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DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? jay 9-12-02  
Hey all, i have the aforementioned vehicle with an automatic tranny in it, here's the thing - it tops out around 53. I'm trying to research what steps i would need to take on the drivetrain in order to increase the top speed by about 20%. I've already had the engine rebuilt and new shocks, springs, bearings, and races installed as well as new tires soooo it drives like a dream.... a really slow dream :)
Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? Joe 9-13-02  
Your engine could govern out at anywhere from 2100 to 2300 rpm. That would determine your rear ratio. My best guess would be that you would want to have a ratio around 4.33 or 4.44, but you must be careful not to strain your transmission.
Re: DT 466 fuel injector problem Raymond 11-4-06  
I recently had to replace injector 4,5,and6 now the truck runs worse than it did before.I even replaced the injector harness and still had no luck im at my witts end and about to lose my job over this please any advise would help
Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? jay 9-13-02  
So how do i find out what my existing gear ratio is? And what exactly is a governor, and can it safely be removed, or will i need a new tranny in order to boost my top speed?
Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? Erich 9-13-02  
The governor is a device on the engine that controls the maximum rpm the engine will run at. You do NOT want to remove it. Unless you want interal engine parts flying thru the hood. :(

You have two ways to increase top speed.
1. get a transmission with overdrive gears.
2. Change the rear axle ratio to a numerically lower value. (By 20%)

Two find out your ratio, you can crawl underneath and look for a metal tag attached to the pumpkin someplace. It should have numbers stamped on it. Some will look like a ratio 4.11:1 or such.
Otherwise, jack up the truck and count revolutions of the drive shaft until a rear wheel makes one full revolution.

Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? Joe 9-14-02  
Jay, The governor is an internal part of your injector pump, and cannot be removed, so forget that. There is no automatic transmission with overdrive that fits your engine, so forget that. The differential ratio should be stamped in the flat part of the front of the pinion shaft. It will most likely be like a 5.38 ratio. The only way to gain more speed from your truck is to change the differential ratio.
Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? wrench 9-14-02  
Joe is right on the target. Also find out on the ID tag on the engine what is the rating for the engine, ( 190, 215, 245, HP) Some are geared for mountain with a higher output, like 245, the it can take a much lower ratio in the rear end. Idealy your engine should turn not more that 1800 RPM at 60 MPH LOADED. If not loaded, 1600 RPM would be better.
Peek torque on those engine is around 1400 RPM, and is where it's the most economic to drive. So at 1600, when you hit a hill it will hold better till 1400, and at 1200 it will shift if auto or you shift if stick.
THIS IS JUST A BASIC, Would need lot more infos to make an accurated
recommandation on the ratio to use, like= loaded weight, hill or flat land,
engine rating, what tranny, trailer or not, driving speed, preferances(racing or economic).
Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? Mark O. 9-21-02  
Wrench I don't know what sort of DT466 you have had experience with but all of the ones I have had experience with don't even start to pull until at least 1800 RPM and govern out at 2600 RPM.

And yes there are overdrive automatics available for DT466 engines. In the new Allison World Transmissions the top two gears are overdrive. They probably would not be a good choice for converting to however since the electronic package has to mate up with an electronically conrtolled engine to work properly. If you have a newer DT466E it will work super with a World Trans.

One of the really nice things about the way the DT466 is put together is you can run around with your foot flat on the floor all day long and not hurt them. The governor, if it is set correctly, will let you cruise at max RPM without causing the engine any harm. Fuel mileage is better if you keep the RPM's down around 2300-2400 RPM instead of 2600.

One caveat about running hard, never shut the engine down without giving it a chance to cool down for at least 3 minutes. If you don't you will heat soak the turbo bearings and the turbo will be history in a very short time.

It is too bad you already purchased new tires. Switching out your 9:00X20/10X22.5 tires to 11X24.5 tires would have changed your top speed by 5-10 MPH.

Good luck and happy trails.

Mark O.
Re: DT 466 1980 Loadstar - GEAR RATIO ? Joe 9-23-02  
Mark, we do injection pumps, and the early DT466 governed out at 21-2300 rpm depending on the application. I would guess his with an automatic would be 2300. Now as far as an automatic with overdrive, well now if money is no object, I'm sure you could get one to work. The engine would have to be turned up to match the shift points on the trans. The OD trans uses electronic controls that sense speed, which means you would have to install an electronic speedometer. The manual pump would have to be replaced with an electronic model. Then you need to replace the manual tach with electronic one. Remember, this is a 1980 truck.
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