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P30 electric fuel pump John Ogletree 4-27-03  
I have a 1986 Rockwood Bayport Cl A, 27', on a 1985 Chevy P30 1 ton chassis. For some time I have had a problem that shows up after having driven for awhile, usually when climbing a hill. Pressing down on the accelerator seems to have a negative effect on acceleration. It just seems to bog down as if it hates gas. I suspect an imoperative electric fuel pump. Along the right side of the tank is a cable connection with 3 wires. It appears to go to the top of the tank. Would this be for the fuel sender and the pump? I'm thinking one wire for a common ground and the other two for power to the sender and pump. All ideas welcome.
Re: P30 Chevy 454 fuel filter Location rich hatcher 1-11-08  
Is there more than one & where are they located?

Re: P30 electric fuel pump Joe 4-27-03  
You probably have a pump inside the tank, but first make sure there isn't one along the frame somewhere. If the pump is bad or going bad, it will give you a problem like you described. The best test is to do a fuel pressure test on it.
Re: P30 electric fuel pump Sam Watson 4-28-03  
If there are three wires going to the single tank, then there is most likely an electrical pump there. GM did this to help eliminate vapor lock.Used in conjunction with this set up was often a fuel "bleed off and return line". This was incorporated in the in-line fuel filter and was just an extra connection with a small orifice in it, and a seperate, small line that returned that small volumne of fuel to the tank. Also used in conjunction with that electric pump was a safety device to cut current to the pump in case of an accident where the fuel lines might be pulled apart. If I remember correctly, it is a set of points inside the oil pressure sending unit, look at your sending unit to see how many wires are connected to it, it may be that your electric pump isn't operating. Come back with what you find. You did check the filter just back of the carburetor fuel inlet?
Re: P30 electric fuel pump Jerry 12-15-05  
I had the same problem especially going up hills, especially long hills. Pulled into a Chev dealer who also has a RV service department.
The mechanic listened to my problem, got a creeper and removed the fuel filter located near the rear axel.

He replaced it and problem solved. That was 2 years ago!
Re: P30 electric fuel pump John Ogletree 4-28-03  
Thanks Joe. How do I do the fuel pressure test? What will be the indication of success or failure?
Re: P30 electric fuel pump John Ogletree 4-28-03  
Thanks Sam. I have not checked the oil pressure sending unit wires but the wiring diagram for the electric fuel pump (in a bunch of pages that came with the motor home) does show that it takes oil pressure before the pump can run. I have checked the little filter in the carb. and it seemed clean. I've recently read advice to remove it and replace with an external inline filter. BTW, the filter along the frame was replaced and the old one did not show much restriction. This do it yourselfer can't figure out how to drop the tank without a hoist. Any idea about that?
Re: P30 electric fuel pump Sam Watson 4-29-03  
Dropping the tank would be the LAST thing to do. First thing is to determine if the intank pump is kaput. Do this by determining the power path to the pump, then undo the fuel line at the frame mounted filter, provide a suitable container to direct fuel discharge from it into, power up the pump with jumper wires for 30 seconds or so and check the volume of gas put out by the pump. If memory serves me right, the electric pump is only a transfer pump with low pressure output, the mechanical pump on the engine provides the "lift" and pressure to the carb.
Re: P30 electric fuel pump Harvey Wright 5-5-03  
We have an 89 Itasca on a P-30,7.4L. Had similar problems some time ago,tried all the easy things,finally bit the bullet and removed the tank,no small job.Used a couple of small jacks and a dolly with 4 casters,worked on a sheet of plywood.Found that the strainer sock on bottom of electric pump was plugged and sucked tight to the intake,only leaving a dime sized passage for fuel.Got new pump and strainer for around $80. Can. froma jobberand have had no trouble with that since.Also had the pressure regulator near the gas tank spring a leak in the diaphragm,was able to repair without removing it.Holly makes a kit.
Re: P30 electric fuel pump Chad 6-9-03  
You need to check the fuel pump relay on the fire wall above the ac compressor.The rear fuel pump will turn on for about 4 seconds to fill the float bowl.Once the engine is started the oil pressure switch picks up the power for the pump.I you need a GM part # let me Know
Re: P30 Chevy 454 fuel filter Location william Hargett 4-28-15  
I need to find where my fuel filter is.
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