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Transmission front seal leak on a Dodge 440 1978 engine Adam 6-2-11  
First off this is the greatest forum I have ever come across there is so many helpful people and posts I can not believe it. Thank you to everyone that has ever made a post. thank you very much I am forever grateful.

I bought a 1979 SunCrest Motorhome last week with the impression that it only needed a tranny pan replacement. I got it for cheap enough were if it needed more extensive transmission work it was still worth it. This is how mechanically challenged I am tho---IT TOOK 4 trips to napa to figure out what engine and what transmission filters and gaskets I needed to fix the tranny pan gasket and filter.

After fixing the tranny pan gasket and replacing the filter and doing a full oil change I added 4 to 4 1/2 quarts of transmission fluid to the transmission. Checked the dipstick says full. Turned the engine on and let it run a few minutes checking underneath for any leaks. There where 3 but after tightening the tranny pan bolts a lil tighter they no longer exist. Let the engine run a little longer than I had a neighbor come over and put it in gear with foot on the break still no leaks. Then I backed it up 50 feet and drove forward 50 feet re-checked and there is a leak from the front of the transmission. I am assuming this is the front pump seal of the transmission from my google attempts, but I have no way of validating. Is there a way I can validate my guess? Is there a video or a book I can buy to show me how to replace this? Does anyone want to take the time and type out the "how to" for this project? Anyone in minnesota that might want to come help me for a few bucks? Any tips at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading hopefully you can be my angel.
Re: Transmission front seal leak on a Dodge 440 1978 engine BUBBA THE BUS TECH 6-2-11  
To repair:
Remove starter, you may need to remove the oil filter to do this.
Undo 4 torque converter to flex plate bolts through hole where starter was. Turn the engine and starter by using a screw driver on the teeth of the ring gear or ratchet and socket on the front crank shaft bolt. Before removing last bolt mark converter and flex plate to get the alignment correct on reassembly. Push the converter back. toward rear of 1/8 to 1/4 inch. if it does not move easily you may have a rare 5 or 6 bolt flex plate.
While you are doing the above drain the trans oil.
Remogve the drive shaft
Remove all but two of the bell housing bolts.
Suport the trans on a jack
Remove the cross member
Remove the cooler lines at the fittings in the side of the trans
Remove the last two bolts.
Remove the transmission.
Now the tough part.
Remove the converter from the transmission. Do this by pulling towards you. This will make a huge mess so tip the converter toward you as quickly as possible.
Inspect the neck on the converter that goes into the transmission pump. They can crack and get groves worn in.
Next load the trans up and take it to a transmission shop aand ask them to replace the pump bushing and front seal. It is possible for you to beat out the old seal and install new but usually the bushing being worn caused your leak in the first place.If they charge more than $100 bucks or try to sell you somemore survice move to the next shop.
The converter is a pain to reinstal. You slip it into the front of the trans and then spin it while wiggeling up and down until it slides back as far as it was when you took the trans out.
From there reverse of diasembly.
Good Luck
Re: Transmission front seal leak on a Dodge 440 1978 engine carl whiteman 10-18-11  
I also have a 1978 440. can you tell me what model transmission you have,or where on tranny it is marked?thank you for any help you can provide.carl whiteman sandy valley nv
Re: Transmission front seal leak on a Dodge 440 1978 engine patkrush 11-6-11  
Carl you have a 727 3 speed auto.
this was standard trans for this motor.
the hp rating is 195 for this motor.
make sure when replacing plugs to get
the same as you take out on the 440-3
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