutral safety switch gets tired, try pulling the shifter towards park when starting.
Re: 1977 Dodge 440 engine in 25' Motorhome Barry 9-26-12  
I have tried your suggestions with the gear selector and I suspected the neutral switch to begin with since when we purchased our RV the previous owner did say that occasionally she wouln't start when in Park. I had tried this previously when she initially wouldn't start and had success but in a very unusual way. This time I have had none.
If the switch were completely burnt out how would I know? Would there be a way to bypass it to get her started? Is it easy to replace?
I have not taken another look to try to trace the connections but I had looked and although the relay from the ignition to the battery is corroded it is working since I can hear it clicking when the key is turned. Where might I find the other part you mentioned? I freely admit I am no mechanic but I have fixed previous cars of mine and I am a quick learner. Thank-you so much for your help so far.
Re: 1977 Dodge 440 engine in 25' Motorhome anthony vasquez 9-30-12  
Follow the positive cable leads on of them is going to lead you to the starter solenoid/relay Most likely it is attached to a fender or could even be mounted directly on the starter
Re: 1977 Dodge 440 engine in 25' Motorhome Susan Abbott 3-27-13  
I have a 1977 Dodge 25' Motorhome with 440 engine. The engine is turning ovver but I can't get it to fire. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm at a total loss here.
Re: 1977 Dodge 440 engine in 25' Motorhome Susan Abbott 3-26-13  
I have a 1977 Dodge Chassis and the engine is turning over but I can't get it to fire. Do you have any help? I'm at a total loss as to what to do.
Re: 1977 Dodge 440 engine Motorhome Jay Handsen 5-3-13  
1977 440 motorhome sat for years, put some fuel in,charged the battery and started it up, moved it from the field to a working area about 1/2 mile. So replaced all (hoses = vac, gas, water)gas tank, belts, plugs & wires, cap/rotor coil

PROBLEM: I have great gas to the carb with clean lines, no SPARK at the plugs nor the coil. power to the + side of the coil with (O) on the neg side. using a ground to light tester, checked the five plugin and cleaned both male/female
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