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Shadow Cruiser SC 3-1-03  
This is an open messge to any and all Shadow Cruiser owners to provide me with feedback on their products. I am posting this on behalf of the ownership of Cruiser RV Corp. in an attempt to solicit feedback from owners or even interested RVers.
Thanks in advance for your help and response.
Re: Shadow Cruiser steve 6-20-04  
Where do you live dave, I live in california...are you close?
Email me at
I am interested.
Re: Shadow Cruiser mary 7-10-04  
Looking for camper 9 1/2 ft or so. 1990 or around there. Anyone have one to sell. Fell in love with these, just can't find one. email me
Re: Shadow Cruiser KEn Diebel 6-17-04  
I am inquiring about your T-160. Please call me or email me back. I want to talk to you. I am interested in finding out more info. Ken Diebel
Re: Shadow Cruiser donna chilcoat 6-12-04  
Need schematics for wiring shadow cruiser to a 2003 F250 that has a towing package.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Raymond Fite 7-31-13  
Hello, I have a 2003 f250 heavy duty with 66000 miles on it, also I have a shadow cruiser self contained slide on camper.This camper is eleven and one half feet long and I want to sell these together as the rear bumper has been extended. This bumper can be unbolted and mated to the truck. This camper is nice and every thing works, it has cold air and a generator and good water pump, and bath room and shower.I offer
these as one unit with a firm price
of $21,300 if interested contact me at
my e-mail or 1-417=440-1916
the truck is also very clean
Re: Shadow Cruiser Michael 9-26-04  
I have had a time of finding SC in 5th wheels for sale.can anyone direct me to a dealer,or Manufacturer,or private Individual who has one for sale,new or used.I am in Tn and can travel almost anywhere to see it. thank you
Re: Shadow Cruiser SKIPW 6-15-04  
Re: Shadow Cruiser Marcus_brougham 11-12-04  
I'm looking at a (2005) 189FBR Model with several options for 12,995.00. I love the way every thing is spaced inside, it looks bigger than most larger TT's I have seen. Reading this post has me wondering about the "Swaying" issue. Could it be a defect or is it people not loading properly? I will be puling with a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE V6 (2wd) Has anyone pulled SC with one before?
I can recieve info at:
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ray 4-27-05  
Looking for a used fifth wheel
rear living room
Re: Shadow Cruiser mel utley 5-1-05  
Am interested in buying a 24ft. 5th wheel and towing with a v-6 Toyota Tacoma 4X4. Has anybody tried it and how did it go? Any info/advice will be appreciated.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ray 4-27-05  
Looking for a 24 ft. fifth wheel
rear living room
Re: Shadow Cruiser Dennis 11-21-04  
As for trailer sway, any trailer will sway when more weight is behind the axle(s) than in front. If you get the weight forward so that the tires and toung share the weight the sway will usually stop. If it still persists, you need to double check inflation pressures in your tires and the type of tires you have. You may need more pressure than the door plackard suggests if you are carrying a heavier load on the axle than it suggests. The smaller trailers are more prone to this than larger multi axle ones are but you can load almost any trailer improperly and have this occur.

As for Shadow Cruiser, I have looked at many slide in truck campers and decided to pick up a new Shadow Cruiser day after tomorrow. Looks like a good camper for the money. A friend of mine used to work for one of their dealers and they had very few problems with them.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Karen Tellin 5-26-04  
We are looking for an older model SC that will fit a short bed F-150 truck.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Frances 11-15-04  
Looking for a used SC 5th wheel - 26' - to pull with a Toyota Tundra - 2005 double cab - is anyone driving such a rig - please email me with information about traveling with it. Thanks for any information - this will be our first FW. Thanks Frances
Re: Shadow Cruiser bill 9-29-04  
I love the older fifth wheels. Wish the new ones would come without the slide.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Trisha 4-11-04  
Yes, we just purchased on yesterday and they made an appointment with us to add a 7 way electrical plug onto the van and it'll give us the abilit to hand brake the unit, or use just the brakes in the van. I can't wait to start camping with this, we purchased the 179 unit.
Re: Shadow Cruiser cheryl 6-28-03  
I just purchased a 18ft. shadow cruiser in Mn and hauled it to CO. I could not go over 50 m.p.h. or it fishtailed tremendously even with a equalizer hitch and sway bars. Could you please give me some advice.
Re: Shadow Cruiser lee jordan 7-3-03  
Do you answer the emails ?
I am supposed to pick up my T-160 next week and I thought the floors felt a little spongy when I walked through the trailer.
Any thoughts or suggestions ?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Rick 6-17-03  
In the near future, I am going to purchase a small (19-21 ft.) 5th wheel that I can tow with a mid-sized truck. Because I camp a lot in the outback, I want a trailer that is narrow (7 ft.) and has good clearance. A few years ago, SC made some models that fit these dimensions. Do you plan to make more of these? Thanks for any information that you might have.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Cotton 4-19-03  
I own a 1989 SC slide in truck camper.
I am looking for some wiring information but no one seems to want to respond to my Emails that I write your company. I understand that the present company did not make my product, but I also believe you have enough knowledge of a company you bought that you could tell me where 3 wires go.
I like this camper,and I like your new ones,but if I cannot even get a response from your firm I would hesitate a long time before I would lay any money out for any of your product.
I'm not trying to make anyone look bad,you wanted feedback from owners and this is how I feel. There are enough companies in this country that don't care about customers once they have their money or the product is out of warrantee,those that do care are the ones who will prosper!
Re: Shadow Cruiser Suzanne and David 3-8-03  
Do they have electric brakes?
Re: Shadow Cruiser skirunner 3-9-03  
We have a '93 FK255 5th wheel and it is still in good shape with about 40000 miles of towing including a trip up to Alaska and back. The main problem has been the brake wiring. Also had problem with alignment of the two axels causing wierd tire wear -- but we got that taken care of. Are the new owners going to supply parts for the old units?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ed Taylor 7-10-03  
We have a 1996 25.5 rear bath we purchased new 2/14/96. We have towed it about 35000 miles to date with only a few minor problems. First 30000 miles behind a Toyota T-100 V-6 and now behind a Tundra V-8. Over the Rockies and thre West Virginia with both set-ups. Lowest fuel mileage was 10.5 mpg and highest was 15.2 mpg. No plans to trade but the new ones look nice. Love the 84" width for towing but set up for a Toyota Tundra Access-Cab if you make a short tight turn the trailer contacts the rear window molding and cracks the window. Don't ask how I know this! This is a driver error rather than any fault of the trailer. To sum up, we love it! Ed Taylor
Re: Shadow Cruiser Christine 8-3-03  
We have a 1996 25.5 SC 5th Wheel. This is our second, both bought used. We tow it with a Dodge 1500 4WD, Quad Cab, short bed, with a 5.9 engine. We rececntly took a 4000 mile trip through the Rockies to Oregon. In the Snowy Range of Wyoming we had to go down to 1st gear and crawl up the steep pass. Our mileage ranged from 8mpg bucking winds and hills and driving 70mph in Kansas to almost 12 mpg driving slower in the mountains of Utah and Oregon. We love our SC and would like a model with a slide out in the future. Just wish they were a little less expenseive and will probably wait for a used model.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Kim 10-26-03  
I have had my fun finder T160 for two years now and have been very happy with my unit. I tows well behind my mercury mountaineer (a 6 cyl.). The interior design of my 16 ft travel trailer is great. It gives all the features needed to be comfortable including space. For those with swaying troubles- the one time I had problems with swaying it was very windy and I had packed some heavier items (firewood, extra propane cylander) near the back of the camper behind the wheels. I also had a low tire on one side of the unit. Once I aired up the tire and repacked to the weight was closer to the fron on the tonge the swaying stopped.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ken 5-25-05  
2004 Fun Finder T-160 Loaded with extras including Honda 2KW Generator. In new condition. Sleeps 4/5 Located in North Louisiana. $10,000.00
Re: Shadow Cruiser Kathy 10-22-03  
Am reading the posts about the 18' shadow cruiser TTs and sway while towing, and wonder if the 16-footer does this, too. We might look at a T-160, and would tow w/ a 4.0L V6 SOHC Explorer w/tow pkg. Any info appreciated.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Bobby Franco 10-15-03  
I have a '99 shadow cruiser trailer. I'm looking for an owner's manual.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Rich Truax 9-2-03  
Just looked at 18ft Fun Finder at local
dealer. Saw brochure but it did not include info on pictures of this great trailer being built. Like to know framing techniques and details about building it. As much as we can tell by being inside it and reading the info offered, this is a really nice trailer. Having only single rather than double set of wheels, how does it track, we tow with 1500 Suburban.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Dave Johnson 9-21-03  
I have a 24' rear kitchen 5th wheel. We love it. However i would like to find a 26' rear bath. Anything out there?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ted M. Vaughn 4-13-04  
Just bought a new SC189FBR single axle.
Pulled it 20 mi with my Toyota Tundra before I bought and 20 mi home. Thats all so far. Pulled great with no WD or sway. Pulled on 4 lane highway up to 75mph and done some quick lane changes and had no problems. Hope the future does the same.
Really like the way its set up and the fit and trim are very good.
Have went through it and tried everything and after I figured it all out, I found no problems.
I did notice that the battery is in a very bad place by not being able to access it easily and adds weight to the rear instead of frount. But without having any problems, thats OK. (I do like to take the battery out in the winter while I'm not using it.)

Ted M. Vaughn
Re: Shadow Cruiser Lynn Ghan 6-6-04  
We have just bought a 89 Shadow Cruiser 5th wheel. We would like to get a owners manual for it. Also dose this one have a model name or not.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Richard 9-4-11  
Just got a 1993 Shadow Cruiser 950 truck camper. Would like a manual or info about the holding tank/tanks? Not sure there's a gray water tank..
Thanks for any help!
Re: Shadow Cruiser Earl 9-11-11  
Purchased an '89 800W fold-down in 1999. Excellent quality and still in excellent condition @ 10 yrs old. I hated to see the company quit and see parts no longer available. Now need new windows and screens (complete soft-side). Nothing lasts forever!!
Re: Shadow Cruiser Roger Rivers 2-24-11  
Does anyone know where I could get a blackwater holding tank for a 92 950 sofa slide in camper tank # is HT1380 can't find one anywhere.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Wayne King 9-29-10  
I have a 2005 Shadow Cruiser Fun Finder T-139. The GSFI 110V recepticles don't work and I can't find the reset button anywhere. Can anyone help?
Re: The Shadow Tom 3-26-10  
I saw a fifth wheel back in the 80s hooked to the roof of a full sized Buick 4 door. The car's ability to do all that the new youtube clip of the '74 Bug did, was amazing.
Who was the manufacturer of this version? This 5th wheel was named The Shadow. This is all I know. I saw this camper in 1984 or so and it was not overly large, nor was it a teardrop size. Can anyone help?
Re: Shadow Cruiser BJ 7-7-10  
Be careful of the Shadow Cruisers! Cute as they may be, ours is a real lemon and we have received no help on it from the company as yet. The AC has fallen through the ceiling; the camper is falling apart. Bought it brand new from Rimrock in Grand Junction, CO in 2005; it is a T-210. We found after removing the wheels that the bolts which hold the axle assembly were installed backwards, so the bolts were laying on the suspension arms, prohibiting any suspension or give. It has been a nightmare! There were no roof trusses found when we had the AC removed; no wonder it caved the roof in. BJ
Excellent guest upliditte 9-30-11  
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Re: Shadow Cruiser Francis Howard 11-10-11  
I need a fenderskirt for a 1992 24'
Shadow Cruiser.
Re: Shadow Cruiser john stock 8-6-12  
Thnx for helping with this forum!! I am loooking for plastic screen door slide/stop piece '94 shadow cruiser pop up truck sez "champion" on plastic cover to keep bugs out when reaching for door handle...shadow cruiser company will not help...aug 2012 thnx j
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ken 5-25-05  
Correct an error. I made a mistake and listed a T-160 Fun Finder 16 foot trailer with Generator. It should be listed as $10,500.00 not $10,000.00 as I mistakenly typed. I do not know how to correct my previous announcement.Thanks Ken
Re: Window for 2002 Shadow Cruiser Fun Finder CJ 6-11-12  
Our 2002 Shadow Cruiser FunFinder RV was broken into by smashing one of the back windows so I am looking for a place to buy another. Can anyone tell me who sells replacement windows for this 2002 RV?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Dave Dahlin 5-25-12  
I have a 1993 950 Shadow Cruiser for sale in great shape want to replace a few things on it such as jacks and outdoor shower cover. Looking for a fifthwheel camper to replace it due to expantion. Love the 950 but just isn't big enough any more. mine is well taken care of please reply to Thanksw Dave
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ed 3-13-12  
Can anyone tell me what a 2002 16' shadow cruiser tt weighs? I'm looking at one and will pull it with a 98 explorer with 4.0l v6.
Wondering will it work? if so, do I need a weight distributing hitch?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Dan 3-28-12  
1994 fifthwheel using small dodge truck with a 318 v8. this camper has leaked from the first trip out. year after year we fix leaks! this year we decided to haul it to the scrap dealer. the water dammage is extensive. roof seams and edges will not stay sealed. how can they be still in business? do they make units that dont leak?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Virgil and Sherri Churchill 5-30-09  
My wife and I recently purchased a used 1990 Shadow Cruiser. It needed a new fridge (we were told the old one was bad) and a few other items that made it more personal. Last weekend, Memorial Day, was our first time using it. It towed great, and the setup time at the campsite was minimal. On the way home, it was rather windy but I didn't have any problems. The sway was minimal. I'm pulling it with a 1977 Ford F250 w/ 460 engine. We love it! I would like to add an electric motor to the landing gear but not sure which to purchase. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Virgil and Sherri Churchill
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ron Lawrence 2-7-08  
I have 89 5th wheel Shadow Cruiser I love how they tow So easy you don't know its there.But I'm Too old to travel much so it must go. it is a 24ft.rear dineing no tipout all the acessoriesA/C Micro toaster oven2000 Gen Awning And spare tire If any interest.Please e mail ( Thanks Ron Have a good day
Re: Shadow Cruiser grady 9-28-06  
I would like to buy or find out where
I could get a copy of an owner's
manual for a 1990 Shadow Cruiser
fifth wheel 27 ft. long.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Penny 10-3-06  
My brother has a Shadow Cruiser he absoutely loves it (it's a slide in popup) I have been looking for one for myself seem to have trouble finding them. I have a Cross Roads Cruiser Camper for sale 27' PB 2003 it's just like brand new didn't use it much maybe 6 times $13,500 if any body is interested. E-mail me
I would much rather have a truck camper it's just my son and I that go now so I don't need something this size.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Joe 7-25-06  
I own a 1997 26 ft Shadow Cruiser and recently experienced a problem when trying to back out of a tight spot. I had my eyes on the trees and stumps instead of on the trailer as much and the trailer got so close to my back window (2001 chevy 4x4 with extended cab) that is actually broke the back window. Anyone else have this sort of thing happen to them, was pretty scary.

I would appreciate any comments.

Re: Shadow Cruiser jonathan 3-29-06  
Would like to find manuel for 1994 24 foot fifth wheel. Does anyone have any info where to find.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Dianne 6-6-05  
We are seriouly thinking of buying a new or used Shadow Cruiser T189FBR. It will be towed by a Toyota 4Runner V6. The used one we are considering is a single axle. Should we be concerned about swaying?? Is double axle generally better?
T-160 wanted August Martin 2-7-06  
I'm looking for a used T-160. At a minimum, need A/C, furnace, and water heater. Thanks.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Connie 11-14-06  
I am looking for an owner's manual for a 1998 Shadow Cruiser slide in camper. Help!
Re: Shadow Cruiser Harold Deason 6-13-07  
Just bought a one owner 1991 shadow cruiser and need an owners manual it's a 26ft fifth wheel thanks.
Re: Shadow Cruiser FUN FINDER RICHARD LENZ 10-1-07  
I bought a 2006 t210 about a year and a half ago, and have had nothing but problems. First the roof started falling in. They replaced that with a wood truss roof. Then the booths to the table wouldn't stay attached to the floor. Turns out the frame is bent. The cupboards on the walls are facing in a downward angle because the walls bow out. Can't use the bunk bed in the front because the braces are out to far for the bed to rest on. It's been in the Warranty shop for 3 weeks and I still have no answers. Cruiser r.v. is now sending someone out to inspect the frame. I'm just hanging here waiting to see what they want to do. I'll let you all know how this Warranty works out. Maybe they'll do the right thing and buy it back from me. Has anyone else had these problems? Rick Lenz
Re: Shadow Cruiser Terry Hamby 1-31-08  
Ijust bought a 1999 16'(from ball to bumper) trailer and I need an owners manuel for it..Can you tell me where I may get one?

Thank You,
Terry Hamby
Re: Shadow Cruiser David 8-25-07  
Just purchased a 1994 Shadow Cruiser T139 Silhoutte, 13 foot. Looking for an owner's manual.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Wayne 8-25-07  
Just purchased privately a 2005 Shadow Cruiser truck camper. Please let me know where I can get an owner's manual or brochure for this unit. The former owner never got one. Thank you...
Re: Shadow Cruiser Dietmar Kuehn 7-19-07  
How can I obtain general (or specific) information about the structural components of an older (1989) 24 ft. 5th wheel? Is there anyone at the present Cruiser corporation that has "legacy" information or memory?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Mary 7-25-07  
Does anyone know where you can get parts for a 1990 5th wheel shadow cruiser.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Peggy Cline 2-5-13  
We purchased a 1995 Shadow Cruiser 5th wheel 26 ft we love it we pull it with a Dodge Dokata v-6 she handles very well. Wish we had a slide out but no problems at all had a 29 ft motor home
before passed every thing but a gas station. We are in the process of selling it. The fifth wheel is great for a couple & one or two kids has a jack nife sofa rear living room.Every
where we go people talk about how sleek
she looks
Re: Shadow Cruiser lee jordan 6-24-03  
I am going to buy a lite TT ( max 3500 loaded,I will use a Honda Pilot as tow vehicle )and have looked at SC and Coyote.
I would appreciate your comments on the two from a comparison perspective also where is your nearest dealer to Charleston WV.
I have read lots of complimentary comments about the SC on the various RV forums.
Re: Shadow Cruiser LANA AND JOHN 7-1-03  
We recently purchased a 18+ "FUN FINDER"
(IN MAY, 2003). It has less than 100
miles travel, and is virtually new!
We will however, probably want to
purchase a LARGER trailer (OR a fifth
wheel.) This one is great with all options, but, a little small. It tows
great behind a lite truck, or LARGE auto. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can sell or trade this NEW
fun finder on a larger unit?
We reside in Georgia.
L & J
Re: Shadow Cruiser leta head 4-25-05  
Shadow Cruiser,

While vacationing in Red Lodge, I saw a sleeper I liked, pulled over, and obtained the make--shadow cruiser, which appeared to be a slide-in mounted
ont a 4X4 flatbead TRD off-road.

Please send a price list or direct me. I noted in your
testimonials that 'sway, or fishtailing' is a problem.

What say you?

Thanks much,

Leta Head
Re: Shadow Cruiser Gary Stolp 9-11-03  
The 18ft. trailer made by you is not safe to pull on the highway. After 35 miles per hour it sways so bad that it is not safe!!!
You have a real problem, are you going to fix it?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Sean Davis 3-13-04  
I'm considering a used 16 or 18 foot Shadow Cruiser but am concerned about posting here regarding sway at freeway speeds. Is this problem inherent with this brand or is it "user error"? This will be my first trailer coach ever so I don't want a lemon twist. Do these coaches pull safely? My vehicle is a Pontiac Aztek, 3.5 V6, can pull max of 3500 lbs. Did you get any good advice about the sway problem and have you been able to correct it?
Re: Shadow Cruiser leta head 4-25-05  
Shadow Cruiser,

While vacationing in Red Lodge, I saw a sleeper I liked, pulled over, and obtained the make--shadow cruiser, which appeared to be a slide-in mounted
ont a 4X4 flatbead TRD off-road.

Please send a price list or direct me. I noted in your
testimonials that sway, or fishtailing is a problem.

What say you?

Thanks much,

Leta Head
Re: Shadow Cruiser Mel 8-6-03  
How much did u pay for it? We are very interested in buying one in our area. I just learned about them this week and fell in love - at least on line-- have not seen any in our area. We have a 17 ft. Kiwi (hybrid) and I'd love to have a trailer that is "all enclosed". Thanks for any info you can give.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Charles 7-22-03  
I am buying a 1998 SC M-861 and putting it on a 2001 full size Dodge Ram with short bed. Where can I get instructions on how to load and unload the camper? How do you position it properly and anchor it?
Re: Shadow Cruiser George E. Frick 8-24-03  
I own a 1997 24' S/C 5th wheel that is loaded. We have traveled all over the SE with it and love that way it pulls in the mountains and back roads. I pull it with a F250 disel and hardly know it is there. I am looking for a bigger rig but not a monster. The 26Ft with the pull out sounds nice. Does it have more storage underneat it than the old ones and what is the weight?
Re: Shadow Cruiser George Elliott 9-11-03  
I am looking for a used Shadow Cruiser 5th Wheel, preferably one with a slide. Either they are excellent vehicles, or there were not many made bec ause a used one is extremely rare.
Re: Shadow Cruiser kmac 9-19-03  
Double is better.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Gary Stolp 9-11-03  
Check it out real well. Pull it before buying at highway speeds. as we bought one and it sways real bad!
Re: Shadow Cruiser DAVE MALTZ 6-2-04  
Re: Shadow Cruiser HAROLD DEASON 7-31-08  
I have a 25 ft Shadow Cruiser and am the 2nd owner,it's in great condition,just put a new comode and new vinal floor in it looks great.I am in Largo.Fl. if intrested e-mail me.or call 727 422 6307
Re: Shadow Cruiser dave maltz 6-26-04  
HEY, after i complained about the sevice i was getting at ((BENTS RV,.IN METAIRIE LOUISIANA))to the manufactur in indy about the small leak in shower. they recomended MILLERS RV SALES IN BATON ROUGE AND THEY WERE GREAT!!took care of my t-160 fix and checked the complete unit,. everything is in tip top shape., and manufactur extended the warranty for another year. so for 8500 cash ill let it go..!
Re: Shadow Cruiser Mike 8-14-04  
Hi Dave: Do you still have your 2004 Shadow Cruiser ? Where are you located?
Re: Shadow Cruiser James L. Parmenter 7-26-17  
I'm buying a 1991 M-21' Shadow Cruiser 5th Wheel from the previous owner here in NM. It had a Broken Axle, the front one, it's a tandem axle rig. This rig, as I guess most others (Shadow Cruiser's) have Rubber Torsion Axles, not leaf springs. All say it gives a better ride...! But please, if have one of these 5th wheel trailers, Please check out your Axle/Wheel Hubs....! This one had some $10.00 each, Chrome Grease caps on each Wheel. A grease zert is in the center to apply grease to the wheel bearings. BEWARE...! These DO NOT reach the INNER bearing, thus, like on my Shadow Cruiser, Broken Axle due to false claims of this gadget..!
It seems, to many people, this gadget fails to get any grease to the inner wheel bearings, in my case, the bearing was dry while climbing a mountain at 6% grade(in NM) passers by said the tire was smoking. It was because it was dragging on the ground (blacktop). The inner bearing seized up, froze all movement of the right front tire. Heat transfered from the spindle to the torsion arm thus heating up the Hexagonal Axle junction of the Torsion Arm( very thin metal here) and the axle sheared off at 2" from the trailer frame.
A very rare but costly mistake, the entire right front tire, wheel, spindle, brake drum, torsion arm as an assembly went down the mountain, to the tune of $499.72 just for the other parts.... The previous owner drove it back to the RV park he had just left at only 30 miles an hour. I got a good deal on buying it, no doubt..but wanted to warn others with Shadow Cruiser's...!
Re: Shadow Cruiser Tony Rogillio 2-23-09  
I have a Shadow Cruiser model 950. On the one to ten scale it is about a 8.9. Very little fix items. Bent rear ladder,needs curtains replaced to to my dog tearing a couple of them. Everything works. Fully self contained. This is a 94 model. It is straight and clean. Sell for $4,000, will include 2004 1 ton chevrolet for $25,000. Diesel and automatic, approx. 73,000 miles.
Re: Shadow Cruiser ray 8-30-09  
Live in shreveport la have a 1995 t139 for sale 3500
Re: Shadow Cruiser kelly orndorff 10-18-04  
Dave, do you still have t-160? where are you located?
Re: Shadow Cruiser Denise 3-4-07  
I am going to purchase a 1999 14" SC. Is it any good? What do I have to watch for? We will drive close to 3 hrs to take a look at it this coming wk. Need help as we are 1st time TT buy and have never tow one TT before. We will be using our Pontiac Montana to tow it back home. Any advise will help. Thanks ahead. Henry and Denise
Re: Shadow Cruiser Model T-160 Ken Diebel 5-25-05  
I have a 2004 Shadow Cruiser in new condition. Model T-160 every option including generator. $10,500.00 light weight. Fiberglass with UV inhibitors. Pulls good. 318-728-2370.
Re: Shadow Cruiser HAROLD DEASON 5-28-09  
Ray I am in Fl and have a 25 ft shadow cruiser 5th wheel for sale $3,600.00
Re: Shadow Cruiser Model T-240 Fayaz 9-5-05  
I am about to purchase a sc t-240. put a deposit. is the swaying and fishtailing still a concern on the sc fun finder units?
Re: Shadow Cruiser dwaudax 7-17-07  
I tow a 1989 SC 24 ft 5th wheel.
My hitch has a towing position and a maneuvering position. When backing the trailer with tight turns, I always put it into the maneuvering position, which positions the trailer about one foot further away from the cab than in the towing position.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Ron Becker 5-11-08  
I purchased a 92' 24 ft 5th wheel this winter and need information on where to find an orners manual. I can't locate the instrument for the water heater, water pummp etc. An help will be greatly appreciated.
Re: Shadow Cruiser Tim R. 8-2-09  
LOVE This Small RV
Re: Shadow Cruiser James L. Parmenter 3-18-17  
I own a 91 Shadow Cruiser 5th wheel M-21 (21 foot) with rubber torsion axle problems. This unit's exterior was painted, and right over the Federal Id sticker, I managed to wet sand the sticker with 1500 grit sandpaper very carefully, exposing the GVWR of 4700 lbs. GAWR has no #'s, would anyone happen to know what size Torsion Axles were used under these rigs...
The Brake drums are 10" x 2.25", which suggests 3500# axles...? Why have 7000# of axles under a 4700 GVWR trailer..? Any and all help appreciated, thanks in advance...
Re: Shadow Cruiser richard w 5-27-12  
Wondered what the water tank capacity is on the 950 truck camper?..I have no manuals! Thanks..Richard
Re: Window for 2002 Shadow Cruiser Fun Finder hj 9-17-12  
Did you find anyone ?

We were also broken into and the back window was bent
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