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Steury Pop-Up Camper SLY 5-2-03  
I just bought a Steury Pop-up Camper. It's in pretty good condition considering it's a 1978. It didn't come with set-up instructions. I'm looking for ANY information anyone can provide on Steury campers.

Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Jason Willhoite 5-1-06  
I purchased a 77 Steury last year for 300 dollars it's been sitting in a field the last couple of years but is still in good shape we took it to Kentucky to our favorite four wheeling spot and left it there to reduce the number of vehicles we take each time we go.
I'm looking for two more of the support poles that cover the lifting arms and i've read some of the other entries here and saw where people replaced their canvas im wanting to replace mine as well and could use some advice on where to purchase it any help would be greatly appretiated.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper mike 7-11-07  
Tell me what you need to know? i have had one for years.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Kent Lackey 8-9-05  
Iown a 1968 steury folding camper, I also have two of the lifting tubes that dont work due to broken cables. It is not rocket science to put the cables on but you will need help in keeping the cables taught while you crimp the ends on. you can use 1/8 inch wire rope and it can be purchased at any hardware store. For more info e-mail me at above adress.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Jerry A. Keefer 6-26-03  
I need some to,did you find any for a 1978.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper john barlow 1-9-16  
1978 steury looking for light lenses they just pop on
Information greg french 3-19-08  
Trying to find information on a 1975 Stewry Tavvel Trailor. Serial # 5145751 and Model # 51400 Cable and springs diagram.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper LEE 10-9-04  
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper LEE 10-9-04  
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Jeff 8-19-08  
I have owned a 1977 Steury pop-up for a few years, and my parents had bought it new. I have repaired the cable-spring system for lifting the roof a couple of times. I can give you an idea of how it works.

St. Louis
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper China 5-27-13  
I just bought a 1977 Stuery pop up. Its in decent shape but to get this thing UP is a hassle and the bars on the ends have broken springs inside. How do I fix this and is there an easier way to lift it other than this mid evil crank poke system?? Please help. Someone in nm that works on these..
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Heath 9-26-12  
Is this the most useless forum on the planet, or am I missing something? 50 people with the same 5 questions and not one answer? I too have a Steury camper (60s), need parts, and would like a peek at a manual. Is there any help out there? Am I just not seeing the links to answers?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper CuzB 5-18-15  
I have a 1973 Steury Pop-up for sale. Most original. Just missing the canvas sides. It does have in very good condition the green and white canvas awning with poles. Nice original floor, stove, refrigerator, sink, all in original condition. Comes with jacks and other small items original to the camper. Sold As Is.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Dana Shannon 8-25-08  
I am looking for a manual on this model and can't find anything. I inherited this from my Grandfather and I have no info on how to work the heater/hot water holding tanks, etc. I would appreciate any kind of help. Thanks!!
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Carmen Ward 5-28-12  
If you are looking for a new canvis try Bear Creek Canvis. They are in MN I think and make new replacements for all kinds of canvis needs. Try
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper charlene harris 9-27-10  
I was just wondering what the original price of the 1972 steury pop up camper?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Donnie Johnson 8-11-03  
I don't have instructions either but I have learned how to do this over time. I'm looking for a place to buy curtins for mine.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Mike 11-13-03  
I just purchased a 72 Steury. I was unable to find any parts or curtains so I gutted it, and created my own. Now, it's remodeled and looks nice, except for the tent canvas part. Does anyone know what the best way is to clean it?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper JParsons 11-24-03  
Does anyone know how to fix the cable system in it? I also have a 78.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Anita 4-1-10  
Hi My husband and I just bought a 1971 Steury Pop up... It sat in a tobacco farm for 10 years. We used the mr.clean erasers and they worked excellent.Good luck
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper cathy 10-29-04  
I we're lucky. Ours is in great shape. the only problem is on our last trip, i bent one of the hinges that holds the tent/bed portion. I just need to know where to find that part.

thanks for the help
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Toni 1-24-04  
We recently bought a 1976 Steury pop-up and are trying to find any information on the Steury brand. The canvas has some tears but we have decided to repair instead of replace since we like the green stipe. There may be some other things that need replaced and would like to know if there is any place to order parts. It seems to be a well built camper and I would like some feed-back from other owners to see how they feel about their Steurys.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Paul 6-11-04  
I own a 1977 11'. I have replaced the ceiling, added custom mattresses, and replaced the canvas. I have towed it from Denver to Mexico twice.

I liked the green stipes - but the canvas was in really poor shape.

Good news on lift system parts. Not only are these parts available, they are still being manufactuered. Call these guys, they know everything about Steurys.

Nice ride!

Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Chris Nona 4-2-04  
We had a Steury pop-up when I was a kid. We bought it new in '76 and sold it in '85 or '86. It was HUGE. It was 19ft long when closed and 24ft long open. It ran on dual axles and had a tongue weight somewhere around 300 pounds, my father said.

We loved the thing. It always towed nice, the pulse brakes were reliable and never posed a problem for backing up. The cable system DID snap on it, once, but only because we did a half-assed job of replacing the first cable (stretching). The first replacement we bought / had made was too short, so we spliced another section onto it with cable clamps... that pulled out. Ouch.

Write me if you want. Not sure if I'll have the best information for you, but maybe my dad will.

Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Angela Steelman 3-7-06  
I have an old popup that has no ID. Several have suggested it may be a Steury from the late 70s. Anyone willing to look at pics of my camper or share pics of theirs to help me solve the mystery of my camper's manufacturer?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper kerry 7-30-05  
My lift system went out on my steury pop up and I am in desperate need to fix it...can u help?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Juli 5-2-08  
I bought the camper from Lee on here and needed to replace the canvas. Your info help tremendously! Thanks!
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper diana 7-5-11  
We are looking for part and canvas
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Jenny 6-5-08  
Can I buy a replacement canvas as mine is in bad repair? Is there anywhere I can find other steury replacement parts.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper rodney 5-29-12  
I have an old steury pop up and the lift cable broke,does anyone know where i can buy a new one,and how hard is it to change,Thanks
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Bryan 11-20-04  
I have a 1978 Steury Pop Up 12' dual axle, new canvas new cushons and new crank cables and rods in the last 5 years. Willing to sell.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Robert 7-20-05  
My wife and i own a 1971 Steury pop up, i am an rv tech for a living but cannot find new tent ends for it, we have totally re-done the entire camper except for the ends. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper brent 1-19-09  
Does anyone have info on these pop up spring loaded tent trailers. I just aquired one and found out the company was sold many years ago to starcraft which has since gone out of business 3 tears ago.
Thanks Brent
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Jim 6-4-07  
Hello Bryan, do you still have your pop-up? We were thinking about purchasing one. What do you think is a fair price for an older Steury?

Thanks for your reply,

Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Troy 6-23-08  
I cant find the vin #'s on my 72 can you help?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Heather Holland 5-8-08  
I need the length of the 1971 Steury Pop up camper. I have a client that just bought one and does not know the length. Please email if anyone knows. Thanks for your help!

Heather Holland
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Troy 6-23-08  
I am looking at buying a 72 steury but cant find the id #'s........
does any one know where they are on that year?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Troy 6-23-08  
Did you ever get any information on vin #'s?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper JERRY 8-10-08  
Just bought a old steury pup up camper and wondering if some one could tell me the year of it the mode S8005G
serial # is S81G765
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Donna 1-17-08  
My husband and I have an old 1973 model Steury pop camper with the spring loaded arms lift system. Those need to be replaced...we've found one place online where we can get replacements but just wondered if you (or anyone out there) knew of any where to get the new arms/hardware and if you or anyone has ever tackled that job. We're a little worried about getting everything off and back on. Other than that the canvas is really in pretty remarkable shape for its holes, only a a couple tears along the ends of the beds. Inside is also in remarkable shape...we just love our old Steury! We're gradually fixing her up though.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Don 2-27-08  
Yes I was thinking of buying one it is a 1975 model I was wondering what the blue book price on it is. This one is in fair condition. Thanks for your help if you can help me.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper James Ralston 3-20-08  
I rebuilt the springs on our 68 steury a couple of years back when the busted. I got new springs from a local Ace that were as close as I could get. I had to put two shorter ones together but they work great. Just prop the top up with a 2x4 good so it doesn't come down on you. then take the bolt out on bottom. If I remember I had to drill out the one holding the top of the spring rod and replace it with a new nut/bolt that set inside of each other. (no end sticking out to catch the tent. It really wasn't that big of a job, just nerve racking on the first one.
Year, model #, vin # larry 2-23-13  
I have a Steury pop up camper that I just bought. I am trying to find out if this is the model number or the VIN number and I am trying to find out what the year of this camper is. I found on the tag on the side of the camper with a 7 digit number. This doesn't say if it is a model number or a VIN number, or just an ID number. Any info would be extremely helpful.

Thank you
Re: Information lisa 5-17-13  
I have a steury camper and need know how to run the wires so i can pop it up. could not fine a seril3 on it. thanks lisa
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Jim 3-29-08  
My 78 Steury cranks up but won't stay in the locked position.Any info on what parts I need or where to get them.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper brandy 6-17-14  
I cant find the vin number on my Steury pop-up camper. need help please.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Rose 7-19-14  
My husband just got one not sure of the year yet or model A little rotton on the one end but looks to be in good shape otherwise been raining here alot this week so can't finish raising it yet would like A site I can see more about these Steury Sign of Quality pop- ups
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Tena 8-30-08  
Please send me info on how to fix the springs.The front goes up,the back does not on my 1976 Stuery camper. Thank you Tena Yoder
Steury Pop-Up Camper Millie 9-13-08  
Looking for a wiring diagram for a 1978 steury camping trailer. Want to fix the lights and turning lights.
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper Carol 6-24-10  
We just "inherited" a Steury pop-up and are wanting to fix it up to sell. We have been unable to locate a manual. Can someone help us finding one?
Re: Steury Pop-Up Camper john 6-4-12  
You can find all the lift cable parts here: or try call 800-232-2079 for lift diagrams
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