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1972 Holiday Rambler SGFR 5-29-03  
Can anyone tell me what a 1972 Holiday Rambler Camping Trailor might be worth. It needs some work but is clean and in reasonably good shape. This is part of an estate and the owner is considering selling it, but has no idea what it might be worth. I just need a ball park figure. Please email me.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Jim 7-25-05  
I have just puchased a 20'1972 Holiday Rambler and am looking for the wiring Diagram for the trailer lights and the Brakes, would greatly appreciate any help with this.

Thanks Jim....
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Joe montoya 1-16-11  
Need weight on 1972 31 ft. longt89xf
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Susan Young 3-21-08  
I too have a 1972 Holiday Rambler and need all the documentation I can get. Could you please e-mail what you have. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Joe 5-3-07  
I recently took on the project of a 32' Holiday Rambler, 1972. I am having terrible time finding replacement vent lids. They're powered dual crank lids. They open to front or to rear. Apparently, it's a design that hasn't been used for a while. Can anyone help?
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler jay 1-21-10  
NADA has book prices for rv's on line to get a ball park figure. 1975 is as far back as they go for a holiday rambler and the prices seem kinda low to me. I guess it depends alot on the condition. Be sure to check off all the extras to get a more accurate price.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Darrell 11-9-08  
I just bought a 1972 HR. I would to know if you have any kind of an picture of the under side of the trailer, I have a leah under there, some wher. Thank you.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Sheri Stewart 5-25-09  
Can anyone tell me the size of the holding tank on an 1972 Holiday Rambler camper. Our holding tank seems to fil up very fast and backs up into the shower stall.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler john phelan 3-28-07  
I purchased one of these trailers and have all the documentation for it including the diagram for the electrical. I cannot understand it but could copy and mail.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Rodney Boyette 8-16-13  
What is the dry weight of this camper?
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Chris 8-23-07  
I was wondering if you still have all the documentation for the trailor. If so could I please get a copy? I just got my new toy yesturday and have no paper work to go with it. Thank U. Chris
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Marla Schlepp 9-12-07  
We have had our Holiday Rambler trailer for a few years, it needs repair. I would like to have a copy of your information. Thanks.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Frankie Western 5-20-09  
Hey John,
I know this post I found online is a couple of years old, but do you still have the manual for the 1972 Holiday Rambler? I was given a 22' trailer in good shape, but it doesn't have the manual and I don't know much about it. Thanks. Frankie
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Karen 5-3-08  
Hi, I just purchased a 32' 1972, holiday rambler and would also like any diagrams.
I do however have a thick booklet that came with the trailer but I don't think it includes detailed diagrams of electrical or plumbing. I will be happy to scan what I have into pdf and send for anyone needing it.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Yvonne 10-12-07  
If it would be helpful, you can mail me a copy of the documentation and I'll scan it into computer and email it back to you.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Tasha 11-21-08  
I too have one and I would like to no how much it is worth. Also, if you still have the paper work on it I would love to have a copy of it if you don't mind e-mailing it to me.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Jeff 10-3-07  
I would be interested in a copy of the electrical diagram information as well.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Bobbi Maul 3-20-08  
I just purchased a 72 Holiday Rambler also and would like a copy of that paperwork too if at all possible. Thank you so much.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler John 6-2-11  
I am looking at a 1972 25' Holiday Rambler to purchase. The plastic/vinyl wheel well trim over the dual wheels needs to be replaced. Does anyone have an idea where I can get them??? Is there a company that readily has parts for these vintage trailers?

Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler marisela vazquez 11-21-08  
Would also like to know how much is my 1972 holiday rambler. Everything works, everything original and in decent shape
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Lori Klassen 2-19-17  
Hi Karen, I realize that your post offering to email.pdf of Holiday Rambler booklet is almost 10 years old, but hoped you may still get this and be willing to send to me. Email:
Thanks so much!
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler sara 5-29-09  
Hello, We just got our 1972 holiday were so excited about working on it. I would also like a copy of any paperwork you may have that would make it easier to work on. My email is

Thank you,

Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Bill Branch 6-24-10  
Just purchased a 1972 24 foot Rambler and found this site. I have a bit of work to do and realize the trailer is old - but it is in decent shape. I would be interested in any manuals, diagrams that anyone might have - it seems that most posts are fairly old - however, anything one ight have I would appreciate. Am intersted in original wiring even though it has been rewired to some degree - what is the weight of this unit - The title simply states 50 squre feet

Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Michelle Howell 8-25-13  
Could you please email me nothing you have on 1972 20 ft. Holiday rambler...much appreciated
Re: 1972 Holiday vacioner 18' mike mumaw 2-24-10  
I need a manual
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler weight Marcel Dubois 2-22-09  
Could someone tell me the weight of the 1972 20ft Holiday rambler. Please could you send it to my email at Thanks a million
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler weight Joyce Dear 4-5-09  
Been reading mess. on 1972 HR ttrailer. we are redoing a 28 ft. 71 model and in looking for stuff have found that Monaco Coach bought them out and you can contact them for your specific model and it costs about 25.00 but they will send you a copy of the original manual and info on trailer. My husband is really handy and figured the wiring out by himself, but we are still feeling out way thru rebuilding this thing. Best of luck to you all and dont forget to contact Monaco.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler weight Chris Shaw 5-7-09  
I contacted Monaco as you suggested and was told they didn't have info on the '72 models; it was just too old. Can you give me any specifics on who you spoke with, as I too am rebuilding a one - a '72 Holiday Traveler.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler weight Joyce Dear 7-23-09  
Chris, I am so sorry. I was told by a dealer parts manager that would be the way to go. We have toughed it out and done it step by step and let me tell you, it has been a journey. this baby has been very unloved in its lifetime.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler weight John 6-6-11  
I am looking for the weight of a 1972 25' Holiday Rambler. can anyone help me out?


Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler weight Rodney 8-18-13  
Did you find the weight of the 1972 Holiday? Would you tell me waht it is?
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Phil 6-8-09  
Hi all, We just picked up a very well preserved 1972 31' Traveler with all the original brochures that include all the floor plan options, price lists, accessory price lists and capacities for holding tanks etc. Would be happy to share info.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler diane 6-16-09  
we are thinking of purchasing a 1972 Holiday Rambler... what is a good price for this? anything we should know before buying?
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Diane Lux 6-2-11  
I know this post is old, but I'm hoping you still have the paperwork for the 1972 Holiday Rambler. If so, could you send me a copy? Much appreciated.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Tejay 7-26-13  
If you still have this information availiable I would be very greatful. I just purchased a 1972 holiday rambler camper.

Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Joan 6-21-09  
Did you find out a good price?
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler Joyce Dear 7-23-09  
To phil: I read your note about having the manuals and paperwork on a HR 72- we purchased a trailer and have no paperwork. I would love to purchase a copy of your diagrams and paperwork. please contact me if you are interested.
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler aaron 10-11-09  
I live in SC. Greenville area where can I find parts for this HR 21 ft 1972.I need a fender to start leftside
Re: 1972 Holiday Rambler mike mumaw 2-24-10  
Where can i find a manual for this rv also what kind of water heater does this rv use.
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