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4l60e shifting problems edward 4-20-08  
I have a 95 s10 2.2 it had been sitting for along time. the problem is if you put it in drive or od nothing happens, if you manually put it in first it goes shifts second fine, you have to may sure you are going over 30ish mph to shift into drive and 45ish for od. everything feels solid when in goes into gear i just have to shift it manually. thanks for any help.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Teddy Spivey 11-17-09  
I have a 95 SS, my problem seems to occur at the shift between 2nd and 3rd when i'm really on the gas. If I drive normally it shifts just fine but when I get on the gas hard when it's time to go into third it won't shift, I have to come off the gas and then push it again then it will shift. I just had the transmission rebuilt minus the electronic parts could some of those be my issue. I would greatly appreciate some help as well from anyone.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Stanley Solomon 11-23-09  
I have a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado 2 Wheel Drive and I just bought the truck three weeks ago from a supposed to be friend. When Trans. is cold everything shfts fine but once it heats up I have a bad slipping in OD before it downshifts.The Fluid had a burnt smell so I changed filter and Fluid and added RESLONE as directed.The Trans.Fluid was close to being black and Filter looked bad also.And if I start off fast it doesn't want to change to second.Has anyone had the same problem? HELP!
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Steve Godwin 4-11-15  
I just had my 4l60e transmission rebuilt. It shifts hard between 2nd and 3rd. WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? All the other shifts are fine.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems ERIC 11-11-09  
I HAVE A 1999 GMC G3500 VAN - WITH A
Re: 4l60e shifting problems al 11-4-09  
The problem with 1&2 ok and no 3&4 the over drive sprag is not holding need a new sprag remove front pump and clutch pack you'll see the small sprag it should only turn one way and lock the other way if you fill it lock force it it will slip then just replace it
Re: 4l60e shifting problems ken Toledo 12-6-09  
I have a 4l69e 4n4 chev. truck it shift fine 1 to 2n but not to 3rd and 4th..but some times it shift manually...Help
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Chris 12-13-09  
95 GMC Yukon GT and it will not move at all. Transfercase is fine and park works great just wont move in any gear. Any ideas...
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Ike 2-6-10  
Re: 4l60e shifting problems jovan lopez 1-17-10  
95 gmc jimmy with the 4.3l v6 vortec stuck in 3rd gear shifts 1 time at 30mph and thats it 2nd tranny that does this 4l60e trans. any idea's? could be shift solenoids?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems jose 1-11-10  
Have a 1995 silverado ext/cab bought a new engine and installed it sounds great...then installed a transmission(97 astro van) but the "neutral switch" didnt fit so it was not installed when i shift it dosnt state what gear its in.... but still shifts fine when its cold...once the truck warms upthe speedometer goes crazy and doesnt go out of first gear?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems John 12-27-09  
I have a 99 2WD Tahoe(old body style). Truck has reverse, 1st and 2nd= cold, reverse, 1st, and 2nd shifts fine, 3rd or OD engine idles/revess high, Hot, reverse and 1st are fine, 2nd shifts hard, and 3rd or OD does the same as cold. Any idea's
Re: 4l60e shifting problems nick 10-25-09  
I have a 1996 gmc 1500 ext. cab. having problem with trans when it gets warm it slips and feels like every gear is neutral but when it is cold shifts fine. anybody got an answer?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Bill 7-5-09  
1997 Tahoe 4X4-just rebuilt the tranny and doesnt seem to have a 2-4?! Any help appreciated-maybe the Servo seals?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Karl 10-14-08  
Vehicle is 96 chevy 1500 extended cab.
transmission is 4l60e
Trans has 1st and 2nd gear and shifts ok between the two. will not shift to 3rd or OD not even manually,It's like the gears are not even there. Fluid has no burnt smell nor is it discolored. I have replaced shift solenoids and still have no upper gears. Can someone tell me what the next steps are?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems BOBROSSER 12-30-08  
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Mr. Lt1 7-21-08  
Replace all the sloenoids along with the filter and fluid, if this doesnt work you need to have your pcm reflashed, this should do it, if not let me know.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems edward 5-22-08  
Speedo works the truck has been sitting awhile but hva e put a thousabd miles on it shifting manually. thanks for the help
Re: 4l60e shifting problems mike verdetto 5-19-08  
A & b solonids or vss sensor does the spedo work? if so vss is good or maybe check balls stuck in the spacer plate
Re: 4l60e shifting problems R.Scott Frye 4-14-09  
I Have A 1996 Chevy Z71 pickup.Ihave

the same problem as Karl does above on
10/14/08.Fluid is clean and not burnt.
Please advise what to do thank you!
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Dylan 4-24-09  
I have a 97 chevy pickup with the same problem...
Re: 4l60e shifting problems alexs 2-21-10  
I got 1st and reverse and then manual 2nd other than that the tranny will not shift into the rest of the gears replaced the vss because the speedodmeter was not working can anyone help me thx
Re: 4l60e shifting problems ty 5-30-09  
95 impala ss, my speed sensor keep blowing out, i have it replace 3 kids, I have to manually shift it from 1st to 2nd to 3rd, it will not shift after 45, it just hums, can some one please help, i took it to the shop, the believe it a shortage but was unable to find it, please help
Re: 4l60e shifting problems ray f. 5-21-09  
I to have problems with my transmission.1995 yukon gt 4l60e. Trans has 1st and 2nd gear and shifts ok between the two. will not shift to 3rd or OD not even manually,It's like the gears are not even there. Fluid has no burnt smell nor is it discolored.please if someone has advise e-mail me at
Re: 4l60e shifting problems richard craighead 5-12-09  
I have a 98 Z and shifts fine for a little while when first started and then goes to limp mode. When it messes up it will shift very firm 1-2 and 2-3 then no 4. No 1 then either. thinkin it be electrical, can run about 60 with shifter in 3 and turn off key for about 5 seconds til speedo starts to go back to 0 then turn key beck on and bump shifter back into OD and it will go to 4 and stay there til next time you stop. takes off in 1st one time and shifts hard 2 hard 3 and no 4 and no back to 1. Anyone who can help would be greatly appriciated.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Ken 9-10-09  
1994 Z71 4L60 drives forward in 1st, 2nd no 3rd or od no reverse what the dude i bought it from said,was he did'nt like it cause it shifted to hard, boy i wish that was my prob, another thing I pulled the motor and trans out of a 1988 and put it in the 1994, I didnt use the trans & case cause the plugs where diff is there any way to mod to make it work, (the old one is a 700r4E I think...
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Aaron 11-14-09  
I have a 1994 siverado, truck sat for 2 months withbad fuel pump and when i fixed that and drove the truck i put it in od and it takes off sluggish and than its fine but will not engage od rpms at 5500 79 mph. ive been shifting manually from 1st-2nd-d for normal take off,evan sluggish take off in drive, fluid is ok evan put in lucas trans treament still the same thing,what do i do now. thanks aaron
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Alex 11-25-11  
4L60e behind completely rebuilt 4.3L Vortec, installed in a '95 GMC Jimmy 4dr/4wd.

Trans not separated during rebuild, bottom end of motor was okay.
Truck starts, shifts fine and then once it's warmed up, it stops shifting.

Truck belongs to Terminally ill cancer patient so I need to resolve issues ASAP.

Any ideas or suggestions?
4l60e shifting problems Alex 11-25-11  
4L60e behind completely rebuilt 4.3L Vortec, installed in a '95 GMC Jimmy 4dr/4wd.

Trans not separated during rebuild, bottom end of motor was okay.
Truck starts, shifts fine and then once it's warmed up, it stops shifting.

Truck belongs to Terminally ill cancer patient so I need to resolve issues ASAP.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems zack 9-22-11  
I have a 95 chevy tahoe and the tranny will down shift for no reason then wont shift up. While this is happening the speedometer drops to zero. Id appreciate it if somone could lend some helpful hints we think its the speed sensor but id rather not replace it if thats not it. Thanx
94astro van awd chuck 3-8-11  
Starts out in 2 nd shifts to 3 rd no 1 or4 rebuilt trany all new shift solenolds went to tranny shop got a remote shifting box shift great take box off plug tranny back in works for a little does it again. need help
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Bruce 2-23-11  
98 Bravada,just started going out of OD,pulls in 3rd on highway.Sometimes will go back into OD,if I pull down shifter to 3rd then back to OD will go into OD for awhile then out again,still pulls good in 3rd.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems cesarss 12-17-11  
My tranny works fine when its cool one it gets hot it stops shifting. 2006 silverado ss 63000 miles. Around 15 thousand miles ago it stopped shifting in drive but was able to do it manually through the gears got that fixed and now this.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems alex 12-19-11  
I have a 1993 gmc k1500 just put tranny in and tries to pull forward in all gears??? Any help is appreciated!
Re: 4l60 non e shifting problem zach 4-16-13  
My 02 chevy silverado 1500 shifts fine from first to second, and wont shift into third or OD.. i replaced the 2_3 shift solenoid and no change.. fluid level color and smell is fine. So i then replaced the tranny, it ran fine shifted great for the first three hours. I went home parked it and the next mornin wen i was headed to town i had the exact same problem as i had before i changed the tranny.. i can do the work myself but i dont wanna just change parts. It sounds electrical but idk.. any hints suggestions will be helpful thanks
Re: 4l60e shifting problems EdwardGay 8-22-12  
94 sub 4L60 transmission will nopt down shift from overdrive at speeds of 60+ unless you stomp it.

Creates a jerking sensation because it did not shiftdown
Re: 4l60e shifting problems DENNIS 3-10-12  
19996 gmc 4x4 4L60E 1,2,3 shift fine but no 4th (overdrive). this was after getting stuck on beach when 4x4 actuator failed. Could there be a connection between the two?
Gear shifter problems Robin 3-19-10  
I have a 97 Z71 4x4 350 pickup and some times when you stop and put it in park and then try to get it out of park to leave the gear shift want come out of park. Some times if you keep steping on break it will release not sure what it is
Re: 4l60e shifting problems wayne 1-15-11  
Just rebuilt 03 4l60e replaced everything tc pump valve body electronica pistons seals bushings clutches works good in REV 1st and second no 3rd or 4th what did I do wrong! and when does 4th apply piston actually work? please help!
Re: 4l60e shifting problems shauna 1-14-12  
I have a 95 yukon we swapped the 350 for a 454 but didn't change the tranny. Know I have to manually shift it front first to drive and I won't go into od it also does not shifft when driving. Please help
Re: 4l60e shifting problems ronnie 5-26-10  
My 95 chevy tahoe 4l60e transmission sticks in park when under a load! Need help please!
Re: 4l60e shifting problems lex 4-29-10  
Hi, i have a 96 chevy suburban 1500 2wd, if i put it in drive it takes off in second gear, reverse is fine, if i shift it manually it takes off good and can manually shift into second. when i shift it into 3rd and drive it stays in 2nd gear, please help me out, thanks my email is
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Robert Barker 5-8-10  
I have 97 1500 z71 with 4l60e will not shift into overdrive, no codes every other gear works fine just curious to diagnose the problem to see if trans needs rebuild or sensor
Re: 4l60e shifting problems butch 5-4-10  
Shifts 1 to 2 fine, goes to 3rd for a second then into overdrive. everything else seems fine.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems robert Reynolds 12-18-10  
I have a 1999 gmc sonoma 4x4 zr2 4.3 v6 throttle body. The transmission goes in to neatral when it sets at a traffic light to long and it has spit the fluid out of it twice the transmission. Is 4l60e please help me
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Tom P 6-22-10  
I have a 98 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 v8 5.7l 4l60e tranny and the tranny shifts when cold and the truck moves but then after 2 minutes of running it stops shifting and I hear a rattling noise while it's warming up. I did pull a travel trailer with it tho and after I got home from dropping of the trailer the problem started. Any one got any suggestions? Thanks
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Dennis 6-16-10  
Have a 97 Astro AWD, When it warms up, 20-30 miles it shifts hard 1-2, Shut it off for a few minutes and it's OK again until it warms up again. I changed the valve body and it still does the same thing. Trouble light comes on, Mfg fault. I can live with it, just don't like that hard 1-2 shift.Thanks for any ideas.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems cedric 8-1-10  
I have a 1994 chev impala. i am having problems in my shifts fine from 1st to 2nd, but it will not down shift into3rd or the o.d. doesnt kick in... i replaced all solenoids inside the trans pan, and replaced the fluid, and filter.... too nice of a car to get tooken advantage of at shops..if some has the same problem...please help!!!!!!!!!!thank u!!!
Re: 4l60e shifting problems jeff 10-23-10  
Won't shift out of 1st gear,already dropped the trans pan & replaced all the solenoids, real nice inside the pan, went to the fuse box and pulled the trans fuse and have no power going to either side of the fuse, tried to jump power from another power source and the all the park lights lit up, and still doesn't shift this way. have any ideas?
1995 chevy tahoe shifting problems ANGEL 9-2-10  
I have a 1995 chevy tahoe wont shift into another gear, its stuck on one gear. i canhit 50mph and it wont shift. Please help.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Duane 8-2-10  
04 s-10 4 wheel drive 4.3 liter rev high in 1st let off the gas it shifts but i think up to 3rd, if you kick in passing gear it just revs high
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Joe 12-8-10  
Have a 95 4.3 s-10 shifts harshly into second and has poor acceleration and doesnt want to shift into 3rd or even kick into overdrive any ideas what could be wrong please help.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Ben 10-26-09  
Have a 99 chevy s10 do not shift from 1st to 2nd I change the shifting selenoide but still not do you do a PCM reflashed? Please help thank you for your time Ben
Re: 4l60e shifting problems A.J. 2-5-10  
I have 1st 2nd and nothing else. fluid is fine i dont knopw whats wrong
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Ashley Becker 6-7-09  
I have this same problem on a 1998 Chev Z71, let me know what you find out with this. I am curious to know what the problem is.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems dan jaeger 9-29-11  
No 3nd or OD now 2nd dont what to work when hot.I just put new vavle body in it still the same. It's a 1999 tahoe thank's
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Kenneth Harrington 10-12-09  
I have a 99 silverado z71 with the 4l60e and I only have 1st, 2nd, and reverse. The guy I got the truck from said they just rebuilt the trans but didn't blow out the lines or something when putting it back on, and now it dont have any gear higher than 2nd. If anyone can help me out send me a email to

Re: 4l60e shifting problems ed 1-14-10  
Re: 4l60e shifting problems joe 11-10-10  
Speedometer stopped working the other day and now it wont shift out of first gear into any higher gear. changed the speedometer sensor on the transmission and still it does not work. thanks
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Cody 3-7-10  
I have a 98 silverado z71 with the 4l60e and I only have 1st, 2nd, and reverse. any suggestions?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Rene 10-27-09  
Your trans problem is a bad input clutch housing and damaged pump stator shaft,very common among this trans.

FLO-LOP transmissions,25 years dealership experience from cadys to chevys!!!!
Re: 4l60e shifting problems corneyfrog 4-12-10  
Hard shift 1/2 and a p1870 code on check eng lite
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Fisherman Dan 10-6-10  
My 4L60e tranny will not find low or overdrive. manually shift into 1st @ 2nd gear, its locked in 2nd gear. Shift manually to 3rd{DRIVE} and shifts into 3rd hard. Stays in drive, wont shift into overdrive or back. if you start in drive it stays in drive from 0-100, without shifting. reverse is fine. No burnt oil, or leaks. Any suggestions?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Jon 2-22-10  
I have a 97 Z71. All of a sudden my tach and speedo quit and transmission stays in 3rd gear only when put in D or OD.Reverse works and it will manually shift to 2nd but no 1st or overdrive. I was told it may be something in the ignition switch. Could this be the problem? If not, any suggestions?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems tim 6-5-10  
I have 1-2 2-3 then come to stop it stays in third, but i can manualy shift to 2nd

i have same problem. i replaced all shift selinoids new ingtion switch still same problem. I think i might have an issue with my computer, please respond back if you solve your problem, maybe it will help me out too
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Stephen 10-12-10  
I have the exact same issue with yukon denali. Have spent 300 on diagnosis with no answers. Did you ever figure it out?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems COdy 7-25-10  
I have the same problem to the T. Please help me if you have figured out the problem.
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Brent 1-10-16  
My 4L60e tranny will not find low or overdrive. manually shift into 1st @ 2nd gear, its locked in 2nd gear. Shift manually to 3rd{DRIVE} and shifts into 3rd hard. Stays in drive, wont shift into overdrive or back. if you start in drive it stays in drive from 0-100, without shifting. reverse is fine. No burnt oil, or leaks. Any suggestions?
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Robert 3-11-13  
No poweu
y.r to trans 4l6 97 chevy pikup
Re: 4l60e shifting problems Ronnie 1-7-12  
I did a rebild on 2000 4l60e installed has 1st 2nd rev no d or od
Re: 4l60 non e shifting problem jimmy jackson 5-31-14  
I have a 4160E in my 96 suburban shifts fine when you first drive it and the fluids cold once it warms up and you have to slow down or stop I only have second and third no first or overdrive I changed one of the shift solenoids today got it from the dealership but they were reluctant to tell me which one it was I think I installed the 1,2,3,4 solenoid the 2,3 solenoid is the same part number not really sure if I changed the right one or not can anyone help have to have this truck back on the road tomorrow I work out of town and the gas mileage is killing me
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