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Multiple RV questions Jeffrey R. Purtell 10-1-15  
I have a 1996 Newmar Mountainaire on a Ford F-53 chassis which has a 460 FI motor, (purchased new). I'm totally confused with the electrical system. Here's some questions:

1. The house batteries are removed and the shoreline is not hooked up. Are all the interior electrical components now supposed to operate off the engine battery? (They do).

2. Hooking up the shoreline, all the electrical components work, (although, I am having problems with the refrigerator which seems to have intermittent power). However, since the unit is hooked up at my home, it's only operating off a 20 amp circuit. If I run too many lights, the circuit breaks, (obviously, because I may be drawing too many amps from the lights). However, turning the lights off, and, resetting the residential GFCI, doesn't allow the shoreline power to work again. Is there some kind of relay within the system which needs to cool down before the power will function again?

3. Are there any instructional videos which show how to R & R a water pump on an RV?

4. Are there any good instructional videos on repairing a rubber roof?

5. I will be replacing the roof with EPDM vs rubber. Anyone have any hints for me?

6. I don't have any power to the refrigerator at the refrigerator panel, however, I've got power to everything in the back of the refrigerator. There aren't any broken, or, disconnected lines. Any ideas?

I'm disenchanted with taking my RV to a dealer because every one I've been to has tried to screw me. The roof A/C didn't work so the dealer quoted me a ridiculous price. Turns out it was a FUSE. We can probably all share such horror stories, so, can anyone recommend a qualified RV mechanic in the Rockford/Marengo, Illinois area, (not a dealer)?


Jeffrey R
Re: Multiple RV questions BUBBA THE BUS TECH 10-2-15  
1st There is an overide switch connecting the start battery to the RV mayde internal boost or the key is in the engine run position or the previous owner mucked about with the wiring. OR You are plugged into shore power

2 Shore power: I think you have a problem with your converter / 12volt system. 1st it needs a battery in the House battery position to work correctly. If the converter is run with out a battery it will damage itself over time.
Tripping the shore power GFI on the house means you are likely making hot water on shore power, running fridge on shore power not LP Gas. And half a dozen additional things that over load the system. Water heater on Propane will fix it.
As to it wont light back up when reset, It may trip instantlly and yes the breaker needs to cool for a few minutes before it will reset.

3. I would be suprised if there is a RV plumbing Pump video as this is so simple. Two automotive style crimp conectors, three or four wood screws, two quick conect or threaded plumbing fittings. As long as you can find it you can change it, and finding the water pump can be the hard part. If you are Talking about engine cooling system water pump, diferent deal, thats a Ford problem. (AND A REAL PAIN ON YOUR CHASSIS)

4 and 5 For the sake of clarity EPDM is Rubber Roofing material. Yes I know there are diferences. Our shop used whatever Dicor Brand product is current.

6 If it is a Dometic Fridge and should have had the recall completed if its been in a repair shop, Your fridge is controled by 12 volt power. In the 12 volt supply wiring there is a little limit switch on the chimney. Try reseting it, it has little button in the middle. From there the power goes to a single use inline temp switch. They are a little delicate and we have seen several failures, suposed to be red and tied in the wiring behind or beside the burner housing. From there the power runs the fridge.

As to finding a qualified RV mechanic ask your around the RV community in your area is my best advice. Its still is the best way to find a reliable person.

Good Luck
Re: Multiple RV questions Jeffrey R 10-2-15  
WOW! Bubba, thanks so very much again for coming to my assistance!

I am the original owner of this unit so, everything is still all original in my unit which has 66K miles on it.

I didn't realize the house batteries needed to be installed in order for the electric system to function properly; I will put them in right now and retry.

Yes, I was speaking of the engine water pump. We're dismantling the radiator as I write this. Actually, it's not as bad as we thought. Ironically things are going well on this part of the project.

Next, we move to replacing the electric fuel pump which I have had no issues with. We're replacing it with a Walbro unit.

Again, I appreciate all your assistance. Is there a way I may repay you?

Jeffrey R
Re: Multiple RV questions Keith 10-4-15  
Hi Jeffery, take a look at There are many RV tasks (actually about any task on anything) that has a video to help you out. Even your EPDM roof replacement. Just do a search on the yioutube search block on the subject and away you go! Good luck
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