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Breckenridge Roof Problem Dan 5-8-03  
We own a 2000 Breckenridge park model.
Since the 1st winter each spring we have roof leaks. The 1st year we had the dealer come up to fix and he just re-caulked the seams. Our park in NY state has 7 other Breckenridge models and at least 5 have problems. The Mfg has visited our park last year and says that some of their trailersdo have a problem but they would repair by peeling back rubber roof and replacing sheathing on roof and replacing trim edge and re-sealing with butyl Tape. This work was done on 5 trailers and this spring all 5 trailers are still leaking. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE HAD SIMILAR PROBLEM ?? I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU!
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem julien 8-4-17  
I have a 2008 but new park model,big roof problem,I am looking for a lawyer, dont know if it is humidity problem, I would like to show you pictures.
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Jeff 10-27-12  
Own a 2010 Breckenridge park model in Ontario Canada. We have a roof leak. After one month of searching for the leak we now believe it is coming from the roof section of the dormer. The water is coming in the window located under the dormer section. Roofing specialist advises there are to many shingles on the roof and they were installed to close together. Very fustrating hope to have repair completed soon.
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Don 9-27-10  
I have over 14 yrs experience with repairing the main roofs and slide outs from minor to major repairs...for the factory under warranty as well as for private repairs.....Yes there is some problems, but alot I have found has been in the setup of the unit....some annual maintenance that was not done......I garantee to stop the leaks and warranty my work for 2 yrs.......if I can assist anyone with the repairs needed....I have excellent rates.......will travel anywhere in Ontario to do with pictures and details
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Don 5-5-10  
Looking for info about leaking tipouts on brekinridge park models and what to do to eliminate the problems
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem mike 6-22-03  
I just bought a 97 breckenridge and i do have a small leak in the right/front which i caulked and have hopefuly fixed.... but i found a bigger problem the covering underneath both of my slide outs were holding water!! i cut them open and water came pouring out the insulation under my floor was soaked... i happened to find this problem when i noticed the rugs in slide outs were very damp! i went to a breckenridge next to mine, checked and sure enough my nieghbor has the same problem.. keep an eye out for this dan! and anyone with advice please post, thanks mike
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Darrell Sears 12-13-12  
1998 Breckenridge Park Model, my roof is blistering on 75% of the roof, is there anything that can be done to hold Breckeridge responsible for all their roof problems?
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Joe Lammers 8-29-11  
Bought a 2008 Breckenridge and had the after market roof seal installed. Roof still leaked and have water damage in the walls in the bathroom and slideout. Also the skylight above the shower has filled with water. When the first indication of water showed up I caulked the top seam above the windows and roof edge but it seems that the water is coming through the sideing. There has been a continual brown stain on the sideing where it has soaked in the insul,wood and leaks back out. The warranty is going to repair it but how much damage has been done?
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem ROBERT E. HOLMES 6-7-15  
Looking home if Roof on slide outs a problem, company will not even reply, not concerned after year. They know they have a problem with roofs. dealer checked and advised breckenridge. still no response. I plan to hire a separate companyto take care of it. They have a good looking home if the roof on slide outs was worth a crap. i felt like they would be concerned but to my surprise the company is trying to ignore their problem and responsibl;ity. hope that customers find out about these problems before they buy their headaches.
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Mary 3-14-13  
Is there a way of opening the responses to the initial e-mail by Dan. I would like to view what the others said in their response to him. Thank you.
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Mildred Palmer 6-4-15  
Hello we live in the Beaver County area of Pennsylvania in the United States.
We have a 2000 Breckenridge Damion Style Park Model, the roof is getting really bad now, because we had 1 bad winter, and we started having problems after we bought the Park Model in 2013. The roof should have a 15 year warranty would it be still under the warranty now, because it is now June of 2015? I don't know the month it was bought from the first owner of the Park Model. And now we are having issues with our roof. The damages are going on for 2 summers now.
We had a Contractor who works with the Cranberry Township, PA USA Home Depot Store Location.
The Roofing Assessment & Proposal for our Breckenridge, we had the proposal done on 6-2-2015. And including the Porch roof for our deck would also would need to be changed as well. He never climb a ladder to do the measurements for the Park Model, He used a Laser Scale for the measurements. I don't know if that would right. I guess I am old fashion I guess.
1. Pre-Installation:
Obtain permits and licenses in accordance with local law as needed.
Obtain Dumpster as required.
2. Roof Preparation:
Remove 1 Layer/Layers of roofing material per visual inspection.
Inspect decking wood for root or deterioration.
Re-nail and secure existing decking if necessary.
Clean roof deck to provide smooth nailing surface.

3. Note/; Additional cost for wood replacement will be presented under a Contract Amendment.
$4.00 / linear per ft. Of Plank decking. $63.00 / Sheet of Plywood per piece.

4. Deck Protection:
Install Glass Fiber Reinforced Felt, #30 lb. felt, #15 lb. felt or code approved underlayment.
Install Rubberized Leak barrier in following areas.
Eaves, Low Slope, Vent Pipes, Rakes.

5. Flashings:
Install Drip Edge along entire perimeter of roof.
Install New or rework boot or flange and seal all vent pipes.
Install new or rework existing counter flashing around chimney.

Install Ridge Vent.

6. Asphalt Shingles:
Brand / Product: GAF.
Install starter shingles.
Install 25, 30 lifetime shingles.
Install Hip and Ridge shingles.

7. Final:
Magnetically sweep job site.
Clean gutters of job related debris.
Haul away all job - related debris.

8. Final Inspection with Homeowner. Liberty Low Slope On Porch Area. This is for the Deck Area.

9. Option #1: Product Royal Soveicigh
25 years Material Warranty.
10 years Year Craftsmanship.
Promotion: $5,240.00 U.S. Dollars Total Investment.
- $1,000.00 U.S. Dollars. = $ $4,240.00 U.S. Dollars. Monthly Investment.

10. Option # 2: Product: Timberline HD
Lifetime Material Warranty.
10 years Year Craftsmanship.
Promotion: $5,432.00 U.S. Total Investment.
-$1,000.00 U.S = $4,432.00 U.S. Dollars.

Promo Good Till 6/3/2015. So this was our first Proposal.
We were informed to get at least 3 proposals to see who was cheaper and higher in price.
We even went to Home Depot on 6/3/2015. To make sure all this was right before we did this project.
We were informed for the job to be completed right, we were informed by a Roofing Expert from Home Depot from the store informed us that the estimate he was offering us way too high for this kind of roofing job.
Because we are not looking for projects to be completed and have the same problems again in a year or 2 and doing another roofing job. We are looking for something that it will last for 15 or 20 some years from now.
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Linda 9-27-13  
We had our Breckenridge Trailer go back to Indiana this past winter to only get it back from there worse off then when it was shipped there, now having problems with them fixing the mess that they caused. The biggest problem is a company has come in and has taken a bunch of smaller Trailer complies and put them in an umbrella situation now try and get them to keep their word. Both of our tip outs were suppose to be totally rebuild and neither one was done, once you take the inner casings off you can see there is still the old black mouldy studs still there in place now lets just lie to our customers and leave them high and dry, anyone else having this problem
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Jenny 8-14-13  
We own 2008 Breckenridge Park model & are having water problems in roof. Doesn't the 1pce rubber roof warrantied for 12 years? Apparently Breckenridge does not agree - they will not repair the roof under the warranty. Is there anyone else having similar problems?

Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Louise 8-19-16  
I bought a Brec, 840RC 2001 Park style model in 2011, second hand. Had not noticed that previous owner covered the roof with asphalt strips. It still leaks in different places, part of some strips blew off. In an Nort-Eastern wind, the water seems to come in from the main door, one window and some where the stove use to be.

Anyway, I am thinking of replacing the roof with metal. Can anyone tell me if there is wood underneath the membrane? So far, I have not found metal roofing that will bend to follow the slight curve, but I know it exists.

I wrote to Breckenridge with questions, but did not get an answer. I am wondering if the company has been sold.


Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Shawn 8-8-03  
Hello, I had a customer come in today telling me that he read about this problem. I am a dealer for Breckenridge and have run into those problems before. My father and I have fixed both of those problem with great results. Please email me at work and I will email you back with the fixes on a later date. I am going to consult my father about those problems to refresh my mind on how we fixed it.
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Willard 9-7-03  
What depressing news...we own a 2000 Park model. Although we did not have any roof leak over the first winter, our neighbor did. They purchased a 2000 model at the same time a we did and they had a leak. The dealer came to the site and did a fix on both of our units. Although the winter of 2001-2002 did not give any leaks..the 2002-2003 winter was not so kind. Both of our untils had roof leaks along the back side of the unit and on the slide.
But the most distressing is the "water collection" on the underbelly of the slide outs. We discovered the same issue this year. We just sliced open the membrane and find soaked fiberglass and what appears to be more than one year of water damage on the wood. Getting the unit open so it could dry out may be OK but where is the water coming from? This is what needs to be fixed...I would imagine that the water must be making the wide walls wet also. Any thoughts?
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem tom 11-12-03  
Wow!! i am just about to order a 2004 breckenridge but now i am not sure i had heard something about this any other models i should look at.

thank you
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Don 9-27-10  
I have over 14 yrs experience repairing these problems..... for the Factory as well as private consumers...I guarantee my work for 2yrs....I live in Ontario and willing to travel to your park model to do repairs on site......great rates, exceptional Quality at
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Don 3-8-12  
Where are you located?
Who is repairing your unit, dealer or Breckenridge?
Do you have TPO membrane or EPDM rubber membrane?
What is your last 4 digits in serial number?
What repair has been done if any?
Re: Breckenridge Roof Problem Judith Griffin 7-19-15  
We have a 2004 Breckenridge we brought about 1.5 years ago in New Hampshire and move it to New York. We are not there often and finally discovered the slide out is leaking last late fall. Major damage already on floor and floor joists. Looking for who upstate New York in the Adirondack can help us remedy the leak and repair.
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