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Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Brian Hannay 9-26-02  
I'm looking at purchasing the Jayco Kiwi model 23B.Has anyone had any experiences with this particular model good or bad or a Jayco Kiwi any model. Thanks for your help.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Eric Edberg 10-3-02  
There is one in Naperville IL for sale in the Daily Hearld today (10/3/02) for
sale for $14K.....

Just an fyi.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Bill Steuernagel 4-30-04  
We bought our 23B in 2001 and simply love it. When it comes to entertaining on rainy days or late night you cannot find another hybrid that has as much floor space. The cove seating around the table and the location of the couch simply make it perfect for a large family.
For some reason my Kiwi 23B had a broken axle. It was discovered when the tire rubbed a hole in the wheel well. I am pretty sure it came from the factory like that because the wheel well damage occurred two weeks after I bought it. Jayco replaced both axels under warranty with no questions. I also had the refrigerator electronics go out about a year after purchase. Again, the warranty took care of replacing the electronics in the refrigerator. One drawback on these is the small graywater holding tank (@30 gal).
I also noticed that others have mentioned the small black water hose storage area. I agree on that one!
***Overall we love our 23B. We have pulled it to Colorado and Missouri with a Chevy Conv. Van (V8). I now have a 1500 Chevy Suburban that I pull it with (with great ease!). Enjoy.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Gus Siliezar 2-25-03  
I just purchased one myself. 15K. I'll be picking it up on Thursday.....i can't wait to hook it up brother!
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Chris VanHout 3-12-03  
We have a 2000 Kiwi model 23B for sale.
It was used very little. We just purchased a new home and we won't be able to enjoy it for a few years, so we decided to sell. If there are any interested buyers please let me know. We love it and will miss it very much.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Yvonne Piazza 3-12-04  
We are very interested in purchasing the Jayco 25B or 25E.
We are located on Long Island in eastern NY If anyone is in our area we would like to hear from you.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B david zahn 5-12-03  
I have a 2001 for sale. asking 11,500. used 5x. we are in wisconsin.

dave zahn
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Floyd 3-2-03  
I bought the 23B last summer and spent 4 months in it while building a house. It was great, lots of room, and seems to be built with good quality. I pull my trailer with a toyota 4-runner and it pulls great. I wouldn't worry about the hitch. They don't take long to install and they will likely do it at the factory.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Lynn Seaton 11-10-02  
We are looking at the Kiwi 23B or the 25E.
I was just wondering if you had bought yours or if you had more information.
We are trying to decide between the Kiwi and the Coyote.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Tonya 2-8-03  
Can you send me all info you have?
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Brian Hannay 11-11-02  
We haven't bought ours yet. We are still looking at the 23b and some other options.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B john 2-17-03  
I just purchsed my 23b this weekend.
Feb 15,2003.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Tim Theodoseau 12-4-02  
We bought the 23B and love it. We took a 3week trip with our family of four to Yellostone from Arizona. If worked out great!
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Shannon 5-18-03  
We are picking up our 23b on friday. When we took our kids to see it I noticed that the shower water hose it connected to the sink. So then we started looking at the other models and found that only the 23b had this. Our salesman said it was because it was a shower only,not a tub. What has been your experience using this? Other then that we are very happy with all the features so far.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Brian Hannay 12-5-02  
Thank you for the information. If you don't mind me asking did you have any problems or is there anything we should be looking out for?
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Tim Theodoseau 12-5-02  
O one more thing... we bought ours on Jan 2002 and paid $14.2K
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Tim Theodoseau 12-5-02  
The only issue we ran into was where to place the spare tire once the Equalizer Hitch was installed. We had to mount it on the side of the A by the hitch, but this was not a bid deal. We added hooks to hang up jackets and hats etc. Also added extra storage in the bathroom. We really did not have any issues with the 23B and we have traveled over 3K miles so far with it from dersert 110deg camping to the high rockies. We did add a large 5" pipe the width of the unit on the bumper to house the sewer hose, the storage compartment that come with the 23b is very small.
Hope you have fun!
Tim and Ruth
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Brian Hannay 12-6-02  
Thanks for the information. How did you mount the pipe to the bumper? Was it PVC pipe?
I live in Florida and the dealer here is asking $18,000 for the 23B. That's why we are looking on the internet. We have come across a couple of dealers who are several thousand dollars cheaper but I would have to drive to the factory and pick up the unit there. Therefore all the hardware for the load leveling hitch would not be on the unit and I would have to try and find someplace nearby to install all that for me. I don't know if I want to be driving around pulling the trailer with no load levelers or sway bar. It could get prety hairy if I would have to drive on a freeway. Thanks again,

Brian & Joanne Hannay
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Tim Theodoseau 12-22-02  
i used pipe stapping. the pipe is 5" black PVC and mounted it in front of the trailer behind the propane tanks.
We paid 14.2K for ours at Kemptons in Mesa Arizona.
Good Luck,
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Lynn Morgan 1-27-03  
We too are thinking of picking up our 23B at the factory. I am wondering what kind of problems you may have encountered doing this.

Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B bill 2-26-03  
Interested in some of the purchase prices for the 23b...
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B dave & family 2-27-03  
We just bought the 23b at the timonium md rv show 2/23/03. the sale price was $12999.00 plus shipping of $685.00 - from chesaco rv of joppa md. retail is about $18k! we are very happy. our friends bought one last year.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Jeff 3-6-03  
I bought a 2002 Kiwi 23B last July. It listed at $17,000 and after the salesmans fancy number game with our trade, I estimate we paid $14,000 when all was said and done. This included a 13,500 AC, Microwave, 6 cu ft 110/gas ref, rvq, 15' awning, outside shower, stereo and spare tire with carrier. We really like it but you still have to fold down the ends. A hard rain one night about drove us nuts listening to it hit the canvas. We are getting ready to trade for a 5th wheel.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Derrik 4-12-04  
I'm selling my 2003 Jayco Kiwi 23B. Anyone recommend where to sell it and what current valuations are?

Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Jeff M. 3-11-03  
After looking and doing some serious comparison over the last 2 years we finally bought the 23b this weekend. We looked at a Coyote and also at one made by Thor-California. The Jayco build quality just seems much better. We were actually interested in the 23d...but after talking to the salesman, we realized that the extra single bunk was probably not worth giving up the space of the extra closet. We bought ours with almost every option available. The MSRP came to about $18,900. We got it for $12,900 without any kind of trade in. This dealer bought 10 of these all basically identical. (Maybe they got some special deal for doing it). But, the $12,900 price was what they actually had posted...they would not budge on the price and from what I can was still a great price. I can't find one anywhere any cheaper. Most places list it for the $18,000 price and expect you to work them down. I don't think you could work any dealer much lower than this price. The markup on this trailer is probably only about 30%. Anyway...if you are interested this trailer is still listed on the dealership's website for the price we got it at (the dealership is near Charlotte, North Carolina). We take delivery of ours in about 2 weeks. This is our first I hope we made the right choice...but I think we did. If you want to contact me about any info I have or my buying experience just send me an email at I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can. Don't have all the answers, but can at least tell you about my experiences. Good Luck in your search.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Kim & Jerry 3-23-03  
We just bought a 2003 23b yesterday. We pick it up Thursday. It was a Show stopper which are basicly demos for RV Shows. It has tons of options, and we got it for 13K at WhiteHorse RV in NJ. We had a pop-up without air or heat, so this should be like Heaven to us. :) We looked at lightweight TT's, but didn't want to put that much strain on my truck. So this is the best option for us. Happy Camping!
Keystone Hornet 29H Steve C 8-9-03  
I'm about to buy a 29H (used 1996). I have a '93 Chevy Silverado w/ Big V8 to pull. The trailer is 7600 GVW. I'm I trying to pull too much w/ this truck? I worked w/ the dealer, he says No, but you know how dealers can be sometimes. Any sugestions are welcomed.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Yvonne 3-19-04  
Are you located near Long Island NY?
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Sally Bowron 3-26-03  
I am interested in purchasing a camper like yours. Please send info.
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B david zahn 5-12-03  
We have a 2001 for sale. $11,500. we are in wisconsin. the 23b has many options. used 5x.

800 959 0596

dave zahn
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Kevin Strom 6-19-03  
We have a 2000 Kiwi 23B for sale. We are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Includes equalizer hitch. $11,250. 763-537-5208
Re: Jayco Kiwi Model 23B Bill Kitchens 4-7-04  
We have a 23b we brought new in 2000. This was our 4th camper. We couldn't be happier with it. it has lots of storage room. Jayco has by far the best Quality in Hybrid travel trailers. My only complaint was the small storage compartment for the sewer hose. When we first got it we pulled it with a 6V Explorer. If you have any questions about a 23b fill free to e-mail me.
Re: Keystone Hornet 29H Joe Fisher 6-4-04  
I have a 2002 29H. I tried to pull it with a 2001 F-150 Supercrew, and I think it was way too much. After one trip, I purchased an E-350 van with a V-10. The van is a 1 Ton. I do not recomend pulling with a small pickup.
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