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Ford 53 Superduty Trans Tom 4-28-03  
I have a 1994 Ford Superduty 34' motorhome with a trans leak. The problem was noticed backing up a relatively steep driveway. Trans oil was noticed to leak from the bottom of the bellhousing. Is there the possibility of a vent tube overflow at this steep angle or more likely a front pump seal??

Thanks for your advise.
Re: Ford 53 Superduty Trans Joe 4-28-03  
It probably is the convertor seal leaking. In reverse, the pressure is the highest and if there is going to be a leak at the convertor it will happen then.
Re: Ford 53 Superduty Trans tom 4-29-03  
After verifying ATX oil levels after the incident, the dip stick indicated about a 1/2 quart low. In total, approx 2 qts were lost. Since then I cleaned the bellhousing real good, added the 1/2 quart of ATX oil, and exercised the transmission in all gears (while the coach was on a flat driveway). Results: no leak what so ever. I conclude that the combination of high reverse pressures, hot oil temps(normal operating temps), the steep incline, and the fact that the trans may have been overfilled by a quart or so caused the oil to siphon or overflow out the vent tube located on the from pump in the bellhousing. Have you or anyone else out there ever heard of such a condition?? Could this be Fords way of preventing and overfill condition to prevent oil foaming? It all seems a little strange to me, but the fact remains that it no longer leaks. Any further assurance would be appreciated.


Re: Ford 53 Superduty Trans Joe 4-29-03  
Tom, what are the miles on your coach? I wouldn't want you to fix something that isn't broken, but at the same time I wouldn't want to tell you that it is ok and 500 miles from home it fails you. Without looking it up but just guessing the pressure is sometimes as much as 75 to 100 psi higher in reverse. I have seen times where the front pump bolts aren't quite tight enough, and as you use reverse going uphill they will leak. Try to duplicate the problem on a steep uphill by backing up with the trans hot.
Re: Ford 53 Superduty Trans tom 5-1-03  
The coach has 18,300 miles on it. The problem occured at the end of a trip so the trans was at normal operating temperature. A recent underchassis inspection prior to the leak did not indicate any type of seepage at the bell housing. All looked to be very dry. Would loose pump bolts yeild any leakage in forward gears prior to the problem? I am confident that I can re-create the condition but am unsure of what it would tell me. I think a test drive is in order with a charged cell phone.
Re: Ford 53 Superduty Trans jd 5-2-03  
Many call me crazy and you're welcome to also. But I wonder. You said "backing up a steep driveway". Is there any chance you overheated the torque convertor and caused the fluid to boil? That condition once happened to me but it was caused by a mismatched convertor that stayed in slippage all the time. Well, till it overheated and toasted itself and the transmission and my plans to take the boat to the Keys...
Good news is this that if this did happen, it would have been only an isolated event. Does your fluid look or smell burnt? God Bless, jd
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