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The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS Chuck P30 10-7-03  
Anyone here give me any reason I should NOT put on a GEAR VENDORS gear spliter / overdrive. ?
I have a TH400 of course being an older unit, and as thosue go only 3 forward gears, and that thing could use like 10 forward gears when climing and or crusing on flat ground. I tach 3200 at 60-62 MPH and now that I installed FRONT Air bags (replaced with ones that hold air, and replaced rear shocks, those were seized) and with all the suspension working well I can see going 65-75 on some interstates and flatlands and or at least slowing my engine down to about 2600 RPM at say 62... GOOD BAD OR EGLY on GEar Vendors UNIT.. ?

Fron Vendors Website
#3D0475 GM TH 400/475 3-Speed Auto Trans. With Driveline Park Brake Replaces tail housing. Factory park brake moved to back of 2-Speed. GM P30 Chassis up to 14,500 GCVW with Manual cable park brake.
Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS David S 10-7-03  

I've asked the same question, but never gotten any answer other than, "it reduces rpm". No evidence of better mpg, reduced engine wear, better operation. The only article I've found on the web says it increased engine temp. at highway speeds and reduced mpg.

Even gearvendors has no information on real world performance.

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Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS Chuck P30 10-8-03  
David, I am sure the reduced MPG would be done IF we did not pay any attention to the VAC signal on EVERYONES vac gauge (Right we all have one correct?). If all you do is slow down the engine and cause an increase in your throttle position thus causing a reduce diction volumemetric efficiency. It is like a car that is put in to OVERDRIVE TOO soon it gets worse gas mileage not better. I have ZERO doubt about the LESSER wear on engine and related components, I am more wondering about the G.V. UNIT itself. Everyone I talked to today SWEARS by the GEAR VENDORS unit and kind-a slams the other brand a little.. I am not sure BUT I went ahead and ordered a Gear Vendors unit today and looking to set up the date to have it installed, so I will let you know, HOW I LOVE IT..
Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS Ken 3-31-04  
I installed a GV unit on my '70 Olds Cutlass convertible, 350/350, 3:73 gears. LOVE the tires barkin' 5 times, last one @ 80mph!! Gas mileage is same as with 2:92. Around 17mpg, which is lots better than the 12 I got with the 3:73. Only bitch is I have almost a full second delay before the GV unit engages, so you gotta hit the button EARLY to keep the rpm's outta redline. Took some practice to master, but is very rewarding otherwise. The price took a chunk outta my wallet, but I plan on keeping this unit, should I ever sell the car.
Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS Curt 4-28-08  
I have just bought a 89 Itasca W the Gear Vendor. I was told it doesn't work at all. My question is will this cause problems with the Torque converter. I drove unit 200 miles and felt some shutter at 45-50 mph.Is that related i wonder.Any ideas,thanks in advance.
Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS RVAl 5-16-10  
I have a 454, THM400 of course, 4.10 axle. Original was a 3.73, original owner had it changed out to 4.10.
With the 4.10 it is right for heavy towing: 10,000# rating.
But for running light, a 22% drop would be the equivalent of a 3.20 axle. Instead of running 3,300 rpm @ 60 mph it would turn about 2,600.
Since the main fuel consumption of this truck running light is churning that 454, surely the mileage would be improved despite an increased throttle opening being required.
Keeping the 4.10 axle minimizes the torque load on the drivetrain during light running as compared to having an underdrive with the original 3.73 axle, which would result in an equivalent 4.55
Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS P K Walker 12-28-03  
I'm just cruisin through on a "google" search "gear vendors th-400" and came upon this forum and I hope this will help anyone considering or reconsider purchasing one of these units. I will be putting a GV unit someday soon on my 83 Chevy C-30 crew cab, I just hope I find a rebuilt or good used unit before whip out $2500. I've got a 454/TH400 w/4.56 rear end. I tow a 27ft 5th wheel no problems. I can pass up anything on the road but a gas station. I don't care about the MPG when towing, but when I'm not towing this is a must have item. I'm @ 3000 rpm @ 65mph. With the GV I want to be or should be cruising @ around 2400 @ 65mph. Anyone who is going to install one of these thinking your going to get better millage while towing forget it, you will likely run very hot or over heat both engine and transmission. For these GV units I would only suggest using them for applications such as mine. Good Luck to all!
Re: The Good Bad or Ugly of GEAR VENDORS Russ Ritenour 10-20-03  
Dear Chuck P30,
It is obvious you work for Gear Vendors and are just pushing their product.
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