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Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? John Kinker 7-7-03  
I'm about ready to purchase a 26 - 28ft SUT and can't find much in the way of reviews/feedback from current owners. They all seem very similar. I'm thinking of getting a Weekend Warrior, but I've looked at Thor, Forest River (Sandpiper Sport), National RV (Rage'N), and Tailgator by Keystone. Any advice/feedback is appreciated.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? kathy 10-11-03  
I have a 20ft carson fun runner-one of the first ones built in 2001. All of our friends have other makes toy haulers, and told us not to buy one, but we have been nothing but happy since day one. Very sturdy, very sound, we have not one bad thing to say about them.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Mike Braley 12-12-03  
Buy anything but a Keystone Tailgator.
I have had on for a year and only got to use it 3 times all summer the rest of the time it was in the shop or awaiting parts for manufactuerer defects. I have had very poor support from Keystone They dishonored our agreement and won't e-mail or return my phone calls.
Once they have your money forget about it.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Ray 1-7-04  
I'm looking to buy a 26' FS Gearbox in the next few months. Any thoughts for or against?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? JAMIE 1-28-04  
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Sally 10-4-03  
For those of you thinking about a Tahoe Transport please DO NOT buy one. I have a 2000 and the floor is made out of particle board not even treated particle board. The gas hose area was not inclosed properly and now the entire back corner of our beautiful transport has to be cut out and replaced. Of course Thor wants nothing to do with it so we have to do it ourselves. We are going to take a major loss in trading it in but we are getting rid of it as soon as possible.PLease don't make the same mistake as we did.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? melissa 7-28-03  
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Robert 1-12-08  
Weekend Warrior is not all its cracked up to be. My partner has an o7, its only 9 months old. he found a cut in his roof a couple of months ago, the trailer has never been under anything. It looked as though it had been cut during installation. Giant RV and W.W. would not do anything about it unless he paid. Now the a.c. is leaking rain in and they want to blame caulking at the opposite end of trailer. Their warrenty on the caulking part of the roof is 90 days!In order for you to maintain the warrenty on appliances etc. You have to bring the trailer in for service every 6 months, if they have to order parts Giant wants you to come get your trailer untill the part comes in or pay $25 per day storage fee!! Sorry guys thats rediculos, I'll buy used, my motorhome is 19 years old and no leaks.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? penny Young 7-17-03  
We looked for over a year. I think we looked at about 9 differnt makes. we went with a Serria 5th wheel 38ft toy hauler. I think it was the best choice. we got a lot for our money and Jerry the owner at Family RV treated us so well before during and after. They are in Irvine. you can't go wrong. if you have any more ? email me. Penny
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Chuck 7-17-03  
My wife and I also looked around for quite awhile. We just purchased (actually ordered) a 38' SLC from Weekend Warrior. My first question would be just what do you plan on putting in it. We have a buggy and multiple bikes and quads so structural strength was a big deal. We also liked the niceties it came with compared to the others. They are more money but after comparing, we felt there was no comparison. If you don't need all the frills and it's just a couple of bikes you could probably OK with one of the other brands. The thing that sold us was a challenge by one of the salesman. He told us to look at the frame underneath and see how the outriggers looked. We did. We found on the others that they were already starting to bend. These are what honestly hold up the walls and roof. we felt the vibrations from the dirt roads we'd be on would be enough to weeken them to a point that we were not comfortable with. Our salesman was great and comes highly recomended. Email back if you'd like to talk to him.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Monty Wilson 7-23-03  
Chuck I have a Patio Hauler by Kit very nice trailer, but they seem to have a tire promble on the right side, I have had 4 blow out I think they need a 3 axle unit to surport the wieght.Other then that I love the trailer.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? DONNIE 9-2-03  
I have a 38 ft warrior trailer i am very pleased with the trailer and I have had no problems. I haul four
harleys and have traveled a good bit.
The only hold back is warrior customer
service they suck, and are rude. i boughtmy traielr from giant rv in california.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Chad 1-28-04  
Any more opinions on Attitude and Weekend Warrior? Wife and I want to go with a front sleeper 26' model.

Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? kevin 5-9-05  
Looking at a 1999 21 Dunes toy hauler. Who makes it and does anyone know anything about them?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? judy 6-13-05  
We purchased a used 2002 Baja Mini Lite great shape any comments about this toyhauler.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Annette 10-3-05  
We have a 26 ft. Fury by Thor. We love it. We looked for a toy hauler for over a year and fell in love with the Fury. It is very well built and has all the upgrades. We got a super price and service at Tarpley RV in Durango Colorado. We are very pleased. It seemed to us that all the others that we looked at had a cheap looking interior. We got the double electric queen bunks in the rear and it is big enough to haul our 2 Polaris 600's.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Bruce 9-27-07  
I've stayed in everyone else's Toy Hauler built.I race District #37 Off road for those of you that don't know it's desert racing so after many years of research I bought a 19" 07 Eclipse Attitude Toy Hauler.I have beat the crap out of this trailer and all is still will.The Steller is the sister of this one.The Steller cost a bit more.When you go to buy make sure that's it's way under MSRP and you need to laugh at you own offer it needs to be low remember these things are not selling the market has slowed down and it reflects the housing market because people are not refinance the houses to buy Toy haulers right now the interest rates are to high.If you choose to do that use the loan company you have now to take a 2nd out don't use dealer financing.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Beverly 2-18-04  
Our Weekend Warrior was a total failure. The overhead bed collapsed twice, once in transit and fell on our motorcycle and once when we were in it -- our dog was underneath and barely escaped with her life. Those wood sofas came apart - they're put together with staples. The vinyl flooring pulled away from the walls. The vinyl in the bathroom shower turned pink, as if red dye was used in the glue. And on and on. Weekend Warrior bought our trailer back because a lawyer in the family would handle litigation for free -- WW settled, but we still took a huge loss. We now have a Desert Fox by Northwood/Nash -- have had absolutely no problems in over a year.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Charles 3-10-05  
Looking to buy a 24 foot rampage any comments?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? warrior king 3-7-04  
If you want good toy hauler, better resell value, 100% i will go with weekend warrior.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Jim & Kristin 8-30-04  
We have been looking at the 21' Eclipse Attitude AK Toy Hauler also, and are impressed. We looked at Family RV in Irvine and got some good info from Randall "Bruce" Vermues (Nick Name "RV"). He said one of the owners left WW to start own adventure (Attitude)with two other previous owners from different RV makes. They kept the good things they learned from the other manufacurers, and then improved on what they thought was wrong. I have heard nothing but good things about the Attitude, and look to buy one in the next couple of months. I have a 1/2 Ton and they are the lightes trailer out there besides the Super Lites. You will need to tac on 500lbs to most any trailers proclaimed dry weight out there considering they dont weight them with any options on board. Hope this helps.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Doug 4-28-04  
I have had a 2004 25' Keystone Tailgator since Sept of 2003 and have to say I do like it. I have had no problem thus far. I will say the quality and craftmanship of these trailers is pretty poor, mostly cosmetic. But looking at alot of trailers they are all about the same quality with different features.
With about $250 and a trip to Home Depot I basically gave the trailer an overhall. Cabinet Hardware, Better Linoleum Floor, Hooks and Window Treatments. Money well spent.
In my opinion the TailGator is the best bang for the buck, I also looked at the Gearbox which was $10k more, same quality just spruced up cosmetically and maybe larger holding tanks.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Tammy M 6-7-04  
My husband and I have just purchased our second Thor Trailer and we could not be happier. Our first toy hauler was a 2002 20ft Tahoe Transport and now we've upgraded to a 2005 29ft vortex. We have never had any problems with either of our trailers. I would highly recommend anyone to check out these trailers before purchasing another brand.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Team Sqerles Motocross Racing 6-16-04  
Looking into buying a new 2004 victory lane 28ft toy hauler made by Dutchman...any opinions out there on those...

They are one of the only affordable companies out there that have a door between living and cargo space...and a queen bed in the front...

Thanks Team Sqerles Motocross Racing
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? ben 7-23-03  
Hi penny,
i'm also in the market for fifth wheel toyhauler. i'm pretty much set on either sierra sport or all american, both by forest river but former made in calif and latter in midwest. (i'm in calif.) i'm struggling with getting 36 or 38 footer. weight is the issue. some are gvw about 14000; the bigger ones with two slides are about 16000+. my cummins dodge is rated to pull combined of 19.000 - 7000 in the truck leaves me with only 12000 for the trailer. so... am wondering what you're pulling with and loaded weight of your rig.

do you have two sliders? the model numbers i'm looking at are
36ckss or 38ckss in all american.

and 37sp in sierra. (this one used to have only one slider; now has a minisliderin the bedroom and somehow they kept the gvw to 13800 although their dry weight went from 9300 to 9900 with the mid year second slide addition.

big question: does yours have the step down into the garage? i talked with forest river about that. they said they did that so harleys could drive right in with less ramp angle. but then, there are no shocks!! no room for them because of the lowering. so i'm real curious what you have and how it rides.

Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Jimmy Chavez 1-4-05  
Does any one have any opinions on Gear box toy haulers?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Fred 7-25-03  
I also spent a lot of time looking at so many of the available toy haulers (15-20) I talked to many of the members of the club I ride and camp with. Four of us decided on the Ragen by National RV. We are all very happy with our units. I even went to the factory in Perris Ca. and was very impressed. They are right down the road from Weekend Warrior.Earlier I had narrowed my choice down to these two but in the end there were multiple reasons I went with the Ragen over the Weekend Warrior. If your interested in more details feel free to contact me. We all bought ours through Richardsons RV in CA. and all got great deals and service. Hope this helps!
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Nancy 2-17-04  
Hello Fred,

My husband and I are also in the market of purchasing a toy hauler. I am curious to see why you did not decide on the WW?

Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? jeff 12-11-03  
I am also looking at toy haulers. I was at richardsons rv last night and was interested in buying the 2629 rage'n. i was wondering if you have had good experience with the people at richardsons and if you have since had any problems with the trailer?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Brick 7-31-03  
I have been swaying back and forth between the WW and the Ragen also. I was also going to go down to the factory in Perris to check out their production. What finally convinced you to the National RV / Ragen? Be interested in your opinions.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Misti K 9-6-03  
Please forward any web pages to us. It was a little eerie to see your question as the first one on the site because that is exactly what wehave been looking at and I cannot find a website anywhere.

Good luck with yours and please direct us to any websites you find.

Thank you,
Misti and Scott
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Randy 8-21-03  
I just looked at a fully loaded Attitude trailer today and was wondering the same thing. Who is the manufacturer and what kind of reputation does this model have?
Seems to be built well and has a fairly low price.
What about Carson Trailer Fun Runner models?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? michael 2-17-04  
I have owned 2 weekend warriors, they are without a doubt the best one on the market
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Mariel 2-15-04  

Did you ever get feedback on Attitude? My hubby and I are searching / researching now. We really like the 23' Attitude. They seem new and info. seems limited on them. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? jim 8-2-03  
I bought a 2004 weekend warrior fb22.
the unit has been just as crappy as warriors customer service. i have a 04 ragen 2124c on the way.

Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Hi Stover 8-2-03  
We just added Weekend Warrior to our product lineup. We've been a Sportsmen dealer for years and were looking for an upscale line. At the industry show in Louisville in December 2003, the WW people had their act together better than any of the other manufactures that we spoke with. They are just now starting to expand East of the Mississippi and currently we are the only dealer in Michigan. We find the company easy to work with and passionate about their products. I can be reached at 800-358-1582 if you have any specific questions and WW's web address in Travel safe.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? ben 8-3-03  
Thinking of purchasing a used 2004 fk1900 weekend warrior to pull with my Durango. Any history out there to help me with my decision?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Rick and Rhonda 8-23-03  
We are looking to purchase our first toy hauler. After looking for some time we have narrowed our choices down to the 26 foot Weekend Warrior or Ragen. Any other owners of either of these products please lend us your thoughts.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? paul 8-29-03  
I recently spoke with a carson dealer, they are designed by one of the former WW designers. They also stated they were the only hand welded frame still being made.I liked the way you can pick and build to suit the individual needs.I am currently looking at purchasing the 28 MB. I have also looked into all the other brands and was impressed by this one because of the floor plan, quality wise I think all the toy haulers are the same its what you want out of them that matters.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Susan 9-7-03  
Has anyone had experience with the Sandpiper hauler?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? silas 10-10-03  
Hi i have been lokking at buying a toy hauler for about 12 months i have looked at everything out there to look at i am still deciding between a sand piper and a carson carson is nice because can build to it the way i want it. but the pipers are also very nice if want to know why not to buy a weekend warrior just go and look at a used one. it is easy to find flaws and look under neath and the spacing in the frame supports you will find it isnt very good also with a piper you get a beeter deal as far as price goes and a better trailer they are one of the only trailers that uses a all metal rear door and they also use real wood not vinly paper like warrior on thier cabinets.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? steve k 2-5-04  
Please call 909 984 7063 steve k thx
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Chris 11-19-03  
I have been looking for a Toy Hauler for about 18 months. I feel I have made a good comparison between most of the major top guys and then I came across Santek Trailers web site. They are the only ones with steel tubing chassis and frame, hand welded. I was able to go to their custom manufacturing shop and see their whole works. I was sold! I order my 30' trailer to my own specks. I am VERY happy with the results.
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Chuck & Aki 10-20-03  
We just went to RVland in Irvine, CA. I was not sure Attitude will good for us or not. Is anyone give us comments about Attitude 21'. We just have 7500-8500 for towing capacity for our truck..
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? steve 11-9-03  
We are looking for a 21ft toy hauler cant decide between weekend warrior,tailgator, or ragen.Any comparisons?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? JESSIE R. 4-30-04  
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Alicia 4-29-04  
Debating between a 40ft WW or a 37 ft Sandpiper. Any advice?
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Susan 12-2-03  
We have a 2004 Attitude and so far so good --- a lot of toy hauler for the money. We have been 3 times and carry full water, full gas, plus 4 quads....
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Bria 12-4-03  
Just bought a 2004 300FS GearBox by Fleetwood. Could not be happier. Have friends with Weekend Warrior and Sierra Sport and neither compare. Great price and can't go wrong with Fleetwood. It appears that the took the WW and made everything better. Bigger Gen, Fridge, Larger Lp Gas tanks, 60 gal fuels station etc...
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? steve k 2-5-04  
Curtis products baja, dunes,e mail me lets talk there are major problems out there i found a lot of them same problem lets talk
Re: Opinions on good/bad Toy Haulers? Justin 11-1-04  
Thinking of buying 32ft Wanderer Wagon 5th wheel anyone have any experience with this make?
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