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Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Gary Rindfuss 11-4-03  
We have 2000 Travelstar 21ck that we bought new.It was one of the first in that line. Initially, we thought it was the greatest trailer we ever owned.
Now it seems to be falling apart. And Starcraft will do nothing about it because it is off warranty. This trailer is beginning to delaminate everywhere. The front bunk end is almost entirely delaminated, as is the area around the door for the gas bottles. The floor is rotting out from the outside in behind each of the wheel wells. The plastic membrane covering the bottom of the floor filled with water and made huge blisters. The plywood above the gray membrane delaminated and rotted away (must not be exterior grade luan), though the inside floor layer is still good. The water is getting in from the underside somehow. There is delamination on the left lower rear quarter below the waste hose door and power cord. The wall covering inside the bathroom is blistering in the upper rear corner of the trailer, as if water is getting in behind it too.
Almost none of the fittings or doors that go through the "hull" of the trailer had any sealant at all beneath their flanges. only a smear of RTV silicon around their edges after they were installed. We will be paying for this pile of junk for a long time yet and I do not know how long it will remain usable. The best starcraft had to offer was that if we took it to indiana to their factory, they would give us a reduced rate for the repair.
The problems are the result of obvious design and manufacturing quality control defects. One would thaink that Starcraft would try to make good on it. But I guess not. Our first trailer was a 1976 Viking pop up. When we got rid of it in 1986, It still looked new.
It is still in use and looks good today. Our Jayco pop-up was without flaw after five years use. I do not think it unreasonable to expect a travel trailer to last three years without falling apart.
We are looking to rent space at the Pgh and Ohio Camper shows this winter and just park the the thing there as an example of Starcraft quality. I retract all the great things we said about this trailer on various discussion groups when we first bought it. Beware, it appears that Starcraft will not stand behind their products.
Has anyone else had problems like this with their starcraft?
Gary in the Pgh area.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Dave McAlice 7-10-09  
Leak: new location (on 06' 21-SSO)- I can't see a similar leak location to where MINE is. The difference: Our's is set up seasonal on Cape's only been towed ONCE, so no rain-while-driving issues. We even have some tarps set up over each bed to keep off heavy rain and tree sap. ISSUE: After a heavy rain, we get water inside the lower front corner storage area on each corner, behind the small access doors. Trouble is that is seeps into the wardrobe inisde and soaks floors / clothes, etc. Any ideas where it's coming in ??
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Jonathan 7-18-09  
I found the same thing as above, also trying to figure our how the from popout on my 18rb is delaminating at the lower edges..
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Karen Melendy 9-26-16  
Does anybody know where you can get a diagram that shows where the frame supports are located in these trailers?
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Kerri Mellott 3-5-09  
We to have a 2002 Starcraft and my husband is now outside looking for the issues as our floor has rotted. We just thought it would be a pretty simple fix but as he has gotten into it he has noticed that the whole floor from the entry point to under the table is rotted. Does anyone know where to find a plumbing digram, etc for these campers.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks kkirsch 8-25-09  
I am having a similiar problem and have discovered the problem involves caulking on the roof. Where anything comes through that roof vinyl like the AC any vents, antennas (especially the radio antenna, all have caulking around them. After about 3 years especially in the sunny south that caulking dries out. That will cause water to penetrate the ceiling and run down the walls to the floor. This may also be a problem around the door, windows and where the awning attaches. The solution as far as I see it is to remove the old caulking by heating up and scraping (be very careful not to cut the roof membrane) with a plastic spatula similiar to putting on auto body putty and then recaulking with a good marine caulking like those made by 3-M. They are nasty and messy to work with but will last for years and will seap down into the seams before curing. I had bubbles form around the door on my travel star and have removed the vinyl to discover the luan underneath wet. Does not matter about it being exterrior or interrior, even marine would not stand up to being wet constantly for years. After you open up your wall I would suggest letting it dry out then using some 2 mm marine grade Ocum to recover once finished. It is light, looks great and easily applied when using that caulking mentioned above as an adhesive.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Melnida 5-4-08  
We too have a Starcraft Travelstar. It is a 2002. We bought it two years ago and it looked decent. However, now the floor is falling apart. We also have one area in the front, by the couch that is sinking, and one area in front of the sink that is rising. We also disconnected the plumbing, drained the water heater, water tanks etc., but to no effect. The floor just keeps getting worse and worse. We also have lived in very DRY areas of the country so....?
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Matt 8-26-06  
I have a 2000 Starcraft travelstar 23 RBS and I just noticed 2 large areas of delamination on the side of the camper.

I haven't looked at the floors but the camper is essecially in mint condition from a wear and tear point of view.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Dave 9-10-06  
I am lokking at buying a used 2000 travelstar 23RBS. Explain what delamination looks like as this is my first camper.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Janet Woodman 7-29-07  
I have a 2000 21 ck starcraft, I am the 3rd owner, bought it from someone who assured me a small leak had been repaired. We used it 2 more times and the floor is rotting from the holding tank almost the way to the shower - help. GARY in the Pgh area, how did you fair with your Starcraft dilema?

Sad and unable to replace,
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Janet Wood 6-8-10  
Finally repaired our starcraft by a mobile home repair guy. What I believe happened was that when attaching the hose to external water couplet, twisted it to hard and the interior plumbing twisted and cracked, or came loose, this is near the holding tank area under dinette. Good luck!
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, tub drain plugged larry 7-1-08  
Drain in bathtub is not working.tried a snake and plunger to no avail.
should i try ir pressure?//
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Eddie & Yolanda Adams 11-13-09  
Hi I just bought an old 1992 Starcraft,to put on a lot,to use in the summer. Very nice unit. We just had a very,very heavy rain. The trailer has a leak in the celling,looks to be comming in around the roff AC unit. I have remover the AC cover,but I can't find the leak. Thank I should pull the AC and replace the gasket ? How big of a job is this ? Where do I find a relpacement gasket ? Thanks for any advice. Ed
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Hope 4-12-15  
We've been searching for the source(s) of water leaks in our 2003 Travelstar 19CK...we have delamination on the front bed, front storage compartment and floor rot by the couch/dinette. We found that the bottom protective cover had come loose from the frame (currently repaired with tie-dyed duct tape...simple but so far effective); gasket issues on the front bed (replacements on order); and thanks to the info in this thread - missing caulk around the hot water heater (easy fix). Hubby is working on replacing the floor from the front bunk to the fridge - not an easy task. He cut channels in the styrofoam and has placed pressure-treated 2x4. wood is secured with screws into the existing beams. AFter we replace the gaskets and kinda watch everything for a week or so (fingers crossed!!); the plan is to install a vapor barrier & 1/4 inch plywood and vinyl flooring. Wish us luck!!
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Vicki Tenney 7-13-15  
We have a AR ONE 14RB it is a 2011 (4 years old) and we are still making payments on it. We have used it 3 times for short 1-2 week vacations and the rest of the time it has sat in the driveway (it still has that new smell inside) recently we went to use it while we had over-flow company at our cottage and while I was sweeping it out I noticed that the floor was soft and spongy by the entrance door, we took it to the dealership that we bought it from and after not hearing from them for 3 weeks called them to find out that they cannot find a leak and that since the trailer is 4 years old it is not covered by warranty, they want to charge us $1700.00 to fix the floor, but cannot tell us where the leak is coming from so what kind of assurances to we have that it won't happen again? When we first bought the trailer the door was dented so the dealership had to order a new door from StarCraft in Indiana to replace the original door and now we are wondering if the door was properly installed and sealed around the edges (the dealership is not taking ownership for that scenario) We called StarCraft and they are unwilling to do anything to help us (their feeling is that the door was not installed correctly and suggested that we take the trailer to another dealership and get a second opinion) My Husband and I have just retired in May 2015 and our plan was to travel and see Canada as well as other places, now we just feel like walking away from it. We are at a loss as to what to do, does anyone have any ideas?
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, water heater won't light Jeff 10-26-15  
I can't get the pilot to light on my 2007 Starcraft XP Series M-18RB Travel Trailer. It was suggested that the gas supply tube is clogged. Where is this located and are step by step instructions available illustrating how to clean?
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Bo 8-5-16  
I have a 2006 travelstar qbs30 with roof issues same old story around bed and bath floor problems believe when the lamination on outside dry's it becomes porous and soaks in water
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks kkirsch 1-27-11  
The problems with my travelstar were 4. The rain deflector over the door was on the door frame and not on the wall of the trailer. The door frame was not caulked to the door wall (outside). The water heater frame was not caulked to the trailer wall. Finally the undercarriage membrane was cut short in front so it pulled out and allowed water to enter the undercarriage while driving. My solution was to unbolt the trailer from the chassis, disconnect the spare from from the trailer, disconnect the sewer connections to the tanks and jack the trailer body up. I then inserted ext grade 3/8 inch ply underneath of which I painted on both sides. At the seams I inserted angle iron from bed frames of which I caulked. In the front and around the wheels I installed aluminum flashing with drains facing backwards. I repositioned the rain deflector over the door to the wall and then caulked the door, water heater, windows and any other iten that penetrates the wall. I also redid the AC unit on top just in case. There was enough extra with the bolts to accomodate this. The floor now is much firmer though there are still some soft part where the original floor was really bad but I had removed most of the bad floor layers underneath and then drill bleed holes to get the old floor dried out. After several heavy rains I did check and so far no more moisture in the floor. I also caulked the new ply on the edges then sprayed it all with auto undercoating. The trailer was built poorly. The funny thing is that it would not have costed more to just do it right.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks nancy 8-2-14  
We have a 1999 starcraft travelstar 17ck and have had major issues with floor rot. We've replaced the floor, subfloor with all new wood aNd have spent hours trying to find where leak is cxoming from to no avail. We realize we now own JUNK and have little faith in resale. DO URSELF A FAVOR & STAY AWAy from stArcraft travelstar. It is junk!
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Grant 1-31-11  
I was thinking of buying a 2008 16 foot Travel Star, but am now worried about all the leakage problems reported on this site. Does anyone know if the problems were corrected by 2008, or do they persist?
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Dave morrison 7-29-14  
I purchased a 2006 StarCraft 20ft hybrid about 4 yrs ago kept it under tarp only used it about 3 times per yr last year I only got to use it once in August I noticed the floor was getting soft in a few places in front of front bed I got it out of storage in June of this year noticed floor was soft throughout the camper I contacted StarCraft and they referred me to owners manual where you are suppose to check seals along roof and edges.Do not buy a starcraft camper poor design and they do not stand by there product
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Tex 1-27-13  
At 66 I just purchased my first travel trailer, a 2001 Starcraft 21' Starlite. Looks in good condition in & out with the exception of a leak coming from the front roof vent. Will check & caulk first sunny day, light rain now.
These are horror stories I hope I do not experience. I know "an ounce of prevention...."
I am handy with wood but not aluminum.
Any suggestions?
Tex from Plano, Texas
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Buster Stone 7-20-14  
We purchased a new 2007 travelstar expandable in 2007. Have used it very sparingly and always store it with a tarp covering the camper down to the fender skirts and only rv antifreeze left in the plumbing and the hot water heater drained. Haven't used in almost two years and got it out to clean up and go camping only to find the whole floor system from dinette to front of camper is soft due to water. How is it getting in? All seems on roof are solid and had small cracks touched up two years ago. Seals around fold out beds are good. Not sure how or where water is getting in but I am very disappointed as we have kept this thing looking brand new and now the floor is about to fall out.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Keith Spaar 9-22-13  
I own a Starcraft CK19 Expandable. I have a floor issues. My first wa when a connection in the wall for the shower leak and water got between the floor and linoleum floor. DIdnt catch it and as we walked on it the floor weaken. in one spot. So i ripped the whole linoluem floor up and replace damage luan top coat as factory suggested. Didn;t help with sagging. Once foam is damage your screwed. This season a second soft developed in front of dinette and couch. So rip up he new linoleum again and found the floor damaged from water all under dinette and to the couch. The water came in from the middle of the window some how and went down inside the wall and under the floor. Never saw sign of any surface water. Now the big dilemma how far do I go to replace the damage floor. I would like to replace damage luan and resurface with another layer of something. Sheet metal, plywood. then maybe add a composite floor to add additional strength. The problem is there is no substructure to attached anything to. I am sick about it and want to unload it but hesitate to buy another camper because of same thing happening with these ultra light floors.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Richard Leuenroth 4-15-08  
Looks like I'm in line for problesm with the TravelStar 23RBS. I purchased this from a private owner who told me that same that the leaks were resolved. We noticed ceiling bubbles which seem to not get larger, however, the floor is a disaster. I though that water was leaking from the plumbing under the floor but that would have been noted by the water pump cutting on and off. The floor is extremely spongy by the entry and sink. We have placed plywood boards down to reduce the softness. Our contact with Starcaft is similar to other complaints and that nothing can be done unless you want to spend a fortune to raise the unit to replace the floor. This year I noticed that the slide out now doesn't have proper support on the rollers as the floor is too soft.

Waiting for the floor to fall thru.
Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Tom Turci 9-3-08  
I have finally traced my floor rot leak on my 2002 TravelStar 21UB.
Thought I found it last summer with a caulk gap in the front lower edge which was allowing water to enter in above the so-called protective tarp. Dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Anyway, the real culprit was my Hot water heater! If your hot water heater is NOT CAULK AT BOTTOM OF FRONT FACE FRAME...WATCH OUT!!! MAJOR WATER!! If the lower joint where the outside face flange sits into the hot water heater metal frame is not caulked every time it rains or you drain the heater etc. it allows water to enter right in under the linoleum and then the luan plywood SUCKS IT UP!

Re: Starcraft Travelstar problem, leaks Shirley 5-11-11  
We have a 2006 Travel Star purchased new and 2 years ago the floor started sagging and a bit soft. I believe it is a leak in the plumbing because when using tank water the pump kicks on and water isn't being used. Has anybody contacted Starcraft?
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