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Electronic ignition Dick 3-17-03  
No fire at plugs have checked ecu ok 12 volts at no.1 pin 277 ohms resistaance between pins 4 and 5. 1.6 ohms on ballast resistor still no fire at plugs can anyone suggest something ecu is brand new
Re: electronic ignition Beto 8-21-04  
I have 1981 dodge ram d-150 and I want fix ECU. Somebody where get diagram electronic circuit for fix? I´m technical but I don´t found it. Tnks for all. Beto
Re: electronic ignition JR 3-17-03  
Describe what you are working on. And describe recent repairs to unit. Ballast resistors sound like Mopars.
Re: electronic ignition JR 3-18-03  
Some othe ideas...make sure the amplifier (ECU) has proper ground. Make sure the amplifier is the correct unit for your application and tht it is not faulty?? Check for corrosion in wire connectors.
Re: electronic ignition Dick 3-17-03  
It is a 360 dodge 1975 no recent repairs it just decided not to have spark at the plugs I guess the ecu tested bad but new one did not help
Re: electronic ignition JR 3-17-03  
On those engines you have 3 electronic components in the ignition system. The amplifier, which you just replaced, the ballast, which is easy to test (yours is OK?) and the distributor module. You need to check the coil, coil wire, rotor button, and of course the dist module. These parts are cheap, and if it belonged to me I would replace any part that was questionable. Rotor buttons and dist caps, wires, spark plugs should all be good quality and new. Only a few things stop all the fire. Is the dist turning when you crank the engine? Does the the coil have 6-12V when key switch is in "start" position? If not, starter solenoid or key switch could cause problem. If you have voltage to the ignition system when cranking, check for high tension spark at coil. Pull the coil wire out of the center of dist and prop it near a ground. 1/8" spark is OK. If no spark, you may have a bad dist module, or broken module wire. Check the wiring between the dist and the amplifier. If you have spark, you have bad rotor button...probably.
Make sure the dist shaft is turning. If not, forget everything mentioned above. A broken cam chain or dist drive gear will cause the dist to fail to turn. The engine will sound different when turned over with broken cam chain. This'll get you started. Got a service manual? It will help. JR
Re: electronic ignition Sam Watson 3-18-03  
Sound advice! Start with the basics, that is, is the rotor turning when engine is cranking? If so, do this: remove both primary wires from the coil and pull out the secondary wire from the coil tower. Next, take one of your plug wires and a spark plug. Attach the plug wire to the spark plug and lay it on a good ground, making sure that the terminal of the wire isn't touching ground. Insert the other end of the wire in the coil tower. Take a piece of wire and connect it between the battery + post and the coil + terminal. Take another piece of wire and connect it to the coil - terminal. Strip the other end of this wire back a 1/2" or so and splay the strands out. Now, while watching the spark plug, scratch the splayed end of the wire across a good ground, you should get a shower of sparks at the plug, if you don't, the coil is shot, replace it. If coil tests ok, then remove the wire from the battery and the coil + terminal and reattach the vehile's wire to the coil plus terminal. Turn on the key and do the scratch test again. No sparking means the ignition switch circuit, including the 1/2 ohm side of the ballast resister is no good, repair as needed. If you get sparking, then pop off the distributor cap, roll the engine over until the rotor tip aligns with a plug wire terminal and put the cap back on. Remove the plug wire from the coil tower and plug it into the cap terminal that the rotor aligns with. Put the coil secondary wire back in the coil tower and distributor cap, turn on the key and do the scratch test again. If you don't get any spark, then it is either the cap, the rotor, or the coil wire, replace as needed. If you do get spark, then remove the distr. cap, roll the engine over until there isn't a relucter arm in front of the pickup coil pole piece. Put the plug wire with the spark plug back into the coil tower, turn the key on, take a small metal blade such as a small screwdriver, and check for magnetism at the pickup coil pole piece. If you dont feel any magnetism, then unplug the connector and check for voltage, one of the wires going to the pickup coil should have voltage, the other should indicate ground, test by connecting your volt meter across them.If you get a voltage reading across them, then the pickup coil is no good, replace it. If you don't get a voltage reading, check the wiring between the pickup coil and the ECU, repair as needed. If the coil and wiring check out OK, then with the key on, move the metal blade back and forth close to the pickup coil pole piece, you should get a series of sparks at the sparkplug, if you don't, check the power to the ECU. With the key on, you should get the same voltage at pin #1, (the center of the group of three) as you do at the coil + terminal. Voltage at terminal #3 will be about the same. Remember to turn the key off when you plug in or unplug any wiring connected to the ECU. Let us know what you find.
Re: electronic ignition Sam Watson 3-18-03  
Correction! Test the pickup coil with an ohmmeter at pin numbers 4 and 5. You shold get a reading of between 150 to 900 ohms. Check at the connector near the distributor if you get a bad reading at the ECU plug, replace or repair as needed.
Re: electronic ignition Eric 7-8-03  
Hi Iam Eric

I wonder,can you help me? I have Jacobs ignition module and Jacob ignition coil, The module was broke, and I can not drive my car for a while, can you help me?, where do I can find the diagram and start to fix it.

Thank. regards

Re: electronic ignition Art Woelfer 8-17-03  
I have a 1991 ecoline van r.v. ford e-100-350-v8 I accidently put battery cable wires on backwards causing it not to turn the engine over.I put a new battery in It. I checked the ground wire.I checked the fuses. It will crank over but not start when I touch the pos. and negative on the voltage regulator. If you can help me from that point on, I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you from MISSOURI.
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