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1983 Ford 460 Carb KeithL 3-18-10  
My father in law has a 1983 Ford Econoline motor home with a 460 carb on it. He had the vehicle completely tuned up! New distributor, plugs, points, wires 2 new fuel pumps and fitler. Everything a normal RV would need. Now after sitting the RV will start then stall 30-45 seconds later. Now Ive heard several things such as a oil pressure switch and fuel pump relay. Anyone have any takes on it. Im pretty good with cars Im not a expert but I know how to do alot of stuff so any ideas are welcomed cause we are getting alittle tired of it not working. Thanks everyone
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb Dan B 5-14-10  
I have a 1987 Ford 460 with a blown power valve. What is your advice as to fix it or buy a new carb?
Thank you for answering
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb jmerritt 4-18-10  
Sounds like the problem you are having is a dry primary fuel bowl on initial start. Sometimes hard start is due to the power valve leaking the fuel out of the primary fuel bowl down into the intake where it evaporates. You then need to get the fuel bowl filled before the engine will start. What causes the power valve to start leaking is usually it gets ruptured by a backfire through the carb. The only way to fix it is to replace it. Common problem with the Motorcraft (Holley) carb. Also, if the power valve is bad it will cause poor mileage since the engine will run rich.

Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb mace 3-19-10  
Wow! I have the same rv and the same prob'. That relay inline is prob bad but not easy to get pep boys said they should come with new carb. I'm tryin to sell mine.
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb Al Barrs 6-12-10  
I have a similar problem with my 1987 Fleetwood Jamboree 26 ft. Class C on a Ford E-350 chassis with a 460 cu in carburetor gas engine; auto trans.

It takes forever to get the gas primed from the gasoline tank located behind the rear axle to the carb. I have replaced the in-tank electric fuel pump and replaced the inline fuel filter.

Once I do get the gasoline primed up to the carburetor, and the batter is low, it starts quickly and runs great. It looses the gasoline prime after sitting for a while.

Any suggestions regarding the problem and fix? Thanks all!!!

Al Barrs, Retired
Greenwood, FL
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb Billy Moore 6-25-10  
I have a 1988 Jamboree motorhome with a 460. The chassis is actually an 87. Why they call it a 1988 is beyond me. If it were a 1988 chassis I would have no problem. Me problem is that the motor will backfire through the carb. Sometimes I wonder if I will make it to the next light and sometimes it runs beautifully. It seemed to start when I removed the 2 smog pumps, because of my inability to stop the belts from squealing. Is there a way, other than re-installing the pumps, that I can get it to run without backfiring?
Thanks, Billy
Re: 1976 Ford 460 Carb Vince 2-6-14  
I have a 1976 Econoline motor home with a 460 and it needs carb prime for cold start. When it's warmed up starts every time. What could it be? Thanks, Vince
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb norm jones 8-23-11  
I have a 83 motorhome,with 460 and holley carb,it has a very bad drip on the bottum in front. To start it you have to pump it alot,and I do mean alot,and then the drip starts,whats that excellorator pump diaphram shot,how tough is it to remove carb? thanks
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb jesse valadez 12-2-10  
I have a 460 that is runing rich i read that it mite be a carb prob i need a mechanic in southern cal who will not rip me off eny sugjestions
Re: 1983 Ford 460 Carb Benjamin jones 2-28-16  
1983 ford econoline club wagon xl 7.5 v8 gas auto trans duel fuel tanks with separator valve, holly 4barrel double pump carb.
I am having one of these issues just dont know which one or if all connected somehow. They are electrical, spark, gas, air and compression
Original problem was would be driving and get up to 35 and engine started stalling, problem worsened when pressing gas
I repleced the fuel pump and relay and bought two new batteries. Now its Hard to start, when it finally starts idles high for 5-20 seconds than stalls."backfires" spraying gas and sometimes flame through carb
could this be caused because of

What i do now is am getting some gas to carb and engine does start for 20 secs before stalling
Any advice would be great

Any advice would be great
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