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HELP! 7" fayette electric brake replacemet parts Rob, 1980 21ft hi-lo 6-4-06  
I have 7" 1-1/2" fayette brakes on my 21 ft 1980 hi-lo. I've looked at replacing with Dexter's, but the dexters seem to be thinner shoes (7" 1-1/4") and the outer bearing ID size differs (inner = 1-1/16" is same, outer is smaller - 3/4"). Has anyone successfully converted fayette brakes over to Dexter/other without having to replace the axels/etc. If so, what parts? Also, do you have to have the hubs turned when replacing shoes?

Thanks for any assistance.

Wichita, ks
Re: HELP! 7 Frihoff Allen 5-22-08  
I am looking for a left handed lug bolt for my great divide trailer. Can you help me with this?

Thank you
Frihoff Allen
Re: HELP! 7 dave in gainesville fl 2-8-08  
I have four fayette camper wheels, 15 inch, including all the original brake DRUMS, lug bolts, axles, springs, hangers, etc. reply through this forum or (probably better) you can e-mail at

machines at cox dot net

if thru e-mail be SURE your subject header contains fayette wheel in it, or fayette something, at least...

pix of all this already online, will provide you a link...


dave in gainesville FL
Re: HELP! 7 DAN 7-12-06  
Re: HELP! 7 Gary 9-2-15  
Hello, I have an old trailer frame with a half leaf spring looking suspension. Kind of looks like a torsion-leaf hybrid. Any idea what it is? Has the star type wheels. Thanks
Re: HELP! 7 Tom walls 8-7-07  
I read your message about the fayette
7x1 1/2 brakes. Did you end up using the dexter 1x 1/4 shoes or did you replace every thing with a new assembly ?
Re: HELP! 7 Mechanic 8-23-08  
As far as I knoe Fayette never made a 7" electric brake. Their brake was 7-1/4". The only solution I have fund is to have the old shoes relines or to find a Coleman Trailer dealer that has old Fayette stock.
Re: HELP! 7 William Grissom 7-12-09  
Update. After several years trying to fix my Fayette 7.25" brakes I succeeded and found useful info to share. I finally found 2 magnets at R.V. Doctor George (916-927-7837). I got the Kelsey TrailerPak 118 (LH, replaces KH 79997) and 119 (RH, replaces KH 79996), $20 ea. The instructions state for Kelsey Hayes, Dexter, Fayette, and Foreman 7.25" electric brakes. No date, but packages were old and dusty. I think he found one more upstairs. They have much surplus old stock.

I copied an old brake catalog from Yerby Brake Supply (since retired) that show the optimal magnets as KH TrailerPak 121 (LH & RH, Fayette PN 60-050114), also Fayette PN 1103-100-011. He couldn't get but did re-line my shoes and found seals.

The TrailerPak 118 & 119 kits include the spring, but not the push-cap nut (has circlip for KH). I bought a bag from McMaster-Carr (PN 94803A029, 0.25"ID), plus push retainers for the top shoe post (94807A032, 7/16"ID). e-mail me and I can sell extras. The wires are too thick for the plastic feed-thru, so I used a larger plastic grommet.

Allied Trailer suggested another approach. For $50, a Dexter 7.25" assembly should bolt to my axle. The shoes are 1.25" W but should work with my Fayette drum. Indeed, Dexter's shoes alone might work. If your drum is bad, it gets harder since Dexter's uses different bearings (inner and outer both 1-1/16"ID). Perhaps you could find bearings to work with the Fayette spindle. Otherwise, weld in a new spindle or replace entire axle (expensive).
This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account. BoiniBluell 1-23-10  
This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.
Re: HELP! 7 Dave G 11-17-08  
My trailer (1974 Apache) has Fayette 7-1/4" x 1-1/2" brake shoes. I am unable to locate replacement shoes or magnets for it. Any inexpensive suggestions?
Re: HELP! 7 William Grissom 7-11-09  
I have a 1979 Hi-Lo 2179 with 4 Fayette electic brakes 7.25"x1.5". I couldn't find parts and the cost to replace brakes, drums, and maybe axles is high. I had the shoes re-lined. One brake magnet was bad, worn thru to the wire. I rewound w/ magnet wire (Master-Carr). Don't know the original potting compound. I used stiff epoxy you knead (250F). If that fails I may try silicone rubber (700F). If anyone knows where to buy magnets, let us know.
Re: HELP! 7 dave in gainesville FL 4-22-09  
Have the brake magnets (inside the 10x2 drums), have all ten of the reverse-threaded lugbolts, and all ten of the right-hand threaded ones as well, have my three fayette wheels-related movies posted on youtube (including 'technical aspects' part), have giant site for fayette 15X6LB TDOT camper wheels posted, including drawings with precise dimensions, have fayette-dayton axles site posted. have same e-mail address as in paragraph 2 of my 2-8-08 post above, or try a google search. have a good day. thanks

Re: HELP! 7 fred 4-10-09  
Looking for the magnets for fayette ten inch brake system
Re: HELP! 7 Ray D 5-16-09  
I have a 1976 Viking that has 7 1/4 x 1 1/2 Fayette brakes has anyone had any luck finding magnets and shoes?
Re: HELP! 7 dave in gainesville fl 8-21-09  

all four fayette wheels have been sold.


I still have (and am offering) the entire dayton fayette axle assemblies, complete drum to drum, with brakes, springs, shackles, etc. I've sold the eight LEFT-hand threaded lugbolts from the dual axles set, though. but the fayette dual-axle set (pictured online) is otherwise 100% complete.

guys needing to cure any sort of "fayette left-hand threaded lug bolt problem" MIGHT want to consider simply buying one of my fayette right-hand threaded drums, complete (or without, however suits you best) its' lug bolts, with which you can readily and -quickly- cure whatever type fayette bolt problem you have now...without having to spend a half-century searching for the correct left-hand threaded lug bolts.

procedure outlined above should work out just fine, seeing as right-hand threaded lugbolts are used on all FOUR corners of 99.99999% of motor vehicles (and trailers) worldwide. however, if you're 'double-anal' and worried about it, just paint a tiny dot on the side of each lugbolt wrench-flat, and a mating mark near each lugbolt -on- the rim, so "you can keep an eye on it" easily

meanwhile, all three of my dayton-fayette wheel movies are still online at youtube. my dayton fayette wheels site is still online @ freehostia, with all the wheel technical drawings, lugbolt hole spacing/dimensions, etc


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