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1979 dodge motorhome 440 robert villa 7-19-06  
I have a 1979 dodge motorhome, i am getting no spark, i have already replaced the coil, any ideas ??
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 andy 4-21-18  
Ground out the negative lead on the coil. if that works add a permanent wire to the block.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Michael Rabinowitz 8-3-08  
I have one of those rigs and when this happens its usually the electronic ign module usually orange but not always
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Charly 6-19-08  
I need to find a guild on the bathroom for a 1979 dodge tioga motorhome with a 440. When i flush the toilet, it leaks from under the flusher. It sits to close to the wall for me to be-able to get to the back of it. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Charly
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 leanna 5-31-09  
Can anyone tell me what is the average height of a 79 dodge empress motorhome?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Art 11-17-09  
1979 Avco Motorhome Brake System. The brake light comes on during deaccelleration. Brake pedal gets weak/soft could problem be hydroboost. Where can I find parts or repair diagnosis.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 wendy 1-18-10  
Wondering where to find the engine number on my 79 dodge sportsman motorhome. Also would like to know how much the engine might be worth?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Birdie 1-16-10  
Hi, my name is Birdie, I have 1979 dodge motorhome 440 motor Icant find a dip stick,can u help.Also,cant get the furance to blow for heat.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 George 5-26-08  
Where do you put the brake fluid in on a dodge 440 engine?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 larry 10-21-09  
I need a carb for a 1979 dodge robin-
hood rv w/ 440 eng. california emission
if you have one call me at 661-596-3064
ask 4 larry and we can negotiate price.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 barry davies 9-21-07  
Do you have an electronic ignition module fitted???

Ps i need some wiper arms for my dodge f40 chassis motorhome. i live in the uk
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 James Sorrell 7-29-06  
Hi would you know how to connect a gass-electric water heater up in our 1979 Dadge Bantam motorhome?
We have no instructions when be got the home and our Gass heater sprung a leak and we bought this new one.
Thanks Jim
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 robert villa 7-21-06  
Thanks for the help, would you know where the ballast resistor is located ?? under the hood by the battery or under the dash ? or mounted on the engine ?? i guess a need a chiltons huh?/thanks again for your help.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 mike e 7-19-06  
Does it have the ballast resistor.??Some of the older ones would burn open and kill spark.Don't know what year they stoped using it.Might pick up a Chiltons manual for it and read up on it. Good Luck Mike
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 sandra murphy 8-16-06  
How big of a gas tank on this motorhome i am wondering how much fuel this motor home should take i have this motor home and i would like to know more about it and this is one of my queswtions and would like to know how i could get a manual on it
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 angel valdez 4-9-07  
I need a complete manual for this 1979 dodge motorhome.Especially the electrical schematics.
How can you tell what size of engine it has ?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Birdie 1-23-10  
Looking for a brake master cylinder for a dodge 440 motor in rv
Re: 1980 dodge motorhome 440 jim debney 9-6-07  
Why does my vin number,only have 13
digets? also,does the fuel sending unit have any thing to do with my
gas guage not working?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Nathan McBride 7-22-07  
I just recently purchased a 1979 Dodge Tioga Motorhome. It's got the 440 in it. The previous owner says (and it reads) it has 65k on it. It looks that the miles turn over at 99 but to his knowledge it has not. It's in pretty good shape. I was wondering if there are any tips or any advice anyone could give on these and/or if you know where I could find an old manual. I'm very excited about my new home. Thanks - Nathan
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 bill 10-7-07  
What is the timeing setting.
440 4 barrel 1979 motor home.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 earl 12-28-08  
Where is the temp sensor on a dodge 440
Re: 1979 dodge corvair motorhome 440 sue 5-9-15  
The steering box went on my friends 1979 dodge corvair motorhome we cant seem to find a part number to order the part. I've even searched sale ads. The dealership say their books don't do back that far. Also parts stores need to know what size the chassis is but only info I can find is from 1968 to 1978 dodge used the M series but I'm no expert so not sure if this is correct or where else to search.
Re: 1971 Chrysler winnebago 440 Albert Lauria 1-4-14  
Winnebago hasnt been driven for six months so I put gas replaced things A.D. it don't stay on
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Vernon Lawrence 11-18-13  
Where does the second battery located
ina 1978 360 tioga 18ft. it has a protector for two batterys

is the an inverter in it.a warning low voltage alarm would be nice for cold climate to prevent the batteries from going down,
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 360 Vernon Lawrence 11-18-13  
I could use a wiring diagram for the rv. it shows that two batteries are used and wires head back from the protector. I have no idea where they go or where to mount a battery
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Ricardo 5-20-15  
Wanted to know what fluid does a transmission take him where the dipsticks are located
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Amanda 5-24-10  
The over head air conditioning unit constantly leaks condensation on the inside of the RV what type of freon does this take and what causes this?
Re: 1976 dodge motorhome 440 Tony C 10-24-17  
Need a manual for a 1976 Dodge brougham model f40
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Bonnie 5-31-17  
I have a 1979 Dodge RV with a 440 engine and a 727 trans -- I am looking for the replacement part # or a place where I can get a YOKE coming out of the transmission
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Darren 9-3-16  
Need a ratiator. How do I find one. Or what do I say to autozone when i ask them. They have no glue when I say it a RV
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 ac unit doesn't work help Jeni 4-10-13  
Our a/c stopped working suddenly. We have a Duo Therm Standard Model 54808 (I believe), can anyone help with this problem.
We have tried all the breakers and need to know more.
Also we have a second a/c that runs on the generator (pulse air). Would like to be able to use this one more often. Any suggestions.
Thanks for any info.
Re: 1980 dodgeSportsman Lazy Daz motorhome 440 Nannette 7-12-15  
Where do I find the fuel filter so I can change it. Iam stranded in NM I think I found the new right one but I don't know where it is to change it Thnak you so much Help!
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 chris 8-24-10  
I have the vin # the model # the serial # Its a 1979 dodge winnebago minnie 21ft,I need to know what type of engine is in it and I need a windshield wiper motor,
please help
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Chelsea 7-15-10  
Wher is the best place to get cheap tires for a 1979 dodge 440 motorhome?
Re: 1979 cobra rv Tyrone Benson 8-17-12  
I have a 1979 Cobra RV with a Dodge Chassis that I need a Drivers side windshield for it. Any help where I could purchase this would be appreciated.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 ric 6-3-10  
Truck will not go into reverse. could it be the linkage.
Re: 1978 dodge motorhome 440 Christy 2-15-11  
Anyone interested in buying ours? Snohomish Washington
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 bobby kirchner 3-30-11  
Looking for parts had under hood fire.
Wire loom and engine parts.carb coil air con parts.need help.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Mike 9-16-11  
Need help I need to replace the exhaust manifold, anyone can help to locate one, please,
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 CARL 9-9-11  
I am trying to locate the temp sending unit on the 440 engine. Will you tell me the location of the sender unit?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Stoney Lance 1-18-12  
I am looking for replacement tail light assemblies. Flexo-Lite 910-950 if anyone can help that would nice. They are for a 1980 dodge Motorhome.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 steve 9-9-10  
I need a manual
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Norbert 5-22-08  
I have the manual and electrical schematics on a 1979 dodge vogue 29┬┤motorhome. I am looking for the specs on the 440 engine and the dimensions of the body. Lets talk. regards, Norbert
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 rachel 7-30-07  
I also recently acquired a Tioga...with the 440 (1976). There is a Haynes manual still available for the van itself but I have had no luck tracking down schematics of the RV itself (water lines, electrical and the like). Any ideas?? The van was modified by Tioga when it was new...
Re: 1980 dodge motorhome 440 Bill Sutherland 9-26-10  
Require info on 1980 Dodge motorhome gas gauge
Re: 1980 dodge motorhome 440 Ken Washington 9-15-10  
If you find the answers to your questions, please forward them to me. I am having the same problem. Do you know what date your chassis was manufactured? I am also trying to find that out also. Thanks for your help, if you can
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Lindy 6-15-11  
Replaced starter still wont start,ignition is working, what should I be checking out between the ignition switch to the starter ?
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 James 10-2-17  
Need manual 652xxn
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 john conley 3-16-14  
What is the blue book value for a 1979 dodge motorhome 440
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 pearcy 7-15-08  
You put the brake fluid in the master cylinder.its on the frame to the right of the drivers front wheel maybe has a splash guard around it
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 mark 1-27-13  
My friend's RV has brake issues. After replacing the hydroboost, the cylinder compressed, but will not decompress. It is now stuck in this position.
Any good ideas at making this a functional cylinder once again?
And "yes", we used power steering fluid for the hydroboost.
thank you
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 doug 2-23-11  
I just bought all 6 tires for $1050. they are kelly safari-trex. i chose these because they have an aggresive tread which is good for going off road. i got them at tire pros in pomona, ca. just make sure you do your research. good luck.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 manual pat 1-27-12  
I use Haynes Manual 30065
Dodge & Plymouth vans 1971 thru 2003.
this manual is still in print. all motors.
the motorhome 440 is NOT the same as other
440s. being heavier construction &different length plugs. the 1978 440
was the first with california smog and
electronic distributor.
the 1978 Dodge truck 440 is close enough
if you have that manual
also check chrysler new yorker 383-440
is helpful for vacuum diagrams etc.
as far as electrical systems I use a
generic diagram called RV electrical
system layout. a good tester many times
the 12v grounds lose connection.
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 don 6-25-11  
Need a repair manual for a 1979 Dodge M-300 (1979 Executive with 440 dodge Motor)
Re: 1979 dodge motorhome 440 Steve 7-4-11  
If you have trouble with your 440, and it has a thermoquad, Listen up. If you bog down or go through a series of lunges when trying to take off, its the spring that raises the metering rod tree gone bad. They get weak and can't overcome the sudden loss of vacuume when you give it gas, it bogs, takes off again, and then repeats itself. I just replaced mine with a stronger spring I had in my garage and it works great now. No more off idle bog, hesitation, or lurching. Whew...
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