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Kiwi 17A scraping John Saltenberger 12-8-02  
I purchased a Jayco Kiwi 17A in May of 2002. It was my first RV purchase. I pull it with a 175 hp 2000 Nissan Pathfinder which performs adequately but not spectacularly as a tow vehicle.

I'm slowly learning about RVing and am generally happy with the trailer except for one big problem: The trailer rides level and balanced but no matter how slowly and carefully I drive, the back end of the trailer almost always scrapes on the pavement when entering or leaving gas stations or fast food establishments. Basically, any time I have to drive across an entranceway to a facility that includes a sidewalk, the water drainage dips in the pavement create such an steep angle that the low riding Kiwi can't help but scrape loudly on the ground.

Although I did everything I could to avoid steep angles, I destroyed my protective scraper bars on my very first weekend with the trailer. Frustrating.

Have you heard of this being an issue for other Kiwi 17A owners? Are drag wheels a potential solution? The only other option seems to be accepting scraping damage to the back end of the frame.

Puzzled and frustrated in Oregon.

John Saltenberger
Oregon City, OR
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping stan 5-31-14  
Would you gain 3 to 4 inches by changing out the torsion axle on the kiwi to a spring system?
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping Dorin 3-7-03  
Are you sure it's the rear that's dragging. Could it be the jack at the tounge of the trailer that's dragging. Have someone watch when passing through areas like you described. If the trailer pulls level, there should be plenty of clearance at the rear.
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping Kristen 7-1-04  
I'm dealing with the same issue. We're going to install drag wheels / skid wheels on the skid frames to see how that works since flipping the axle is out of the question (can't do it with a torsion suspension).
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping John Saltenberger 3-17-03  
A good point!

However, I'm sure its the back end that's scraping because the drag bars were torn from the frame of the trailer on my first weekend using it. A gas station attendant who was alerted by the noise of the scrape confirmed that he saw the back end dragging. Also, I can't see any abrasion on the bottom of the tongue jack (and I keep it well retracted).

I'm really frustrated.

Thanks for your suggestion.

John Saltenberger
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping Steve C 8-9-03  
Hi John, I too am a new Kiwi 17A owner. (7/4/03)I know what you are talking about. I pull w/ a '93 Silverado [Big V8] had to reset the hitch height when I got the Kiwi. Specs call for 18" height from ground to top of ball. If it's more than that you touch bottom on small incline[like curbs] also try angle-up the curbs it works for me. sinplest solution is to reverse the hitch and rebolt it if its a two piece one. Good luck SFC in NY.
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping John Saltenberger 8-11-03  

Thanks for the tip. I was unaware of the 18" specs for clearance from ball top to pavement (is that specified in the owners manual?) Anyway, I'm going to measure mine to see. I suspect my hitch might be too high (causing the back end of the Kiwi to be too low).

I eventually had the dealer install drag wheels on the very back end of the trailer frame. They have saved me from damage because I continue to scrape no matter how slowly and carefully I drive. So far the drag wheels have performed well but I remain concerned about the dragging.

I'll let you know what happens.

John Saltenberger
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping Mike Carlton 9-5-03  
I have a Jayco Kiwi 17a that I pull with a 2003 Honda Odyssey and I have never had the trailer drag on anything. I set the hitch for 18" as recommended. I have had the tow hitch scrape, but now I just try to come into any incline/decline at an angle and that works very well.
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping John Saltenberger 9-20-03  


Is the 18 inch ground clearance from the top of the ball measured while the trailer is hitched to the tow vehicle? (i.e. under a load?)


John Saltenberger
Re: Kiwi 17A scraping Lon Walker 8-9-04  
I bought my 17a in the spring of 2003 and don't have a problem with tail drag. I pull it with a 2002 Explorer. I did have a problem last week where the whole camper was flipped over by 79 mph wind, so be careful in storms.
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