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Onan wiring schematic mike 3-25-03  
I need to know how to wire a onan model 4.0 b.f-3cr/ spec 16002b generator! I would like to see a wiring schematic. can anyone help me?

sitting in the dark
Re: onan wiring schematic Ray 10-7-03  
Need wiring schematic for Onan 4.0 generator. Did anybody find one?
Need help. Thanks
Re: onan wiring schematic Danny 7-26-03  
I have a onan model # 27AJ-IR/120203
SERIAL#T750 959123 It only has 2 wires in the conecting box 1 seems to be the ground and 1 live wire looks like one wire missing?any ideals. thanks Danny
Re: onan wiring schematic steve turner 5-18-03  
I need the same wiring info.
Re: onan wiring schematic Thacisea Morgan 6-21-15  
The battery is not chargeing is being dran ii
Re: onan wiring schematic Ronald L. Sexton 3-26-03  

May I have a copy of the schematic?

Thank you,

Re: onan wiring schematic teresa 1-31-06  
I buyed rv but i got to rewired the my onan generator from my dashboard to the genator, can i have the schematic?please,
Re: onan wiring schematic Anthony Denley 4-26-05  
I would love to get a copy of that wiring schematic. I am restoring an old R.V. and have no clue how to wire the Onan. thanks
Re: onan wiring schematic teresa 1-31-06  
I need information how to run wires to start my generator onan from inside my rv. thank you.
Re: onan wiring schematic Daniel Sterbenz 11-8-13  
Would like wireing schematic genset 4k emerald 1
Re: onan wiring schematic Kim 1-17-12  
We had to pull my Onan 5.5 to fix oil filter mount. When I had the backyard mechanic pull itm he didnt write down the way its wired back to rv. And the mechanic is unreachable. Can you send me a copy of the schematic for Onan please?
Onan BGE remote wiring instruction Steve Heinz 3-28-12  
Have the BGE genset with a 5 wire plug for remote start and run. Installed in a 1993 Lance camper with color coded wires and need to know how to connect the numbered plug harness to color coded camper wires.
Re: onan wiring schematic mike gunderson 11-1-09  
I need a schematic for a Lanamar Onan LX720 as used in a Burkeen B 16 trencher. The coil, voltage regulator and the ignition control are all missing. Thankyou
Re: onan wiring schematic virgil wedel 12-17-08  
I need remote control schematic.
Re: onan wiring schematic Dave Mette 11-1-08  
Need info
Re: onan wiring schematic paul anthony 2-25-11  
I have a onan genset 4.0 i need the wireing diagram for please...thanks

Re: onan wiring schematic Dave Mette 11-1-08  
Need any info you have in the generator
Onan wiring schematic Rudy 7-2-03  
Would you consider sharing that schematic? Would like very much to check wiring. Thanks Rudy
Re: Onan wiring schematic Don 3-16-05  
I'm looking for a wiring schematic for onan Emerald 4kw generator in my rv. I need to know how to wire the remote located start/stop switch.
Re: onan wiring schematic Michael marsh 7-15-16  
BG2-1R/26101C 4.0
Re: onan wiring schematic Ron Butt 9-9-07  
I have an older Onan 3.0 AJ-1R/16017S Would love to have a wiring schematic or any other info.

Re: onan wiring schematic jose matos 6-11-06  
I hav onan 1500c-99n/280
vlots 460 ph3 gen.
i need the wiring schematic.thank you jose.
Re: onan wiring schematic Jesse Copelyn 10-16-10  
I can't find oil sensor for generator, also,fuse location for fuel pump. This is a 1986 Winnebego with onan generator. generator will turn over but will not start.
Re: Onan wiring schematic Greg 9-29-08  
I have a 4.0 BGE. Someone had it wired it so when it cranked the starter stayed engaged. WOW! Anyway, After setting up for about a year, I replaced the starter, fixed that problem and now the genset makes no electricity. Everything is wired the same except the starter. Is there anyway to excite the unit? It runs great, just no power out. Already checked all breakers.
Re: onan wiring schematic Stan D 9-27-10  
I have an Onan
model 6.5NHEFA26100E
sn G890254187

This was removed from a junked motor home. It will run. However, I have no idea what all the controls are about.

Does anyone have a circuit diagram &/or manuals for this unit ???

Re: onan wiring schematic bill 1-10-08  
Re: onan wiring schematic
Re: onan wiring schematic Hal Hadaller 6-11-06  
1974 model Onan 5 KW 5.0CCK.

Who has circuit schematics? My battery is not charging. No charging voltage.

Thanks. Hal
Re: Onan wiring schematic chris fitzgerald 9-26-10  
My wife and i just bought a 1972 doge tioga motor home. Trying to get gen to run again.Replaced stater relay,now get no power out to stater side and coil is hot, could you please send me wiring schematic for 3.0aj-1r/16017s thank you for your time.
Re: Onan wiring schematic chris fitzgerald 9-26-10  
Could you send me wiring schematics for a 3.0 aj-1r/16017s
Re: Onan wiring schematic Tommy 10-11-15  
I have a book on the onan 4.0 98 model if it will help.
Re: onan wiring schematic joseph kithell 5-22-14  
I need a wiring diagram for a onan emerald 3 gender model number 6.5nhefa26100e if you can help me out I would appreciate it
Re: onan wiring schematic dave jones 2-18-12  
The wiring schematic will definitely be a huge helpwhen I have it emailed to me. Thanks for taking time out of your day and sending it my way. Thanks again
Re: Gen. won't start Don 6-12-11  
Onan 4.0 gen will not run, no gas. How do I check the fuel pump? when does it run, I am not getting any power to the pump, where does the hot wire come from? it goes into the generator and I don't know where it comes from. Can anyone help.
Re: onan wiring schematic bob 3-2-12  
Need a wiring schematic for onan model 4kyfa26100k
Re: onan BGE remote wiring instruction wes 8-18-12  
I have a 1987 RV Sun sport. Love to have the schematics of the onan 4.OBGE-IR/26100C...please can anyone HELP...two or more wires loose have no clue..cnnt get anything to happen..replaced fuel pump and dont know where to go from!!!!!
Re: onan wiring schematic Daniel 8-15-14  
Schematic for emberald 1. genset 4k
Re: mod4kyfa26100k spec k remote wiring gary preston 5-16-15  
Wiring diagram mod4kyfa26100k spec k remote wiring
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