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Auto Park Brake Fix manati 10-18-10  
DON’T COMPROMISE YOUR SAFETY! Quick fixes could cost you your life, the life of your love ones and everyone else around you!

Don’t put yourself or your family on harms way, by taking the advice of people that are not trained with the auto park brake system.

The auto park brake system has a tension spring that is crucial in the proper function of the system, if the spring does not have the correct tension it will not hold the pressure and you could find yourself with a runaway vehicle. There’s more to rebuilding the auto park brake actuator than just replacing seals as some people like you to believe, otherwise the manufacture would have a repair kit and/or there would also be a lot more mechanics shop rebuilding the system.

The hydraulic system activates the spring, and the spring is what locks the brakes. If both are not up to par you will find yourself with no parking brake nor emergency brake.

The spring holds the brakes not the hydraulic system, overtime the spring may loose its tension and collapse, during the rebuilding process the springs has to be removed and carefully inspected and tested for proper tension.

The spring is compressed in the cylinder for years, this may collapse the spring overtime, and if not checked by a trained technician; how do you know that your spring has the proper tension? For this reason the manufacturer does not sell repair kits they sell only the complete unit. By the time your seals go bad the spring may also need to be addressed.

When it comes to your auto park brake actuator you only have 2 safe choices,

Re: Auto Park Brake Fix greg 8-31-11  
1998 coachmen auto park light on. moter comes on and releases brake but moter comes on about every minute pumps up presure and shuts off, no leaks!
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Bill Foster 6-10-11  
1996 Airstream Motorhome. Parking brake won't engage when tranmission lever is placed in park.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix brian davis 4-17-12  
Has anyone been able to get this problem fixed? We have a 1994 Flair on a P30 Chassis. It's been repaired twice, M/H will not move. Lost the brakes and steering on the Delaware Memorial Bridge, managed to get it home, it has now become a "Pool House". That's not what we bought it for. I don't think it can even be towed, all the wheels are locked up. What can be done ?
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix richard polley 10-19-12  
I have a problem wih my auto park on a 1996 454 chevy rv p30. I have already purchased the green switch and a grey switch. cannot find these under my rv to install.also is there a fuse as well. my auto park light will not go off. need some advise
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Alan 5-7-13  
If you want a set of pressure switches for your autopark brake that won't leak and are rated at 1 million cycles you can get them at the part number is US21 these carry a lifetime warranty to the original buyer and replace both the grey and green switches.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Darren Mccomb 5-14-11  
Hi and I hope you can help me.My chevey has the yellow swich in the dash and park position on the gear lever. My partking brake does not work at all. I can see fluid from inside the RGS which is probly faulty. How do I determine if it is faulty or the actuator switch is faulty? Does the RGS sense the pressure and sense when to turn the motor on and off? Also the light works correctly on the dash. i.e when the pull out the yellow knob or move the lever out of park,the light works correctly,altho if I move off it will flicker. Is this a case of the RGS being faulty? I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME.


Re: Auto Park Brake Fix j kelly 5-7-17  
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Ron 2-9-11  
Ok people I agree that you need to get it fixed but not all P30 brake issues requires a rebuild by a pro. First you need to diagnose the real problem instead of shelling out big bucks do some testing. Is it the RGS rotten green switch, a bad sensor or does it really need to be replaced. I had a pro tell me oh yeah needs to be replaced and would only cost $3500.00. Yea right. I searched the Internet found and a man named oldusedbear aka Roger Haag he had me under the rig and diagnosed the problem in 15 mins. It was the switch. I got a new one on for $36.00. And the rig is great now
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix thomas lobdell 11-11-10  
1994 fleetwood motor home auto park brake will not release
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Allen Douglas 10-18-10  
Hello Manati,

You are correct; I had problems with the actuator on my '99 Fleetwood Flair. I called around no one had a clue on how to repair the actuator. I had to tow the RV to a local service center and again no luck. I was referred to Mr. Crespo by a local service center that sends actuators to him for repairs.

Mr. Crespo rebuilt it for me over two years ago. To this date the actuator works great!

I highly recommend Mr. Crespo for his knowledge, professionalism and prompt turnaround his contact is: Jose Crepo, Ph: 305-218-8875, Email:

Allen Douglas
San Diego, CA
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix james juarez 12-9-10  
Ok people. the auto park brake on the various p30 chassis over the years. has change how it works, or how it's actuated. the early models while scary looking, is not. these models as you all know use the hydroboost system to build the pressure necessary to release the parking brake automatically.yes it can be released manually, it requires you to get under your motorhome. and backing off the adjusting barrel looking nut, as it staqrts to loosen you should be able to hear it relaxing. please think before you do this. because once loose the vehicle can roll on it's own and squish you dead!!! so block the wheels prior to trying this. anyway the power steering pump needs to build upwards to 1600 psi to release the brake and operate the coach brakes and power steering simultaniously. did i spell that right? if your pump reservoir is really low on fluid or you have a leak in the system somewhere. air will enter and cause both the brakes and power steering to cease functioning. if you have a leak, the parking brake light will come on and never go off. this happens to alert you of a leak in the system. and lets face it if you fluid is low, you have a leak. so lok for it. i figured out that i could take the overflow hose from my reservoir and insert nit in a gallon jug of new ps fluid, about a quarter of the way. and instead of sucking air when you move your trans from park to drive. it sucks ps fluid which will keep your parking brake from locking up until you can get to a shop or a safe place whichever works for you. before i put the tube in the jug ps fluid was spraying all over my motor and frame left front brake, not to mention the roadway. all of these coditions are dangerous for yourself, and other motorists. now here's something else. if your emergency brake pedal does not seem to do anything. you can adjust the brake shoes on the brake behind the trans. merely line up the slot provided by GM, right about eleven oclock as you look up at the unit. take your brake spoon and adjust the adjuster by moving the adjuster in a clockwise direction. or if you prefer from bottom to top. this can sometimes correct the problems you might be having. but i would not hold your breath. happy motoring,
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Allen K 1-7-11  
Mr. Thomas Lobdell,

I highly recommend Mr. Jose Crespo, he is very knowledgeable about the system. He rebuilt my actuator and located for me the Hydraulic Relay Valve (obsolete part 106950), I have the older system 92 coach, my mechanic looked around for almost a year and Mr. Crespo quoted me within 5 minutes.

Here is Mr. Crespo's information:
Telephone: 305-218-8875
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Bob 7-21-13  
After driving 100 miles or so, I cannot back up. Auto brake lights on dash. after fiddling or leaving it for awhile i.e 1hour, it is ok. Please help!!!
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Lee Wilson 2-3-11  
The auto parking brake is Dangerous!!! It depends on the power steering pump to build enough pressure to activate the bendix actuator to release the parking brake. When the pump loses pressure from leaking hoses or breaks in the hydraulic system or from a failure in the power steering pump, The automatic parking brake will either pulse or lock down!!! you may be in heavy traffic or on a downhill roll either way you are in trouble!!! the brake will lock down and generate enough heat until seals will melt causing a fluid leak and the fluid will ignite into a huge fire. I have seen this happen. I would remove this automatic parking brake.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Charlie 3-2-11  
Right on Ron. I am fixing mine now witht he same issue. It was a green switch Part #15961566 for $54 at AO'Reilly that fixed my leak problem.
2003 Safari Trek Parking Brake manual and schematics Jim 10-13-12  
2003 Safari Trek
Parking brake malfunction. Light on Dash and alarm. Parking Brake failed and would not release. Mechanic said it was fixed but is not. This problem started after the calipers and pads were replaced. Looking for manual, assembly drawings, schematics so I can fix this problem. Can you provide this information.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix wayne 8-7-13  
Leak around parking break.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Lloyd 3-28-15  
How do I adjust the emergency brake on my 1996 p30 that has the auto park brake?The Auto park has been adjusted 2 or 3 times by a mechanic and after a short trip it will coast ahead in park position and when I move the shifter from park to drive the brake does not always release until I go to natural and then to reverse. Very frustrating
Thank you
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Len Toth 11-1-15  
1996 Winnebago Adventurer, 454, 7.4, Gas engine.
Driving home from vacation back in August of this year, and my Park Brake light came on and would not go off. I had a few miles to drive to get home so I kept driving. My wife smelt a burning smell, almost like rotten eggs, as we were driving, and as a result we now do not have Auto Park Brake or P(park) when I shift the gear shift into Park. The vehicle just rolls when I shift into park. Also I have had a track record of difficult shifting from Park into R, D, etc. Please advise what went wrong, and big of a job is this to repair. Also, is it a repair job for a transmission shop, or someone such as Camping World,etc. Please advise. Thank you.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix linda 3-26-16  
Brand new 2016 Southwind gas coach. Emergency brake light came on with warning light. My husband stop engaged the brake, then released and lights won't go out. Any help out there?
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Kevin Erickson 6-24-16  
I had tow tow a motorhome with this auto brake system.the rv would not run. How do you release this feature for tow?
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Johnny Hicks 5-29-16  
Does the park foot brae affect yhe slide out electric hydraulic leveling jacks and electric door entry steps on 2006 georgetwn class A mototorhome The slide out will not reract and the steps will not work
We have a 1990 ford coachmen catalina, mobile home and we had it sitting for a few months.when we parked it there it was fine need repairs and tune up,but the brakes now seem to be locked.what caused this problem and how can we fix it? we are some do it yourselfers
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix William Herd 9-10-15  
I just purchased a 1994 32' Gulf Stream motorhome with a GM motor in the back and I am assuming the chassis is GM. Where is the parking brake lever or button?
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix MIKE Y. 8-20-13  
PLEse help.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix todd swenson 8-19-14  
Where can I get a new auto park for a91 winnobago eladan please let me know
Emergency brake lori hidrogo 9-30-13  
Help! i have a 1987 pace arrow and the break light stays on when trying to put in reverse or drive. where is the emergency brake and how do i unlock it?
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Don Anderson 12-2-13  
Auto park brake light is on continuously. Flair Fleetwood 1998 will not move.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Michael 7-16-14  
My 1994/ 96 Reg. Fleetwod Flair Pusher type My parking brake works ok but red "On" light on dash does not work. Also levelling jacks need a Parking brake signal "On" to operate. Any ideas where this switch is located. Its on an Osturg chassie,
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix joe 7-12-14  
Hi I need the gray switch and not the green one! need to know the part number for the grey switch,it does leak! thanks foe all the help
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Denny 8-13-13  
Can the auto brake be fixed
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix thomas lobdell 11-11-10  
1994 southwind motor home auto park will not release
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix john murray 1-8-12  
Rv will not move when i put it in reverse or drive.after i disconnected battery and replaced the starter.after connecting battery and starting vehicle above happenened
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Joe Phillips 9-19-14  
Drove 1500 miles no problems, Stopped on a hill and brake would not release in reverse, cooled off over night and would back up, Now it will not release on occasion.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Ralph thomas 3-31-15  
My auto park brake leaking oil around pump and reservoir area leaking how to fix and where can get parts thanks
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix David Barnes 3-30-18  
I have a 94 pace arrow on the dreaded p30 frame with the auto park and when you put it in park it stills rolls, any ideas ?
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix erica 10-17-15  
Auto park brakes on. wont release. Just blead the brakes cuz of low fluid in the mastercyclinder. But its not releasing the auto park. I can go forward bot not backward and i dont see any leaks in the rgs or in that houses the system. Should i just release the clevis pin. But my emergency brakes not working either. please help.
Re: Auto Park Brake Fix Denny 2-21-18  
Stuck in boonies with Auto Park stuck on.
1996 Winnebago P30 Adventurer.

How can I manually release?

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