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ThermoKing AC Jeff 2-28-05  
Any ideas on whether a 1990 ThermoKing T1 rear mount transit bus A/C can be powered by a generator so the engine can be off and still cool the bus?
Re: ThermoKing AC TomC 3-2-05  
If you have a rear side door, you could mount an 8kw PowerTech compact in the stair well and seal off the door. As far as A/C's check out where they have a split A/C where the evaporator, compressor and fan are in one sound proof enclosure and only the condenser is outside. So only the two small freon lines and wires have to go through the floor and the condensing unit will easily mount under the floor. If Tundra had made these units 10 years ago when I started my AMGeneral transit, I would have modified the interior to accept these units instead of the three ugly roof models I have now. They're about $1800 ea, but two are cost less than trying to modify your exsisting down the road A/C. Good Luck, TomC
Re: ThermoKing AC TomC 4-29-05  
To Telecuador- Sounds like you're overseas-in England? Several companies make the roof top RV type A/C's that are electrically operated on 120Vac, but at 60 cycles (don't know if you use 50 cycle) The common companies are Duo-Therm by Dometic, Coleman, Carrier. I'm sure they make 50 cycle units for export. Good Luck, TomC
Re: 2 ton basement TomC 3-4-05  
What I don't like about the 2 ton unit is that it is two compressors in one unit. While it sounds good on paper with the progressive cycling of first one then two of the compressors, the circutry is VERY complicated and prone to glitches. The 2 ton unit is very large and requires large holes be cut in the floor for ventilation since it is in one box. As compared to the Tundra split that you can mount the unit inside easily in the bottom of a cabinet with simple short ducting with just two small holes for the freon lines going outside to the point of your choice for the condenser (there is also a wire for the condenser fan). In my opinion, the split Tundra units are the slickest, most versitile basement units available. That's why Freightliner is offering the split Tundra A/C in the trucks from the factory with the IdleSolutions generator. I figure if it is good enough for approval from the largest truck manufacturer. Good Luck, TomC
Re: ThermoKing AC TomC 3-1-05  
Yes you could power the compressor with a 25hp or so 3 phase electric motor, have another 2hp fan to cool the condensor and then a giant converter to power the two 1hp ea 24v blower motors, but then that means the generator (at least a 25kw) would be running all the time that A/C would be needed. There's a real good reason that the roof top or basement type RV A/C's are sized the way they are. They're easy to power off the PP and you only need one to cool at night. Even if you run two RV A/C's you can do it off a 30 amp plug. Can't do that with the giant down the road stock system you're trying to power. Good Luck, TomC
Amount of units TomC 3-5-05  
From my experience, I have 3 roof top 13.5's with the front one close enough to blow on me while driving. Two choices, either have a big engine driven dash unit and two elec units, or like I did (because I didn't want to run nearly 40ft of freon lines) have 3 elec units. No such thing as too quiet a generator and no such thing as too much A/C. Good Luck, TomC
Re: ThermoKing AC C.S.Mohan 4-14-05  
I would like to know the details regarding the Air conditioning system in Heavy passenger vehicles. To be specific the details reg. different types, the rates and also the engine used
Re: ThermoKing AC TELECUADOR 4-21-05  
We need A/C for Television mobile unit to cover ( L=5mts x W=2.2 mts x H=1.9 mts )temperature needed = 15 centigrades
Pls recomend model and send brochure.
best regards
Gabriel Honce
Re: ThermoKing AC Jeff 3-1-05  
Thanks for the info - it sounds like a pretty big deal. I should have provided a little more's a Neoplan AN440 transit - plan to convert to a lounge for tailgating. Won't be used for road trips or RV'ing. Doesn't seem to have space for a basement A/C (my preference) unless u know of one that would squeeze in about 16" clearance. Rooftop would work, exept we're hoping to put an observation deck on top so would have to work around that. Thought using the existing A/C with a generator in the parking lot would be convenient given the existing duct work etc, but it sounds like it might not be as simple as I had hoped...
Re: ThermoKing AC Jeff 3-3-05  
Great info - I'm researching the tundra units now. I do have a rear door - some very good ideas to consider. Are you familiar or have any experience with the Coleman 2-Ton Plus off roof unit?
Wondering how it would compare to the tundra units. Thanks
Re: 2 ton basement Jeff 3-4-05  
Thanks for the info. I guess for a 40' transit I would probably need 2-3 of the Tundra's to cool it properly?
Re: Amount of units Jeff 3-5-05  
The driving part i'm not as concerned about as the coach will be used for a tailgating lounge. Thanks Tom - you've been a great help!
Re: ThermoKing AC nedal 4-12-07  
I m looking for sp2 and ap3
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