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P30 auto park brake problems Myron Shipley 5-18-06  
I have a 1997 Itasca on a 1996 Chevrolet chasis. Twice the auto brake failed. The first time about a year ago. It would not release. The tow truck driver found a blown 10A fuse under the dash. After replacing, the auto-park worked fine. The second time the auto brake engaged at highway speed and shelled the brake pads off the shoes. Again I found that same 10A fuse blown. After replacing the fuse, the brake mechanism was working but with all the damage to the brake shoes I still didn't a parking brake nor auto park. I have replaced the brake shoes and everything seems to be working correctly for the time being. This 10A fuse is not identified as to what it is protecting. It is in what appears to be and-on as it is housed in a add-on fuse block attached to the factory fuse block. I have owned the motorhome since it was new so I am sure it's been there since the motorhome was built. I would be very interested to find what this fuse controls so I could remedy the problem. Could you help? Thank you.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems dean fortier 7-19-09  
Dear rich read your message,the p-30 trams in my motorhome won't hold inforward position,but holds in can hear it release.emergency brake doesn't hold either. whats the cure can you help me out? thanks dean 678-677-3371
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jean Kramer 7-22-09  
Just beginning to have "auto park" light staying on. Have read all the problems owners are having.
Am scheduled to check it what do I tell the Service Manager?
Help!! Thank you
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Gabe 7-27-09  
Please help me find a part number for the auto park brake shoes. I have 2002 Itasca Sinova 30ft. Can these brakes be adjusted after failure with pressure switch and driving for several hundred miles with park break engaged.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems David Cochran 4-29-09  
We just purchased a 1994 allegro bay 34 ft on a P30 chassis and need to get a schematic for the entire electrical system. Also I would like any info on the auto brake problems and how to fix them. I did notice that when I put the rv in park it does not hold the rv. I have to set the emergency brake. Is this normal? If not what do I do to fix it?

Re: P30 front brakes not releasing completely bill 8-18-09  
I have a 1994 georgia boy 34' 454 chevy.i put new calipers and pads on front,also new flex line to front calipers.brakes still will not release completely.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jim Schumaker 4-14-09  
I need to replace the break pads on the drive shift the autopark engaged when I was driving. Is there a Manual or write on this subject
RE: RV Brake Problem Roland Townsend 2-10-09  
I have a 1999 Allegro with a Chevy workhorse chassis. My brakes have completely gone out before as I was driving. Luckily I was able to just coast until my unit stopped. After sitting there for an hour, I had brakes again. On another occasion as I was driving my unit, I smelled something burning. We had to be towed to the nearest shop and they replaced the front left brake caliper that had burned up.
My emergency brake has also locked up several times. Can anyone help me with my brake problem?
2001 Fleetwood Flair parking brake problem Kate 3-17-09  
The parking brake on the steering collumn and the yellow pull button has stopped working. I got underneath and found the pump reservoir and it looks like its leaking but I can't tell from where.

I've read the posts about the fuse...? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's a real pain to stop for gas alone on a slope!!!!!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Don Adams 4-1-09  
I have a 1999 Sountwind on a '98 Chevrolet P-chassis, and the fuse you refer to is the one controlling the auot-apply parking brake. I have the same problem, but fuses blow every time my shift lever hits park. The CAM-actuated switch about half-way up the steering column on the left side is the culprit. I have a Chev. diagram (from manual) that shows two points to "attach CAM switch bypass".
What I cannot find out is whether this is a hard-wire shunt, or whether it is an aftermarket switch to be wired in and mounted on the dash. At any rate, I will have to go around that CAM switch. Sounds like it is your problem too.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Walter Barron 8-28-09  
Our 98 Brave auto park brake is locked up. We Backed into our driveway late Weds night and went to move in Thurs morning and the brake is locked up and it will not move. We didnot even engage the parking brake as our driveway is level.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Eaglestorms 9-25-09  
We have a '94 Pace Arrow GMP30. I experienced a lose of pwr Strg fluid and loss of pwr strg and then the pwr brakes. I can't find a leak, but the p/s Resevoir did overflow. When in park, I have pwr steering and brakes. But when I put it in drive, I loose all boost to both. Could I have a vacuum leak? The brake light goes out if I rev the engine in park, but won't go out if I put it in drive.
Thanks for any help.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems patrick 6-11-10  
Where do you add hydro fluid to the 1993 pace arrow p30 parking brake if it is low or how do you check it as well to see if it is low... any help? thank pat
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Kyle R. Morris 7-24-10  
I've read every entry on this site and I'm amazed that so many of us have had this problem (dating back to 2006!)
I have a 1995 Itasca Suncruiser. It's been in the shop three times already (this is # 4 ) with the following problem:

The parking brake will not disengage (light on)
I have NO power steering or brakes
when I shift from Park to Drive or Reverse, the RV WILL move....just not turn or STOP.
When I return the transmission to PARK and shut the motor off POWER STEERING ( Hydro. fluid ) POURS out of the overflow tube on the top of the canister.
The only solution my shop has found is to bleed the entire system of air and re-fill the Hydro fluid. It's almost like I have an air leak somewhere that allows air into the line and will not allow the fluid to
flow through the lines. Does this sound reasonable to anyone...and is there a better solution to it? This is getting costly!!!! Thanks in advance!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Kyle R. Morris 7-24-10  
I've read every entry on this site and I'm amazed that so many of us have had this problem (dating back to 2006!)
I have a 1995 Itasca Suncruiser. It's been in the shop three times already (this is # 4 ) with the following problem:

The parking brake will not disengage (light on)
I have NO power steering or brakes
when I shift from Park to Drive or Reverse, the RV WILL move....just not turn or STOP.
When I return the transmission to PARK and shut the motor off POWER STEERING ( Hydro. fluid ) POURS out of the overflow tube on the top of the canister.
The only solution my shop has found is to bleed the entire system of air and re-fill the Hydro fluid. It's almost like I have an air leak somewhere that allows air into the line and will not allow the fluid to
flow through the lines. Does this sound reasonable to anyone...and is there a better solution to it? This is getting costly!!!! Thanks in advance!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Joe Kes 10-10-10  
Auto park light stays on.
Cannot use dash park
must stop on leval or rolls
smelled brake pad
Re: P30 auto park brake problems don quehl 5-14-10  
Travel on my auto brake must be to far i lose power steering fluid out over flow i have adjusted the brake shoes with lever unhooked at relay had to start vehicle and put in neutral to hook lever back up now how do i adjust from here
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Gary 2-5-10  
I have a 1993 Winnebago Adventurer. Put into drive one day and had no power steering and no brakes. Put into park and problem resolved; put back into drive-same thing.

I replaced power steering pump, replaced hydroboost-did not fix the problem. I unhooked the auto parking brake, and brakes returned but pedal was very low. Power steering returned, but with a whining noise.

Can you help?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Rudy Walz 2-10-09  
Where can I find the repleys to all the complants?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Tom Cambria 11-3-09  
1992 Airstream 34' Class A - The emergency brake hasn't worked in several years. The auto-park brake suddenly stopped holding. I have been under the vehicle (with the wheels chocked) and I've watched the hydraulic system actuate when the shift lever is moved to park. I haven't been able to determine whether a cable is damaged or there is something wrong under the brake drum. I am unable to remove the nuts securing the drive shaft yoke to the brake drum because it appears that they're on bolts (which turn) rather than to studs. Obviously, I haven't figured out a way to hold the bolts (which are inside the brake drum.) I would appreciate any info which would help me solve this problem
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jim 12-16-09  
Chevrolet P-30 frame with the slide-out, model 235. The question I have is, after driving it 1400 miles in three days; last day 400 miles in 80 degree weather. I pulled into the RV park and had to put it in reverse to back into my site. The engine sounded like it had a load on it, but it didn't move backwards. I gave it more gas and still it didn't move, though the motor sounded like it was trying hard, sounded kind of like the emergency brake was on, but it was not on. I shifted it to park then to drive and it would go forward, but not reverse. I shifted it to 1st then to reverse several times and still it wouldn't move in reverse, only forward. I did apply the emergency brake to see if it some how came ON by itself and released it two times, by the way I had not used the emergency brake for months prior to this. I then shifted it into reverse again and it did move into reverse, and the motor did not seem to be loaded as before. I parked it and have not tried it since. In one of the issues of FMCA I read about a relay that controls the donut brake (emergency brake) on the driveshaft. They suggested to replace a relay to correct that problem, which I don't remember what that was, or where the relay was located. Could You help me trouble shoot this problem PLEASE, and also locate the position of that relay on my rig for future reference. Thank You So much in advance. Jim
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Paula 8-28-09  
After reading all of the comments and e-mails regarding the park brake assembly problems, it is obvious that this problems spans several years and various models. I too have had trouble with the system. I learned that there is no parking gear in the transmission on this size vehicle. The cog would not hold the weight and would break, so the "park" is totally dependant on this brake assembly. The whole system is connected by vacuum lines and hydraulcs including the power steering pump and powerbrakes. When applied, the brake drum on the transmission locks the drive shaft and you are NOT moving. This is definitly a situation that should be addressed by the manufacturer. My mechanic has also hit a dead end with trying to obtain information from Chevy/Gm. We are not talking about just a light that won't go off here. This is a braking system that either locks when it's not supposed to or does not engage when it should. This is a very dangerous situation. You are not going to stop 16,000 lbs. when it starts rolling. Will someone please give us the information we need to bypass and/or correct this problem that so many of us RVers seem to be having?
Thanks, Paula
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Mike O'Brien 1-24-09  
I'm an RV tech in liberty lake WA. having problems with bleeding the powersteering system on a 91 P30 chassis. This coach has the steering/ brake/ auto park all run from the power steering pump in a closed loop. Changed the pump before I realiozed that I was dealing with the nightmare system that I know better than to mess with. Coach is sold and im trying to figure out how to bleed out the sys. Resivoir pukes out fluid, at initial start-up steering and brakes work fine, as soon as you roll about 5 feet I lose all power assist. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Thanks, Mike O'Brien
Freedom RV and Marine, Liberty Lake WA
Re: P30 auto park brake problems rich 7-16-07  
If anyone has questions about Auto-Park system---just ask
Winnebego Adventure P30 auto park brake stuck Jeff 8-8-07  
Hi I'm stuck in West Yellowston. The hydrolic fluid leaked out of the auto park engager. It is undernieth the RV just back past the trnsmission in the center. You will see a hydrolic cable looks like a black pipe going back that way. The little tank for the fluid holds less than a quart it's in the back of the metal holder protector peice. Put hydrolic fluid in there not brake fluid you should start going. The dany auto park light still stays on what a joke. That pisses me off having the brake automatically come on and off with the engine and putting it in park. I want to change it to manual and just disable the auto park system and make it only come on when I pull the parking brake and go off when I turn it off vs. being tied to some automatic system that sucks. I feel better hope that helps you I just paid 110.00 for some mechanic to bring me a quart of hydolic fluid fro the shop you can buy them for around $5.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Charlie 2-8-08  
I have a 1997 Holiday Rambler 32 foot HM with chevy 454 cid engine. Auto park light was blinking while driving, but now aput park will not hold MH.
This all happened after unit was towed with drive shaft removed.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Douglas LeBlanc 4-22-08  
Why does the autopark brake effect the regular braking system? I thought it only effected the emergency brake!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Tom 10-24-06  
I am not an expert in this so please consider the source of this suggestion. That said, you might try a slightly larger fuse. It could be that you are right on the cusp of the current draw limit for the fuse you are using and if for instance you installed a 15 or 20 amp fuse the problem might go away. If you have a full short situation, it should still blow the fuse, so I don't think there is any risk of wiring damage by using the larger fuse. Start with the 15 and if that doesn't work, try the 20. If it is still blowing, then something somewhere is shorting it out. I wouldn't go any larger than the 20 amp. You could also try putting a current meter inline with the circuit and just see exactly what the current draw is. You can use a larger fuse if necessary just for the test. As these circuits get older, they will tend to draw more current than when they were new.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Angela G. Smith 9-18-06  
Somewhere, somebody MUST be an expert in this field....after all, Chevy does pay engineers. We have a '95 Vectra on the '94-1/2 Chevy Chassis. When driving at highway-speeds, the autopark engaged and refused to release. We stopped & checked PSF and belt. Both OK so we decided to keep going.
I'm sure we glazed the linings on the parking brake, but we were only 30 miles from home with a sick child & took a chance. We can't find a chevy-dealer that is willing to even LOOK at the system. I was reading earlier posts concerning a 10A fuse, and also a possible adjustment area inside the left fender area. I've read the shop manual and the only solution it gives is replacement of the 4-way valve connected to the PS unit. This can't be the only answer...Any ideas?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Skie McDonald 8-3-17  
I have a 1989 Suncruiser Itasca Winnabago. I put it in reverse and it won't move, it goes in reverse just won't budge. It act like the emergency break won't release. Plz help
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Marshall McIntyre 7-14-06  
I continue to have Auto-park problems with my Rexhall Aerbus 1997. It has caused me nightmares and almost got me killed, as I cannot backup after the engine gets worm. It will work fine when cold.

Can't get any help form Chevy.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Chris 8-15-06  
I also have a problem with my auto park brake on my '96 National Dolphin; National are clueless and the chevy hotline is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
I am a mechanic by trade, (23 years exp) but all the chevy hotline could do was offer to send out a breakdown truck. When I asked would the breakdown guy have any knowledge of the system, I was told that he would just be a local truckrecovery unit - so no help there either. I have trid various dealers and none are willing to make a sugestion, none can fir me in for a couple of weeks or so. My light on the dash flickers constantly and the relay underneath clicks on and off in time to the light, but without some sort of clue, my 23 yeasr are wasted. I know either the pressure must be low or there is an electrical fault. The fluid level id=s plebnty high but it didn't stop my brake coming on on the top of an 11,000 ft pass. Overfilling the reservior and letting the system cool down seemed to help i.e. I could drive on without the brake on, but it still tries to come on at every opportunity. Perhaps chevy, and certainly National, don't care if we all die crashing off the high passes.
Sorry if this sounds like a moan but where I come from, (The UK) this would never happen; the manufacturer would be straight on the case. Unfortunately I have had other problems with my RV and no-one cares a damn - I was even told by National, that RVs are disposable products!!! I'm disgusted with the whole set up!
Chris B.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Bob Scott 5-20-08  
Some, but few mechanics have been able to deal with this problem!

I have a 1992 Coachmen Motorhome on a GM Forward Control Chassis (‘91). It has a problematic hydraulic system. "Autopark" ties together the Brakes, Emergency Brake, Park & Power Steering. I've spent over $4000 in the last year and it's not fixed yet!

Chassis = M-340 MB Chev

VIN 1GBKP37N4M3315805.

Here’s something I found that I found interesting posted on
08-11-02, 07:27 PM on

“Need Moderator with special expertise. I have a motorhome on a Chev P-30 chassis which has a special "auto apply" parking brake system. An expert in this field will know what I am refering to. The brake is held OFF with hydralic presssure and is automatically activated by a heavy spring when the gear shift lever is moved out of park. Also has yellow knob to pull in order to activate the brake when the shift lever is out of park and in one of the gears. System was malfunctioning, took to Chev service center. Replaced hydra pump and high pressure switch. System still not working and has since locked up. Oh yes, the brake is a drum type which locks up on the drive shaft. Anyone having ANY knowledge of the system and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. Still under warranty but Chev tech support not any smarter than the service center which is very willing to keep on replacing parts. (no cost to me, except very inconvient.) Thanks”.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems J.I.M. 8-7-08  
I have a 1996 Doplphin RV with Chev P-30 chassis. AutoPark system works ok when cold but will engage when gear selector is in R when hot. This prevents backing up the vehicle. Very inconvieniant! So far it has not happened when moving forward. I see lots of posts with the problem but no solutions. Any solutions would be appreciated.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Greg Adams 12-21-08  
We have a 2000 Fleetwood Flair and were travelling to our kids when the auto apply brake will not disengage after stopping for dinner. I have changed the fuse several times as it keeps blowing. How can I disconnect the system to get home for the holidays? Please help ASAP.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Alan Thorne 12-24-08  
Hello, I am having a parking brake problem, is the a way I can read the replies to the questions posted on your site please, Thanks,Alan.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems mark pupo 12-30-08  
Had P30 Chassis ('95 pace arrow) in to dealer with autopark problem- initially had to drive it with the 10amp fuse blown- used a 12v 50watt bulb in place of the fuse- discovered that if the selector was in neutral when starting, lite wouldn't lite and you could go to D or R without a problem- if you put it in P the 12v 50w lite would come on and autopark would engage, and the engine would stop. dealer eventually found melted wires at the transmission, where the big connector is on the side, next to the linkage, also had a leaky pressure switch at the pump assembly (leaking hydraulic fluid)- switch replaced, fluid added, and wires repaired at tranny resolved most issues- would like to see a diagram to disable the autopark and make it switch controlled not transmission controlled. my version has it's own hydraulic pump, doesn't use power steering pump for pressure and fluid. anything will help down the road.

also wire repair resolved strange gas gauge issues.

Thanks Mark
Re: P30 auto park brake problems colette 10-31-08  
Please help! 1998 Georgie Boy 33'. Auto light on dash, Brakes locked up, will not move when shifted into rev. or drive. Is there a manual step by step for p-30 chasis? Have searched for information at R.V. Dealers (Whom do not work on the chasis) Chevorlet dealers, auto parts places, etc... no iformation available!!!!! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Sonny 10-9-08  
2000 damon daybreak
auto park break light stays on everything seems to work ok but light stays on all the time
Re: P30 auto park brake problems nap alves 8-10-08  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems John Lukas 9-26-08  
Auto brake lite stays on,when I shift out of park brake releases ok, but pump cycles every minute or so. any answers?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Bill 10-3-08  
I have a similar problem to what most of you have. Hard to shift into gear.
Does not lockup transmission in park position. Auto-park light is on all the time after ignition switch is on.
Parking brake does not work. Will roll when not on level ground unless foot is on brake pedal.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Sullivan Reed 1-5-11  
I need a stock # for the drive shaft brake shoes for my 97 pace arrow. I have given up trying to fix the electric auto brake pump and am going to use the emergency brake and wheel wedge. I have had to use a wheel wedge for years as the braking system is a piece of CRAP. It has broken down almost as soon as it is fixed.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Mandi 3-18-10  
We have the same problem as described above... 1996 Winnebago Adventurer Chevy Chassis. Works fine when cold. Drive for awhile and can't get it to go from park to reverse. If we let it sit for a bit and try a few times then it magically disengages. I took it took Chevy truck repair and they just called with a quote of $2500!!!!!! Is this right? They are telling me that the entire assembly needs replaced!! I am so sick right now. There goes all of our summer plans just to make the thing drivable to NOWHERE!!
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems Kevin 6-5-11  
Have a 1998 bounder with chevy 454 and allison tranny with autopark, my question is I just returned from a trip pulled into driveway and put coach in park, autopark did not engage light did not come on when putting in park. I had to pull it manually and it engaged. Now my coach wont turn over and my jacks wont turn on im guessing its not recognizing its in park, thats why jacks wont work and it wont turn over. I jumped the starter with screwdriver and it starts fine. Have 12.5 volts at batterys and checked all grounds I know its not sensing the tranny is in park, maybe neutral safety switch??? please help
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dan Fish 4-12-15  
Thanks to all the have written in this forum. I have a leak in the Pan area on my 1994 Allegro. The light on the Park will not extinguish. I had the unit fixed onece 3 years ago but the problem is Back..

When I switch from Park it squirts a little fluid out so I suspect a pressure lamp issue.
I thought this ran on the Power steering pump also.

I need to get it serviced all hints welcome on how to proceed. I have a local hero but he needs more information to proceed.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Mark Towle 7-31-15  
Please send me Richard's plan to correct our auto parking brake problem...thank you also. Mark.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Aaron D 11-10-15  
I was driving my 1993 pace arrow to get fuel and the brakes slowly locked up going down the road in a matter of 3 miles.Tow truck driver dropped driveline to tow it. The brake drum on the driveline was the culprit he says. Is this true? How do I go about taking care of this issue?

I've read about it through this site and need help obviously!

Where do I start looking?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Henry Larson 3-31-16  
I have a 1996 bounder 34j and I believe my brake fluid is low, Will this effect my auto park brake or emergency brake?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dan Fish 4-12-15  
Thanks to all the have written in this forum. I have a leak in the Pan area on my 1994 Allegro. The light on the Park will not extinguish. I had the unit fixed onece 3 years ago but the problem is Back..

When I switch from Park it squirts a little fluid out so I suspect a pressure lamp issue.
I thought this ran on the Power steering pump also.

I need to get it serviced all hints welcome on how to proceed. I have a local hero but he needs more information to proceed.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dan Fish 4-12-15  
Thanks to all the have written in this forum. I have a leak in the Pan area on my 1994 Allegro. The light on the Park will not extinguish. I had the unit fixed onece 3 years ago but the problem is Back..

When I switch from Park it squirts a little fluid out so I suspect a pressure lamp issue.
I thought this ran on the Power steering pump also.

I need to get it serviced all hints welcome on how to proceed. I have a local hero but he needs more information to proceed.
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems Barry 3-24-15  
Nap alves i would like the information on fixing the e brake problem
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems eddie deeb 8-17-14  
Please send me Richard's plan to correct our auto parking brake problem...thank you.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Raymond Ortiz 9-11-11  
The auto park brake light is stuck on. The coach will not go in reverse or drive. HELP??
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jon Gould 9-29-11  
I think my brake may be failing, I can shift into Drive and reverse, but the light stays on for a while, eventually it goes off. I don't want to be driving down the road and have my brakes lock up or something and be stranded in the middle of nowhere. What kind of things can I look for to stop this problem from happening? please send me any info. I have a 1991 Fleetwood bounder with a 454 engine.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Harold Bell 7-26-12  
I have a 1996 Winnebago and the auto park light came on when I was returning from a trip. When I put it in gear it would not move, after I sit for about 10-20mins. it would move forward so I got back to my house. But it will run the pump when I move it from Park to D,or R. can you help me fix this problem I do not know what to do to get the lite to turn off I am sure that it is not coming out of the AUTO PARK all the way. Thanks for your help.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Robert Russell 5-25-13  
Please help my ap system locked up the wrecker driver disconnected something now i have no parking brake who can fix this for me
Re: P30 auto park brake problems don smith 5-7-14  
HI,MY reservoir leaked completely empty but I traveled another 100 miles with auto-park lit on dash. pulled off cover to componets and the cover was wet from fluid but everything else looked ok. Any ideasn what would cause atf loss? would it be solenoid valve or pump and reservoir. Can I fill reservoir with things kind of suspended in air start motor and try to find leak this way ? Thanx don 1999 georgie boy p30
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Frank Bessler 8-5-11  
Help my auto park brake engaded as we were going down the road ever so slowly that it burned up the shoes
what manual do I need to get the parts that I need and diagrams as to how to fix. Limping home with no parking brake
thanks frank
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Anne 6-30-11  
To Nap Alves: My airstream motorhome is at the dealer has we speak and they can't find the problem with the auto park brake. I have a hard time switching to Drive. From park to neutral and reverse, it's fine. To activate the auto park, I have to jiggle the shifter and sometime it take a while to shift it to drive. Maybe Richard's info would be helpful. Thanks
Any help is really appreciated
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Sabah Ali 7-11-11  
I have caochmen 1999 class a cant moving because the auto park on even if I switch it off and i dont know what can i do
Re: P30 auto park brake problems tom 7-18-11  
If anyone still cares, GM submitted a recall to the NHTSA in January of 2003. The GM recall number is 99V-279 and the NHTSA ID is PE99006.
You should be able to take that information to a GM dealer, capable of working with P30 units (ability to lift it, technician, etc.) and get this recall done at NO cost to you.
Let me know how that works out for you.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Christina 7-14-13  
I purchased a 1997 pace arrow motorhome with a chevy 454 & am traveling across the country trying to get my daughter home to San Francisco for college after I fought cancer for 2 years in Michigan & went to pull out of walmart & motorhome would not move but engine seemed fine. No one in Tulsa Ok seems to want to deal with this, found a mobile mechanic & He said its my hydraulic park brake pump. Has us stuck in Oklahoma in unbearable temps & wiped out every penny we had to get home!! and all this after 3 blowouts & generator quit, had it fixed at cummins in st Louis & blown fuses for my brake lights, what a nightmare this is!! Anyone with any info on the pump would be greatly appreciated as the more I know about what I'm dealing with the better things will turn out for us!!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Ralph 10-12-11  
Need source for hydraulic emergency brake activator part number 15653121. Chev 454, 1991 Southwind
May relatively help you use simple bursts associated with tempo and additionally bui JamieCak 3-27-14  
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems LOUIS 9-29-13  
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems don smith 5-7-14  
HI,MY reservoir leaked completely empty but I traveled another 100 miles with auto-park lit on dash. pulled off cover to componets and the cover was wet from fluid but everything else looked ok. Any ideasn what would cause atf loss? would it be solenoid valve or pump and reservoir. Can I fill reservoir with things kind of suspended in air start motor and try to find leak this way ? Thanx don
1994 Holiday Rambler Auto Park Problem Brien 3-26-14  
I have a 1994 Holiday Rambler with a 454 chevey engine. I parked the motor home and when I got back in the engine runs fine but I can't go forward or reverse. The auto park light stays on in the dash. I have checked every fuse i can find in the dash but have not found a blown one. Do you have ideas?
Motion.Centimeter The city famous this Eighty percent of the faciliti Julieralo 3-29-14  
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems David 10-11-13  
I have a 1998 national HM the auto park does not hold my when in park,What should I do.I had the short cable replaced 5 years ago and this resolved the problem.But it came back. Help and is this on a recall list by Chevrolet.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Don Anderson 12-3-13  
Auto Park light stays on and I cannot move the Flair Fleetwood 1998. The vehicle has a 454 Chevy Chasis.
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems Michael F. Moran 4-11-09  
Myron, Have the same problem with my Aerbus by Rexhall.Spent $ 1,600.00 to get it fixed 2 years ago.used it 4 times as I wes sick.put it up this winter and the auto park is locked up.
Locks up warm or cold,can't

what did you do to get it fixed?Can you give me any help? thanks and have a good day.

Re: P30 auto park brake problems RILEY 6-11-08  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jim mclean 7-21-14  
Auto park brake locked up while driving,shattered E brake springs and broke cable
Re: P30 auto park brake problems John Face 7-16-08  
My 1998 Airstream Land Yacht has auto park brake problem. Will not work. The resevoir that holds fluid for it leaks when I ad to it. Please advise.


John Face
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Stewart Charkosky 6-25-08  
My auto brake does not engage and the shift lever in park does not hold I need help. New to rving thanks
Re: P30 auto park brake problems judd 8-26-08  
Where can i get a pressure switch for my park brake pump assembly
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Ben Oliver 9-9-08  
Hello I have been spending lots of money on parts and still have no parking brake and i also now need some other part like a hydo-accilarator bake i just had the pump replaced whole system cleaned I have a 1992 chevy 34.5 foot class A motorhome and tired of no parking brake and also no power stering. what can I do thanks Ben
Re: P30 auto park brake problems David Patrick 11-8-08  
I have a 1994 dolphin motorhome.The park light goes out after putting in gear and able to drive it but I have a chicking noise as soon as it goes in drive.It stays that way until i put it back in park.The noise is coming from the left front of mh.Please help!Thank You!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jeff 7-20-07  
I have 1998 Georgia Boy cruisemaster. Where do I find the fuse for the auto-brake system. None of the fuses I've seen are labeled "Auto-Brake".

Re: P30 auto park brake problems Charlie 11-16-07  
I have a 1998 Winnebago vectra, the auto brake system locked up, I removed the brake shoes, to get home. After removing the shoes the trans will not hold in the PARK position..I don't under stand the connection between the parking brake and the trans...How can I get the trans to hold in the PARK position? Or can this be done with the parking brake disabled?

Thanks for any Help,
Re: P30 auto park brake problems jason mcmann 4-22-08  
Emergency brake system

need wiring schmatics for the pump relay and how does it work it is its own assembly its not controlled with
the power steering pump
Re: P30 auto park brake problems patrick schlunz 5-18-08  
I have a 1998 pace arrow vision. i have 2 brake problems. #1 auto brake light comes on for no reason at all. when driving in the mountains the brakes work fine and all of a sudden i have no pedal at all. after 2 to 3 hours the brakes start working again. i have adjusted the parking brake & it seems to work fine. i do not know why the autu brake light comes on while normal driving conditions, or why the brakes fail after sevsera hours of driving. these problems have caused extensive damag to my motor home. if this is a manufacturers defect i would like to know so i can persue legal action.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dale Johnston 6-6-08  
Recently purchased 1998 Fleetwood pace arrow motor home on Chev 454 chassis.
1) When placed in park it will roll on an incline.I do hear something operating underneath when placing the tranny selector from Drive to Park position.
2) Yellow parking brake control at the dash does nothing. Will not hold the vehicle either.
3) Are these integrated? How is this system suppose to work properly? What repairs are needed?
Phone collect if preferred 506-734-3281.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Rob Burnett 8-18-08  
Hi Rich;
I have a 95 Vectra on a 94 1/2 Chevy P30 chassis. Autopark engages when I shift to Reverse if the system is hot. It works fine when cold. The Chevy dealer that fixed it the last time when it locked up entirely, doesn't seem to have a solution this latest problem.
Can you help?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems larry dahl 4-5-11  
How do i unhook the brake cable from the pump and trans and brake drum to lube them. thank you.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Rom Adams 5-25-12  
Having problems with a 1994 motorhome chevy chasis southwind autopark mechanism. The light stays on all the time, it won't lock in park, and brakes are dragging in drive. Can anyone help with this issue?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems jerry 8-29-12  
Please rich if you can email me the infor on the brake problem you was able to gain i would be greatful and if you hace any ideal where the brake fuse is located for the 1997 sllegro motor home that will be great to thank you tessa and jerry
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dennis 12-1-08  
I have a 1991 Allegro Bay on a P-30 chassis and have had problems with the Autopark brake since we bought it new. The brake releases but the light flickers constantly when driving. Any suggestions on how to upgrade or replace the system would be appreciated.


Re: P30 auto park brake problems Brian 4-18-15  
Rich - My 1998 Winn Chieftain - Auto Park Break not releasing in Reverse - Working ok otherwise ( So Far ) 803-429-2624
thanks, Brian
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dave 8-9-10  
I had to replace a hyd. line on the auto park brake and now need to top up the fluid, I thought it was trans fluid but it's clear, what is the correct fluid to use?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems William 2-10-09  
Have a 1998 National Tropi-cal RV with chevy chassis. P30 aotp park brake will not release. Any wiring diagrams or help in diagnostics would be greatly appreciated.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems kim 12-4-09  
I have a 1992 Pacearrow with GMC chassis. When I put it in gear the other day something underneath sprayed power steering fluid everywhere. I think it is part of the automatic apply parking brake, Can you help?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Michael 3-14-09  
I have a 1998 Aerbus by Rexhall.The Auto Park is on once more after spending over $1800.00 at camping world to have it fixed.Do I have to have it working so that I can use it or not?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dave 9-26-09  
Light comes on and goes off ok. Pump runs but does not hold. What do you think is the problem?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Norbert 5-11-09  
I purchased a 1994 Pace Arrow 37ft. When put in park it rolls. Is this an internal transmission problem? Any solutions?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems steve 10-11-14  
I have a 98 chevy allegro. Parking brake will not release and light stays on.can you give me any possible answers? it rolls better forward than reverse.Do you think I could drive it about 10 miles to my shop to try and fix it without damaging or setting anything on fire?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Ed Meredith 5-23-10  
I understand the frustration with any one that has one of these. After three sets of shoes in one year I decided to find the problem. I found the cable that runs from the drum brake was not releasing all the way. The brake shoes would release enough to permit the coach to move but would continue to drag enough to cook the shoes.
This condition can be seen from underneieth. Have some one shift from park to drive and watch the cables move. The one from the drum will move as if it is releasing but not far enough If you touch it, you can move it about 1/2 inch more. The spring in the drum should do it but the shop replaced it and I cooked another set of shoes. I used a 'c' cable clamp so that cable was forced to move the shoes off the drum. Three years and same parking brake shoes. This system was a great idea. In fact it worked too well and burned out shoes if not adjusted.
My one mechanic accused me fo driving with the foot pedal on so I connected an alarm buzzer to it.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Kermit Robertson 7-26-09  
There are a lot of problems with this parking brake system. Seems to me the solution is design a workaround MANUAL system and disengage the auto system totally. I am having the same problem but am disabled and it is very difficult for me to get under the motorhome. (1998 Winnebago Brave 31') Mine locked up backing into my driveway. Found the resivoir empty of transmission fluid (takes dexron iii.) Refilled resivoir but the Auto Park light stays on. It does release but if you turn the motor off you can hear it cycle again after a few seconds. It does not lockup but should not be cycling the way it does. Any suggestions?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Nap 8-2-08  
Hi Stewart,

I have the same exact problem you discribe. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
thank you, Nap
Re: P30 auto park brake problems John Goldsmith 2-7-09  
Since the reverse position on the gear selector is so close the the park position I suspect the cam activator valve is out of adjustment. It is located behind a panel under the floor on the left side of the coach by the steering column. It is the valve that applies & disengages the autopark system. There is a notch on the cam and a hole in the mounting bracket that a 3/8th drill bit goes in to properly adjust the valve. The adjustment usally can be done by rotating the adjustment rod. We have seen the mounting bracket bent if the shift lever was forsed at some time. I hope this helps. j.goldsmith
Re: P30 auto park brake problems gary 7-28-09  
Nap alves
please send me the info richard did with yoy,that would be life saving.gary
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dwayne Armeneau 6-12-09  

I have a 1998 Allegro Tiffin with the P30 chassis and auto park brake system. No problems as yet but would like the info on fixing it if anything happens.

Re: P30 auto park brake problems Kate Johnson 7-28-09  
Sounds like Richard is a genius! Yes, please send me the information. I have a 2001 Fleetwood Flair that hasn't had an operational parking or emergency brake in 2 years. No one seems to know what to do with it.

Thank you!!!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Mario Gamelin 6-15-09  
I would like to have the step by step troubleshooting process. I have a bounder 96 p-30 chassis with the same problem
Re: P30 auto park brake problems jeff cooper 8-2-09  
I have brake problems and would like info and part numbers and place to buy green solenoid
Re: P30 auto park brake problems larry 9-16-09  
How did u fix aoto park problem we are at our wits in not to mention money trying to fix this problem
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Bob Turner 10-16-09  
Where do I get parts and info. to repair this brake? 1996 pace arrow vision.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Calvin 10-11-09  
Help I'm broke done and can't get break to release and I'm stuck with kids at a store
Re: P30 auto park brake problems fred boyd 9-29-09  
The auto park on my 1995 Georgie Boy is constantly on. I need as much info as I can get.Thanks
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Robert 9-20-09  
1996 p30mh. location of the cam actuated switch ?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Sandra Smith 9-13-09  

You stated that you had the details on how to fix a park park on a chey chassis. Please pass it on to me.

Thank you,
Re: P30 auto park brake problems MIKE BRADLEY 10-13-08  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Steve Wendland 10-15-08  
To nap alves,I'm in the same predicament as all the other 1000 people with this Auto/Park problem.What did Rich tell you.I have a shop manual but still in the dark. Thanks. Hope to hear from you.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems J Adams 11-16-09  
I would appreciate any information you could send me on this very unplesant topic....Thank you

Re: P30 auto park brake problems Tom Snider 9-8-08  
Got a lockup on my auto park brake (a 95 model winnebag adventure)I have been all over the thing and I havent figured a way to release the brakes so I can move it.
The rig is in the path of the current huricane in the area "IKE"
The last storm brought water up to the tires and if this one is any stronger I will be in trouble. I have read not to tow It with brake prblems.
the unit cranks and runs good, it just wont move.
I need help please,Quick.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Rob Burnett 8-28-08  
I have had a lot of trouble with Autopark. The latest is that when the system is not (after driving for a while) when I shift to revers, the Autopark engages. Do you have a fix for this problem?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Travis Simmons 10-27-08  
My auto brake will not disengage, had to disconnect driveline and have my 1997 Allegro motor home towed home. Can you help me? Thank You Travis
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Don Brown 10-31-08  
Autopark light stayed on..brake lock/smoked..wouldn't move until it cooled down....when put into park will roll unless foot is on the brake or a block is in front of the tires..HELP
Thanks in advance Don Brown
Re: P30 auto park brake problems James Tucker 2-8-09  
Hi Nap,

I would appreciate any information you could give me on the
auto brake system. Looks like everyone is having problems.
I have been having problems for years,but now it won't hold
at all.

Thanks Nap for your help, Jim
Re: P30 auto park brake problems bill 11-18-08  
Hi,could you please send information on auto park prakr.we have a 1991 allegro on p-30 chassis.thanks in advance
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Logan 11-13-08  
Nees wiring diagram on P-30 Parking breake.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Bill 5-25-09  
Re: "nap alves" solution to P30 auto park problems. I would like to have your solution. Email:
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jim Overman 11-30-08  
Brakes locked up and fried front pads. Auto park light blinks.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Ken 12-14-09  
Looking for any info on the auto park system including wiring schematics.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Pat 5-24-12  
I have,1999 Alegro 33', P30, Chevy 454 engine. The auto park brake system has been a nightmare. Now the pump under the chasse is leaking around the seal. Can the seal be replaced? Or better can the sustem be converted to a manual emergency brake system?

This system has overheated several times burning out a small elect relay located near the pump and resevior.

Any help/advise will be greatly appriciated.

Re: P30 auto park brake problems rudy de la torre 7-23-11  
I have same problem on my 1996 winnebago brave please help with imfo thanks rudy
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Bill 7-13-11  
I Have a 1999 Damon Challenger (POS)with the auto brake stuck on. I disconnected the brake by unscrewing the cable from the auto brake. However, I cannot find the infamous green switch, checked the front bulkhead near the steering column but it's not there...where else should I look? Also, no 10A fuse to be found. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems gerald 12-11-12  
27'1996 fleetwood bounder hving "auto park problems,motor home travels about 1mile orless begins to slow down,and stops Acts like it wants to go,but feels like brake is on.Please e-mail the fix you say you have.Many Thanks
Re: P30 auto park brake problems LOUIS SHARP 9-29-13  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems richard finch 1-14-18  
Hey man..... you're probably either sick of this, or quit doing it already, or both.
but i set my driver's side front brakes on fire today, and i'm looking for any and all kinds of help to NOT do that again.
do not seem to be having issues with the rear brakes.....other than being WAY low on fluid (which i'm not at all sure even affects the rear, as they seem to be drums, and have the Auto-Park resevoir of tranny fluid right there near them in the box that houses the Auto-Park relay/RAM system....or whatever you call it....whereas the front is rotor and breaks pads, or shoes.
A 1997 Fleetwood (sumthin) Storm, 34' was given to me recently. Good news is its the 454, only 39,101 miles on it, original pretty much everything. Motor is a MPG.....buti don't like motor homes because they get good gas mileage. not even in my top 100 reasons.
anyways...bad news is....there's RUST everyfrikkinwhere. most of the ground wires, aren't grounded. and so forth.
therefore....when i discovered front breakpads were locked up, mainly on driver's side....(also where majority of undercarriage rust is located....i just figured they had bonded together and sprayed them down with some good ol' Napa break part cleaner.
longer story (a Littttle) shorter.... drivers side front locked uop and proceeded to catch fire with 200 yards. it was obvious that the engine waas under a much more serious load than the weight of the motor home itself. again....long story short. removed the calipers and shoes on driver front. did all the digging to find the damn brake fluid resevoir....WHAT a DICK move by somebody: putting the brake fluid resevoir in a basically accessible location for anyone under 27, or EXTREMELY persistent!
if you have ANY schematics on the 1997 Fleetwood Southwinds Storm, 34" P-30 chassis,( I need all the auto- break(auto-park?) stuff. i've l;ocated my green autobreak actuiator along the main line, slightly right side of the middle. my plan is to wire it in a manner that renders "AutoPark" obsolete, and null and void. i see no discernible advantage to having it there, and multiple possible major inconveniences with it. THE opposite of what i expect a motor home to be.
looking to set this one up right, from the tires up.
some help woulds be cool. whatever you got. been reading 3 straight now, and realize the extent of my problem.
help me get started if you're still out there.

Thanks, Richard Finch
Little Rock
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Paul Perkins 7-5-15  
97 fleetwood southwind, same problems as everyone else about the automatic brake system. Would love to see any and all ideas for solving the problems permantly. I just looked through a solution by Jeremy Peck where he uses a linear actuator to replace the whole hydraulic system, will probably fix mine like his, but looking for any other solutions as well. My e-mail is, and my phone number in Missouri is 660-263-7503
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Bill 11-23-14  
I,too am having problems with the auto park. Do you have a schematic of the auto park the outside of the trans.

Re: P30 auto park brake problems John Marley 7-16-14  
Hi... My park brake does not hold. When I shift out of park I hear what sounds like a pump running. Any Ideas would be appreciated. I've been trying to have this fixed for 2 years and no luck. It's a 1994 Winnebego, Vectra Thanks
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Frank Willison 4-11-11  
Read your note regarding the info that Rich set you on how to fix the brake problem. would it be possible to get that info?

Re: P30 auto park brake problems JoAnn Miller 6-29-12  
Could Richard send me the info on the auto park system Thank You
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Brian 2-22-10  
Can you send me the step by step info on the Auto park brake for the P30?
Thanks, Brian
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Mike Chasmar 2-12-10  
It seems like there is a common problem with the Auto Park System. I have a 2005 Winnebago Sightseer and cannot get the auto park to disengage. I usually have to keep messing with the brake pedal, shifter and tilt wheel and then magically I will hear the brake disengage. Usually it take 10-15 minutes each time. It's a real PITA to go anywhere. Winnebago & Workhorse haven't been much help so far. I've checked the fuse and it's only blown 1 time but I still keep having the problem. Does anyone have a wiring diagram? I think I have a P-30 chassis. Any suggestions on what else to check? I have no leaks anywhere. Any help is appreciated.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems mike mcdonald 1-17-10  
Were can i find step gy step instructions and parts numgers on my p 30 brake system o a 1999 chev. workhorse.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dale Kanitz 8-21-10  
Home will not keep out of auto after the home has been run and gets hot.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Joe Rusnak 3-24-10  
Please tell me what to do,I have replaced the shoes, cables, and still have a drag, the shoes are adjusted all the way off but they still drag, could someone put the wrong adjuster in there,????? Any help would be greatly appreciated........
Re: P30 auto park brake problems DENNIS BIENVENU 3-28-10  
I haved a 1995 30 ft airstream landyaght motorhome.. its on a chevy chassis and think its a p30/32.. the emergency foot brake goes to the floor and really doesnt have much effect if any. i bought it this way.. not sure how this system works.. i would appreciate any imput on the subject.. where can i get a manual on the brakes and where can i get parts if necessary.. dennis
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Robert R. 6-3-10  
To Nap Alves: I would like to have any information available since my park brake is locking up when going down the expressway. It is an intermitten problem. I had to unhook it to get it home. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Robert R.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems clod 5-24-10  
How to cancel the system
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Gus 4-30-10  
Could you please share this information on the P Chassis brake. I need to adust the brake and do not know how. I replaced the cable but the parking brake will not set. Thank you, Gus
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Earl 4-4-10  
Hi We have a 97 Itasca P30 chassis that has developed a rhythmic thumping (ump issues?) when put into gear - we think it is the auto brake/power steer system being discussed here. Can you forward the information you received regarding the fix please? Thanks, Earl
Re: P30 auto park brake problems don pablo 12-17-09  
Just bought a winnebago 1992 chieftain class a
r v. Does it have the automatic parking brake?

Thank you
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Alan Wigant 10-13-10  
I have a 1994 Fleetwood Southwind with P30 auto brake issues that happened just recently. When I put it in any gear except neutral, the Auto Park light comes on and I can't move the RV at all. I am not blowing fuses, but is there a way to disengage the pin holding the drive shaft in lockdown? If I pull the fuse completely will it shut it down and disengage? I HAVE A TRIP TO DEGA PLANNED IN 2 WEEKS FOR THE RACE AND NEED QUICK HELP!!! IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION, PLEASE SHARE!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Dillard Duerksen 6-25-10  
I have had problems with the park brake on my George boy motorhome three times and each time it was a real problem finding someone to fix it. I presently had a problem where the MH would not move after being parked for road construction then when it released it would not hold but would roll. I need someone to give me the troubleshooting steps and fixes and part numbers for the parts so I can have spare parts and can fix it myself next time.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Denny 1-20-14  
2000 fleetwood bounder with autopark brake autopark light stays on, but seems to work ok.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Denny 1-20-14  
2000 fleetwood bounder with autopark brake / auto park light stays on,seems work fine
Re: P30 auto park brake problems jesse 6-24-14  
Auto park comes on when in reverse and rv will not back up. will go forward and light goes out in 1st 2nd and drive
Re: P30 auto park brake problems John Marley 7-16-14  
Hi David.. I have the same problem with the clicking noise when I take it out of park. When I put it back into park, the noise disappears. Sounds exactly like your problem. Dud you find out what it was? Ant help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
Re: BRAKE LIGHT ON AGAIN Howard 1-20-09  
The Auto Apply Brake system on the Chevrolet P30 chassis is applied by a very strong spring that operates a cable back to the drive line mounted parking brake drum. Hydraulic pressure provided by an electric pump and fluid reservoir operates a piston that compresses the spring to release the brake.

If the transmission selector is placed in park, and the ignition is in the run position, 12 volts is applied through a fuse to two switches, a low pressure switch which operates when hydraulic pressure is below 450 lbs, and the auto apply switch which operates when the transmission selector switch is removed from the park position. With the vehicle in park the pressure is below 450 lbs. The low pressure switch is operated and current is allowed to flow lighting the auto park lamp on the dash. With out hydraulic pressure the spring is at full extension pulling the cable to the parking brake at the back of the transmission fixed to the driveline. The emergency brake pedal is also attached to the cable. It is very easy to push on when the auto apply has been invoked.

When the selector is moved from the park position to reverse or drive, the auto apply switch is operated allowing current to flow to a pressure valve solenoid, and the maintain pressure switch which is closed below 1200 lbs pressure and opens at 1600 lbs. The pressure solenoid allows pressure in the hydraulic system. At the time the selector is taken out of park the solenoid is activated holding pressure. Current flows through the maintain pressure switch and operates a relay which controlles the high current flow to the hydraulic pump motor through it’s contacts. Pressure begins to build in the hydraulic system pushing the piston against the spring, releasing the parking brake. When pressure reaches 450 lbs the low pressure switch closes removing the 12 volts provided to the lamp. However, there is another 12 volt path to the lamp from the maintain pressure switch which keeps the lamp lit. Once pressure reaches 1600 lbs, the maintain pressure switch opens releasing the pump relay, shutting down the pump, and shutting off the park lamp. If pressure should fall below 1200 lbs, the pump will start back up to maintain the necessary pressure to keep the brake released and the lamp will light as long as the pump is running.

When the vehicle is put back into park or the ignition shut off, the auto apply switch is released, 12 volts is removed from the pressure valve solenoid dumping the hydraulic fluid back into the reservoir. As the pressure is released all of the switches return to their low pressure state.

I have a 1997 16,500 GVW Chevy chassis, and the service guide document supplied with the coach has a good description of the auto apply unit. I researched this information because I like to do my own maintenance and needed to know how it works so I could fix it if it broke.

Hope this might help someone.
Howard, (1-20-09) we must have the same manual. My auto park brake operates as designed but the dash lights either blinks or stays lit even though pressure is built up. Usually the dash light will flash while the pump is running then stay on after pump reaches pressure. I have replaced all switches, valve, relay and looked at the pump assembly. No relief in resolving the dash light issue. Any help would be appreciated. Al
Re: P30 auto park brake problems bill dickens 7-25-13  
I have same problem,i replaced a noisy pump.then my problems started,help!!!!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems glenda 3-4-10  
Where can I find replies to the Questions Thanks Glenda
Re: P30 auto park brake problems gerry macquin 4-3-11  
The autopark seems to work fine, but the light won,t go off Is there a switch that can be adjusted? and where would it be? thanks
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Jimmie Macon 5-15-09  
I have a 1997 Allegro on a P30 Chevrolet chassi.
The auto parking brake will not release whin I shift to reverse and sometime in neutal, but when I shift into drive or 2nd or first it will release. Can anyone Help me with this?

I have had other problems with but this was due to switchs on the pump asy
and with the frozen cable.
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Re: 2001 Fleetwood Flair parking brake problem curtis viscardis 10-2-17  
I have the same problem. Auto park and park on steering column does not hold.
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Re: P30 auto park brake problems BILL LACKS 6-17-09  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Mike 7-10-09  
I have a 2000 Allegro, when you put it in gear, the hyd pump disengages the park brake and then keeps running and the auto park lite blinks until you shut off the key or put it in park.
Thanks for any help.
P.S. I replaced the switch on the pump, no help.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Robert Zieg 9-9-09  
P30 Auto park brake locks up when backing up. What are the fixes.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Robert Sepulveda 8-21-15  
Helping a friend work on a P30 brake system. Can Rich or Howard e-mail me at....................... ( ) Need help. Thank you.... Bobby
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Stephane 8-8-11  
I need the wiring diagram for the transmission of my fleetwood storm 1997. The transmission is a p30 from chevrolet. Thanks!
Re: P30 auto park brake problems David H 11-16-09  
I also need Richard's information. Thank you
Park Brake does not hold Joe Bergen 3-11-12  
I have a 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer gas motorhome and have a problem with the park brake - when I put it in park and pull out the yellow knob for park it will not hold. There is no sign of fluid leaking, and I could not find a fuse that looked bad.. The motorhome has a Chevy chassis and I do not know if it is a P30 or P32
Re: P30 front brakes not releasing completely Dwayne 3-9-10  
My Auto Park light stays on when in park and in reverse and locks the motorhome in park while in reverse. Everything else works fine. Is there a fix? New switch no one seems to have an answer.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Doug Butterfield 11-25-16  
I have a 1996 Winnebago adventurer 32' on a chevy p30 chassis. Neither the electronic park assist or the emergency brake work. I have to block the wheels every time I park. I was told that the seals are shot on the park assist and it won't hold fluid. I don't care to fix it, but where can I get parts for the parking brake?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems benny wofford 3-28-16  
1994 rexall motorhome will go in reverse but not in drive,unless you move shifter up and down and finaly go in to drive. need information on fixing problem.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems cristiano 2-7-10  
Ho un winnebago chevrolet.p.30
anno 1995 il mio problema e che frena poco sul posteriore ho rifatto i freni posteriori con cylindretti nuovi pero frena poco..
e il caso di fare qualche modifica?
sapete aiutarmi scrivo da pisa (italia)
Where brake cylinder fluid is dale condon 2-13-10  
Where do you put brake fluid in on 1992
holiday rambler chey 454 motorhome.

thanks dale
Re: where brake cylinder fluid is Win 2-20-10  
I can tell you where mine is located. I have the same chassis and motor its a 1994. Directly behind the drivers side tire in the fender wall is an opening in the skirt and its the master cylinder is. The only way I can access it is to pull the tire. I have to do this because of the drop step for the drivers door above. Otherwise you might be abvle to turn wheel to the left and gain access. Godluck !
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Win 3-30-10  
Brakes have you fixed the shoe problem yet ? are you talking about the shoes on the drive shaftb that supports parking brake ?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Andy 3-27-10  
Did you check to make sure the auto park brake was in the released position before you set the adjustment. These systems are known for failing thereby applying park brake while driving. This in turn burns up brake lining causing the brake system to not work. There is a hydraulic pump, valve and spring actuator assembly that applies the brake. The spring pack is connected to the cable and applies the brake until the pump comes on and applies hydraulic pressure to the hyd. cylinder that acts against the spring pack. The pump comes on when the shifter is moved from park position. Once it builds about 1000 psi to the hyd. cylinder the green pressure switch shuts the pump off and closes a solenoid valve holding pressure to the cylinder. When the switch goes bad the pump runs continuously until it fails. Parts are hard to find. GM truck dealers sometimes have them.
Hope this helps,
let me know your out come,
Re: P30 auto park brake problems walter Ward 7-6-10  
1997 newmar/dutchstar on chev p-30 with a/p break. where is the switch that turnes the pump on and off? also today 7-5-2010 while trying to back in to yard the break would not release until i was in {n} when i tryed to go back to {r} the pump would turn off and break lock. but after i disconnected cable from h/c and releaced break to move m/h i could hear pump come on and lite would go out when i went from p-r just like is supposed to do.
THANKS Walter Ward
Re: P30 auto park brake problems ken mccleave 7-10-10  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Lee Short 8-22-10  
I replaced the rotten green switch and I tighten in to much and stripped the threads. I tried using JD weld but I quess it mixes with the oil and will not harden. any suggestions.
Re: P30 auto park brake problems George Taylor 10-12-10  
Copy and paste this URL into your browser and you can learn all about the system:
Re: P30 auto park brake problems Duane Moore 4-5-11  
Re: P30 auto park brake problems jack 8-23-11  
Duane, how did they do on the P30? looking at replacing mine?
Re: Park Brake does not hold abe 5-16-13  
Please give solution to subject
Re: Park Brake does not hold Lucky 8-23-13  

Have same problem. Put motorhome in park and it won't hold nor will the e-brake. Have you been able to resolve your issue?
Re: P30 auto park brake problems bill waldo 3-30-15  
Were you able to receive any info on the dreaded autopark system or a site where info can be found?

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