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Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Art 8-18-03  
My wife and I have had a couple of pop-up campers in the past. We're looking for a new one.

I've been studying E-Bay for about a month now. MOST of the campers I see there are Coleman Elite Tour Series, the Niagara, the Bayside.

The fact that there are so many of them for sale scares me a little. They're expensive units (for us). We could never afford a new one, but some of the E-Bay prices on used models (2001-2002) are just about in reach.

I'd love some opinions on these units. Are there comparable units available for less?

We'll be pulling it with a 240HP Honda Odyssey and a class III hitch. In theory that should be fine, but is it really?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Kathy Holley 6-13-09  
I have the coleman niagra we Love it. We have a problem with towing it and weve tried differant larger vehicles, it fishtails if you go over 60mph has anyone else had this problem? What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) mike 6-11-09  
I have a 1985 Seguoia pop-up. and one of the cable in the front has snaped, to crank up the roof.I would like to know is there a diagram, on how to put a new cable on, i have bought the cable but not sur how to put it on..Thank you
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) John DiFede 8-10-08  
I too have a Coleman camper, a 1998 Sunridge Grand Tour series model that we purchased new. I found this thread today, while searching for a solution to our camper problem. My problem is with the top on my camper. It is the one piece Seamless ABS roof. This roof is a defect on these campers, and Coleman (trailers are manufactured by Fleetwood) later changed the roof design. By 2000, my roof had started to sag and become deformed. I wrote to fleetwood and the roof was replaced with an updated version which included a support beam accross the roof center. This replacement roof has now sagged and cracked and will not seal up the camper. I would avoid any Coleman or Fleetwood campers with the one piece ABS roof. My camper is still in great shape, has anyone been able to replace the ABS roof with a conventional style roof?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Bill Davis 7-15-09  
I have a 1999 Utah that won't always crank down. After being up for 24 hrs. or more the crank won't always engage. Anyone know a solution?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Stefanie 8-18-08  
We have a Coleman/Fleetwood tent camper, 1994, with the power lift system. The release valve is broken, does anyone know where a replacement can be found? Thnks for any help
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) John 7-21-09  
I have a 1998 coleman pop up camper and have a big crack in it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzit goes from the edge where the gasket is and up over the curved area. I was reading some of the messages on here wher people said that coleman will replace the roof. Do you have to be the original owner of the camper? I am the 2nd owner. or doesn't that matter? to get a new roof.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Mike Pocius 4-14-10  
Hi, my problem is water infiltration by the service door of the storage entrance of a 2001 Mesa. Is this a common problem with these RV's and what would be the right solution ??????
Thank you......
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) steven garth 10-21-09  
I have a 1985 cole pop up camper need work on my material out side dyerout.outside material need replace. can you all help me
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Rosalynn 10-14-09  
Hi all!
I bought a used 1998 Coleman Sunridge about six months ago. I've had a nightmare over the roof trying to split in half from side to side. I recently slid a steel plate between each side of the PVC and the ABS material. I drilled about 15 holes straight through and screwed through it with tap screws. It provided the strength needed to support the AC unit and stop the crack.

However, I AM searching for an owner's manual. If anyone could help me out I'd truly appreciate it!

1998 Coleman Sunridge popup camper
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) mark cockrill 7-19-08  
A freind of mine gave me a 1991 coleman sunvalley popup. The canvas has a few rips that avarage about 6 ton 8 inches long, all are in the sides and none in the tops of the pull outs thank gosh! Is there any kind of fabric repair kit that I can get for this problem? Also the cabinet under the stove is kind of broken up but I think I can repair most of it altho the lifting and locking system is giving me fits. Is there a manual I can get for this camper that has more information on repairs and operation of this oldie but goodie camper? Any info you could give me would really help. we are on limited income and are good a rigging things but the tears in the canvas has me at a stand still. Thank you for your time, please contact me asap.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Barb 5-24-08  
We own a 2002 Coleman Laramie Pop up. When we took it out of storage this spring, there was a crack running from the front storgae lid up to the base of the camper. We have been told that this is a common problem...I would appreciate any help with this as the storage place is denying responsibility.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Gwendall 10-26-03  
I'm responding to your message concerning Coleman pop-campers. We've owned many Coleman products and for this reason, we decided to purchase a new one in 1995. We've thoroughly enjoyed it and this year after our annual vacation, we cleaned, winterized and closed it up only to find that the roof is rotten!!! That's right no good. Therefore, it bows out and it is a perfect spot for mice to find and inhibit our camper during the winter months. So, I've always been so Coleman in the past, but it has been almost 6 weeks since I wrote to Coleman concerning this problem. And, NO ONE has responded to my concern. I did take it to a local dealer and he admitted that it appeared to be a defect in the manufacture of the roof, but admitted that the warranty is 5 years. Well, since that has expired Coleman is willing to ignore my problem?? I don't think so. I am livid that not one sole has responded to my letter and no one wants to take the bull by the horns to try to work out something. The dealer told me that it would cost $1,600 to fix. So, tell me this is fair: after purchasing the camper for over $5,000. now just since the warranty has worn out we need to put another $1,600 to be able to use it - we could have been staying in some pretty nice hotels for this kind of money. We are not made of money and purchasing a camper was a very big move for us. So, I'm not recommending a coleman to anyone I meet due to their non-responsiveness to my problem. I've give someone my business and credibility if they stand behind their product ( as Coleman has ALWAYS done for us ) but now - I'll be looking elsewhere where they stand behind their product better. Hope I've answered your questions
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) lynn price 5-9-13  
I have a coleman 1991 sunvalley proper american version really well made i have been offered a swap for a fleetwood 1996 cheyanne a lot bigger is this a fair deal only quality of materials of mine is a1 dont want to make a mistake please some advice
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Tim Mayer 9-3-03  
I had a coleman 1997 Sun Ridge and loved it. It got attacked by mice and was totalled by the insurance company. I had no problems with it and it was like new until the mice took over. If I were to go with another pop up it would be a Coleman no question about it.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) David 4-25-07  
I thought the roof had a limited lifetime warranty. Haven't you contacted Coleman or Fleetwood to repair or replace?
Coleman Pop-Up Camper Water Leak Dennis Robertson 6-14-07  
Where can I purchase a replacement washer(s) for the water line going up to the kitchen sink? The washer I believe has dried out. As a result, it is leaking which allows water to spray underneath the sink.
I have been to several hardware stores with no success.
Thanks for any help or suggestions!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) ejones 1-8-08  
Great campers I have had four I just bought a new fleetwood from my same dealer. He told me fleetwood bought out coleman a few years back that will be good for us all.Fleetwood has a great warrent dept.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Wayne Barwick 12-24-07  
I am looking for an owner's manual for a 1993 Coleman "Cape Cod" pop-up. I have e-mailed several dealers asking about one but so far no replies. Can you help?? I would be greatly appreciative.
Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Jerry 9-2-07  
Sorry to read sooo many problems wit5h coleman tent campers that are NOT very old.
I have a 22 yr old Starcraft Nove 24. NO problems at all.
About to buy a NEW (2008) Rockwood 2280 with ALL extras/options. Just because the other is 22 yrs old. Might have something go wrong with it.
I went here to check out Colemans, but no thanks.
Thanx for all the replys here tho'.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Barbara Yopp 4-15-10  
A few weeks ago I purchased a 1996 Coleman Taos that had not been used many times and had been covered. My son and I are going up into the NC mountains next week to do some mining.
Something he is excited about, Me, I love to flyfish for Trout. We live on the coast so it is a long trip for 4 days. Had a sway bar put on and am pulling with a Toyota 4-Runner Sport 4x4. Do have some very steep grades over the mountains to Spruce Pines.Hywy
226. Anyone made this trip? Or have advice for steep grades. There is Down hill assist on the SUV.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Mike Lovell 9-6-03  

I have a brand new Utah and it is great. It has the slide out dining area (which really gives you lots of room) and two full king size beds. I have the optional toliet; outside hot and cool water; and the full screen tent addition. Bought it in May new, and so far it has been flawless. I pull mine with my new Ford F150 with the 5.4, so you can't even tell it's back there. Make sure and put the electric brake on your makes for an easy stop.

Mike Lovell
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) m a eller 2-13-11  
I've got a 1993 coleman cape cod. great camper. lately had a problem with very small mice inhabiting the folded camper while i'm away (300 miles). they'll destroy the camper if i can't keep them out. any help out there?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Utahstarbuck 3-19-12  
Need cargo lid for a 2000 Colman Utah. Lid is wrecked.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Hamiltor 9-19-10  
Bought a 1976 Coleman Valley Forge in mint condition this year for $900. Best $900 I've ever spent. Had to do some repair work to the plumbing, gas lines and lift cable which I was able to figure out and do myself. I understand that this is not the "norm" for older campers as mine has never spent any time outside in the winter. I did have a question in regards to the tires. They are probably fairly old but are in fantastic shape i.e. good even tread and no cracking. Should I get them replaced even though they appear in good shape and is there any way to find out how old the tires are?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Steve 9-10-10  
I also have a 1998 Coleman Sante Fe. My top also has a crack in it the entire length. I took it to the dealer I bought it new from and was informaed that Coleman will replace it as long as I am the original owner. I guess on that note I am lucky. The bad part is he also told me that he has customers that has been on a waiting list for a new top for up to a year and
it could also be that long before I get a new top. If Coleman can't do a better jon than this of standing behind their products I won't be a customer of theirs again.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Serifm 5-15-11  
Coleman Trailers is out of business. The answer to who honors the lifetime warranties is "nobody." When the supply of available replacement parts runs out there's nothing you can do. A local dealer here said they had a unit with a cracked roof and had no way to repair it, as there are no more roofs to be had. I love the Colemans but would not, at this point buy wither the Coleman or the Fleetwood.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Davidson 8-23-11  
I need instructions for installing a screen room kit for
under an awning for an 8' Coleman Taos Tent Trailer.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) steve 4-20-10  
Just talked to our dealer. For our 1999 Santa Fe, the top is under a lifetime warranty including labor. HOWEVER, it doesn't include the freight to get it sent out which is a whopping $1200 to Colorado.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Dave 1-5-12  
I have a 1994 Coleman pop up camper and am in need of a Bed Bow. Does anyone know of anybody selling or manufacturing bed bows.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Brian 8-28-11  
Where can I find the lower rear plastic shell for a replacment for our 01' coleman bayside elite camper
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Pat 8-15-10  
I own a 2004 Fleetwood Pecos pop up camper and am trying to order a bed bow support for it. Anyone have any idea where I can get one of these? Please email me at if you do. Thank you.
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Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Ben 7-2-10  
I have a 1988 Coleman Colonial Pop-up. I need to replace The paneling that holds the "roof retainer" (bracket with round hole that holds the upturned of the "bed bow support"). This paneling is rotting. Any ideas as to how to replace this paneling easily?
97' coleman pop up roof JB 6-29-10  
I own a 97 coleman pop up. i see on here that they will replace the roof free of charge? I have a crack running all the way down the side of my roof. i have caulked it up for now but would love to get the roof replaced as it is too expensive for me to replace the roof myself. if anyone has any information on this please email me at
Re: Coleman lift mechanism problems Donald Bivens 8-10-10  
I have a Coleman 05 Utah. When you try to raise the top the lift will not stay in place. If you turn the handle loose when raising the top the handle will spin as the top comes down. What is the problem and how difficult is fixing the lift? Thanks!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Donna 5-24-10  
Hi, We just got a 1995 coleman royal, Its in pretty good shape but...
I see 2 wrinkles in the inner ceiling cover which I read indicates a possible leak....I am considering trying to reseal the entire top of the pop up.
I've considered Killz seal and paint... or rubber roof sealer... or the seams in "hippo Tape".
Has anyone tried any of these methods or have any other method to reccomend?
Like I said, I'm new to this and could use any tips you can add
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Gord 7-25-10  
I have a 2002 Bayside and fond a water leak in the front, between the storage box and the interior body. Plus, the counter around the sink has swollen, I have noticed this on a number of Baysides. Any suggestions would be great!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Gord 7-25-10  
Water leaks in the interior between the front and the storage box on a 2002 Bayside? Ant suggetions would be great.
Replacing the cable system on a coleman santa fe janet 8-8-10  
A friend was helping and broke one of the lift cables---is there a book or way to replace this one cable without taking it to a dealer?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Greg 8-8-10  
I to have a 1998 Santa Fe that is cracking terribly on the roof. Has anyone had any luck getting it replaced by coleman? The cracks started out small but are steadily growing larger. I was going to try to fix them with fiberglass repair but if I can get it replaced, I would much rather take that route. Thanks.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Marie 8-3-10  
Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement bed covers for my 1991 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Shelley 8-1-10  
We have a 2002 Coleman bayside & pull it w/
My 2003 Honda odyessey. It's been great. Ours came w/ brake controller & sway bars.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Mark B. 9-5-03  
We had a 1998 Coleman Bayside and used it for 4 years before going to a travel trailer. They are well built and the best pop-ups out there today. Buy a model with a slide out. You will be happy you did when it rains or camping with others. Good luck and Happy Camping!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Keith Rhoades 9-10-03  
Can you tell me the best way to clean the canvas on your pop up tent camper. What product do you recommend. Thanks
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) avid camper 8-4-09  
Try using bounce fabric sheets before you ever store it- inside or out- we were told that years ago by friend and now before we store it for the winter inside a large barm or sometimes storage building - we put the sheets under cushions in cabinets, and on top of the beds- just several all over. We were told they do not like the smell- we have never had 1 sign of a mouse or any rodent! it works great!
good luck!!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) H.M. Young 11-26-04  
I'm trying to get a manual book for a 1997 Sun Ridge pop up camper.
If you can be of help on this matter I sure would appreciate it!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) MirĂ©n Sexauer 9-19-03  
Would you please mail me the brochures and prices of the pop-op campers made by your company as well as your representatives in St. Petersburg, Florida.
My address is:
Miren U. Sexauer
3715 - 42md Way S. #61-C
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
Thank you.
Kind regars,
Miren U. Sexauer
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Mike Carlton 9-5-03  
I don't know about the coleman pop-up, but I know your odyssey should have no problem pulling it. I pull a Jayco Kiwi 17a with my Odyssey (cross country and into the mountains)and it handles it beautifully. Just make sure you get the transmission cooler and the power steering cooler.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) michael szynal 5-1-04  
I have a coleman sequoia pop up,1988
what I need is to find where I can buy
replacement canvas for it. I live in norwich CT.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) angela henderson 8-15-05  
Can we purchus the zip-on ends to our pop up,seems the weather has taken a toll onthe tent we figured we bought it with zip on rooms that mabe we could get replacements for it11so pleas let me know huntting season is about to start and we need to replace both ends. thanks,contact me at harrimi1@wmconnect or angela henderson 3721 vanderbilt dr. albany ga. 31721.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Hetteras)sp? Sandy Weld 5-6-04  
Please send me info on this hard sided
popup trailer that has fiberglass sides.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Barbara Clary 6-20-09  
I have a 1998 Santa Fe Coleman trailer with a hair line crack on both front coners. I was shocked when I took it out of storage and seen these two cracks. Does anyone know how I can fix the top of my trailer. The inside is in mint condition. Does Coleman replace the top @ no cost? I'm a single mom and need some advice on how I can get this repaired or replaced.

Thank you in advance
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Jay 7-30-07  
You can look it up on the internet just type in the name of your trailer and the year and you should get a pdf file. Good luck
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) helen backus 3-31-07  
I am looking for a good pop up.
12 ft box or larger w/ potty
ref.[shower op.]

thank you
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Kevin Charles 9-16-07  
I have a 1985 coleman sun valley pop up
and i am looking for a lower step door
mine got bent any one know where i can get one ?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) BOBBY PARKER 11-20-05  
I have a 1996 Coleman Niagara with a sagging roof,I would like to know if this is a common problem and what can be done to fix this roof, replace,repair or am I just stuck with a defective roof.Other than the roof I have really enjoyed the camper alot.It is well designed for easy set up and take down.It follows our GMC YUKON really well,Please respond Thak you.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Gerry 7-31-07  
Coleman will replace it for free. go to your dealer and they will take care of it. I've hd mine replaced already.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Harry 5-28-07  
I own a 2002 Coleman Niagra grand touring popup style camper. In the past 5 years I have used the camper all but one year. I have spent many grand weekends with it. I have had no problems with it besides ordinary wear and tear. It comes fully loaded and has been well worth the $12,000.00 I paid for it. It also came with the screen room!
Someone asked how to clean it and what products to us. If your cleaning the inside of the camper's canvas I recommend k-14 mold and mildew cleaner, its also good for the inside ceiling of your camper.
If your wanting to know how to clean the outside of the canvas, I have used a power sprayer on a medium duty spray using a standard canvas cleaner with no problems for the past 3 summers. As for the roof and body of the camper I have used an ordinary pay, do it yourself, car wash to clean the entire exposed shell of the camper followed by a hand wax.
I would recommend Coleman Campers of 2002 or later models to anyone looking to purchase a popup style camper.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) sonny 7-24-09  
Just wait until your roof cracks!
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Mike Wall 7-7-09  
To Wayne Barwick: Did you ever find a manual for you Cape Cpd pop-up? I have one I can e-mail to you if you still need it. Let me know (
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Robert 9-27-09  
I own a Cape Cod and would be happy to scan the manual
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) charles 2-15-10  
Does a 1993 popup rio grande come standard with a hot water heater. thank you
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Karen 3-26-10  
I have a 1993 coleman cape cod with all the paper work. I noticed your post is quite old but if you still need this I maybe can be of some help.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) TOM MICHIGAN 9-13-08  
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) WALT 8-11-10  
Your release "clutch" is probably stuck.

Remove the metal cover at the bottom of the crank housing. Then spray with WD40 or similar the gear, catch and round disks attached to the crank rod. Let soak for a fer minutes then turn thecrank to lower the top. You may have to turn UP and Down to break it free.

Worked for me.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) eileen christofferson 9-12-10  
We have a couple of cracks in our '02 Cheyenne. The cost for shipping a new top here to Colorado is $1200. I'm wondering if there is a cheaper state to take it to. Can anyone outside of Colorado tell me what they paid for shipping?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) x 8-28-09  
You are loading your camper with too much weight behind the axle. Load most everything forward of the axle and it will straighten out.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Mccarty 8-23-09  
The reason your trailer weaves back and forth is usually because there is too much weight behind the axle of the trailer.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Cheryl 9-23-09  
Have a stabilizer bar put on.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) ron 11-15-11  
You may not have enough weight on the front half of the trailer. if your water tank is in the back, and you fill up it adds an extra 100 lbs to the back of the trailer. also your hitch may need to be tightened. there is an adjustment nut on the underside of the hitch. just hook it up to the ball, then tighten the nut until the hitch has no slop in it.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) david craft 4-25-11  
This is responding to a question you had about your towing quite some time ago. It sounds as though you may have too much or too little weight on the tongue.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Bob 9-10-10  
Get an anti-sway bar that attaches to the camper and TV at the hitch.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) frank mccreery 8-9-10  
Yes, we also have a 1998 Niagara. It is horrible to tow with any vehicle. I have a Lincoln Navigatoe SUV that I tow with. Without sway bars you can't tow it safely. It is unpredictable when it is going to start fish tailing. What was your solution? Did anyone else send you any info worth knowing on this subject?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) April Benoit 1-28-10  
Hi Kathy,

We had this problem towing our Sunridge w/ our Ford Explorer. Get a sway bar. That will alleviate the fish tailing.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) terry 10-24-09  
I am the original owner of a 1999 Santa Fe and I am trying to get the top replaced due to cracks and delamination. So far no luck. Has anybody been able to get Coleman to replace a top?

Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Susan Propst 4-21-10  
Hi Barbara,

I too have a 1998 Santa Fe and it also has a 'hairline crack' going across the top. Its not deep but it is visable. I was wondering if you had any luck with getting it filled or repaired.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Adam Forseth 9-18-10  
I see a bunch of questions on this site, but no answers. Am I looking in the wrong place for the answers or are there no answers? I have a 89 Coleman Plantation that will not release to crank back down. I would love to know how to fix this or even gain access to the inside of the back panel.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) Bob 9-10-10  
There is a product called "Eternabond". What it is is a 4" wide roll in different lengths. This tape has a white outer side and a very sticky underside that has a clear sheet protector that is peeled off prior to application. Th trick is to press the tape on and peel the protector so there are no air bubbles underneath.
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) richard 5-15-11  
Our pop up goes up on three sides whereas the other side does not go up with the other three sides (company replaced the cable and spring and then told us this was "normal" after we spent $800)...any suggestions?
Re: Coleman Folding Trailers (Pop-up Campers) steve wood 2-16-12  
We store our pop up in the barn, covered and plenty of Bounce softener sheets spread throughout the interior of the camper. No mice.
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