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Blinking O/D light, speedometer pegged Barry Hunt 4-27-09  
About 70 miles in a massive snowstorm heading to NASCAR in Phoenix, suddenly lost overdrive in my 96 Four Winds RV.
It is a E-350 with a Ford 460 engine w/ an automatic trans. The O/D light on the shifter was flashing, the speedometer was pegged, lost cruise control, and the odometer and tripometer quit working. The tranny would shift really hard through all gears, and was extremely touchy and would shift down on even the smallest incline. It got us to Phoenix and back, but now I'm worried about any long term damage I might have caused, by not getting it checked out. We tried a code reader inside and out of the RV, and nothing would read on the handheld. I found no loose wires when I was finally able to crawl underneath after all the snow buildup was gone. Any hits here?? Barry
Re: Blinking O/D light, speedometer pegged BUBBA THE BUS TECH 4-27-09  
Sounds like the speed sensor/sender took a hit and is toast, but I am not a expert on ford OD trans. I would start by getting a good reader and seeing what the computor is actually seing from the sensor and go from there. Good Luck
Re: Blinking O/D light, speedometer pegged BT 6-24-09  
Did you find the problem?

I had the same thing happen to me on my 96 F350..... It's been a couple years so I forgot what actually happened but I thoughjt it might have bee low on fluid? or ??? but, i still have the same tranny a couple years later.
Re: Blinking O/D light, speedometer pegged Barry Hunt 6-26-09  
Thanks, but due to me being on short time disability, I'm unable to do anything as of now to check this out. Once I'm all healed up and back to work, I'll crawl under her and check out the wiring very closely for bare wires, and then, probably pull the VSS and replace it to see what happens. The part is cheap, -vs- driving some 200+ miles one way for a proper code check. I've already disconnected the batteries, and to no avail. Once I get this fixed, I'll post back so anyone else who has had this problem will most likely have a solution as well. Thanks for the help!!!!
Re: Blinking O/D light, speedometer pegged Barry 8-23-09  
Finally, I was able to crawl under the RV and find the Speed Sensor. On my model it was located above the rear differential. I removed the sensor, and replaced it with a new one, and re-connected the battery, and no change. All the problems noted earlier still exist, so now I'm really baffled to what is wrong. Could a damaged speedometer cable possibly be the problem?? I can't see any noticeable damage on any of the wiring. I haven't driven it, but don't think that would change a thing.
Re: Blinking O/D light, speedometer pegged Barry 10-26-09  
Problem Solved!!!
After changing out the VSS "Speed Sensor" on the top of the rear differential, all I did was start the engine, and no change.
Today, I took the RV out and cleaned her up in anticipation of taking her to a local mechanic, and one of the things I researched was when trying to reset the sensor or other gadgets, was to make sure you are driving somewhere, and to push the select button on the mileage so that it reads the trip mileage. Well, I did that, and then zeroed/cleared the trip mileage, and all of the sudden, everything went back to normal. I drove it out of town for around 30 miles round trip, and still everything was fine. I believe my initial problem was just a shorted out speed sensor. Initially I thought it might be a damaged speedometer cable or a worn wiring harness that plugs into the sensor, but that was fine. Thanks All for giving me any help that you did!!! I'm once again a "Happy Camper" Barry
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