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Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego David 8-17-09  
After spending a long day fighting with my camper that would not move and reading a bunch of posts on line. the autobreak on the chevy p30 frame does not have a clevis pin to disengange.

couple thing to try: first of all there is a resavior under the camper behind the stairs. look for an aluminum box about 16X12. fill it with tranny fluid. if that does not free up the brake (did not for me) then you need to seperate the cable from that box. I personally tried for an hour and could not get the long 4 inch nut seperated from the box. My cable seperated.. I cut the cable with a Saw's all and the camper free'd up and moves. You will see a 12in round drum and the end of the drive shaft. this is the cause of the problem. Not really needed unless you live in the Alps.

hope this helps.. my day sucked.
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Re: Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego ikesauto 11-20-09  
Most prob accure with the auto part caused by fluid leak and will not release the breaks and back off the transmission. If you have to move the RV don not cut any cables, follow the cable to the servo and you'll see a long nut and furthere back the jam nut. Release it from the barrow, un screw it in order to release the break cable.

If you have any questions contact me at
Re: Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego JC 8-30-09  










Re: Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego mumfrumson 8-20-09  
I've had a similar problem as was able to disconnect the brake line at the assebly. I dont believe David was advising people to cut it. but certainly if your in a bind (no pun Intended) this will get you to the nearest service station to have the system repaired.

Rich you need to relax buddy, If you dont chock the wheels your asking for problems with or without this brake. Brush up on your law also, just becuase I tell you to drive your car in reverse on the highware does not make me responisible if you do.
Re: Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego rich. 8-17-09  
what you did to your Motorhome is VERY UNWISE and VERY dangerous-You are NOW liable fot the lives of any one and any damages you & your RV occur--Auto Park is the ONLY parking Brake you have--DO not tell others to CUT brake cables-
if they took your ADVICE and theirs rolled---YOU are possibly Liable,
AUTO-Park system IS designed to Hold Heavy RV's in place while parked,
THERE is NO parking Pawl in the transmission to hold it,
Auto-Park is NOT hard to fix-
I hope yours wont kill someone -rolling away-
Re: Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego Jon Beecroft 12-12-09  
Hi, I have a 93 chevy/fleetwood on a series p 37 chassis, all the brakes work but the overall braking performance is rubbish. would it be possible to put a complete air system on or an air over hydraulic system on.
I now I will need the tanks and compressor and actuators. I have been looking I can get an engine driven compressor on via a double pulley running off the ac compressor or would I be better running of a triple pulley off the crank? thanks for any help/advice you can give. all the best a
limey rv'er Jon
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Re: Chevy p30 auto brake on winnebego thomas lobdell 11-11-10  
Auto park will not release
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