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Removing ThermoKing AC Jeff 5-5-05  
After debating back and forth about a dozen times, I am leaning towards removing the ThermoKing bus air from my 1990 Neoplan AN440 transit bus. It will be used primarily as a tailgating lounge at Texans football games, so the bus air would serve minimal purpose anyway. My plan is to install 3-4 roof airs and run off a diesel generator. There is only about 16-18" of clearance under the bus which presents a challenge in installing a large genset. I have considered locating the generator engine in the rear stairwell (modified of course) with the generator head extending under the coach. By removing the ThermoKing bus air, however, and ideal perfectly sized space is opened up in the rear for the new genset. Before I go ripping it out, does anyone know if there are any special considerations or 'gotcha's' that I should be concerned with electrically or mechanically which might have an impact on other bus functions? IE - interconnected circuits or shared mechanical resources? I wouldn't want to take it out and find out unpleasantly that I had inadvertantly mucked something up. The compressor is run off the Allison V731 PTO. Thanks!
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC TomC 5-7-05  
Good choice Jeff! I have an AMGeneral transit and I installed a 10kw PowerTech gen in the front next to the driver's seat like a front engine but backward to have the gen side toward the front because of clearance. The radiator is remotely mounted under the driver's seat with a 9-1/2" single inlet blower with a 2 speed 1/2hp elec motor belt driven. I did this instead of in the second door mainly because I kept the second door and it leads directly into my bathroom (which you might consider for your tailgating) and to get the 600lb or so up in the front since my 130gal water tank is in the rear under the bed.
Electrical problems of pulling it out, I can't help you. Good Luck, TomC
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC Kyle 10-18-05  
Hey arent so bad to remove if you place the forks of a forklift under the unit and dis-connect everything, wrap a couple chains around it and pull it out.
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC Jeff 5-7-05  
Thanks Tom - the more I ponder, the happier I am with the concept of removing the ThermoKing. I have hated to do that because it works perfectly and I have no idea what I'd do with it. It seems too good to go to waste, but am not sure what market there might be to sell it. Having that rear space open sure would simplify installing the generator - but I am just concerned that I could muck something up in the process, and I don't know enough about the bus systems to know what to prevent. By the way, PowerTech, EPS, Wrico - seems they have similar systems - any particular recommendations or cautions? And as for roof airs - Carrier, Coleman or DuoTherm? I'm trying to wade through all the advertising hype now to determine which is best. Thanks!
Gens & A/C TomC 5-8-05  
If you live on the east coast use PowerTech-they are in Leesburg, Fla. If you live on the west coast use Wrico. The only reason I didn't use Wrico, is that I didn't know of him until later after buying my PowerTech. I chose the PowerTech because it uses a brushless alternator with a simple voltage regulator, simple high water low oil sensers that trip universal Bosch relays, all other relays are the universal Bosch-all easily obtainable from an auto parts store. Wrico makes an excellent unit and Dick Wright (owner) is absolutely the best for information and installation knowledge. If I bought again, it would be a Wrico with electronic controls so I can interface with the new smart inverters. Some of the new features on the inverters is automatic gen start if the batts get low, kicking in to help the load when on the power pole if you draw more than the power pole can provide, etc.
As far as A/C's, I have 3-13,500 Colemans with the front one close to the front since I don't have dash air. I only need to run the three if it is over 100 out. Usually run the two outers during the day and the center one at night. They are the old fashion type that are not ducted. Personally like non-ducted, seems to get more air blowing. Coleman is good, but only has a two speed fan that makes for a bit noisy night time use. I would use the Duotherm Penquin since it is low profile and has that third speed for quiet night time use. I don't know about the Carrier, other than I know it is a good unit. Even though roof tops are ugly and make for higher up weight, they are cheap and easy to replace if one craps out. But in the 11 years I've had them, not one thing has gone wrong with them. Good Luck, TomC
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC GUY 6-3-05  
Howdy folks,
To qualify myself despite the unusual e-mail address, I was a mechanic at a large city transit shop and had to work on alot of Gilligs, Neoplans and Flexible busses. The Thermoking Unit should come out okay, the fire wire should be left in or remove that section completely. I may have some wiring diagrams left around somewhere that depict the relay boards on the bus. Unplugging the A/C relays and fuses should stop any alarms from annoying you. I would recommend removing all the blower motor wiring as far back to the batteries as you can to prevent future shorts. As for a replacement a/c system, I would contact a local Kenworth dealership and ask for the NITE system salesman. (Unless you want gensets on your unit) I just recieved a projected EPA no idle zone map of the U.S. and it looks like East Coast, West Coast (surprise), and everything south of I-80 is going to be restricted to a 5 minute idle law (including gensets, pony motors, main power engines, reefer units etc). The NITE system comes with Heater, A/C, and block heater options and I was told that it would keep the cab of a tractor at 70 F with ambient temps of -10 F. Anyway, just a thought. Also, custom installation per application. No I am not a salesman, just a mechanic.
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC Mark K. 6-30-05  
Hey if anyone is willing to get rid of there Thermoking a/c unit i am willing to buy from you... i upgrade my cargo van to be refrigerated.. please email me if anyone is willing to sell.. thanx
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC vera 8-25-05  
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Re: Gens & A/C Jeff 5-9-05  
Thanks Tom - as always you provide a wealth of information. I'm neither on the east or west coast - stuck in the middle in Texas, so I guess both are viable options. I don't really need to worry about the inverter / power pole situations since I'll always be using the bus in the Texans parking lot on generator power. I'm not sure if the A/C fan speed will be much of an issue either as I figure I'll need HIGH all of the time with our heat and humidity and 20-30 people coming in and out all the time. Probably the more A/C the better!
Re: Removing ThermoKing AC Luis Fortini 10-7-05  
Please send precie, pichor and precie
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