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Voltage regulator '78 dodge 360 chinook 19 ft. brandon 3-29-12  
I'm on the road in CO climbing the hills from 1 ski area to the next. when i got into the parking lot of powderhorn and was slowly looking for a space to chill til morning the engine stalled. tried to restart but it clicked when i turned the switch like the batt was dead. had just bought a battery a week earlier. got a jump and she turned over fine. made it the 30+ miles down the hill to clifton, CO and got the batt and alt checked. seems that the alt is fine, batt is fine. i did replace the post terminals for a tighter fit around the posts on battery. bought new voltage regulator, but the batt. tester at auto zone still said the voltage regulator was faultering. what's up???
also, sometimes when i turn the switch nothing happens unless i tap the steering column w/ my palm. faulty switch???? the starter is new. plugs, dist. cap, hoses...all new. any ideas???? thank u. i'm on the road now heading to shasta, CA. still at least 1K miles to go.
Re: voltage regulator '78 dodge 360 chinook 19 ft. BUBBA THE BUS TECH 3-30-12  
The ignition switch turns the voltage regulator and the alternator on and off also. They are controlled by the accessory side.
I bet your two problems are related.
Replace the ignition switch or repair the melted conector at the switch.
Good Luck
Re: voltage regulator '78 dodge 360 chinook 19 ft. brandon 3-30-12  
Awesome man. thank u. happen to know how to take the steering column off? to get to the switch/connector?
Re: voltage regulator '78 dodge 360 chinook 19 ft. BUBBA THE BUS TECH 4-2-12  
If its the setup I think it is the switch is mounted on the colum below the dash level, the key works it with a conecting rod.
Just get your head under there and it should be partially visible.
I am a big guy so I usually remove the drivers seat for this stuff.
Good luck
Re: voltage regulator '78 dodge 360 chinook 19 ft. brandon 4-30-12  
Thank u, BubbaTBT. got it worked out w/ ur help.

now i think i have a problem w/ the charger for the house battery. it's charging too fast when i am plugged in. 120v connector. i caught the battery boiling and disconnected the terminal wires, but by the time i added water to the cells and was able to plug in again it was too late. the battery won't charge now, even w/ a battery charger set on 2amp trickle charge or 10 amp. so, i will replace the battery, but how do i fix the charging system so it doesn't boil the battery?
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