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Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Hershel 1-26-09  
I have a 92 Winnebago with a P30 chevy chassis.After replacing the power steering pump 2 times and acuator and pouring about 4 gallons of power steering fluid into the power steering reserve tank I finally figured out what the problem was and it was a simple fix.I noticed that the dip stick had stamped on it just under the lid these words and a measurment line that said adjust park brake cable. I found out after time the cable will stretch and cause the fluid to rise in the reserve tank and eventualy cause it to overflow out of the tank unles you adjust the cable so the acuator don't push the fluid up and out of the reserve tank then whene you put it in drive it pulls too much fluid from the reserve tank causing the steering pump to pull air into the system.
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Kent Clasen 4-30-18  
I have a 96 "P-30 chassis, When i purchased the coach the brakes worked fine. over the winter the brake fluid went down so i filled and used it that summer a few times with no issues until later in the season i noticed that they weren't as effective when pressing on the brakes. i thought that i needed to replace master cylinder so i did. I had local shop do it for me, after about 1 week I stopped by to see how they were doing and the owner said that they bleed it numerous times but still thought that the coach didn't stop like it should.
i used it a couple times and was still not happy so i took the coach to an authorized Bounder dealer.
after replacing the brake booster, another new master cylinder, front brake calipers and bleeding the system numerous times and $3000.00 brakes are still no better.
i argued with the owner and he said its an older coach. i returned after hours to pike up and went to leave and noticed now the brake lights stay on and the cruise doesn't work, i replaced the switches but still nothing.
i was told that the power steering may effect this, oh and the auto park still doesn't hold the coach.
i nee help to make this safe again.
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes mike 4-1-09  
Katherine you may have a problem with the right front brake system if the rig pulls to the left. I would pull the front right wheel a inspect the pads and rotor also look for any leaks of brake fluid.Also if the rig is a few years old sometimes the hose will close off inside and cause problems on the P30 chassis.Usually the hose problem will cause them to start dragging and heat up a may even lock up front brakes.Had to change mine a few years ago for that reason. Good Luck Mike
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes katherine 1-31-09  
I am having the same problem and mech is wanting to start replacing these items. I did try to explain about the parking brake and the he said it is stuck and that is is due to one of the parts. Can you explain how to adjust the parking brake? Also I have a problem with pulling to the left when I apply the brake while driving is this the same problem or is it a bad line?
Please help I am in a small town in arkansas and limited help.
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Win 2-19-10  
Having read the input on the air in system for PB/PSteering. was the the parking brake cable replaced ? was it adjusted having been stretched out? or was the actuator remidied somehow. Any info would be helpful stuck ! ver stumped !
P30 NO POWER ANTHONY 4-20-09  
I have just purchased a 1996 Chevy P30 truck with a 6.5 Diesel.
The Truck has 130,000 miles on her, she starts fine, runs well, no smoke, and no blow back. A little oily around the seals, but no leaks.
As I was driving it home on the highway it ran fine until the mountainous roads in W. Virginia and Pennsylvania. Thats when she started to act up.
When going up an incline I could not get any power out of the motor. At times the temperature would slightly elevate but never redline. The oil pressure never went above 40psi, even at high RPM's. (At idle its about 15-25psi) Its an analog gauge, and not a very accurate one, but that's what it looks like to me, to the best of my knowledge.
The transmission would start winding out, to try to make it up the hill. In some cases I went from doing 65mph and slowed down to 35-40mph, uphill full throttle. No power.

Any suggestions or ideas what my problem might be???

Adjusting of 1992 chevy P30 chassis steering box John C. Sebolt 4-21-11  
I own a 1993 Fleetwood Southwind built on a 1992 Chevy P30 chassis and have not been able to find any info on how to adjust the steering box on this coach. Is there anyone here that can clue me in on this? On the side of the steering box is an adjustment screw with a jamb nut. I loosened the jamb nut and snugged the adjusting screw inward until I met slight resistance. Is this the correct way of doing this? I believe all this does is to take up slack on the worm gear but I'm not sure. Is there not another adjustment area on this particular steering box? Any insight on this would be appreciated. Thank you, John......
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Aaron D 10-19-16  
Ok, I just put in my 3rd mastercylinder, most likely not the problem!

We are working on my 92 chevy chassis pace arrow p30. I have a fantastic mechanical, driveline ebrake which functions perfectly! I have 4 wheel disc brakes, which were functioning properly until they applied themselves! Seriously guys, driving down the grade and these suckers slowly grabbed. It was like I was doing this for a stop light. Let my motty cool off for a day and she goes fine for 3-5 miles then bam, no sukka you are slowing down! The rear brakes are good, but, the fronts will lock completely up, let it sit for a day and here we go, another 3-5 miles. I'm a mechanically inclined guy but this has me stumped! It is only the front brakes, not the rear!
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Jim 8-3-15  
My '93 P-30 has been in shop for 2mos while "mechanics" try to figure out why even with a new pump it loses brakes when placed in reverse.....anyone had this come up?
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Ron 5-23-14  
Our '75 Argosy 20 MH on the P30 chassis was pulling HARD to one side. Mechanic replaced the brake hoses and noted that one had "collapsed". Problem solved!
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Rusty 11-25-17  
My 1982 P30 is running through Power Steering fluid like crazy and squirting it when doing short maneuvers. All the hoses are good, but they and the brake unit are covered in fluid.

Any ideas.
Re: P30 NO POWER Hershel 5-1-09  
Hi Anthony
Your problem most likely is your fuel fiter is nearly stoped up with water and sludge.Replace the fuel filter with a new one and make sure you fill the new filter with clean diesel fuel before you put it on or it will not start.
Good luck from Hershel
Re: adjusting of 1992 chevy P30 chassis steering box Brad anderson 1-16-13  
1983 p30 chassi Chevy both adjustment
Re: adjusting of 1992 chevy P30 chassis steering box Steve 5-15-13  
I believe I saw in the chassis manual to adjust the inside stud to 15 inch lbs. then tighten down the outside jam nut.
Re: Found problem with P30 steering&brakes Tony Q 2-11-17  
Hey Aaron, I have had the same issue with my 94 Winnebago Elante. It has a P30 chassis with the 7.4 engine. It has been frustrating for me as well. I have discovered that the hydroboost system may have something to do with it. At this point I am checking the actuators and the different ways that the steering fluid flow with the brake fluid. This started after replacing the master cylinder. Got stuck in Arizona when the brakes locked up the first time had to brakes and calipers all replaced. Thought it was possible that it was fixed but it occurred again. Looks like I have a leak in the steering pump I'm about to replace that and then check the entire hydroboost system. I read once that replacing the lines helps. Looking for a block line and making sure that the flow lines are correct when it changes modes. I will shoot you a diagram that I found online maybe it'll help let me know if you come up with a solution thanks.
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