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6v92t detroit lack of power JR 1-6-05  
Hello, I just purchased a 79 MCI-9 with a 6v92t with an allison 740 trans. The bus runs very smooth and has a fairly new engine. When it was started up, it smoked very little to none and smokes little to none when drove.
The only problem is the bus has a very large lack of power, you have to keep it wide open on flats to do the speed limit and pulls steep hills at 10 mph. I have driven other diesels and this is not normal. What could the problem be?? IS it not getting enough fuel. Also I have noticed even on the hills in a hard strain, there is no black smoke. I need some help, thanks
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power Bob Johnson 4-24-05  
Larger injector took me from 15mph up steep hill to 40mph on same hill with me 6V62 in my fully loadeded 4104
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power JW 3-12-05  
I had a similar problem with a GM 4108 that had been sitting for several months. First thing I would do is change the fuel filters. Took care of my problem.
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power Jeff sadler 1-23-05  
My bus with the same motor has the same problem. I'm hopeing the exhaust has some kind of emissions that I can open up. I had it checked out and they say all is good with injectors/turbo... Write me if you figure anything out. Thanks
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power rob gleason 5-28-05  
Check for blocked exhaust somewhere..........mine smokes like a chimney with orchard fruit trees in the fire.though once she gets going she doesn't smoke...she throws the oil all over the rear exterior of the bus and even on to the car following the you think it may be rings.what do you reckon???
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power Keith McKenzie 1-25-05  
My 88 Eagle 15-40 just had a 6v92T installed. I also have the Allison. Supposed to be ready in February.That engine has a good reputation for endurance. It should push a 40 foot bus without a problem. I am in Florida and don't have to contend with any real steep hills. We are replacing (I believe an 8v71??) Not sure. Sorry I'm not much help, but if there is a big difference in power I will definitely notice it.
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power GUY 6-3-05  
Lack of power in diesels:

#1, a blown turbo line (Bad Charge Air Cooler, popped off clamp or hose)

#2, a bad turbo, oil will be dripping out of the exhaust tubing.

#3, Restricted air intake, dirty air filter or crushed air piping.

#4, Restricted exhaust, blocked catylitic converter (you unfortuneate soul) or crushed piping or malfunctioning exhaust brake.

#5, Incorrect injector pump timing.

6V92 has a blower instead of turbo I believe and they had a problem with the drive coming apart (engine starts but blower doesnt operate) however, that wouldn't let you out of the driveway. Also, 6V92's, if I recall correctly, operate with the DDEC IV Engine Computer, so if the visual inspections don't reveal anything obvious, I would recommend taking it to a Detroit Dealer (any Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth) with a Detroit sign, will be able to hook up and decode it for you. If you have no computer and the engine has a mechanical fuel pump, take it to the same shops above and don't let anyone without gray hair touch it! Good luck.
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power Mark Spackman 4-16-08  
Hi all 2 stokes have blowers thay will not run with out its operating.Yes there are V692N for natural,T for turbo, & TW for Twin Turbo. blower may be faluty as well.Hook up pressure gauge & check fuel charge pressure to rack. Good luck on all.
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power Tom Hunt 5-10-08  
HELP PLEASE. I am having a real power problem. NO POWER on grades in my bus. I have changed the fuel filters and air filters. The engine has been rebuilt and runs good, sounds good, does not smoke. I can not go but ten to fifteen mph up a 4% grade. I have checked the fuel return to the tank and it is flowing in excess of 1 gallon per min. I checked the air pressure on the airbox to be zero at idle and 14psi at 1800rpm no load. Does the pressure increase with load? My manuel shows the airbox pressure should be aprox. 24psi at full load. Are these conditions normal or why don't I have power.
Re: 8v92t detroit lack of power ron jubak 9-22-08  
I have a buss with this 8v92 motor it starts and seems to run good.i just bought it in florida and drove it home and run ok? but when i got home it had film of oil all over buss and my truck following me home. it did not have wet exaust inside openings? but was all over rear of buss. i did not see any place on motor that looked like it was leaking that bad? but i did drive it 450 miles home to do this. also i never drove one of these so i dont know what the power should feel like? e-mail me thank you.
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power Lonnie Walker 1-24-08  
Our quartet has an Eagle with 6V92T in it. And it runs great. On a level road just stay out of it's way. My problem is when the temp is in the teens, it gets hot going down the road. I kick on the fast idle a couple min. the temp gauge goes back down for a few miles then it repeats. Flushed rad., new anit-freeze, This ONLY happens when temp is real cold. H-E-L-P!
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power pigman 440 1-26-07  
On the Detroits cylinder head ports can become clogged with carbon,kills power. If yours has shut off valve to kill engine,make sure it is closing /opening all the way. Check throttle linkage. The 6v-92 and 8v- 92 engines have both supercharger that is between the banks and turbocharger. Make sure they are functioning. Check fuel lines and as others stated the filters are first thing you look at. I would check the quality of fuel in my tanks,especially an old tank. I have seen contaminants in a saddle tank suck up against the outlet port and shut vehicle down. Once the motor quit and the fuel draw quit the contaminants floated away,only to start the process over when you drove/started it again.
Good luck.
Re: 6v92t detroit lack of power chad 9-13-05  
Guy, if you're going to give advice, please, know what you are talking about, and give good advice. The 6v-92 has a blower and a turbo. The blower drives are NOT known for coming apart. if the blower is not functioning, the engine will not run. period. the blower is not a "power adder", it needs it to run. 2 stroke detroits do not have an injection pump. if you had restricted intake air flow, you would smoke like there is no tomorrow. I'd change the filters, and have the rack adjusted. There should be some black smoke, that would be normal. I would guess the filters are plugged up.
Re: 8v92t detroit lack of power Gary 10-14-08  
Check the slobber tubes for excess oil flow.
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